Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Guitar Solo

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Blackmores Night iTunes = ,,,,, Ritchie Blackmore / Shadow of the moon - Yokohama Japan 97 Tag: Blackmore's Night Rainbow Deep Purple ...... Awesome Guitar Solo - Blackmore's Night - Temple Of The King Live =

Ritchie Blackmore yt:stretch=16:9 Blackmore's Night Deep Purple Rainbow Guitar solo 1997 Japan Yokohama Shadow of the Moon Temple Of The King Live

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★★★★★ New Video = Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Highway Star Live Loreley 2016 ( Memories in Rock - Live in Germany DVD ) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZEfHn6SjSs
Edi Gabrieli
Blackmore have the rare ability to take his time in a hurry and think before he play, this explain his genius for melody improvisation. Too many musicians instead rely entirely on muscle memory in that they repeat scales. Technically correct, however without a soul.
Oli Woods
Like a good bottle of wine , gets better with age. Blackmore still the best.
Shilo Haapala
Ritchie and Iommi the two best guitarist's ever. In my opinion.
71 yrs old..still a brilliant musician/guitar player
Clapton, eat your heart out. Never really understood why Blackmore wasn't considered legendary and "God" was...a fine guitarist that doesn't spend the entire night playing minor pentatonic scales. I'm so sick of one-dimensional blues guys. Christ, you would think they were the only guitarists out there!
jesus christ... just wow
What a great sound! Love the guitar part!
guitar time
Go Richie
Who in the hell could possibly 'thumbs down' this??!? 271 people must have click on the wrong thumb or something :P
Music Planet
There's nobody like him.The best!!!
Bedene Rexhepaj
Jay Buckey
Ritchie Blackmore needs to play a harp guitar.
Ritchie Lord
guitar god....
Ngọc Thanh Trần
I don't like it. I love it.
What song is this solo form ?
I've been a fan of Blackers for almost 50 years now, and the hairs on the back of my neck still rise when I hear him play. It doesn't matter which genre he routinely masters, as he's the nearest thing to a musical one-off we have. Celebrate him and his work, because he ain't gonna be with us forever.
David Irwin
Holy shit, he's so good!!
Zoran Cosic
Ritchie you are the guitar king, best wishes from Cleveland OH, where we who like you and Deep Purple raising hell about corrupted officials who bypassing you for Rock n Roll hall of fame, Long live Rock n Roll, long live Ritchie!
Tom Kenstowicz
beautiful and expressive playing
Adrian Trott
Much respect Ritchie.
Billy Williams
Very smooth & tasteful solo.
beautiful sound...!
არასოდეს ვიქნებისხვა
how come u can say that gilmours better?
Very tasty, great touch, great choice of notes and so musical. I would rather listen this than anything that Yngvie Malmsteen has done.
nice!! but can he play smoke on the water?
dariush davodi
Le plus grand guitariste de monde
Is that just an acoustic guitar? It doesn't sound like an electric and the sound doesn't sound quit like an acoustic. I've also never seen an acoustic like that. What guitar is that?
Ritchie Blackmore is a god playing guitar. It doesn't matter if it's Rock, progressive Rock, classical Rock, Heavy Metal, or this style that he now plays... Renaissance music, Folk music, or whatever it's called. He is just extraordinaire. 
François Rouleau
Un grand monsieur, la classe!
Stormbringer Coming
As much as I would love to see him out playing hard rock again, You watch this and can't help but admire switching genres, switching everything. Instead of playing the same songs. He walked away from fame and money to pursue his muse. A lot of artists who aspire to such bold moves, rarely follow through. None, as radically as him. Props. Now... Please rock out!
Stikhanov Yuri "Стиханов"
Ritchie Blackmore - гений гитарного звука, маэстро мелодий. К сожалению у большинства остальных гитаристов да и не только гитаристов - иллюзия игры! 
John Fair
He is such an underrated guitarist. This is freaking amazing!!!
Once you reach the highest level, Blackmore, May, SRV, Slash, etc... there's really no comparing. They all have their own styles and are equally great.
mike kavanagh
Great technique
Richie is probably the most under rated and under appreciated guitarist of our time. His work is unique and meticulous while still be being every bit relevant to the genre he applies himself to. His range is boundless. If you haven't seen Blackmore's Knight you are missing a wonderful experience.
Dibbo 92
One of the greatest Guitarists ever
Alexander Helton
He basically plays this as if he was half naked, In front of multiple topless babes, trying to serenade them with guitar sex. (and more than likely wrote it just in that manor)
Krani Dell
Göttlich..genial 🤘
Brock Lee
One of the greatest guitarist of all time
Lang Roodi
Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Guitar Solo Born 14.04.1945 ریچارد هاگ "ریچی" بلکمور ( Ritchie Blackmore) زادهٔ ۱۴ آوریل ۱۹۴۵ آهنگ‌ ساز و نوازنده گیتار انگلیسی است. او بیشتر به عنوان نوازنده دیپ پرپل و بنیانگذار گروه افسانه‌ای رینبو شناخته می‌شود.
This takes me back along way, and it's still rock solid
Michael Salisbury
passion and skill make him my favourite a wonderful guitarist and song writer
Галина Горшонкова
Frank Faulkner
The greatest guitarist of all time. Don't believe me? Listen to ALL his back catalogue.
Harri Mersalo
The best guitarist ever.
Oh Ritchie. I loveya.
Sinisa Milisavljevic
This is not show-off, he doesn't need shred. He doesn't play to compete, he's beyond competition. Plays for the beauty of music itself. Gives you time to absorb every note as it is. And to let it bloom inside.
Goumas Nick
In the top ten guitar  solos he is number 10, but he should be  number 1.
Chris Williams
''amazing'' solo
soodi k
boy I'm above clouds right now, awesome Ritchie...!
soodi k
every time i listen to jimmy page playing live, he's just sound ordinary nothing absolutely nothing like what Ritchie does, the sound the rythm the smoothness and very very pleasant to hear. Ritchie you're awesome thanks....!!
georgi kaludov
William Shakespeare with Guitar
Jessica Mayberry
WOOOOOW!!!!!!! fantastic!!!!!
Bea's Cyber Cafe
Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Guitar Solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnFp_1zJYPE
Günther Efinger
Ritchie is simply brilliant. Technic, Melody, Feeling, I really love this fantastic tune
Who cares what the name ?(!) His playing is spot on. Play on Ritchie ! I love it.
Norebo Oberon
This is how a master plays his guitar. Well done love in..
Norebo Oberon
Mr Blackmore this was great-
What the hell ?(!) Ritchie rules ! Come to present Time .
Hisham. H.N
soufyane el hajji
could any one make that solo in tabs??
bj rogers
Its weird to think he is my sisters uncle
Kip Lambert
Well,my favorite band is Rush,but that being said...Richie has always been my favorite guitarist....Followed closely by Steve Howe,and Brian May....
wow he actually got a crappy Fender acoustic to sound good!  clearly a custom made job they did specially for him:)
best guitarist ever!
I heard this just the other day, in the elevator.
Sounds like a toned down version of "Sultans of Swing" and Mark Knopfler. LOL I was a big fan of Blackmore when he was with Deep Purple but this new band he is in is pretty lame IMO.
Gabriele 95
Great. Great guitarist.
Kratos 999
Sinnloses selbstherrliches Gedudel, hat mit Musik nix zu tun!
Pedro Gunderson
kind of uninspiring
Sounds so studio---flawless---wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan D. Warhol
"I wanna dress as a pirate! YAAR!"
The title should be just "Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Solo", the "amazing" part goes without saying.
raoufe redda
One of the most underrated guitarists ever !
Err,,,,,,,there was no electric guitars in the 16th century.
Jeff Jeffery
"Amazing"? Well, not really. "Very good", yes, but not really amazing. It's right for the song though, but that in itself doesn't make it "Amazing".
Rami O Bomb
Happy Birthday great master!!!
Rami O Bomb
Happy birthday to the greatest guitarist! Ritchie Blackmore! from me and my dad, wish you the best of luck, only good in life, and that your dreams come true, inspired me to really play the guitar, which is my favorite thing, thank you! and happy birthday!!!
Ari Elfasi
What an amazing solo. I think people should take away the fact that although it might not be flashy or ridiculously fast, it's soulful and emotional. The licks/phrases all intertwine flawlessly to form musical ideas that make sense. In a guitar sub-culture where many guitar solos are overly technical and self-indulgent, this one really stands out to me.  
Half Breed
Diawara Cheick
Un bon guitarist I love
Tony Lindqvist
Tehreem Fatima
He is The best, Unmatchable, and its just Nothing what he is Performing He is Moody That's why he ends like this, Living Legend
Heinz Beu
Sehr gut !!!
Have you heard it , Gillan ?
Kurt Sherrick
to the guy that said Shuan Lane was better than Ritchie. I grew up in Memphis Tennessee and knew Shaun Lane. He had a band called Savage. One Sunday they showed up at Audubon Park where thousands of people hung out and party. Lane at 14 years old was better than most seasoned guitarist and yes he was the first guy faster than Ritchie but never had Ritchie's creative abilities and Shaun was a very gifted piano player. Rock lost a widely unknown master of the instrument but among his peers he was very well known and Blackmore for sure knew him. Shaun was like Ritchie a genius and very misunderstood like Ritchie. Lane like Hendrix died way to long and Memphis for sure missed him. We would go see Shaun at the club's and look for those other greats there to see MR. Lane.
Kurt Sherrick
He is misunderstood genius. Don't understand how was not given his credit for being the most creative guitarist in history. The man can play any genre and he invented a couple and he was playing metal in early 60s and others started getting smart and started to copy him. People that didn't listen to him have missed out.
Nice bit of noodling if a tad repetitive.
Douglas Kirby L
The three best technical guitarist in the genre are Richie, Tony and Brian May. Alot of people say, "what about Jimmy Page?" Page knew he messed up riffs but he just played on through. Richie Blackmore is the most proficient of all.
Gus Grimm
Excellent. Spirited phrasing; a nearly lost art. Thanks for reminding us R.B. ;-)
Mike Nowicki
If you like this check on Craig Chaquito.
Keith Urquhart
he's a beast no matter what he's playing
Alessio Pardo
"va jeccati" tu pozzu riri?
like water incredible
Эльвина Мустафаева
Мой Бабам говорит что это лучший гитарист !
Emilie Lauransse
Nice video !
He's got a hot Missus