Silent Hill Downpour All Movie Cutscenes

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all silent hill downpour movie cutscenes in hd,support girl gamers by subbing,rating up my vids,and visit my channel, i love this game silent hill rules=)

are 2 watermarks necessary? Especially one of them being a bright pink color? Not even on at least the black parts of the screen?
While not my favorite, I have to give Downpour credit where it's earned it. The atmosphere was rather affective and is easily my favorite part of the game. The story was interesting and had me hooked, though the execution really fell short at times. This game did do well with its whole "mind-fuck" element, which is what I always look for in Silent Hill games. However, the monsters, for the most part, were boring and unimaginative, which was a huge blow to this game in my opinion. The gameplay was also clunky, but I'm honestly more interested in the story. Overall, I did enjoy this game and wouldn't call it a failure.
ryley parrett
I love the concept of this game
Agato Wesker - The Black Fox
That woman still has some mental issues just to go through all of that to get Murphy in there.
This could have been a good silent hill game, could have been...
Chelsea Putu
i think this game to be hollywood film will be very interesting
Honestly the game imo was pretty good. Not the best but decent and imo id give it a 7. The frame rate however was just ass. The enemies aswell werent really interesting or unique. They jusy look like plain zombies instead of horrifying nightmares like the mannequins etc.
lose the eye sores
I cant wait for another game but Konami should not be giving copyrights to other companies that has only made like 2 games or so. Also i cant wait for a silent hill that has holy shit enhanced graphics. Like halo graphics. But only creepy ass shit.
I know not many people like this game, and it is no where near as good as any of the original Silent Hill games, but I really like this game for what it is. This was the last Silent Hill game I played, as I played them all in their respective order, so I don't hold and bias towards it.
wow, no wonder this game crapped out. this is no horror-game, its an emo-pudding that happens to take place in the location of one of the cooles games ever.
"Support girl gamers, by subbing and-" .........
Venom Neff
it's not silent hill to me that's why I skipped it. if it was Made by Team Silent it would've been the scariest ever but too too bad they were long long Gone due to bieng Disbanded by Konami (farted conpany)
Capo Gabb
This game is comparable to a muffled explanation of the Silent Hill formula over the phone to a Hollywood executive. It's absolute trash.
I am stuck at a certain point of this game,but I really need to get playing this some more and a lot of other games I have.
Chelsea Putu
i think this game to be hollywood film will be very interesting
This is Pointless
wow ,this game seems terrible...
8:05 You fool, you've doomed us all!
Indra Pakarti
Murphy like henry townshend
43:45 - I`m looking for this song for years and I still haven`t found it... Those bell sounds are that much apic that I would just keep listening to this track... All I can guess is that must be a mix up of few songs used for this cutscene. If anybody knows what kind of track it is,please let me know v.v
Good game here.
Krixstal Zagukarexst
Leon Kennedy long lost brother
problem was- how do you top pyramid head. I mean Boogeyman, gasmask guy looks like a dude from Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl...What a shame this franchise went down the tubes
Jason Strom
I thought Silent Hill was supposed to be like a poor broken down coal mining white neighborhood somewhere out in the middle of Appalachia.... I'm surprised to see black characters in it! Usually poor white folks and poor black folks mix about as well as oil and water.😂 Trust me, I've lived in both and for anyone to thing they have any chance of getting along they're dead wrong.... People get poor and they tribalize, it's like an evolutionary defense mechanism.
Muhammad Ridho
Worth to la movie again
Golden Eye
Who called the DJ and told him to make a dedication for himself, and who was coming, why did the female police say "No, dammit" like she encountered them before
13:39 now whyd he have to go and do that?
Le Royal Reaper
Personally I would have killed her. But that's my choice I guess.
DarkGuardian Okami
Charlie CHARLIE nooooooo
Zack Gordon
Is the VA for the protagonist in this game the same VA for Solid Snake? They sound similar.
Joey Poltergeist
I feel like the next Silent Hill will have that lady cop in it since Downpour is about taking revenge and well, in the end she takes her own revenge on Sewell so wouldn't the monsters have to teach her a lesson now?
DarkGuardian Okami
He's a nice old guy be nice to him man
Chelsea Putu
i think this game to be hollywood film will be very interesting
I don't know why, but his installment never really drew me in like the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th installment. No clue why which is a shame. I love this series!
Niko Bautista
This is one of the latests silent hills i've never ended, only 1, 2, 3, and 4.
these some ps2 graphics
luv silent hill
Ruby Tran
I need help is Silent Hill like a twisted road into ur own madness like Alice Madness Returns or where truth become reality living in hell?
I couldn't get into it... I'm a virgin when it comes to this game...
Ethan Russell
that poor guy
Michabel Polki
It's about all religion
Dadiris Agrom
Thank you :)
5:57 What the heck was that for?
Alex Leblang
I feel bad for the fat guy at the begining
Jane Valentine
28:01 silent hill 1 😭😭
Sniper Lion 871
that thumbnail tho
Maria Regina
Why does that orphanage look like a jail?
j Joseph
the best silent Hill game
main dude looks like zyzz breh
"All scenes in hd"........
Rupert Anton Perez
Why did'nt just Frank told that Murphy was never the killer!?
Leah Velasquez
I dunno, the one thing that had always irked me bout this game is Murphy's design I just cannot imagine any adult and a father at that with a hairstyle like that I mean this guy is in his late 30s or early 40s his hair should be thinning and brushed off his forehead or something.
Joseph Parianto
I Like This Game and This Movie
I don't see why everyone has a problem with supporting female gamers, I bet if it said support woman in the kitchen you'd all be hypocrites and go along with it...
What game console Is this on?
oh sure why not in the middle of the screen lol
At least put it somewhere that it isnt that distracting. And color pink? come on!
Astral Vamp
upload kane and lynch
That's because you're a tool.
Erick Diaz
The only way I'd play any of the Silent Hill games would have to be if I could play as Kratos from god of war.
I Persist
I like the enigmes but the story sucks. best SH story is SH2
stan 616
????? epic
nope,sorry aint going no were,trust me its better there then how I used to put the name in vids
might wanna lose the eye-sores up-top of the vid. clashes too much with the video, & distracts whole way through. it is a good flick, but I would have to say, at least put the publisher name in the annotations. that way everyone will see it, but they can still turn it off & enjoy the video. other than that. awesome recording. (also, a little game-play here & there would better glue many of the scenes together. some of them are quite inanely spaced & seemingly disjointed)
Carlos Rajó
thank you for all your videos, I love them :-)
Whats the name of the song at 41:25, the one with the kind signing?
silent hill is scary
always love your vids, ;) and silent hill
Oddly FutureOFWG
Im ready for a new one
The Lewis Lion
0:30:31 This is why the Skeptics in horror movies always die first.
10:53 i think that strange mailman is intresting
thank you for the video <3
When the original theme of silent hill came on I was like ;
dalton davis
@irfan djajasasmita an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
Thanks :)
It's called Please Love Me Once More
Omg what is that song playing at 28:49 I heard it in silent hill 3, but I can't remember what its called now
This was recorded with a Dazzle. No problem. Thank YOU for watching! ^_^
was this recorded on a VHS? anyways, thanks for the upload
Well .. they are gonna do the Murphy part and make into a movie because in the newest movie (revalations) at the end is exactly the same as this game beginning.
Ah, jeez. I thought Anne was freaking out over the phone then the monsters jump through the window!
Ted Danson at his best.
Robert Garlen
They need to adapts Silent Hill 2 and Downpour into Sequels. Both have very filmable stories.
No worries. It was bugging me too until I stumbled upon a SH review mentioning it.
Josh Dickerson
Dude, thanks!!! I never thought I would be able to find it. Couldn't ever make out the lyrics to search em, you know. But thanks again!!
Heh, finally found it. The song's ironically called There is a Happy Land.
I don't like how there aren't very many references to the previous games (Alessa especially) but other than that a great game. Sad I won't be able to play it, due to it not coming to the PC.
This vid is awesome but it would be even better if there were parts of the gameplay like the part of the train where you meet the monocle man.
Nice video. Silent Hill Rules!! :D
Josh Dickerson
So does anyone know what the soundtrack at 41:22 is yet?
sewll looks like kev in bacon
kwstas downpour
great video!!make a walkthrough please!!!!!!!
love murphys reactions XD
Patricia Brown
One dislike really, Fucking asshole
The mailman is awesome!
It was the weird wheelchair guy
Dan Cakeshard
I didn't think I'd like Murphy and Anne so much.
The story? Yeah it's hard enough to understand but that's the beauty of Silent Hill