Visit Bristol....a British Gem of a City !

Visit Bristol....a British Gem of a City ! Rob Little Lets Tour England !

When you see Bristol every day because you work there the whole place can get boring very quickly but i would still choose to live in Bristol over another city in the UK.
Bristol is one of the MOST vibrant, interesting, beautiful cities in England- a great place to be I wish I were there right now - it has such a vibe- it is worth a visit. Bristol I love you...
Bristol is very pretty! the best place to see any Banksy artwork
Paul Weir
Not here , but elsewhere , people state that Bristol is in S. Gloucester; it isn't !!! Others say Avon , an ersatz county which was done away with years ago.
Graham Sharpe
Great vid,Terrible soundtrack!!
Believe me.....Bristol is very special - because its so near Bath people tend not to visit Bristol......thats one huge mistake! Thanks for your comment !
martin stone
Having lived in Bristol all my life its worth a visit but be warned we do have the worst bus service on earth lol
Elizabeth Ellis
Lovely video Rob, although King Street is far from the oldest street in the city. The area was still marshland outside 13C town walls until the mid 17C. Broadmead is much older being Norman, and Corn St/Broad St/High St area being Saxon. It is true that King St probably has the oldest collection of original buildings though.
Hector Planam
I think a city very cold and Black Black long time
James Gale
1:25 - it's NOT 'The Bristol Old Vic Theatre'! It's the Theatre Royal, where the Bristol Old Vic theatre company is based...
Phil Hewitt
what a beautiful city I was born in..
Peter Ashford
biggest shame of all was the bombing in the 1940s, and the destruction of The Dutch House. It, and the other stores would have been an icon now
Garry Burge
My grandfather and surname from Bristol
Giovanni Acuto
Just come backfrom visiting Bristol. Thhis video is a good reminder!
David Strut
2014. Red Alert are still the only decent Rock N Roll band to come out of Bristol & the South West. " The true darlings of the "Dug Out".
Steve Hallam
The New Cut was not dug by Napoleonic prisoners of war. It was a commercial undertaking and dug by navvies. A Bristol urban myth.
Ave iv.
Exuse me - where are the people??? It seems like a dead town :( Sorry
Matthew Elias
I was interested in visiting Bristol and this video made me want to come less...