LONDON WALK | Oxford Street at Christmas - Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Circus | England

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A first-person perspective London walk tour of the Oxford Street at Christmas 2017 from Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Circus. See all the sights as Watched Walker (yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person!) takes us on a walking tour through the streets of London, featuring Oxford Street at Christmas including the bauble Christmas lights on the eastern end of the street. The route begins on the corner of Tottenham Court Road, then travels west along Oxford Street, ending at Oxford Circus. Sights seen along the tour include Centre Point, Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road Station, Christmas lights and decorations, and many stores (including The Gift Shop, M&S, Uniqlo, H&M, Boots, Aldo, JD, Miss Selfridge, Nike Town). And in each video I've hidden a blinking eye, can you spot it? (It could appear more than once). In addition to the blinking eye, I've also added the Watched Walker logo to various scenes–it could be on buildings, vehicles or any other objects, so keep an eye out for it too! Footage recorded November 2017. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ The links below may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I'll receive a small commission from your purchases. WANT TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL? You can via my Ko-fi page: />SIGN UP FOR YOUR OWN KO-FI GOLD ACCOUNT: /> THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED USING: Apple iPhone 6: - (UK) - (US) OSMO Mobile Gimbal: - (UK) - (US) GEAR LIST (WHAT I CURRENTLY USE, AND HAVE USED, TO MAKE THESE VIDEOS): GoPro Hero 7 Black: - (UK) - (US) SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Memory Card: - (UK) - (US) Feiyu Tech G6 Gimbal: - (UK) - (US) Apple iPhone 6: - (UK) - (US) OSMO Mobile Gimbal: - (UK) - (US) Case for OSMO Mobile: - (UK) - (US) Moment Wide Angle Lens: - (UK) - (US) EDUTIGE i-Microphone EIM-003: - (UK) - (US) Power Bank Anker Astro: - (UK) - (US) Seagate 2 TB Backup Plus Slim USB 3.0 Hard Drive: - (UK) - (US) ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ LET’S CONNECT! Instagram: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Subscribe for weekly videos! - /> ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ #OxfordStreet #Christmas #LondonWalk #LondonWalks #CityWalks #WalkingTour #London #Videography #WatchedWalker

Watched Walker
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Barista K
England is so beautiful
I love this video. I wish I were in the crowd.
Malika saini
I love this vedio and I love London 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 my dream country
Johan Rijhkelaar
I’ve done this walk trip a few times, and on Xmas is simply magnificent ❤️
Abinash Das
London is not just a country. It is a God gifted place on Earth❤❤ I wish to go to England 🇬🇧🇬🇧
I lived in London 12 years... Oxford street ?!! thanks .
Borislav Boychev
London is amazing
ودود الغرباوي
💘❤😍😘🤩🍁🌺🌹you are beautiful ilove you London
Despina Mitsou
You are fantastic! You bring back so many memories. Awesome channel.Hugs from Greece.
Thuy Linh Duong
This is exactly what I was looking for
chinar imroz
Itz when ur governments work for ur people , honestly is something we asians lack .
mahesh sojitra
People is very piceful shopping with follow all rules 👏👏
mahesh sojitra
Very clean Street no.1 city London
adam ibra
Woow so amazing London my dreams only London and Scotland Just Just no thing else every world loves UK
Rajesh Gupta
Love u London
Mahybomba1 Bomba
Nothing interesting
Angelika Zavadska
Londoner here.. I actually work in a lab there now and saw our doorway 👍👍
Md Rasel Miah
I love the video. Ilovemy dream country
Dwaipayan Dutta
Thank you for this uploads. Being an middle class Indian it's hard for me to to visit London. But with your video It's actually like I am really there. I don't know how to appreciate you or how to say how much ecstatic I am. God bless you mate. Cheers.
Aashima qwerty
Funny that the whole country is built by the money of their colonial empires which they treated so brutally.
Mainul Hassan
I love England from Bangladesh. 😘
m royal
You are illuminati
Pancho R R
Awesome video. Oxford Street is very cool :D
Nav Sahi
Where from i can buy new apple AirPods in Oxford Street?
That's so wonderful place in the world I love it so much
I used to be a British Airways ICC. London was our second home. Not any more. So many memories. Thanks ever so much for this lovely video.
Nav Sahi
Please also show the mobile shops in Oxford Street
Mayank Vachhani
I love this video...Thanks for uploading
Sohail Ansari
London is beautiful city in the world
Spectacular, if a little on the quiet side. What would really help is to put a small active GPS-type map in the lower right hand corner that tracks you. Good job.
Bunty uae Bunty uae
Really i like London City my dreams to life plsss god i want to go landon beutifull ❤ 😊 😊 love u this countrie wow
kashif mehmood
My wish visit to london i love uk
ธา รา
Really enjoyed your video! I love London ❤️
Mubeen khan official
This is greatest invention of old British government
Ananta Sadhu
very nice video this video I see many smart British people
Светлана Шмаль
My dream come true - to find myself in London. Thank you for making this possible
mohit pawariya
No other city in this world has that persona which london has.
Rey Rey
Christmas Will be coming soon , i can't wait
i love England....such a beautiful country
Hani a
Purchase something man, how could u walk straightaway just by seeing all those shops though.... 😜
Abdelmajeed Ababneh
Classical view filled with life.. BTW i like 1880s
abeer amaira
I love these kind of videos, walking tours abroud so simple nd closest to heart , thanks for sharing.
Riza Lukman
It is a beautiful view.People doesn't have to be rich because the government looking after them with lots of facilities
Mark Cook
I used to go here at Christmas in the 1980s, but don't do it any more. It just seems so much more crowded, you can't see anything for crowds, and it takes an age making your way along the pavements.
James Selvakumar
Kindly plant some trees on the road side. It resembles a concrete jungle.
Arif Hasmi
London is my favourite place to visit it is my dream to visit London 😀😂😜👌✌️💝
kuldeep patel
London is amazing beautiful and awesome ☺😊🙌
I very like this London country...beautyfull so much super
Yasir Sha
I miss you and I beautiful
shruti kaura
I wish I had been walking there where once great Virginia Woolf had treaded.
abeer mohammad
I wish I were there to come true my dream of studying Master😍
Ibarhim Sahil
I like London.......
Ryan Valentine
A lot of people staring at their phones , so sad.
Rajendher Sanga
I love this video thanks
Jane Booth
I'll stick to what I prefer and like. it's natural order and odour.
نسرين طه
وشكل الدنيا شتاء عندكم بلندن منشان الناس لابسين شتوي إنما كيف عنا خريف وعندكم بلندن شتاء هو بيزبط يكون في فصلين بالدنيا مع بعض
vignesh waran
I walk 👣 in London live superb job good l like you camera clarity 👌😊
Tarek Marary
I love this video
Chandru Helavar
wow fantastic London
Mia Kayal
I believe Paris, Rome are better. I am referring strict to architecture.
hihi hi
I love London from 🇭🇰 hk
mr orange
Some salty people in the comment section
swar recoRds
Beautiful london
The fuck?
13:37 the sky 😍
Hobi is lifeu
I live in the UK and this crowd of young and old people is just amazing to watch. I've been in a crowd like that in London and I love it
natia natia
I miss you London. But I am coming back soon next month
Klaus Der
A witness to Katy Perry
I was been August
mokbul hussain
london is the best country.
anas khan
I want to go to this place
Uma Maheswari
Miss you Harry Andrew
نسرين طه
Nice vary nice
Nazia Wahid
I wish One day I will come in london
Gurnam singh
I like london
Aisha Raaz
nice place ☺
Waqar Ali sindhi
Very nice city
Michael Thomas
Great vid.Just now found your videos.This is second one.Subscribed...TY for posting them.Always wanted to see England.This is pretty close to it.Vid and sound are clear and crisp.Very well done..Ty again.👍👍
Tarkash The Star
like my comment who love london
The good thing about the high high high Muslim population is that Christmas shopping is relatively bearable.
Ahmad Sajjad
London One Of The Awesome 👍👍
Bunty uae Bunty uae
Nino Santoni
C'est une ville des arts
Oussama Edouiri
I wish i go to london it seems wonderful
You are amazing! I love London, but sadly I am a wheelchair user and I can't travel abroad. This is enabling me to "walk" among those streets and just experience it at least this way. What I would love to see (just a suggestion for you) is a minimap in one of the corners with a dot moving, so people could see exactly where they are. Please, please continue doing these!
wendy mawara
One day i will be there
I’m Honey
Too much mental animals on the roads 🤨😂
Very Colourful city
linda rosario
Im going to travel london
ibrar ali
shruti kaura
Virginia Woolf s world
نسرين طه
شكل الدنيا صبح عندكم بلندن
Arian Ahmad
Beautifully country
Angel siyo
London is very nice city
mohamed younes
is good
Adventure Hub
8:11 thug life
Sandeep Singh
wish to visit this city once in life. Very soon. But i am confused why not snowfall on Christmas
Mohsin Hayat
i like uk
Max Larsen
shop shop shop, slaves to money.
Sumit Bharti
I l💖ve this video, thanks for uploading.