5 Disturbing REAL STORIES Behind DISNEY Fairy Tales

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► Support Us: />► Twitter: />► Subscribe: NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY! --------------------------------------------- For most of our lives we have grown up with fairy stories that were either read to us as children, have been Disneyfied or simply sweetened in a Little Golden Book. In the original fairy tales, nobody lives happily ever after.The following are five original fairy stories that would surely give children sleepless nights. --------------------------------------------- Credits: Music From AudioBlocks.com Outro Credits: Greenscreen Thunder Storm HD /> Rain Drops on Glass Window -1080p Green Screen /> DISCLAIMER: FAIR USE NOTICE. This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.

Bonnie Howell
When I was young I remember renting the little mermaid based on the orginal story and not the Disney version and was brought to tears!
T.R. Luxx13
Was I the only kid raised on the original stories that involved all the death and unhappy endings...I was raised on the Brothers Grimm Fairytales
Alexandra Mikka
I also remember about Cinderella that she went to the ball 3 days in a row, each day wearing a more beautiful dress. It was only on the third day that the prince had his servants cover the stairs in tar because he got tired of her running away every time. At least that's how the story went in one of the fairy tale books I had as a child. Also, in the version I read of The little red riding hood, the wolf eats both the grandma and the girl, but the forest ranger figures it out, cuts open the wolf's belly, takes the girl and her grandma out, fills the belly with stones and sews it up. When the wolf wakes up thirsty and dizzy, he goes to drink water and falls into the lake, drowning because of the weight in his stomach.
Heather Gray
You know how I knew the princess on the left was FAKE? Because she's a damn drawing.
Wl Ridenour
In the original version sleeping beauty is raped by the king. He should have been in the pot with the queen, only then would it be a happy ending.
My mother abused me when i was younger by.... giving me an original grimms fairytales book when i was seven
SkyRim LuvR
the ending I've been told of Lil red riding hood involved the wolf eating the grandmother and later, eating red riding hood and falling asleep, then a woodsman cuts open the wolf, frees them, then they put rocks in his stomach, sew his belly closed, when the wolf wakes and is thirsty, he goes down to the river for a drink of water and falls in and drowns, being pulled in by the heavy rocks, whew! ... although gruesome, I loved Grimms fairy tales as a child😆😉😄 angelaP
I like the version of red Riding Hood where she is smart enough to realize the hairy thing in her granny's bed is a wolf, she takes out a glock .45 out of her basket and unloads it into the wolf..the end.
Mr. Death
that cheating rapist king is the one who should have ended up in cauldron.
In some versions the pied piper first drowns the rats and then drowns the children. Dark indeed.
I changed the ending of Rumplestiltskin when I read it to my younger siblings. He simply stomped away instead of tearing himself in half.
And to think these were bedtime stories for kids like us back in the day and major block busters movies, no wonder we're all flucked up in the head haha!!
Mei- Usagi
My childhood was just ruined
disney fan81
Look, the Disney version of "Cinderella" (and just about every other version) was not, I repeat not based on the Brothers' Grimm's version of the story. It's based on Charles Perrault's version which has the fairy godmother, pumpkin coach, and glass slippers. The only difference is that there were two balls, and lost her slipper at the second one. Also, at the end of Perrault's, Cinderella forgives the stepfamily and invites them to live at the castle, with the stepsisters each marrying noblemen.
Holosexuals Hot
Did anyone ever watch “once upon a time”? This video kinda reminds me of those stories or movies sitcoms lol but yeah that’s my favorite show right now I love how they make the fairytales realistic I haven’t watched the newest series though idk how I feel about them changing it so much. But still love them!!
Michael McGinley
The Grimm brothers did not write any of these stories, they were linguist collecting stories to prove how there is a common link in our languages and history.
One MercilessMing
The tales from The Brothers Grimm are, well, grim.
john tabler
Age appropriate is a modern concept
Laura Stokes
the little mermaid had to have her tongue cut out and be mute before she could be with humans
a hobbit
Snow White was like, seven years old in the real story ...
M.J. J.
The versions I grew up with are: Red riding hood's granny was eaten by the wolf, Red got a huntsman to help her cut open the sleeping wolf's belly. Granny climbed out unharmed. They filled the wolf with stones and sewed him up. When he went to the river to drink, he lost his balance, fell in and drowned. The pied piper led the children away to the foot of a mountain. He played more music, the side of the mountain opened, they all danced inside and the mtn closed after them. The townspeople couldn't see where the opening was... "Pied" is an old word for brightly checkered or patched clothing.Pie face is when someone has a pale whitish face but very red cheeks...
Emerald Ninja55055505
Wait.......how did the babies survive long enough for her to wake up without them having food? Someone pls explain that!?
Chelsea Brockmeier
my mom has the original fairytale (horror as I call it) book.
LaBelleDame DuManor
Charles Perrault was also the man who made the story Bluebeard famous. Bluebeard was a wealthy landowner who had married many wives & they had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Eventually his latest wife discovers he was a serial murderer & murdered his wives for their wealth, she tells her 2 brothers who kill Bluebeard before he kills their sister.
12 Volts
fabulous mate. but don't forget Disney loved Hitler and his work.
Jax Val
I really enjoyed this but I must say I'm disappointed that Disney's Alice in Wonderland wasn't even mentioned, considering the writer of that story was a notorious pedophile and the inspiration for that story was one of his little victims whom he had nude photos of if I'm not mistaken on the exact story. To me that's creepier than anything else! Lewis Carroll was a known pedophile and he use stories to lure children. Come on man how could you forget that one? Otherwise it was really good
The sleeping beauty story... incest? How can they live happy? The king abused his child, the princess..
Mary Carla
Yup! Gotta laugh at all these brides who want to be "princesses" on their wedding day. Real life princesses on the whole were notoriously unhappy. Rich, but unhappy.
Anna VT
Me after watching video: OH MY GOD Disney: *whistles*
Creepy... In HC Anderssen original little mermaid Ends horribly too without being a Real story. It was years since I read it, in a book published 1920s/1930s, but still recall this: The prince, the mermaid and the Prince’s bethrothed(not the mermaid) is on a boat at sea. The Prince truly loves another pure-hearted not evil human girl. Unable to to make the Prince love her the mermaid she either must dagger him or die herself. Still caring too much of the Prince she chooses death. She jumps into the water where her mermaid’s sisters awaits her , but dies - turning into foam.
how are these "disney fairy tales"? they are all grimm fairy tales. that there are disney adaptations is utterly irrelevant for this video
Only 2 of these mentioned real life places and times. The others were just about gruesome versions of the stories. Make up your mind
Lola Gudgeon
These stories were not originally meant for children, you know! They represented the oral traditions of the illiterate and pre-literate, and many have the most amazing roots going back, possibly, to the Neolithic. PS: that glass slipper was a mistranslation of fur slipper. Work it out for yourself. Oh, and the other Ugly Sister cut off her heels.
Simran Bajwa
Fourth to comment anyways still love Disney😍 though these are scary stories 😨 never thought that these happy ending stories are having such dark stories behind 😧NICE VIDEO😃👍
Sade Life1015
We should thank God for Disney then 😑 At least they gave these real life characters dignity & happy endings in fiction, even if they couldn't have them in real life.
red universe
This is a really interesting video (btw the word "snow" in Greek doesn't pronounced as "chioni" but as "hioni")
Yuyang Long
Incorrect, the stepmother cuts off her own daughters foot to make room for the glass slipper.
chuu doll
In rapunzel a pregnant woman is upset that she does not have the rapunzel lettuce and demands her husband to steal some from the witch's garden. The witch sees him and wants to kill him but they make a deal that once the baby is born she will deliver it but keep it. Once she gets the baby she names it rapunzel and keeps it. When she is a teenager with long hair she traps her in a tower and climbs up with her hair. One day a king sees her climb up and down. He secretly climbed up and rapunzel got pregnant. The witch got angry at rapunzel and waited for the king to climb up. She threw him off and got thorns stuck in his eyes. Rapunzel runs away and has twin boys. One day the blind king is wandering around and Rapunzel recognizes him. She weeps on him and her tears give him the power to see again. Rapunzel, The king, and their sons lived together happily.
Kat Prinner
I know this is supposed to be scary but I'm sleep deprived and I'm falling asleep listening to this. I adore this voice. Even though I don't like that weird world said the Bible is a fairytale because that's extremely disrespectful to those of us who believe in God and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Anyway nice voice respect others the old stories were better because it was clear between right and wrong.
Joanne Dwyer
Snow White was a right one. After all she lived with 7 dwarfs an who knows what she did with them. Dirty girl 😂😂😂
The little red riding hood story I was taught in school was that she went in the house where the wolf was in the bed and he just ate her grandmother and little red ends up realizing that escapes runs into a lumberjack tells him the wolf ate her grandmother and the lumber jack goes into the house and Axe open the wolf's stomach freeing the grandmother...
kin voulturi
The Piper can make a horror movie
Jerry Culp
Wasn't Cinderella actually called Cinderfoot in the original story?
The original versions weren't even meant for the children. They were a collection of old folk stories that were told entertain each other and teach about moral and stuff in the evenings or at the market by wandering merchants. Not for kids ears! Later, when adults didn't believe so much in magic and mystical creatures any more, they told them to their kids - thinking they too knew those were just made up stories... Well, some certainly did - some had terrible nightmares because of them (like me). They sure tought me a lot about moral, though!
JR My Horse
Am I the only one who knew all the originals? I love most of the Brothers Grimm.
Julie McKenzie
Cinderella is much older than the brother's Grim, it dates to acient Egypt with the step mother and step sisters. An interesting side note, Ireland has a Cinderella story of sorts we're a royal princess searchers for her dragon slaying hero with only his shoe. The hero is the only one the shoe fits.
I know movie but I don't know movie name
I know this doesn't have anything to do with the original story of Snow White, but what kind of creepy goes around kissing dead bodies they find in the woods. I'm just saying who does that🤔
Chiara Offreduccio
Rapunzel is based on the legend of St. Barbara. Saint Barbara was the daughter of a Roman official, who locked her up in a tower. During her imprisonment, she met a priest who converted her to Christianity. When Barbara’s father found out that his daughter was a Christian, he dragged her before the local magistrate and when she wouldn’t give up her Christian beliefs, her father stabbed her to death. Then the father exploded in fire, which is why Saint Barbara is the patron saint of fireworks.
D Chino
When it comes down to it, Disney tells a HELL of nicer tale than the originals.
Rachel Brenner
Another theory that the Piper was Stephen, the leader of the Childrens Crusade. Stephen believed he was to lead the children to fight in Jerusalem.
Rickus Kruger
Why do Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood sound so similar to Hansel and Gretel where the witch wants to throw them into the fire.
Alexei Romanov
When I was a kid my grandmother told us the original stories. My favorites were Snow white with the Spanish King and Cinderella. I passed the down to my children. Salutations
In Red Riding Hood, the wolf represents child predators, paedophiles (I read that somewhere)
You Won
Who else is thinking about Sweeney Todd while watching this people in pots pushed into fire No just me? Ok
B. L. Norris
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Darin Dominic 2
what is the real story about Moana?????
the king
When I was a kid my older brother use to tell me these story's but he would tell me the real ending instead of the Walt Disney ones. So I know all this is true.
Carrie Eloff
they keep retelling stories of men raping sleeping women. ew. rape culture roots
Jessy h
Hey , this was great! Loved how well you dug into the history of these stories,,there's more old stories that are scary in the original version like Italy 's pinokio. When I was in Italy there were shops that sold little pinokio wooden dolls on strings and they of course look nothing like the Disney version.
Elizabeth Shaw
Originally Fairytales were for adults only because they had no Happy Endings and they were scary. Aesop's Fables being one of the most famous would have never been read to children!
Tara Canady
Ty for another awesome video 🤗
Mamacrist Mamacrist LOVE SHAWN MENDES
WTH actually all that princess cartoon is actually from real life
Bimol Chauhan
oh it's real. It may have happened.
The Bible is a Disney fairytale as well
Rylee Comeaux
The Cinderella original version was shown in the movie “into the woods” I really liked it
Santa Claus: Santas helper that went with Santa would take the children on the naughty list and stuff them in the sack to never be seen again......that version would have made me behave more then the lump of coal, the coal could be used for a little bit more time of heat🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
cryptic josh
the last picture of pied piper looked an aweful lot like uncle sam.
Moonie Moonhour
About Cinderella. The second sister cuts of her heel, or rather the stepmother did. And also the version this video says is so horrible. I grew up with this version (I'm 21) sometimes I think a certain country is a bit over sensitive... Also the rat Piper story, also grew up with that one. I also never thought they were scary...
Elisa Rivas
Actually, Charles Perrault wrote Cinderella first, which does have a fairy godmother.
Bailey Holloway
No is should watch this I'm going to Disney tomorrow DX
Lol knew these all already.
Obito xshinobi
I didn't know about the piper was real dam nice stories
M. Harvey
Cinderella s shoes were actually made of fur, It was a mistake in translation.
Lucy Price
Jame M
Should have mentioned Beauty and the Beast, since its the most recent Fairy tale to come out of Disney. It was based on a true story of a man with Werewolf syndrome who was treated like an animal his entire life and one day a Queen decided to see if she could breed him. When they did, all of the hairy children were sold off as pets. But it should be mentioned that Disney didn't clean up half theses stories and that they had already been altered before Disney got to them, or else I doubt he would have used them.
Too bad the original Red Riding Hood didn't have GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!
Pastel Unicorn
I knew some of them from into the woods
Twital Weed
Scottish fairy tales are my favorite!
Children should be given to read fairy tales in their original form. No censorship. Why? Because it'll help them face their inner problems and understand the world they live in. Just read Bettelheim's "The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales", Marc Girard's "Brother GrimmLes Contes de Grimm: lecture psychanalytique" and/or Marie-Louise von Franz's "Interpretation of fairy tales".
Jímíň Pąřķ ØĜŽ
I really love snow white i used to listen and watch to it when i was young .. well im a boy .. it does'nt mean that im a gay LOL.
The original fairy tales remind us that not so long ago we lived in a dark and dangerous world.
The cinderella one is accurately displayed in "into the woods"
Polar Bear
That voice gives me the chills
I thought it was the prince who raped sleeping beauty and had her have twins in her sleep..?
Oluwasemilore Pelemo
he is weird and scary
Conner Cochrane
Wow only six comments well now seven
Marie T
Could never get behind the Disney retellings. Much too sugary. Those were cautionary tales not frolicking fantasies.
sharon conyers
I always viewed these stories as happy and fun and they still are
Jacquline Schell
8:14-8:18 Aku
Hamid Ahmed
Lovely Lia Gamer
Who is here to ruin their childhood?
Lily Lopez
I was told not by then brothers I was told by the Disney xd
That's what she said
I remember i keep forcing my Father to read a story for me
Shawn Henry
Ninjaboy84 S
There is nothing more disgusting in this world than a human’s mind.
My sister cried after she watch this she keep saying 'This is not real,right sis?right?'
doge gamer
good bye childhood
Vivian Martinez
💖😂 14 coment💖😂
Vivian Martinez
And gread video i never knew all these stuff 😂💖