3 Fights that Every Boxing Fan Should See - Part 2

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Thank you for watching! Subscribe now! Click here: comment, share if you like this video. Number 1. George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - boxing match that was held on October 30th, 1974 in the city of Kinshasa, Zaire. This fight is often regarded as one of the greatest boxing matches of the XX th century, it was held in tropical conditions, during the rain and high humidity period. The duel ended in 8th round with the victory of Mohammed Ali. Number 2. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler - April 6th, 1987 the two very promising fighters met inside the ring. This was the 12th defense for Hegler, Ray Leonard wasn’t seen inside the ring for three years and took only one fight in the last 5 years. All tickets were sold out in 16 days. Of the 21 boxing reviewers, 18 said that victory would be for Hegler and only three supported Leonard. Number 3. Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan - January 25th, 1995 in London took place the fight which was later revealed to be one of the most tragic fights in the history of boxing. That night Nigel and Gerald decided who was worthy of the WBC belt.

Robert Morrison
I consider Leonard to be one of the very very best ever, but Hagler won that fight. It was close, but Hagler controlled the entire fight. Hagler was so disgusted he retired and moved to Italy.
Patrick Brown
I think what I most respected about Ali.. was if you watch Forman at the very end Ali could have hit him two or three more times especially when he was starting to go down but he held back from doing so. I was so impressed with Ali.
Anthony Rowe
George foreman once said. Fear is a good thing. I was scared before every fight except 1, the Ali fight.
James Bowe
McClellan would never be able to feed himself again. Or walk, just a little more than a vegetable. He could hear you and nod (kind of). But it was very horrible. He stayed down. Probably because the brain damage was already done. Sad. He was a very good boxer/fighter. I remember he won fights I was sure he would loose. This must go down as one of the great tragedies in the sport of boxing. I saw a visit years later. No money can be worth what I saw.
mayweather would never survive agaisnt these two ....he had easy fights not like back in the day...the true legends
Mohammed Nuur
But where is Mohammed Ali VS Joe Freizer the fight of the Century
Kitsalp Srewolf
Crazy. . . Hagler, the Champ, got robbed on that decision. . . . Robbed.
Andrew Carl Elliott
That fight should have been awarded to Hagler. Both men fought well and they were relentless in their assaults. Neither men went down... therefore Haggler should have retained his championship unless he was knocked out or knocked down.
I love George Forman, but Ali fought a smarter fight. He let George wear himself out on the rope-a-dope.
Stuart Campbell
Hard watching that last fight knowing the outcome.
Hagler won that fight.
Hagler was the greatest. No argument. Good bye.
Curt Christensen
Leonard won fair and square. get over it
Ali was tough, but paid for them hits later in life.
Watched that Ali v foreman fight with my dad (replay, not live) and I remember asking "dad, why are foremans hands flyin around and wiggling all over the place?" He smiled and said "because Mohammed Ali is the greatest fighter of all-time".
Buil Dinit
Joe Joe
Mayweather wouldn't stand a snowball in hell chance fighting any of those old timers all that flash and glitter don't win fights
John Curry
sugar Ray was a great fighter, but he really didn't win that one
marnix ijff
Sugar ray was a runnaway boxer... he didn't really face his opponent.... like Hagler or Duran....
Arturo Castelo Jr
Could the announcers and judges have been any more pro Leonard? Every little pity pat flurry and they went crazy. 🤨
Jesse Nurse
Who would of ever thought Ali would beat Forman
at least Hagler didnt go out like Leonard with two devastating back to back losses. Hagler was never stopped
Marcus Mitchell
Ali VS Frazier 1(the most competitive great fight of all time, it went the 15 round distance, and the winner almost died and the loser could have won and the judges had a legitimate right to have it scored that way; no other fight has all of that. It also lived up to its hype, if not surpassed it and was for title), Foreman VS Frazier 1(it was a KO exhibition versus an otherwise almost uncrackable chin and it was beautiful art at the same time. I don't care how many times I see that fight. I could watch it over and over again. Again, it was for the title.), and Ali VS Norton 2(Ali won the first 6 rounds easy and it looked like a complete runaway; but then, Norton came on in the final 6 for a back and forth superfight from there; if you were watching in the arena and weren't for Ali, you might have walked out and missed the rest. The final 6 rounds were better than almost any fight you'll ever see! Norton hurt Ali 4-5 times in the 2nd half--including the 12th[end]. Too bad for him that 2 of those times were in the same round! It wasn't a title fight, but both were serious and knew what they were up against; for Ali, a loss probably means that Foreman doesn't have to fight Ali. Therefore, no one would buy his greatest moniker! IMAGINE THAT!). [Leonard VS Duran 1 was really competitive, did not have the fireworks of the said Ali-Norton rematch]
Incognito Brown
Three arguably greatest fights in heavyweight history were ‘The Fight of the Century’, ‘The Thrilla in Manila’ and ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ - Possibly in that order.
Stuart Campbell
I have seen all of these fights many many times
Daniel Lewis
Dolf Lungren in the background round 10 Hagler vs Leonard
wil s
9:27 you see ivan drago ( russian from rocky 4 ) in the back on right . " I must break you".
Carl W
No matter how many times I watch the Hagler Sugar fight. Hagler won that fight. Judges got it so wrong
Mobashir Mallick
Ali vs Frazier 3 , that was the most intense match I ever saw
Jose Castillo
13:30 almost positive I heard the announcer say Leonard is the new heavyweight champion. And why is that stupid referee letting Gerald box with his mouth piece hanging out.
McClellan was a great fighter and he was one of my favorites but when I found out what'd he'd done to innocent dogs,I lost all respect for him.
kalluri sandeep
Second match two tigers punching enjoyed the punching sound
matter speck
11.30 ..”I will break you “...doing some Spy work from the crowd..sneaky Russians
Marco Ramos
Marvin iron chin. Leonard best boxer
These are really great fights! Unfrknblvbl
T Love
Marvin sure could take a punch or two or three or four times
Ramzan Khokhar
Ali is best but All fight Best
Akshay Jadhawar
10:55 here we GOoo
Christian J
Great memories, Superb Boxers. So much great competition not like now what a Joke Mayweather Hahahaha , he wouldn't last a round against any of this guys !
Paul Lindley
Ray Leo'nard lol
Jayvyn Grant
The Ali.. Foreman was not really all that exciting to watch..It was Foreman doing what Foreman does and Ali allowing him to do it... Until he Foreman could no longer do it.. Hagler arrogance in the early rounds cost him the Fight.. Sugar Ray just had a much better package that night..By the time Hagler decided to get going.. Ray had already did enough to win..No one knows better than your self when enough was enough.. Very smart move by G.M...because the results could have been much worse.... Monster Fight..
lol can't pronounce LEONARD
Steve Parker
Foreman was a clubber, who put all he had into every punch thrown, this seems OK if your opponent has a glass chin, or isn't a quality fighter and can slip them, here we see Ali can do both and Foreman just gassed out. But what about Thomas the Hit man Hernes, he was class. And that fight with Marvin and Sugar ray was Legend. I remember watching it on TV, sad how far quality boxing has fallen, where are all the greats today.
The Nigel Bern fight?? LOL How did that rate? I can agree with the rope-a-dope Ali/Foreman fight and the Leonard ripoff fight, but how is there not the Thrilla in Manila, or the Fight of The Century - both with Ali? How about the Buster Douglas knockout of Tyson (his first)? Maybe the "Down goes Frayzha? fight with Foreman? Hearns-Hagler? ...and that's just the 60s - 90s. My point here is - there are about 100 more memorial, meaningful fights than .. Nigel Bern? Who even is that? lol
Buddy Waang
Mahler was robbed
Bashir Brown
Pac, take this
Raymond VanLaningham
Hagler vs. Leonard sucked! Leonard ran all night and threw patty cake punches! Hagler was a half-step slow chasing Leonard around the ring and looked old, but Leonard did not do enough to beat him! Leonard got away with robbery!
En la película decían que Foreman estaba más grande yo los veo parejos siempre quieren tergiversar las cosas
pavan kumar
Thriller in manila missing
Tim Markham
Iron Mike would have beat the brakes off Ali if they fought in their primes. no question.
wired up
Damn so much hate on Fighters that prove they self to be worthy unbelievable
Gabriela Rangel
Claramente gano Hagler aqui hubo tongo
wired up
Hagler's stood in front of Ray Leonard all night he had his chance to knock him out 12 rounds he lost a fight Point Blank
J.D. Saldivar
Ola!! Ali and Forman!! DAMN!! JD/82ND
felipe arce
Golovkin / Alvarez = Hagler / Leonard
Duke Makedo
Foreman - Lyle was something to see.
Hagler expected the judges to award him the win for THAT performance??? Sorry Hag you sucked in this one. Ray was twice as quick. Hagler = Salty as FK.
Tim Hallas
Four times in this fight, Leonard punched himself out in a round and was saved by the bell. Five times he was saved by the referee stepping in to push the two fighters apart. On each of those occasions Haggler had Ray trapped on the ropes and was pummeling him. There was no clinch, just Leonard trying to grab Haggler's arms. I have nothing against Ray Leonard, a great fighter indeed, but this time he ran and boxed his way to victory, while the ref and the bell saved him each time he was about to be beat up.
Boob Hunter
Ray was a runner bean
quintin laroda
foreman got outsmarted before the fight. He was a big heavy dude , why the hell go box in hot africa. The heat and humidity alone did him in
Akram Sayed
Ali the GREATEST !!!!
Bashir Brown
That looks like sugar ray
Backpacker One64
_"Marvin Hagler vs. Ray LEE-OH-nard"_
oliver empleo
now I know that lionel ritchie was a former boxing referre during the hagler vs leonard fight!
"Ray leo-NARD" lol Ray LEN-nerd
Benn Vs McClellan - tragic, tragic night, but what a fight. McClellan made some very inconsiderate threats and boast before the fight, even saying he didn't care if he killed a man in the ring... An ironically ominous ending for him. This fight ruined his life. I wonder if he still gets financial support from the boxing community...?
no one wel be like ali never
Lyle Wiley
Foreman vs Ron Lyle!! The greatest heavyweight fight of all time. How could you leave that fight out of the top 3??? Watch it on YouTube.
Lionel Villahermosa
Excellent inmortal.
Emanuel Brown
Those body shots 😩😩😩😩😩😱😱😱😱😱😱
Eduardo Henandez Torres
Hagler leonard .estuvo arreglada. Donde quedo toda la agresividad de hagler.
Louis Lydecker
dont get it ray won better fighter
Foreman was drugged
That was great, but could we have more adverts next time?
Ray Lea-Nard? WTF lmao
Arystan Beck
Foreman's mistake was that he fought too clean. He should have done the same what Ali was doing: clinching and tying every time when get hit. He could have worn out Ali that way too, he was a heavier bigger guy.
Dazedand Confused
Ali won, but must have been in incredible shape to take that beating from Foreman. There's lots of talk about slack ropes etc. but Ali took a huge amount of punishment.He won, but how much damage did it do?
"Lee-oh-nard" 3 names people making videos about boxing should be able to pronounce... Tyson, Ali, Leonard.
Lhoucine Bochhba
Rest in peace big man .....Ali.
Angelo Negao Marcos
O rei do boxe
Milton Holley
William Price
How can you be the greatest after losing Five fights and being knocked down several times. He was One of the greatest in the heavyweight division. But No better than Lennox or Joe Louis or the Klitschko brothers
Jason Strom
The Ali vs Foreman fight was a complete fraud.... He and King stole that fight. They had it in that corrupt-ass country because they knew Ali couldn't beat Foreman anywhere else. They also knew that the people and the government there would treat Foreman not only as if he were an outcast and treat Ali as if he were some sort of God or king, but that they'd also treat Foreman as if he were almost some sort of criminal.... So not only was there all of that bullshit for Big G to deal with, but anyone who knows the sport of boxing and has seen more than a few fights and has analyzed this particular fight, knows damm well that those ropes were losened(fake-ass Ropa-Dope)... Never in the history of boxing have ropes been allowed to be that lose. It looked more like a WWE ring set-up... A complete joke and anyone who doesn't notice it is either totally biased and an Ali nuthugger, or they're totally blind..... Ali was nothing but a cheal fraud and a puppet to the Left Wing Establishment and his Nation Of Fakeslam handlers.... He called other black guys Uncle Tom, but he was the only one acting a certain way for all the White Leftist eyes of America. Creating a character the way he did just to get their attention..... So he was the real Uncle Tom, not to mention a fake Muslim if I ever saw one... The Nation Of Islam is the largest fraudulent fake religious group I've ever seen. True Muslims (Middle Easterners etc, and even those who migrated here to the United States....) see the Nation Of Islam as a complete and utter joke, and nothing more than a circus act with Ali (at the time) being the lead circus monkey doing tricks and putting on a show for his true masters and handlers... No true respectable Muslim would be seen with the likes of an idiot fraud like Ali or his idiot handlers like Elijah Mohammed. Nothing but a bunch of fakes and corrupt-ass losers and hustlers..... Even Malcom X saw through the hustle, eventually seeing them clearly for what they were and then finally leaving the Nation Of Fakeslam.... Ali on the other hand stayed with his masters and let them use him the same way Don King used him... Those two were meant for each other. Two fraudulent two-bit hustler scumbags..... Foreman and Frazier were not only better fighters, but better men than Ali was. Ali deserved what he got when it comes to his brain turning to mush.... Talking down to other grown men/fighters, calling them Uncle Tom just because they didn't follow what he did and allow themselves to be used by a bunch of Fakeslam Master Handlers.... At least those guys knew who they were and didn't change for anyone... Ali on the other hand had no idea who or what he wanted to be. That's why the ignorant fool put on an act every day because he needed all that attention just to get by in life, and talk down to others because he felt like shit about who he truly was.... Nothing but a pathetic fool.
Farhan Ashraf
Ali is ali mashllah...😘
Abdulmajid Murtala
18:14 Don King in the background, the fight must have been rigged!
Pastor Peewee
You need to do more than 3 fights man there's soo Manny great fights!
KingJKickz Haley
Wilson Kayden is that you 🤔
T Love
That fight Ali George daaamn
Ray LEO-- Nard
Berry Quill
Gary/Ward 1, 2, & 3
TreeMail TreeMail
Dude u DO KNOW that Mclellan died a miserable death after being paralized in that fight I had to thumbs down it man where is ur humanity I mean YES the fight was great But i dont feel ok about that
jason day
I wish I could Train Hagler he would winn that fight..
They beat the crap out of each other. Great fight Sugar and and Haglor
sugar gay never won
zog noty
ali is so overrated .vitali klitschko would won over him easy
The Angry Korean
Leo-nard? Re-ally? 🤔
stephen armitage
Boxing has no place in a modern,civilized society. Thia abortion of s a supposed sport should be banned
11:21 Ivan Drogo was watching that fight.