Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves

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A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes on record slammed Japan's eastern coast on Friday, killing hundreds of people as it swept away ships, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control. Police said 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in Miyagi prefecture, or state, closest to the epicentre. Another 137 were confirmed killed, with 531 people missing. Police also said 544 people were injured. TOP VIDEOS of Japan earthquake & tsunami 2011 /> Subscribe to RT! /> Watch RT LIVE /> Like us on Facebook />Follow us on Twitter />Follow us on Google+ /> RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

This is so depressing to see. Such a beautiful country, that I plan to visit again. And shame on every hate comment below and after me. Your all heartless bastards. no one deserves this.
This is heartbreaking, seeing lives and people's life long hard work being demolished in mere seconds. 😔
Hei Sann
This comment section makes me lose faith in humanity... if i ever had any
Lavender Kiss
Horrifying, sad, and god bless them.
Vreede Anna
Some evil psychopaths are cheering this disaster because of whaling? Are you serious? Boxing Tsunami killed 250,000 people including Americans and Europeans. Yeah We Western countries also kill Whales. Nobody kills more Chinese than Chinese. China is the real war criminal state. China doesn't get any sympathy from the world. Get a life, trolls.
Peggy Akers
This is very sad. We're not not only seeing property destruction, we're seeing death. To those if you who who are having a fit about people mentioning God, why dies it cause you to act so angrily to them? Just because you don't believe doesn't mean you should act harshly to those that do. We all have the right to believe what we want, and you shouldn't try to silence anyone, especially if it's not harming anyone.
Justin Hopkins
The comment section is just too much. Now that we accurately understand nature and why tsunamis happen, there's no reason to invoke God. Humans used to need fairy tales to explain their environment because they didn't understand. Well, we understand now, and yet we STILL have these fools that evolution seems to have skipped. Some people are no better than humans thousands of years ago. Quite frankly, I wish we had invented time travel by now, so we could send all these religious nuts back to 1 A.D.
america dopped 2 atomic bombs on japan, many people are sick in their genetics, and if they get children, their children are handicapped. The japanese have earthquakes... the japanese have tsunamis... the japanese have a nuclear/uran issue in their water and food now. *fukushima* I mean.... what the hell is wrong with that country, why are they so unlucky.... greetings from germany
Katy Lee
Poor people, they worked so hard to build and create the things that were destroyed in a blink of an eye.
Namjoon's Waterbottle
For the people who are saying this country deserves this or that, and the people who are joining in (sarcastically or not) you should be ashamed of yourself.
Korean is always noise maker.
2.40 did I see someone casually walking on the back of the lorry?? or is it my eyes?? how is he not running away?
Sad happen..
I still remember sitting in my room at like 1-2am in the morning and hearing about the tsunami live. Stuff like this you just never forget.
Michael Penn
Wow after four years...four years after all of this happened people are still praising the death of these innocent people. I hope the next time someone laughs at another countries misery they have something bad happen to them. What's worst is that a majority of you despicable human beings are American. What happened to America being a very accepting and understanding country. If this goes on...well most people like me might move to other countries, and if you think what you say about other countries is bad then you should hear what they say about the US. I hope all of you enjoy your hate orgy and of you did you need to be institutionalized you psychopaths.
Carpe Diem
Sad to see such beautiful landscape - results of people's hard work - being destroyed just like that! I pray for Japanese people.
No matter what happened in the past I love Japan I'm a black American who has seen a lot and there is no excuse for you people's negative comments my god please forgive you all for you walk among the living soulless and blind
This is terrifying beyond words.
JustIn DoesMC
Feel very sorry for Japan.. ;(
They need to stop building wooden houses.
Nassilyn Kaneo
it's just incredible on how fast that wave is traveling.. best yet it is from a helicopter and easier to see the whole speed of it.  
mother natures way of telling us to quit over populating this earth ;3
Mej Volkano
watch from 2:13 until 2:21, a mysterious small white shape moves a surprising speed to escape the water (an animal or what) it's going towards the middle of the screen (near the small gray roof) and goes to the left of the screen by making quick jumps Sorry for the spelling (with google translate)
Today is the 5th anniversary...
Jeffrey D
02:40 dude walking on his trailer to get a look. Natural Selection at its best
Adam Hamilton
This is the first time I saw any of the destruction happen. 😔 Very sad.
i bet he was glad to be in a helicopter...
R.I.P all the ones who were taken from the wave...
Man is completely powerless to nature.
Thumbs up if you came from the Chilean Earthquake.
ahhh glad im not there!! the poor people who went through that pain:(
Sarah Walton
I remember watching this as it happened. It was horrible to see the cars driving as fast as they could, but you could see the tsunami was much faster, and you knew those people probably weren't going to make it. I was watching it with my husband, and we both occasionally burst out with, "Run! Run!" while watching people.
Tuna declares war on Japan!
I'll never forget the day
The 4th Horseman
Wow. This heart breaking. May God have mercy on the survivors.
A&A Her1234
Incredible, fear God
Japan is a dangerous place sometimes.
im sure the dolphins and whales were happy about this
michael corbett
I was in Japan recently and it was everything I thought it would be. Aside from the poetic beauty, the cleanliness, the yummy food, the lights, the traditions...what really struck me was how everyone was just so nice to each other not just to foreigners. They're kind of aloof at first because of the language barrier but if you make an effort, they will go out of their way, in broken English and creative gestures, just to help you out. Japanese people are an exemplary race. Japan is a utopian example of what nations should or aspire to be. That being said, I am not surprised that they immediately came to the aid of Filipinos even though they themselves are still recovering from the disaster. They are just a selfless bunch. No boundaries, just humanity. Nippon ga hontou ni subarashii gozaimasu. 
sy choi
we are breakwater.. thank you .................
Yi Zhao
Even though China and Japan have some problems on the territorial dispute recently and some other controversial historical issues, we still express our sympathy on the natual disaster happened in Japan. Our land will perpetually open for you to take refuge if there is a big disaster in Japanese land. Bless you! 尽管中日有领土纷争和历史遗留问题,我们还是对日本民众所遇到的这些自然灾害表示同情,并且如果有特大灾害,请随时到海岸这边避难,我们的援助之手为你们敞开
jerry Lastname
our prayers dear people.
Al Ma
Actually, most Japanese people don't eat whales. This is the truth. I don't know who eats whales...
So many psychopaths in the comment section, wow. Yes, nature is what it is, and yes, people do make mistakes, but isn't there any compassion for what happened to those people that live there??? Lives are lost, families are torn apart, and everything they worked for in their live is torn to pieces. Quite disturbing certain people's attitudes.
Zotha Navit
I read the comment and How dare u speak ill of Japan. When they are suffering. I am not Japanese but i love Japan. There are so brave that they did not get crazy horrified. They keep their cool even in this case of Desester.
i heard that this happens coz of USA used underwater bomb. Is it true?
J.D. Turner
2:23 !   what was that white object on the top left of the screen with a white vapor trail behind it???!!!    UFO???
LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!  anybody else see that shit jumping from dry spot to dry stop on the middle of the screen at 2:12
what's that jumping between buildings on minute 2:15 top left? is white
I will pray for JAPANESE People!!!!
Giancarlo Eiras
I think the safest place would be surfing those waves so you avoid all the carnage on land.
Vevo Reverse
this is not natural, is haarp, diferents waves, in diferents levels, like if a machine, o explosion very calculated cause it...
撮影班は心を痛めてる! 撮影することが後に役立つがこの光景は地獄ですね!
John Cusick
I feel bad for those people. Japanese people are very intelligent people. I hope that a tsunami would not hit Japan again!!!!
Koreans can not study historical of truth, because the hatred feelings is Habit of Korean.
Colluding Google
Like the hand of God just swiped it all away.
rap RD
Shutruk Nakhunte
So, did flood reach that truck driver?
↠ Dreams ↞
This is so sad! Pray! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😰❤️❤️😰
Gillian Sokoloski
That is terrifying
I'm Japanese so I was safe I was on the tall building so I survived
thalia madeley teran elias
Look at 2:23 & 2:29 ........... O_o
2:27 Chuck Norris running.
εε σ
2.23-2.28 all seems ok ,or is it ..? I didnt write this comment for pursuasion or to look fantastic..but the believers should get stronger ,and the non -ones should get closer to the flock . God bless Japan!Onegaishimasu, domo arimasu!Greetings
tobbie's doggie
Mother Nature, Why?!
Palos Sebastian
chuck norris punched the ocean......thats the result..
nassim narjiss
And i wanted to go to japan
It's pay back from the Dolphins and whales... Just kidding.
4 years on, and I'm thinking of them today while watching this. Hoping everyone involved in it has moved on at least somewhat and been able to get their lives back to some semblance of normal. <3 To all of them!
Mukundakumar Karunaimalai
地震 テクトニクスプレートの動き、土壌の高カルシウムによる地震、土壌中の塩による地震。光、波、光、熱、電気は土壌中の高カルシウムを通過することはできませんが、水や冷気は高カルシウムの土壌に入る可能性があります。高カルシウムの土壌は高カルシウム土壌の実際のサイズを2倍以上に広げます。塩分や粘土が水や地下の河川で洗い流される可能性があるが、高カルシウムは水で洗い流すことができない。水や冷たい空気が熱にあふれて蒸気が発生すると、土壌を砕き、水、蒸気、溶岩、火山活動、湧水、空気などの土壌を実際に火山噴火させ、溶岩は高カルシウム土と弱土を強く私たちの体の熱がバイツのようなときに汗をかくような岩のような土壌があります。そこには土壌が弱く、火山活動や溶岩活動が起こります。 通常、高カルシウム塩土壌は地震、津波、火山噴火、火山溶岩活動が高いが火山活動が起こって強い土壌に変えた 高カルシウムは熱、光線、光に反応しませんが高カルシウムは水、冷気、河川に拡大します高カルシウムは冬季には広がりますが、乾季または夏季 私たちは、地下で不活性な空きスペースを特定し、加熱された粘土煉瓦で埋めることで地震を止めることができます
wheres the full footage
Thebird cried
Ok, I'm not stupid, crazy, or just seeing crap.  I swear that I saw a little white thing jump into the water at 2:07, it then jumps out after a couple of seconds and starts jumping from house to house...weird?  I think it's a cat but I don't really think a cat can do that lol.
robson bonfim
2.24  sai algo das ondas
Richard Almanac
Deadly awesome
deschamps reine
À 2.24 un OVNI sort de l'eau en haut à gauche vers le milieu.
Incredible. Waves of that size are frightening.
Devon Johnson
amber lopez
OMG! Godzilla is coming.... Pork fried rice : )
Roger Michou
power of God
Itz Keanu
There's a powerful one coming to Washington and Oregon...idk if we should start panicking or not but I say...we're screwed :( dammit
Saul Seabrook
2:33 Dude is standing on trailer at bottom left of image.
Imagine surfing one of those!
Davilyn Estrada
Omg I pray that the people who were safe are still happy
Jahongir Uzak
It is human made disaster, not natural
Diogo Bauler
Unbelievable. Hard to see that even years later. 
Jill's Sandwiches
so this I what would happen if Pein did a Shinra Tensei in the middle of the ocean.
I know how devastating this is but from a surfers point of view, I can't help but notice that some of the waves were clean and unbroken. I all ways thought tsunami's were just a white wall of foam and broken mush. I wonder how long it will be when some one rides a tsunami wave
Rose Pinkson
I remember the tsunami like it was yesterday and it's something I'll never forget. I also can't believe today marks the 4th anniversary.
Encubay | Yeuf_Family
I hate all of the people who just doesn't care about that they really need to die !
Caleb Davis
Ahhhh........ the comment section, #thisiswhyweneednuclearwar. 
Antwainn Floyd
umm helloooooooo nobody noticed the reflection of a ufo crossong the terrain from the upper left inland about 1/4???? wasnt a heli
Damn ! Why Japan ?  Why not the US + Europe + Australia. Oh well, maybe next time.....
J tet
That dog @2:35, that tiny black speck running back n forth on the dirt road.........
Ghost at 2.27 flying or floating right through the farm land getting its ass away from the water.
That ending was sooooooooooooo loud! It scared me so bad I fell out of my chair and hit my head on the ground. LOL
If i was on that beach I would be like NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE and then i would bury myself in the sand xD
bluepaint udrillah
They've enjoyed killing whales as part of their festivities, its whales pay back time.
Flip Flops
1:48 it only takes 6 seconds after initial impact for that tsunami to level the entire 3rd story building in bottom left.. unreal