Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces

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Beth and Craig singing their 3rd song together - subscribe for more now people!

Danny Mora
Sounds greate!
Erika Celeste Hernández Espinoza
Beattiful voice !!!
Tim Hudo
Really liked it, you guys are super, hello from Russia.
Luis Nava Guerrero
Please please, say me the chords of the song!
Samuel Simuyandi
good one you two, brilliant!! 
you two did a really good job!!! Kudos
Gilbert Torentela
goodjob guys!
Jocelyn Tea
levi nelson
Fine ! I'll listen to it again.. and again..
Kamilla Montenegro
Perfect!!! *_*
show de bola parabensssss.....
Sam Farha
great! i was humming along with yous
This is my favorite Gnarls Barkley song. And you two do it justice. I liked his harmony vocals during the chorus. It was a nice touch.
Merri Dodds
Beautiful voice, very strong! and great guitar work Dude :)
funnily, i remember me and a friend of mine (both of us speech therapists) wondering if cee-lo has a slight lisp - so yours would be fitting, i think. brilliantly covered - a real rich tone to your voice. thanks for posting. :0)
I loved that hat .. i brought it in Brighton!! but someone stole it one night when i was out in town... BooHoo :( I will have to buy another one me thinks! :) B x
beautiful voice.
I do indeed! lol! I like to think it makes me a bit unique! haha! well thats a polite way of putting it! B x
This song complements the blonde's soulful voice.
THIS WAS HOTT!!!!! Some of the words werent quite right but it was still a Smashing Cover Fareal!!
This isn't a song for just guitar and voice, that's what I thought before watching this video, though you're covering it great!
Nilton Delgado
really good i can fell gnarls
really awesome.. love it!!
awesome :D