Cobus - Linkin Park - No More Sorrow (Drum Cover)

LAUS DEO SEMPER /> FACEBOOK: /> TWITTER: />______________________________ Linkin Park - No More Sorrow from the 2007 release "Minutes To Midnight" is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). /> This cover was recorded between 30 August 2010 and 1 September 2010 as part of The Fuego Series, released early 2011. NO drum replacement or triggering was done in this series, what you hear is just a mixed version of a 100% acoustically produced track. ______________________________ 3/8 ftw. Had such a blast playing a song with a totally different feel and quite different time signature than the rest of the songs in The Fuego Series. Also, playing around with the double bass made for quite a heavy drum track! LOVE it. And as always.. epic fun to be had with heel-toe :) ______________________________ AUDIO Recorded and Engineered by Iago Pico at Pousada Son Studios, Santiago De Compostela, Spain Mixed and mastered by Cobus Potgieter in his old bedroom, Humansdorp, South Africa. Dats wassup. VIDEO Directed by Cobus Potgieter Jairo Iglesias (representing Pixel Films) Director of Photography Caamaño Castro Camera Operators Daniel Viqueira Catalina Candocia Jairo Iglesias Intro Logo Graphics Kyle Lucas | SMG AFRICA All syncing, editing, grading and post production by Cobus Potgieter Shot with a RED ONE and EOS 5D & 7D's. Special Thanks To: Lucía C. Pan Xacio Rodríguez Mikel Fuentes Sara Horta Sadilsa Galicia Michel Sult ______________________________ Please consider supporting me on Patreon! -

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Ron Albert Ramos
Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.
Nikhil Karkare
Double base at 3:04 is killer.... \m/ \m/
Intensity Piano Covers
With Cobus' Beast drum beats this song is so EVIL!!!
Lol 1:30 *Ting*
I think Rob Bourdon has just been shown up, dare I say it. Great job!
Yhan Garcia
that double bass pedal stuff! \m/!! uhmm can you do some Slipknot stuff too? that'd be awesome! more power! 
David Čuj
Drums Only Pls :)
shinoda LP
test song ''metalingus'' by alter bridge....  pliiiisss
Florjan Van Den Steen
That snare... love it
Hector Soto
no one's gonna comment 3:04??? ok....
Joe Drinkwater
Rip Chester:(
Lorenzo Clarke
3:04 - Initiate warp drive!  
Mr McTaco
Play in the end by Linkin Park
Lazaro Facal
nice nice bravo bravo
Kobus Mulder
Lol 1:29
Yudhi Dhias Putra
Jack Carlson
Dude, I recommend doing a cover of Do or Die by 30STM or Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR. Both drum parts are the best! Nice job on this!
Vieta cimint
Nice Cobus your best drum cover
Eliezel Caba
buena calidad de sonido.
rodrigo estigarribia
eres el mejor
Tamás Kozsup
R.I.P. Chester! By the way this is the first time when I see this cover even if it's a few years old, but I have to say that this studio work sounds awful... That bass drum is good, but that's the only one.... The toms are blunt, the cymbals barely audible. You can do it better Cobus. I suggest you to remaster and reupload this.
Pesisir Pantai
RIP Chester Bennington #LP
Antho Cruz
The double bass was so epic, but, the toms fills doesn't fit with the song.
Mirlen Rocha
Uoow, não canso de ouvir ! Muito bom !! <3
Willy Not Wonka.
WTF. It was great ! Cover some more songs from " The Huntin Party " please !
Kadek Chandra
Yair drns
Rio Chester Bennington
yuki neko chan
I love this song <3
ama neden
TRX trembles from Turkey , keep rocking!
Júlio César
o carinha entende das parada
Jay Dong
Does anyone know how many years Cobus has on the drums?
Mikael Schwartz
Wow, Linkin Park really became boring after their first 2 albums. Great cover, but this song, and basically everything I've heard from LP since "Meteora" is so incredibly boring, simple, repetitive and it just stinks of mainstream rock meant to get as much time on the radio as possible to attract new fans. I guess LP decided to go for money and not creativity.
Thomas Nixdorf
Ist. cool. und. ist. schön oscar
Martha Høegh-Olsen
Oh my brain. So intense have no words to write. My brain is in euphoria. This comment is written in about 15 minutes ❤ loved your drumming.
серж белый
чувак это сила !!!!  ты удивляешь меня с каждым разом 
Drake Butler
Remember when cobus JUST made music covers? Now its all his band stuff. Not complaining, but come on
Scott Bainbridge
The Fuego Series would easily have to be my favorite series that Cobus just ever did. I just really wish I knew what drum kit he's using here! I know its from Udrum but have no clue as to what specific model it actually is!
Godwin Kkm
Kill the drum bro just kill it
H. Azwar
Aashish Meshram
Linkin Park big fan
Markinho Costa
Preston Whan
what type of bass drum beater does cobus use?
panji ansyah
can you show to me  drum cover linking park "in the end"? perfect skill awesome
Kevin Walker
AWESOME!!!! 😨😨😨😨
Horns And Halos
He butchered this song up bad
Omg that's so cool awesome cover
Jesus Sanchez
isac souza
what is legends ??????
Ex En
cool man I love your drumming keep it up man GOOD LUCK 👌
Linkin Park needs to sign you up, you definitely played this and Faint perfectly! love the videos, can't wait to see more
Annie London
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm in love with you! :D awesome work!
Mhizokie Akk
wow for me you are the best drum cover.... i am watch ???
This cover gives me chills! The intro is a beast!!
Luz Laura
Dan Pollard
I love the sound this kit makes! Phenomenal kick drum :D
EASILY your best drum cover (in my opinion) everything was just perfect, sounds great as well!
Delbert Jeremiah
You killed it ...
Ben Ganley
this is f***ing awsome man! good work!
Arui Dagwin
Damn cool!!! Unbeatable drum cover maker. Best camera captures. Bro can you do more covers of famous artists and their hits. #greatfan
Michael Claudio
The best song off minutes to midnight
Salam Azis
it's awesome
Quick question,does Rob use single or double kick pedal?Just curious...
Brandon Townsend
Nicely done.
zeth wachter
that was great
septia herwando
you're the best
Hector lugo mejia
pretty nice cover!!
David Wilcox
hey can you do something off slayer, maybe something from seasons in the abyss perhaps please?
Lucas Nowak
sau stark
Sôma Covers
what cameras did you use to realise this wonderful video
yoel yanqui
Es Super Paja El Video !!  (Y)
Pete Mac
I love that shirt you're wearing man!!!!
ian dolphin
wesley warren
It was good but he messed up the beginning
saiful fadly
terbaiklah cool man
Philippe Prétot
vos vidéos sont superbes... c'est un plaisir a voir et a entendre
ryan oliveira
caralho botou pa fude mane
carlos jose bueno garcia
Fuckin Amazing!
... marry me <3
Harry emve
pangane opo ki orang yo
César Montalván
In the begining the time is rare. I don't know. Just say
Victor Castillo
Nick Alpha
burn it man !
iqbal rahman
gg nice drum cover mr cobus
Alcivan Gama
without words. Simplesmente Fantástico.
Brandon Townsend
This is great!
Andy Cuevas
"Time is borrowed" #ripchester
gooch iii
nathan Arceo
nice job try playing waiting for the end by linkin park
Alfred Lusaya
Where can i get a drum music sheets like this? Pls help.
scar face
RIP chetser
Sethahboth LY
No More Sorrow
maleekee sk
oh my god....!!
Prissila Martinez
excelente saludos desde MÉXICO!!!!!! I love!!!! <3
Brian Kwapisz
Baka Senpai
just follow the song, dont put your own style, stinks...dislike