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Nakaya Naka-ai Tame-Sukashi Cat Fountain Pen Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo Ink Fine cursive italic nib custom ground by John Mottishaw Paper: Bristol board, Leuchiturm 1917 dot grid This pen can be found at the following address: /> Please note: While the pen appears black, it is actually a deep red. It is impossible to appreciate the fantastic lacquer work this pen has without seeing it in person. Despite it being the most beautiful aspect of this pen, I could not represent it accurately with my DSC-HX9V camera, and so chose not to focus on it.

I almost flagged this video for sexual content
Writing my name would be porn if I owned this.
spicy italian meatball
4:15 oh my god that f just made me feel things
Jazzmyn sb
Tbh i don’t think I’d like this pen it sounds too scratchy,, i like a good ball point pen shoutout inkjoy
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
The pen is definitely a paid actor
TrueZero _
No matter how cool this video is. All it told me is that my handwriting is still terrible
Kyla Rose
Did this randomly appear in everyone else’s recommendations too? but i mean... *im not mad about it*
James Clayton
There goes no nut november
And I thought the pens with erasers were fancy.
hollow gamer
Have you ever seen a comment and thought "damn, i wish i wrote that" ?
Memet Javier
This guy just took Unboxing, Reviewing and ASMR to a *whole new level*
I genuinely believe that, One day, cursive handwriting will become the morse code of the older generation.
Priyanka Parthan
I never saw a pen this much sexy
Vanessa T
*slightly caresses everything* 4:21 *breathes heavily*
just lost no nut november
Diddy Diddy
It's not the pen, it's the handwriting. Give me a $10000 pen and I'll still manage to draw little alaskan worms on my paper and piss my teachers off.
Lewis Emery
This is the shit that gets me through no nut November
Bet dat pen cost more dan my family
Lemo n
2:36 that’s the most beautiful “beautiful” I’ve ever seen
Pikapetey Animations
This is so beautiful
Rin Chan
This is so relatable when I’m testing out new pens just random words
Denis Pop
fun fact: The fountain pen was invented in Romania
Colleen Schaner
At 2:54 I thought: “Howard Wolowitz”
I was wondering the whole video why there’s no asmr in the title
Sarah !
how can you write so many different ways?? i can barely write one way
all this video was is about how his handwriting is better than all of ours
Can i get 2000 subscribers with only one video
There's actually nothing special about that pen to me tbh since in Germany we use them in school e v e r y d a y
Cyanna Miranda
Why is everyone "busting the nut"?
kaianfarias ow
I just failed no nut November
Justin K.
Janusz Reguła
Okay... why, of all things, is THIS in my recommended? A 5 years old porn unboxing video. Come on now.
Aodh MC
God above my writing is terrible Also how is that deep red(it said that in the description)🤔
Tallergic Jackson
Some good pen porn
No matter how good the pen is my shit handwriting will never improve
Park Kira.
ASMR de 2013. ~🖤
Не видео а асмр блин. А ручка офигенная. Дорогая наверное. Ставь лайк, кто русский. Боже, и что я вообще здесь делаю?
Collyn Hoobler
at the end of the day it is just a normal pen. *but if you want some fancy, expensive pen, go for it lol*
Alexandre Lacazette
Why am I watching this?
asmr with words.
Jimins jams Have been eaten by me
Me when I watch taehyung
-Kill stealer -
Wauw, a pen😑
Master WHYchair
I think i was sexually harassed
LuVeilious Naithral
is this video asmr??
B l a s t
And I'm here using a pen with no more ink on it that I found on the ground:(
Treat your hand right for writing so well all these years and but it a $650 pen...
the font it creates is giving me a late 20th century vibe and I would kill to see someone write with this pen in person
ZTX F0r3st
I waited for two minutes fo the pen to start writing
glenna schoeler
damn it now I want a pen I don't need edit: the pen is $650. SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS
I hate the sound... no thanks buddy I’m sticking with a ballpoint
K Lu
This is so much better than people writing "hello"
I got an orgasm due to this
Ahuitelno, syka bluat! Super!
Justin Y.
This video is so satisfying.
صالح •
يا زين ويا جمال الخط العربي بس ❤️
Yashuraj Singh
Form 2:28 to 2:37 I was like😲😲😲
Tay :7
Alem de ter dinheiro tem que ter letra bonita Assim não dá
Eduardo Avila
I can't use these type of pens, i would bend and break it because i have a really heavy writting :/
Valdez Nini
Is this an ASMR video or what
Cyanna Miranda
Pff my pen can do that.. Just night take a while.. and i might need alot of paper.. But i can do that. .😢
RIP there goes No Nut November...
My proudest fap
I would be at Harvard right now with a full scholarship instead of playing fortnite if I had this
TV has bad content
Is this video attacking my feelings
Maxi Puste
Why is this so statisfiyng
I reget my decisions. please help
That handwriting though, damn
Syed Asrar
GD Forks
Why isn't this Age-Restricted
Crackerz GD
I love fountain pens
rigor m
Aaaand, i failed not nut november
GGGamer 17
Is it just me or I can’t read a single thing he’s writing?
_When you’re taking notes at a seminar..._
Aidan :D
4:50 the best
Doctor: You have 5 minutes and 57 seconds to live...
10,000 Subscribers with no Content
iPhone XR users be like 😭
Graved Guy Sumin
I would kill for handwriting as beautiful as yours
Luna Violet Paws
*He/she has better handwriting than me*
Ronen Salathe
Why is this in my recommended?
Then you run out of ink
Kaustubh Balapure
Semms like how to basic
Me when I buy a new 50¢ pen.
Gamer AbuAli
Why am I here?
Emporio Amani
Almost nut to this...
Muhammad Tareeq
Good content.
Josh Sternard
5:29 I nutted
Chris 24
For $650 dollars this pen better write things for me without my control
Hazman Rostam
Death note
꧁Slay Queen꧂
What a sharp nip it has 😶
Josh Sternard
My proudest fap
RiverVixenGal Valderrama
ASMR was here in 2013...... 😂
xKarma _
Spell me like one of your French girls.
Mohammed Huzaifah
It costs $600
andreas jams
Ohh so satisfying
So this is Howtobasic's 2nd channel?
Ayu Sparkle
Sooo Satisfying😁😁
atryee dhar
Everyone is praising the pen, but that paper is my dream. Edit: I really wanna ask all of ya why this comment got so many likes? And wtf are you discussing under this comment? Nothing makes sense.
Bianca Xx
1080p. Crucial 😂
5:29 the amount of swagger he had
Early *asmr*