How to Make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade from 5 Popsicle Sticks

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How to Make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade from 5 Popsicle Sticks In this video you will learn how to build an Assassin's Creed hidden blade from 5 popsicle sticks, 3 rubber bands and some glue! It's very easy to build and fun to play with especially if you are Assassin's Creed fan! If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :) Music: "Beach Party - Islandesque" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution ( /> />

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Hi guys! Hope you will enjoy watching this video!
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Note to self: watch entire video first before cutting finger off.
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Nice. Now I know the way becoming hero and keep world's peace.
This guy is the King of DIY! or queen?
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the video I've wanted for months! Thanks! Next do the assassins creed hidden bow...(or whatever the mini crossbow is called)
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1:21 interesting shape...
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She is beautiful..
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Try being original you stole this from comet
Wow well done girl! You're the *Q* ueen
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I think this is copyrighted?
Wow! Thaks for tytorial
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You stole this
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"This is the last time jimmy steals MY Halloween candy!"
What is the material you used at 1:17 ?
Slime with Kelly!
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When you want to be an assassin but you on a low budget
finding creativity are great
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I wish it were dual action
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I think he got this idea from someone else I saw another video with the same design
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The beginning of Evie Frye
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Can u put the things that u need in the description
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Wow amazing
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Now i can kill someone!
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So... Why couldn't we just use the pop up knife 🔪?
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I'm confused why did that girl did face reveal but not The Q himself???
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You're so beautiful I m In love with you
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This is a really awesome video! but its kinda hard to make due to the fast pace and lack of matierials list...Can someone make a matierial list🙂
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Omg 3 million subs!!!!!!!
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You have 3 million subs!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats
You should make more of these and sell them, same thing with the other things you've created.
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1:14 my foughts go for a few seconds to an other place
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well being a hero takes faith and hope and training to keep the world peace
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Well,at least You can Replace the Popsicle Blade into a real blade
Ummm I think you meant “Cute girl shows how to make Assassins Creed hidden blade”
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"Look Ma!! I'm (sorta) Spider Man!!"
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1:14 thats what she said....or articulated
What should I use other than the metal hook
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Who else watches The Q everyday? 😍
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So cool.
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Decent build
Best DIY channel
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But what are the measurements Please tell me
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Have you ever tried making toys commercially I honestly think many would be up for such interesting simple looking yet ingeniously designed toys. If you ever do count me in
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What are those metal clips called
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This is copyright
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Wow i im assassin's creed
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I like your video😍 superb 😎
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1:17 are you thinking what am i thinking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hot Glue N, Cardboard
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Not exactly made from 5 popsticks but still is with a few added things
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1:18 what are these things called and where could I get them?
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The ring should be on the Ring Finger, it's accurate unless you chop said finger off and use your Pinky. Though you're not joining the Brotherhood yet so no 'Initiation' just yet. also, there is an easy way to change the design to implement DUAL Action, for both auto Extend and Auto Retract. Just have the 'blade' free Moving with no parts attached and just use a method similar to ColinsFurze (Sorry if I BUTCHERED that name but) and instead of spongy pieces of foam, add pieces in the middle of the right/left side in-between the two holders to hold rubber bands to keep the two holders sprung. Simple enough Right?
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1:48 he gone for help
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You know the saying “easier said than done” that sentence is this whole channel in one sentence
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50 views, 63 comments , 243 likes seems lit
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1:18 what is this
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Now I want to make a real version of this. Steel knife and everything
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and the mini crossbow is called a hidden blade
This guy is the King of DIY! or queen?
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Popsicle stick is really useful to make other things.
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cool men
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The Q have art heart😎
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Creates Super Mario Odyssey!
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Roses are red Violets are blue The video was great But The Q is good~
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you how to make a soldier iron
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Cool ,amazin
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I once robbed a bank with nothing more than a ballpoint pen, but when I saw this I now know what to use next...
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Could you maybe add some measurements? I don't think Ill be able to make it accurately without them.
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1:18 wut dat?
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4 minutes?Of all the Hidden Blade tutorials,i think i'm gonna try to make this one.
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sooooo cool!!!
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Assassin's Creed Nintendo Labo edition :v xD
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