Kanye West SW runaway


I love the juxtaposition of this beautiful performance and the ugly mf who recorded this
Streets Ahead Ent.
He was edging everybody hard before playing the last note lmao
Azael Jean-Asher
Favorite Kanye song.
Raymond Hume
2019 still classic .
Asap Papi
Is that the mf nevelle longbottom that recorded this at :21 if so thank you my boy:)
Tyler Wilhelm
YEESUS! I love this performance so much <3
Danny P Shoggoth
I liked that he dressed like Kaneda
Adam T
Wow Pusha is so good in this
sick performance
Good job big eyed 👀 fool for recording this....how much did you pay to sit that close....?
Karen Ussene
Aaahhh obrigado pelo video! Aos 7:30 dá para ver bem a minha ex colega de casa quando vivia em Praga em 2011. Aya Watanabe (a de cabelo preto). :3
tava la e este concerto foi uma banhada
Pedro Amorim Romão
E assim se levam n sei quantas mil pessoas para outra dimensão! Heyy MR.WEST !!
Rute Correia
Obrigada pelo upload. Épico. <3
Frederick Core
Alex Gurl
Thank you for recording this
Poopy di scoop