Uchiha Itachi ~ Love and Honor

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Facebook Page: />Tutorial channel: />Backup account: /> Thank you for 25,000+! Please, watch this video in HD, thank you. This is not exactly what I wanted to deliver to you all, but I just couldn't wait for a new computer anymore. So I tried to edit on the device I currently have in my possession and let me tell you... it was pain. Especially the rendering which took 8 hours, but at least the laptop didn't give up. (Props to you, buddy.) Still though, I couldn't really edit something out of the new footage, because that would require episode converting and nope, can't do that now. So, limited number of eps + shitty computer + a few sleepless nights + a lot of passion = this video. I have been wanting to make it ever since I heard this song for the first time. I have never made a proper AMV capturing Itachi, his life story and his brotherhood with Sasuke, so I thought why not. Actually, when I think about it, if I had a better computer, I wouldn't probably make this more complicated. I think that, in this case, less is certainly more. The main point of this video is to capture Itachi's pain and point of view. This video is dedicated to mightuchaaaan, whom I dearly respect as an editor + I really enjoy having her in my life (even though, it's rather occassionaly xD). My heart is still melting from the InoSaku video you made for me. Here you have Itachi from me as a reward *pats your head*. I hope you guys will enjoy! If you read to this point, let me give you a cyber hug. It really means a lot to me when people can put up with my descriptions. xD ~ DANI ~ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 Main Song: /> Credit Song: /> Dedicated to: Mightuchaaaan ( /> I found the fanarts on one site that had no links to the original source/artists. Please, if you know them, let me know in the comments so I can properly credit them for the amazing colouring they did. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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Мадара ПВ
Best fillers in Naruto are about Itachi
Karan Digamarty
naruto series is nothing without itachi uchiha who agrees
Nikos Spiris
A lot of you might hate me for this, but it's just my opinion. I will totally agree that Itachi is a legendary and immortal character, deep, philosophical, badass, strong and incredibly special. He IS a masterpiece BUT...Does the fact that he fought for the village and piece, and Sasuke really undo the fact that he killed hundreds in one night, his own clan, people he knew and loved, his parents, Izumi... To me is an anti-hero. He fought for peace, lots of respect for that, but the path he followed is created by the blood and bones of his clan-members. I respect Itachi, I really do, I appreciate what he did and the reasons he did it but, let's not forget that HE DID kill hundreds. (Naruto is amazing and I thank the anime for creating such unique characters. My favorite is Sasori of the Red Sand, allthough he was kinda crazier then Itachi xD)
I have crippling depression
saddest part in naruto is when Itachi has to kill his parents and he starts crying while holding his sword and his parents are telling him he's a truly kind child and to take care of Sasuke
Red MJDaay
The best.
Uchiha Obitoo
Itachi.... The hero in the shadows, the saviour of Konoha, saviour of the 4th Ninja War... And the best brother ever. <3 U will be remmembered Itachi.
Ruthless Cockerino
Still like it :D
Ndiaye Cheikh Saliou
The Real Hero
chewy ralphy
damn willing to sacrifice everything for peace a true hero
Dani Cojocaru
Finding the truth about Itachi was the most shocking thing that happened to me since I ever watched anime.
Vratt 9111
Itachi a true leaf hero will not be forgotten
Anime Freak
love the scene at 0:56
Angelo Ovidiu
song at the end? please
Mentor Rapu
This song fits perfectly Itachi
I wish to forgot that i watched Naruto and watch it again with 1st feellings.
Myst Platinum
And thats how a legend died.
Actually the only character who did something ... best character
hima bindu
why...why should itachi die. he's my favourite...
mia uchiha
Watching this on itachis birthday June 9 !!!!
Arpit Gaur
Madara God of war and Obito tragic villian and Itachi hero in the shadows
Julio Luna
Who wishes to have a brother like itachi
KOWA san
Sam Muis
Itachi didn't really thought about the problems that could happen if he freaking killed almost everyone of his old town
i wrote an essay about itachi and it included the link to this video, my teacher liked it!
Marija 4
Simply the best, saved a lot of innocent people and sacrificed himself for others nobody could ever lead to the sacrifice that he made​​. And whoever claims otherwise or didn't watch right anime or is just too stupid to understand.
I get chills every time I watch this. Itachi is one of the best characters in anime.
Ismet Medovic
"Forgive me Sasuke,this will be the last time" -Itachi 😰😰😰😰
He's such a tragic character, a real dark knight. You can't help but love and admire him...R.I.P itachi <3
bum bum
I've never been that big fan of Naruto but... this is truly beautiful the relationship between two brothers is obsoletely beautiful
Kiran Fatima
"People Live their Lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That is how they define "Reality" . But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? They are merely vague concepts... Their "Reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?" - To Sasuke during their fight (: No words' (:
itachi should be the most respected shinobi ever. he gave up his entire clan and his relationship with his brother for the sake of the village. he sacfricied everything for the peace in the ninja world. he is the true shinobi. rip itachi.
Satish Kanoje
biggest mistake in shippudden jiraiya & itachi's death....he was the main suspense and attraction..after his death everything looks like child play. pain and itachi was no. 1 in anime history of villains and jiraiya and kakashi was no. 1 for anime heroes. if they kill kakashi whole series will destroyed. Itachi's death was unreasonable.
Satish Kanoje
biggest mistake in shippudden jiraiya & itachi's death....he was the main suspense and attraction..after his death everything looks like child play. pain and itachi was no. 1 in anime history of villains and jiraiya and kakashi was no. 1 for anime heroes. if they kill kakashi whole series will destroyed. Itachi's death was unreasonable.
itachi uchiha
God-Emperor of Mankind I don't know if you are going to read this, but let me explain something to you. Your problem is, that you don't think far enough. It's ok if you don't like Itachi (even if it is a little bit weird that you write essays about what a bad char itachi is under so many videos, but well, that's your thing), but it's absolutely false if you are saying that itachi is a selfish Villian. You hate that he is considered as a hero, but the problem is, that he actually is a hero. you have to read the full text to understand my opinion let's talk about some important points: what itachi did: I think you know about that. let's stay short here. he killed his clan apart of sasuke (even his parents) and forced sasuke to see it afterwards through a gen jutsu. he told him that the reason was a really simple one: he wanted to test his Strength. Background: The Uchiha clan wanted to start an attack on the village to get their old position and reputation back. Itachi hated war, as he was a pacifist so he told the hokage about the plan of the Uchiha clan. Itachi got the order to kill them, so it don't even comes as far. he accepts but don't kills sasuke as he loves him to much why he did / what would have happened if he refused: In case of an attack of the Uchiha clan, it would come to a big war, maybe even the next ninja worldwar, as many other villages would start to take part in the conflict. The Uchia clan would most likely lose and get eliminated, as he is now, but there would be so many more victims, it would be on a completely other level. Itachi don't wanted this why didn't he told sasuke the truth: He don't wanted Sasuke to see his clan and his parents as bad people and also don't wanted Sasuke to hate the village and fight against it for making a murder out of Itachi. So he took everything on his own shoulders so he is the only bad guy. he wanted Sasuke to only hate him (and maybe even get stronger through this). He shouldn't hate the village, his clan, his parents or even himself for being an Uchiha. why Itachi is a Hero now? He acted like one!!! Itachi acted completely selfless and only out of love for the village and most importantly for sasuke. he killed the clan, but not out of hate. he did it for the peace. he did it knowing that they are going to die anyway but there wouldn't be other victims additionally. he did it for sasuke (as I all explained in the text). an most importantly, he did never wanted to be called a hero for it. he never had a problem with the fact that everybody thinks he is a brutal, selfish murder ( like you think about him). he did not care, as long as he protected the people he loves.
Martin Simeonov
Anonymous person
naruto is something special anime. DONT U AGREE GUYS
if only he lived longer
Harly quin
r.i.p itachi uchiha you will be dearly missed by all whos lives you touched you were a beloved brother,son and comrad
Uniqua, Dominator of Earth
+God-Emperor of Mankind  As Obito would say: "Those who hate Itachi are TRASH but those who come to his AMV just to insult him are WORSE THAN TRASH."
Madara Who only wanted peace
My favourite amv
Tae's Heaven
"I don't need to be the hero tonight..." <'3
shane salmon
itachi always had a depress look from he was a child.
John Cherry
This song relates perfectly to itachi. Itachi made many sacrifices, killing his clan, burying his emotions, having his brother his only family member and the whole village hate him. In the end when people found out he gained love and honor. Point is, everyone wants that love and honor that he got, but would you be willing to do what he did for it?
Captain Yoshi
No matter what itachi will be my favorite character in naruto
Tamara christian-lau
+God-Emperor of Mankind Ok I understand you have you're own views on itachi I love him as do many others. but based on your comments you hate him. But please refrain from commenting on so many posts of other people who say he is a hero and he loved sasuke you're distaste of him. Making full blown statements of his 'wrongs' instead of basically insulting some of peoples favorite charecter keep it in you're mind or express it with friends who share the same views and not ruin it for itachi lovers. I respect your views as you should do for others. I'm sorry but I bugged me immensely seeing your comments in the comment section about that matter. I'm not trying to start a fight but had to express this to you.Thank you.
I wish Itachi was my big bro.. You know, without emotionally traumatizing me.
Aakash Srivastav
no doubt he is the best and my idol . this anime teaches​ alot lot of about relationship, friendship , wisdom n so on and so forth . I'll never forget this person ,a person with such level of wisdom and knowledge .hats off Itachi #respect
Itachi Uchiha
I swear man, if this gets deleted I'm legit going to cry.
Richard of the Crows
Please can someone tell me wich scene is at 0:56?
Anonymous person
this world create hate and this hate creates more hatrates and revenge and cycle of hate goes on
"I don't think i can drive it home tonight"... im done... god damnit 2:23
Roronoa Zoro
Naruto was wrong, Itachi was the coolest guy ever!
Fake Pug
Even if he doesn't exist makes me cry lol
Poison Puppet
Itachi fan club is recruiting xD
all itachi wanted was too protect his younger brother sasuke and too make him strong but itachi then realized sasuke was stronger than he thought................
Modenas Dinam1K
Itachi most loved character in naruto!RESPECT to this HERO ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Refangga saputra
I Love You Uchiha and Itachi Love You 😙
Axxaxxin Editz
my favourite Itachi...is it same for y'all?
Jesse Hawkins
thank you for everything, itachi, you gave everything to protect the village, and shouldered the burden of everyone's hatred, above all, you shouldered your dear kid brothers hatred. Itachi will go down as a legend, and legends never die
Naruske anv
if only itachi was alive then madara would not be able to create such a mess
grace dags
the best brother you could ever imagine he chose hatred rather than love became a villain rather than being a hero for the sake of konoha and for his little brother this line though "sorry sasuke, this is the last time" just broke my heart into pieces
Worst Vayne Antartic
We work in dark to serve the light - Itachi & Assassin's creed
hima bindu
I want a brother like itachi
Quick Gaming4U
Itachi is a true Konoha shinobi. He is my favorite character. :D
Best anime moments
Itachi was the true hero in the series of the naruto series and I am true fan of itachi
Axxaxxin Editz
this amv song make me feel like that it was made only for itachi
Tae's Heaven
this make me cry so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I feel like... like this could be Itachi's theme song. .__.
Akira Inuzuka
Itachi😢😢😭😭... my Hero!!!!!😍😍😍
Itachi is definitely the biggest motivation for me to keep watching NARUTO, such a successful character
A true hero, his story is so sad. He risked everything for peace and asked for nothing in return- why did he haft to die?
Itachi Uchiha
3:13 the death of a rogue ninja who loved his little brother
Lex Loves Anime
I feel so bad for Itachi. I don't pity him I just think it's just not right that his own family and village used him as a pawn, a tool for their own scheme. It's just not right.
Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs? •
Finally. A well made and emotional amv. This song really suits Itachi. Great job.
Kid Emperor
There are legends then there is itachi...
Kml Kr
You are truly a kind child Itachi
Benjamin Knode
I hate how so many people think that Itachi didn't care about being hated or that he didn't care about killing his clan to save the leaf......the complete opposite is true. He loved the village, and his clan, and his family, and most of all his brother. The Uchiha were going to be killed anyway, So he did everything to save as much as he could. He was just only able to save his brother and the village.
Itachi Uchiha ... A legend who never existed ... Feels kinda creepy as well amazing
Kaushal Shinde
2:20 😭😭😭😭😭
Still the best AMV. Anyone 2018? Still missing Itachi
Yazumi Hatake
I LOVE ITACHI FOREVER AND EVER (speak spanish no english)
Water Beyyzzaa
The Mark of a true Shinobi is those who dont seek glory. They protect from the shadows -Itachi&Shisui my favorites in Naruto
Winchester Legend
Onion No JUTSU T_T
Ksenija Peric
Please "God-Emperor of Mankind" get out of this post We know that you hate Itachi but we do not So please stop spamming comments Cheers.
Jose antonio Espinoza
The hero
ლAlluka - ɕɧąŋლ
ITACHI died on purpose ! `~ he was to kind to kill his own brother <333 well come on he could have killed sasuke XD BUT I LOVE ITACHI ! xxx
Shashank Shekhar Ojha
Naruto Kamikaze
I'm trippin over all the times I lied
what is song title??
Beatrice Leorato
i'm crying T-T
awesome ,awesome awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Axxaxxin Editz
i still love this amv
_._alkijuyo _._
Poor weasel DX
CREEPY 16319
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