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Piano Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, Stress Relief, Worship, Study, Rest, Background Music, reflection & Relaxation. May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind as you listen.This was played in the key of F#. Download "Good Father" here: />Download "Piano Instrumental Soaking Music" Album here: />Watch other Piano Instrumental Soaking Music here: /> ***SUBSCRIBE - LIKE - COMMENT - SHARE*** More Piano Worship Music Coming Soon!!! Visit my website & subscribe to my mailing list: />Please like my Facebook Page here: /> Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." DappyTKeys Piano Worship is founded on the scripture from the book of 1 Samuel 16:23 ("...David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him"). My music is Anointed, Inspirational and God inspired; it's an overflow of time spent in God's presence and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I pray you will be drawn to the love of God in Christ Jesus, you will experience a peace that pass all understanding, you will experience healing from your sickness, and May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind as you listen. Amen! ............................................................................................................................................................ Piano Worship Music DappyTKeys Piano Music Soaking Music Worship Music Prayer Music Prophetic Music Meditation Relaxation Piano Worship PianoCovers Soaking Worship Music Christian Piano Music Christian Piano Instrumental Piano Hymns QuietTime Christian Karaoke My Worship The More I Seek You Amazing Love Thankful Instrumental Prayer Worship Music Instrumental Prayer Music, Instrumental Worship Music, Prayer Music, Worship Music, Soaking Music, Prayer and Soaking Music, Instrumental Soaking Music, Prayer Time, Quiet Time, Christian Karaoke Tim Oladeru Holy Spirit musica para dios musica para orar piano de culto instrumentales psalms hymns spiritual songs worship instrumental music Trust Him on my knees Be Still God knows and He Cares #hymns #piano #instrumental #prayermusic #worshipmusic #meditation #relaxation #sleepmusic #worshipmusic

DappyTKeys Piano Worship
Hello everyone, you can now stream or download my latest album titled "Times of Refreshing" on iTunes & Spotify. Check it out here: and share with others. God bless
I have been battling to focus on my academic work for most of my academic career. By the grace of God I am in the second year of my masters. By His grace because this battle has been ongoing. My sister-friend in Christ just introduced me to your youtube videos. For the FIRST TIME in YEARS the fatigue, heaviness and blurry eye vision is gone. The heaviness is gone! PRAISE BE TO GOD! May HE bless you abundantly sir. remain at His feet. Peace and Grace from South Africa.
Olivia Williams
I’m only 12 and I got saved at 8. I really didn’t know what god or the Bible really meant until I started listening to this. I’ve been going to church and youth for about 7 months and it’s been a blessing. THANK YOU GOD. ❤️✝️
Thank you for uploading this. Im currently laying next to my very sick 7 year old daughter in her bed. She's waiting on her next round of nausea medicine and the only thing that is keeping her calm is worship music. I appreciate it tonight more than you know.
Daniel J Rodriguez
My baby's fall asleep to this... & me & my wife relax too. Thank you! Thank you Jesus!!
Andrea Sandoval
I needed God at this moment. I listened to this without planning to reconnect with him because I had done wrong, Didn't think he would look to me because I had disappointed him again. I just thought this was a small step to reconcile into his paths again but I would have to do more through actions to truly show him I was sorry and that there was a change. Because I have done this way too many times already, the same mistake. To my surprise, I was touched by God's mercy and understanding. I cried and then cried harder provoked by a feeling in my heart and not emotion. I will not take this for granted, I know this is not enough so I will keep in his presence in order to make a true change and hopefully make him a proud father.  I have no words. I love my God. So thank you for this song I'm happy I came across it.
Nic lasell
Beautiful. I can't wait until we are all caught up in the air to meet Our Savior and Redeemer. I'll see you then! ^_^
Brittany Santana
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I cried like half ways through its sad I love Jesus I didn't deserve his mercy or his grace or for him to save me o my this is beautiful new subscriber this makes me reflect on everything my whole life I know he's near me listening I'm waiting for his return
Commoner Sam
You know I normally don't think of myself as blessed or someone who gets to be blesses to often - I just go about my life as normal. Recently due to uni work load church has gone down my priority list but this... this has reminded me of how I once felt of His love. Thank you.
Gaaya ganesh
Through this music and verses I found myself in God... from a very deep hole.... there is still light and hope and the only one who is waiting for u is the superior God.... thank you so much... God bless u....
Patrick Farrell
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
New& Renewed
thank you for this,,finally prayer meditation music that is not Hinduism related. I see that you play for the glory of the King of Kings , Jesus! May He continue to bless you brother!
Ty Pereira
Every morning i start my day with your music and prayer.. i ball my eyes out . it helps me focus on Our father and his son our brother, friend ect.. Along with the breeze off the holy spirit. for some reason it take away the racing thoughts that i had during prayer. Thank you for sharing your gift. l pray that god constantly give you windfalls of his presence along with all his marvelous characteristics in Jesus name amen!🌷
I teach and minister in a Christian School that we play these videos daily during the students work time. It brings the Spirit of God into the room, even as they are working on their studies. Thank you for blessing us, your impact has reached many, many hearts for Jesus.
Diana Caballero
My grandmother is 89 years recovering from a spinal surgery. Tonight was my turn to stay the night with her. I played your music while she was in pain. Towards the end of this track she was asleep. Your music is a blessing God bless you.
Yet Zhu tyng amber
God is Great! I feel so fulfilled everytime I seek him. It is just so amazing to see how he does work on the lives of non-believers of Christ. He speaks into their heart and make them open up to him! Praise the Lord!
Max Tovar
How can anyone give a thumb down? hard to believe! Thank you sir for blessing us with your music.
Hazel Sutton-Childress
Abba, I thank you... first time listening on HIS Shabbat Day!!! HalleluYah!!!
Ivan Pankovets
God bless u .you learn to do this for god and people who are depressed I am glad u shared your beautiful talent with us god bless u 😀😃
Itzia Hurtado
I use your music in My therapy sessions and have noticed such a difference in the environment. Becomes so heavenly. Thank you for your beautiful Anointed Music! Blessings
Jacqueline Vaters
Angelic...and comforting!!😇. Keep pressing in brother and God Bless you abundantly.
Charles Leung
Thanks. This series of instrumental and Christian music always helps me to clam down before bed. Thank You. May God bless you.
Lucerito Rojas
Dios te llene de tantas bendiciones, te escucho desde Colombia, y se nota que estos instrumentales salen de tu intimidad con Dios, haces que me conecte con nuestro Dios en mis oraciones, lectura de la palabra y muchas otras cosas; ÉL te siga dando la inteligencia musical que tienes y que sigas siendo instrumento para bendecir la vida de muchos así como lo haces con mi vida. God Bless you Forever.
Regina Tucker
hallyuia father abba father you so worthy have your. way in me
Theavy Barmes
Because I didn't want to express how awesome this is just with a like this song i subbed too. This is a beautiful blessing! Thanks DappyTkeys piano worship for making this!! You have a blessed day!
Emanuel Pozzo
There was a stage in my life when I found in Jesus the true strength. I remember coming back from seeing my daughter who was hospitalized in neonatology and the news was not encouraging. They were not at all. I arrived home from my trip, and I felt as if I had sand on my legs, because I was weighed all over my body. I really had to make a big effort to smile at the neighbors and tell them that she was fine when she asked me about my daughter. When I entered my house, I threw the backpack and got down on my knees. I could not talk, I just felt like I was melting before the presence of God. I do not have words to describe it. Psalm 145: 14
Mochi Slimes
I may be little but I’m not small because the Holy Spirit covers it all
Virtuous Women
Wao I wish you give to us piano class its my dream touch the piano like this🙏😊🙌🏻
Jaffy Abamonga
just having a hard time this past days...just came passing thru your music..just realize GOD always with all the time.. thank you
How great are your works Oh Lord. How profound your thoughts. PS.92 May god bless you with more talents. 👏. ❤️❤️. 👏
Clifford Holt
Nice to just be at peace in fellowship with the Lord.
Theresa Hall
This music restored my soul thank you...
Piccola Davis
Thank you so much my friend! I pray that you continue to allow God to bless you as you bless others through your ministry! Your music is heavenly! Be blessed of our most high God!
Gerry Ilagan
Thank you for uploading such a wonderful and powerful prayer music..God bless you!!! 😇😇😇
John Baptist
To God be all the Glory! All your videos helped me during my lowest point. I listen to them even to this day and till I fall asleep at night. Best of all, in my quiet time, I felt God reassures me through the bible verses that came in very timely that all my prayers have already been answered. I am so blessed. I praise God for who He is and for His miracles through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your music, your videos which also serve as God's instruments to help me focus on Jesus in the midst of my trying times. God Bless you!
Yevette Gooden
The bible verses selected are just as powerful as the music. Thank you.
Johanna Phillips
Blessed be our Good Father for His gift of music in you. Music that takes us into the presence of Abba Father.It helps my singing a New Song to Abba Father and singing tongues .Thank You Abba Father for Your gift DappyTKeys.
Reiyu Chang
Thank you for your music is always warm people's heart. Praise the Lord!
Belinda Tripe
I just recently began listening to your music. It has brought me a time of refreshment.... thank you! Moreover, I always have a great appreciation for those who work and toil for the Lord. Thank you my brother in Christ.
AOM Ministries
You play beautifully! I have a son, Jedi, that also leads worship on keys. Grateful!
Karen Mire
Your music is anointed and beautiful . Tank you for posting this, and the lyrics to the songs as well. What a blessing.
Mary FullyBlessed
I how i LOVE this!! 💙👑☝
jonathan arcia
Hermosas melodias donde puedo orar y estar con mi PADRE a solas 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Harvey Whitfield
Thank you for this Christ centered and peaceful music. It is much appreciated.
Lilianita Perez
God is love, hope and eternal happiness, Our Holy Father who lives in the heaven loves to the world. My hope is in him always, I love you lovely Father, I love you.
Nancy Mundy
I need your gentle playing and heavenly hope. It is well with our souls...
Chris n Jenn Lange
Lord don't be so far away I come to you broken in pieces Please hear me as I pray The enemy never ceases To pounce like a lion Kill steal and destroy You know how hard I been trying To not let him take my joy But I am under so much sorrow For what I did I wasn't sure if I could face tomorrow So I hid Just like in the garden of Eden When paradise was lost Then the fall of man But you restored at a cost By having a plan Christ came for all By paying the ultimate price Forgiving sins both big and small Nothing to great in size He cleanses from all unrightiosmess I am now different than before By God I am blessed As he said my child go and sin no more
Joel Leong
Listening to this track as I work on some system testing at work... it's such a blessing to be able to have this play in the background as I trust in the Good Good Father's abundant grace to get me through the day! Thank You for posting this for our enjoyment and blessing!
Thank you for the music. I have been struggling to focus on my dissertation for weeks. Your music has really helped me today. May God continue to bless you and increase your gift and territory😁
Hope Uwera
Thank you so very much for allowing to be God's vessel in such an incredible way and your ministry has blessed my soul. I find solace in listening to it. May God continue to make his face shine upon you.
S k
Beautiful, Absolutely love it, Thank you
Thanks for the lift Servant of God. I pray strength, peace, and joy in the Lord for you and everyone that's connected to you in Jesus' name. I SPEAK YOU BLESS
Lizette Rivas
Thank you for your beautiful music. I recently ran into your videos trying to find a Christian instrumental music for my toddlers while they take their naps and at night and this really helps them sleep so peacefully!😄 Keep being God's vessel through your beautiful talented music! God bless you!
I prefer the King James Scriptures...I wish you would use them instead! The words are absolutely beautiful and the text of the KJ Scriptures would bring much more beauty to your music. They speak to us in ways no other words can and shows reverence and grace of speech for our Father and Lord Jesus like no other text does. Please do one or more with the KJ Scriptures! Thanks!
Lynnette Zulli
I pray that you be well allllllllll the days of your life ... that NO issues NOR "itises" come nigh you ... that your hands, fingers and joints and mind remain as God intended. That the Glory you carry that is reflected to alllllll who hear your anointed music forever bring Glory to The Father. Finally that this perfected gift you have mastered be passed from generation to generation to generation as long as the earth remains. Your work is uninterrupted Impartation and I appreciate you Sir. As a Sign Language Ministry Instructor I Love to only give sight to the words and leave the music unhindered ... YOU allow that ! May He continue to Bless the Work of YOUR HANDS Jesus' Name
Muthoni Mwangi
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. God bless you abundantly! I needed inspiration from the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.....I found myself here!
Chris n Jenn Lange
Peace like a river Comes rushing through my soul I wait for my deliverer Because He is so wonderful He gives me joy and laughter The best medicine when feeling ill God is my eternal master Before Him I sit still I long to be with You my God Where I can finally meet Jesus Every heavenly host will applaud The day He finally sees us I will place my hands in His wrists To see the scars he took I will say thank you for doing this And for your Holy book The bible paints a clear picture Of what words cannot describe In how much you make life richer By sending Jesus Christ Who died for the world's sin Past present and beyond Future generations will know of him Once after I am gone I love you Oh my Father Giver of thyself Please restore my daughter By giving her good health Please touch her being Make this sickness go away I love seeing Jesus Come to us when we pray A being of light eternally robed Made things to right Carrying our heavy load
Steyn Peace
wow. you good man
maria elena ortega
Anastasia Macdonald
Thank you Dappy for sharing the Father's heart...
Kendall Norman
New subbie here! Your music is such a blessing to my spirit...reaches way down to my soul!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I look forward to your instrumental gift each morning and while I slumber with Jesus. Thank you so much!
benetria Bateman
The music is so inspirational, I put it on during naptime for my DAYCARE children to fall asleep. I can then meditate on GOD.
Henri Etta Fletcher-Lockhart
A friend sent me this link. Can't tell you how much this blesses my spirit. Brings the stress level all the way down and reminds me who is in charge.....and it's not me. Thank you.
Glenda Hanna
me and my grandma would love this!
Florence Scott
Wow !! Great and super music thanks Brother may God super Bless you,🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞😇
Sandip Agrawal
Lavette Gatlin
i pray to this music.. very angelic
Hermosa y preciosa melodía para poder orar y hablar con Jesús. God bless you and your family.
For me I’m so stressed out. From family school social mental and physical problems. And for me being overwhelmed I don’t have much time to spend with God so now I’m going to try to have a daily devotion with God. And I think this is a good start.
Sajan Neupane
Your are the anointed one.
benetria Bateman
Because he lives, makes me cry. GOD lives within my SOUL. I can feel JESUS within my SOUL.
Sophia Duarte
How Lovely 💕🙏 I have been studying my Bible, how peaceful your music is. Blessings to you, dear Brother.💙💞💕🌏🌈🎶🎵🎹🎵🎼🎶🎹📖📕📔🕯️🕯️
Lee N.
Wow once again you have delivered such annointed music. Your music has brought light and love on my path to help me through very dark moments of life. God bless all those listening to your music to find peace and healing in whatever they are going through in life 😇
Moriana 73
Meravigliosa la presenza di Dio! Grazie : )
I wanna walk your Ways Father, i love you and your are My only Hope, i trust you and i will look to you and keep My eyes on Your Lord. People will not change me But your Love will, your Heart is what i need. I wanna be a Man of Faith a Fried of yours. Dear Lord i worship you My God.
Ramón Domínguez Ramírez
Muy bonita música
Arlynne V.O.
Wow !!!!😃
Eduardo Pangilinan Solar
Thank God our Father in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour for using you in magnifying His Name through music.
Tanya Dixon
Always transported to His presence.
Frank Hoppie
Every time I see a thumbs down on a vid I also notice that the thumbs up are always more, and I am constantly reminded that they that are for us are always more than those that are against us... well done to this musician, I've been blessed by your worship :D **Thumbs Up**
Angela Juanita
God is perfect in his ways your music 🎶 soothes me every time I study the Bible your music is beautiful and peaceful keep doing it.
Lynn Simon
Enjoy the music,it's a blessing.
Prophet Taylor
Hey! Another one! Sounds good so far...God Bless! Thank you for being a blessing to sooo many. Shalom to you!
What a beautiful musik! :D Jesus come to us <3 bring all People of this world your endless love. God is our Father :D I love him so much! God blessed you ;)
Miguel Maya pavon
Dios le bendiga, me bendicen sus notas, un saludo desde España
Wonderful ❤ Thankyou 🙏
Cynthia Brown
I wish I could just paste a gazillion hearts here.
Mamie Johnson
Awesome, beautiful music!
monique jones
Yess, Amen
Arlene Petrano
Ive been feeling run down with pain in my neck and head. But listening to the music soothe me and I been able to focus on God through it. Amen!😄
Thank you for this music such a blessing. Please asides from devotion (the heart and spirit) this verse mustn't be used out of context, there's two sides to this verse. Might I humbly suggest that we lean to the side of good reading and good hermenutics when it comes to Christian living. (Jeremiah 9:11) :)
Aloimery Altimara Cometti
Jenilyn Pedroche
Lord let your spirit be with me, i need you as my saviour my protector; grant me peace oh Lord, i surrender oh Lord
Bilguundalai Purevsuren
God is good all the time amen
Kolby Fornite and More
Thank you God
Sirimavo Nair
Peaceful and happy
Amen🙏🏾 God is good🙏🏾 I wish everybody a blessed day
Christine Teganeza
Amen 🙏🙏🙏✌️🙏🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏🙏🙏