DFD - 24KTOWN (Official Music Video)

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"24KTOWN" Produced by: Duke Westlake Follow: @dukewestlake Directed by: Grady Shon Follow: @gradyshon Mixed by: DJ Zo Follow: @zomanno song off "Old Boy Jon" droppin' Feb. 18th at for FREE DOWNLOAD

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Damn I love this track, its gets me hyped before school. Keeps me focused on making it through college since I want to quit every morning.  Thanks Dumb!
this is one of those tracks i will never get tired of listening to. thx for the gem~
Follow this guy since day 1. Glad to see him this far. SwimTeam 4life!
Chris Cross
Its funny how mostly the Indy rappers sound much better than most (if not all) the bullshit rappers we have on our TV screens. Keep makin the music that people like me rather hear on a daily bases.  #SWIMTEAM for life.
Orly Lambert
Proud To Be Asian!
Jonathan _
One of the best rappers in the game imo!
...And I'm still bumpin' this track till this day 
Juan Francisco Ortega García
Amazing! When I had a low level of English I felt amazed about your flow. Now, Im improving and I only can say: blessings. This sound is so dope! RESPECT from Spain!
Benjamin Gonzalez
real talk. dumbfoundead the only youtube based rappers i wanna chill with. pause loll. come through to ny ktown we'll kill it out here.
August Argleben
You should put this on iTunes, I love all your songs!
Ronald Phonvongsa
what brand is the jacket he is wearing in the beginning of the video? looks nice
I've been listening to Dumb for at least three years and I gotta say he'd fit right in with Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q and all those other sort of stoner rappers
GT Grijalva
Realest Rapper Alive
Jeff Yoshida
an instrumental for this would be...just wonderful
Eon Ko
Best rappers mc Jin and dumbfoundead.
Dumbfounded and Wax are by far my favorite rappers, dat youtube fame is real
Ryu. Love. Rap
Noah Hydro
still tryna figure out where to get that black coach jacket at
Putting my town on the map
Noni Nanoni
This dumbfounded that use to be on kotd if so that's crazy
Thats Whats up! K town!! LA!!!
Huck Israel
Timeless music. People are too focused on being a trend they don’t put the energy and effort into making music that passes the tests of time. This is one of those songs I’ll be blaring at my kids when the time comes.
Ronit Limbu
"Running the family business, handling father sickness" dope line making asians proud. Salute.
bring this style back DFD
Raychill Isidoro
i feel the love
my fav out of all his music
Johan Shabo
Put it on Spotify!
GarbageMan 'NuTinBuTpiCkUp'
. . 1LL . .
Shane West
Yo i remember cyphering with you every thursday at project blowed, you became a real dope song writer. Thisll be on rotation a lot. Love from long beach. Stay up dfd -check my channel
Miguel Sanchez
Thanks dumb 🙌🏼
Ryland Nak
whats the black jacket at the beggining?
KuruWalrus __
yo DFD you should pay RFK highschool a visit man ! haha
Young McNoodlez
Hey everyone please take 1 minute and listen to my first song I have ever made?
Lawni 8bp
Best of Dumbfoundead
Thank you to all the new listeners and the fans who have been with me for mad years! this song is on my new album "OLD BOY JON" dropping for free download on Feb.18th! peace and blessings!
i wish he said "do it like mayweather" instead of "do it like way better".. no hate though everything else in the song is perfect
reminds me of blue scholars. dope track thou
Billy Liunaldo
well, this is gold
Only when I listen to DFD would my dad come in my room and tell me to turn it down. =.=
its free?? come on man. Ill pay for it!!! you deserve it !
Yub Raj Ghale
Kabin Shrestha
DFD keepin it Real!!
Hip-hop is not dead, it lives in our hearts, mind, and spirits... ok that was gay sauce..sorry guys. carry on.. :P
Hip Hip is not Dead, it never existed.
Buddha Mist
Hip Hop Love
Best record // best music video of 2013. Good stuff, Gentleman.
Can't wait to see DFD next month in Gainesville!
This is just AMAZING!!!!
Bag of Bones
Lol he just had to say fuck the police, that's what im going to school for! ouch!!!! (big fan though)
reel original comment...
fresh clean she-it
Adam Edward
are those weed leaves on his socks? haha good shit dumb!!
Watch Growing DFD- Growing Young.
Andrew Campbell
I can't believe this is going to be a free download. Thanks so much man, Monday can't get here fast enough!
many dont understand he just dumbed down his verse lol
so sick
Julian Paredes
1:55 - FS noseblunt Nick Tucker?
Rathanak Vlogs
The fuck he never left!!!
Rathanak Vlogs
No shit
What? A song that isn't on some ignorant shit? Yay.
can't complain imo only thing i disliked was 'this is a going away letter not coming back till im doing like way better" i thought that could get touched up a bit, but love the song
This and Stereo Jack though are nice. :P
Kid Cras
Cant wait for the album bro !
Yev Belilovskiy
Sick video
Tazzwar Azam
Hell yeah . IT free!
Kevin Vue
Been listening to this throughout the whole day! Welcome back DFD!
Theres actually a good amount in this song...lol.
Mustachioed Bear
You're not listening if you don't think he's using multisyllabic lyricism. And he still has the metaphors and punch lines you just gotta listen. It's some real shit. DFD is and has always been a great MC.
Southside Revival - The Long March LP, 2005.
"I heard a few heads say that hip-hop was dead, no it's not / It's just malnourished and underfed" - Geo, Blue Scholars.
In my opinion Geo is the best poet with the most depth lyrically in the hip hop game. Also, Sabzi has some of the best produced beats ever. They are an amazing duo and deserve so much more recognition and respect then they get.
Innovative Vloggers
DFD and Kixxie Siete
Innovative Vloggers
Kixxie Siete & DFD need to collab
Damn, I've listened to OLDBOY so many times. Been a huge supporter of Dumb since the beginning of his freestyle days. It's so amazing to see how well he handles the change in sound. I actually like these type of sound from him, he seems to drop way more wise quotes. The production sounds so nostalgic. The wordplay is always top notch from Dumb, or should I say PARKER!? lol :)
True, as I listened to Dumb's last two albums "DFD" and "Old Boy Jon" the songs there are very different than the old ones and it almost seemed like he wasn't using his full potential when it came to lyrics but then I realized that it was because of the subject matter, the beats are way more chill and it's not always about complex lyrical material but once I realized that, I started enjoying these songs because they are still quality material, very chill. :)
Damn, I love DFD! His music is so real, beats are always amazing (props to Duke Westlake). Dumb is doing it plus released Old Boy Jon for FREEEE, how can you not love this dude!? :)
Damn this album is just too dope. The beat production is done so well by Duke Westlake, and it just goes so smoothly with Dumb's voice. Not to mention, he dropped this album for free!! Seriously, Dumb is one of the best and most down to earth rappers of today :)
Could this beat get more amazing? Ah, Dumb's voice over this beat is just fucking perfect :)
Does a song always have to be complex to be good? There are so many complexities within every song if you seek to find it. Some songs are just so well laced with complexities that they may seem normal to you. Honestly, Dumb's best works are in songs like these where's he's just rapping off the heart. He doesn't have to use multi syllable techniques to prove how he feels about his city...get it? :)
Tam Pham
Farmer Nate
the auto-play doesn't work on this song. Please fix it :)
How tall are you?
Rep your city
Ernesto Sera
He already did Its called Growing Young
Jim Kristiansson
It will be out tomorrow! twitter.com/dumbfoundead/status/303457210292400128
amazing...for some reason this really makes me want it to be summer...
Brandon's Builds
I'm pretty sure a lot of his multisyllabic rhymes were mostly written by Intuition. As soon as Intuition left Knocksteady, Dumb's style changed. Intuition ghost wrote for a lot of the folks over at knocksteady.
Brandon's Builds
And Hoodie Allen's Crew Cuts mixtape comes out in 5 days too!
ohhh shiitttt yeeeaa :D
Easy Lee TV
woo same birthday as you!
Alex Person
Don't be offended when phone calls go to voice mail.. the flight attendant told me to turn it off... that's real!!! no for real.... thats some real shit
I hope the whole mixtape is this good!
AJ Prayounkham
2 more days until it drops
normandie is my spot but to many cholos haha
dude. this had substance.