DFD - 24KTOWN (Official Music Video)

"24KTOWN" Produced by: Duke Westlake Follow: @dukewestlake Directed by: Grady Shon Follow: @gradyshon Mixed by: DJ Zo Follow: @zomanno song off "Old Boy Jon" droppin' Feb. 18th at for FREE DOWNLOAD

Damn I love this track, its gets me hyped before school. Keeps me focused on making it through college since I want to quit every morning.  Thanks Dumb!
Chris Cross
Its funny how mostly the Indy rappers sound much better than most (if not all) the bullshit rappers we have on our TV screens. Keep makin the music that people like me rather hear on a daily bases.  #SWIMTEAM for life.
this is one of those tracks i will never get tired of listening to. thx for the gem~
Jonathan _
One of the best rappers in the game imo!
Orly Lambert
Proud To Be Asian!
Juan Francisco Ortega García
Amazing! When I had a low level of English I felt amazed about your flow. Now, Im improving and I only can say: blessings. This sound is so dope! RESPECT from Spain!
Follow this guy since day 1. Glad to see him this far. SwimTeam 4life!
Ronit Limbu
"Running the family business, handling father sickness" dope line making asians proud. Salute.
...And I'm still bumpin' this track till this day 
Miguel Sanchez
Thanks dumb 🙌🏼
Dumbfounded and Wax are by far my favorite rappers, dat youtube fame is real
Thats Whats up! K town!! LA!!!
Fred and Val Nakashima
whats the black jacket at the beggining?
Ronald Phonvongsa
what brand is the jacket he is wearing in the beginning of the video? looks nice
Huck Israel
Timeless music. People are too focused on being a trend they don’t put the energy and effort into making music that passes the tests of time. This is one of those songs I’ll be blaring at my kids when the time comes.
Jordan Yang
2018 wassup!
Benjamin Gonzalez
real talk. dumbfoundead the only youtube based rappers i wanna chill with. pause loll. come through to ny ktown we'll kill it out here.
Ryu. Love. Rap
August Argleben
You should put this on iTunes, I love all your songs!
I've been listening to Dumb for at least three years and I gotta say he'd fit right in with Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q and all those other sort of stoner rappers
Putting my town on the map
Young McNoodlez
Hey everyone please take 1 minute and listen to my first song I have ever made?
GT Grijalva
Realest Rapper Alive
Best of Dumbfoundead
KuruWalrus __
yo DFD you should pay RFK highschool a visit man ! haha
Jeff Yoshida
an instrumental for this would be...just wonderful
Noah Hydro
still tryna figure out where to get that black coach jacket at
my fav out of all his music
bring this style back DFD
GarbageMan 'NuTinBuTpiCkUp'
. . 1LL . .
Noni Nanoni
This dumbfounded that use to be on kotd if so that's crazy
Raychill Isidoro
i feel the love
Johan Shabo
Put it on Spotify!
Eon Ko
Best rappers mc Jin and dumbfoundead.
Dia Nuevo
The video gives it so much more meaning, it's awesome. So much humility. :)
I've seen it epkhgh 420 vedio?
Jake Govero
Love your flow man. Keep it up and advertise you could be the next #1 thing
Jimmy Landi
Asia Boi
Makin me love my race the more!
Atrax Oner
Im korean by blood but wish i knew how to speak korean perfect but im learning
yeflynne nature instagram - dekationz - dktne
the earth is so good, biological systems are so far advanced beyond man's technology today. because of the earth and her plants we have always lived, had breath, fruit <3 our dear earth is so good
forever one of my favorite songs. I remember struggling to get internet on the day it dropped just to listen to this. I love you Parker
Buddha Mist
Hip Hop Love
anyone know what are those black nike shoes?
Dark Angel
Love this
Still bumpin this 👏
Contra Verse
Lol he sounds so much like Tablo, guess its cuz hes Korean
differ individual
Real Hip Hop!
Cody Bishop
Cant wait to see him at the end of the month!
Dylan Armstrong
Mad vibes! 
Vernon McClain
Wish you got the rec you deserved. This video should get way more views
Official Skoop
This track is dope af!! #Motivation  to write some songs like this
Lucy Chen
kirstin pierce
directed by the bae
Zinvo Hunt
Love this song
It speaks bounds to know that this man sampled spinoza!
peetah torres
Mexican but grew up in ktown aha keep it up DFD
Tazzwar Azam
B Dogg
This song always makes me drop a tear. I left home over 20 years ago and promised I wouldnt return unless I could make my hometown proud of me and spread a little wealth to my people. Lets just say I miss home and sometimes I wish I couldnt keep my promises
fresh clean she-it
i absolutely love his voice and flow, its perfect
little mac miller slund on this!
atom delgado
I got a g eazy vibe from this...    :/   still a sick track tho  :)
I literally thought this was ktown....the real Chicago one considering western...AVE was on the lol seriously looked way too similar
A //
Poor doggy
Matt Nights
24/7-Kwik e mart Town
Isis Roberts
Amazing dude you da best
Professional Dinosaur
I will forever follow KoreaTown.
okanagan lifestyle dom
buddy lyrics be dope check out dunce cap kids maybe we can get somthing going
Radio banger
Still the best anthem
Cool song
this vid catches the soul of la/cali so well
Tasha L
Man, old but gold. But such a positive and good soul :) Always reppin <3
Biggups to DFD my new favorite rapper
Andrew H
Why did he stop making music? :/ Hope all is well
Existential bars.
Damien Gabrielson
Super underrated... Keep making dope music Dumb!
1:29 Shing02 and Nujabes tribute?
Michael Cobbs
Good song.
What The Fact
Damn soul at its finest!!!!
Joseph Falfan
we'll see me putting up the K
The1 Daskelter RNHKLAN
thats real
What song is that sample from in the beginning of the video
Nancy Wang
[email protected] so in love with his music.
Ryu. Love. Rap
Quack Man
Samuel Mitra
Dam crazy how time flies by I remember listening to this in 8th grade now I'm a senior but this year gonna be a breeze
Juho Jung
Does anyone who what song it is in the first few seconds? Thanks
Angel Martinez
Spinoza by the generationals? 
Keem Kwan
잘 듣고있습니다. 멋있어요 형
Emile Roux-Beaudry
someone know ehre i can fnd the lyrics ? 
Alex Muscarella
where did dfd get that sick ass jacket?
cameron hester
nick tucker?
Christopher Moon
are we there yet
Charlie Colgan
Thought that a few times myself, it may have been as sick as Nujabes - Feat Cisse Star - Feather