Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)

"Wonderful Tonight (Live)" by Eric Clapton from Slowhand, available now. Download on iTunes: /> Connect With Eric Clapton: Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />YouTube: /> "Wonderful Tonight" Lyrics: It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear. She'll put on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair. And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?" And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight." We go to a party and everyone turns to see This beautiful lady that's walking around with me. And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?" And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight." I feel wonderful because I see The love light in your eyes. And the wonder of it all Is that you just don't realize how much I love you. It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head, So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed. And then I tell her, as I turn out the light, I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight. Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight."

One day... my newborn baby girl was crying all day... I didn't know why... my wife was too tired to help, so I held my baby... then I played this song on my cellphone as I had her in my arms... she stopped crying and started to sleep with an angel's smile on her face... Now she is 3... every time she hears this she runs to her bed and covers with her blanket... Thank you mister Clapton... this is our song now...
Jim Fromearth
Guys it’s not to late to tell her how wonderful she looks. Because someday it will be to late.🤔
Ivan Atanasov
This man Eric! He is virtuoso ! I think in this world is not a human who could get a better sound from the guitar -soft ,gentle so relaxing .Thx Eric You are the Best
Tim špehar
I am just teenager who is happy his dad raise him in clapton’s music Thanks dad❤️
Rem Puia
Who is watching today 20feb 2019😪
Diego Martinez
When she takes too long with the make up, so you have time to write a song
Cham 176
Thank you Steve jobs for this cover
Dev Esh
I'm born in the wrong generation old music is so good Sorry Papa franku I failed you. I'm sorry. 🤧
philip tucci
Beautiful Legendary Masterpiece from the 3 time Hall of Famer Eric Clapton, top of the line solid gold standard of excellence, great music & memories of life for over 50 years, a real master musician
CoelhoCoin Tech
Only Eric Clapton could have made this song, the world owes him a lot... bringing millions of Couples on the dance floor closer and into a never forgetful moment
Kharanshu Sharma
this song has a problem,it ends
Jon MacLennan
Incredible song and incredible performance! Thank you Clapton for this masterpiece 🎸 😃
hussam aldeen
in the first of April 2019 this song remain the best ❤️
Its April 2019 and im still watching this and singing along. One of the best song of all time.
munenori shimamoto
Its one of his beautiful song. and pearly his mind.hearing this remind me love moments in my youth.
T Miya
Yes, I feel wonderful in 2018. Who else is listening to this song in 2018?
Akshay kotian
I would say Eric You Look Wonderful Tonight Like Always! God Bless Him!
Charles Silva
I dedicated this song to my mother ! i remember every moment together
sailo ngurthanzaua
for you honey Mahruaii....18 april 2019
JoHn SiAn Pi
Chandler and Monica brought me here.
Samuel Lackey
The song playing the first dance with my would be wife of 39 years.  I lost her six months ago.  I will never forget the dance and the music.  Thanks.
robert abbey
Chandler and Monica😎
jexin jeshaayne
to my darling eden shayne varon ILOVEYOU HONEY 😘
Danila Bogdan
Anyone else tears while listening and reading the messages?
Jonathan Pitlongay
Yes its 2019! who'still listening?! happy new year!
Beca Johnston
My husband and I , This new year 2016 evening... we were alone at home...... Erick Clapton on the tv in a concert and started this song meanwhile I was preparing the dinner for two... my husband took my hand out of the kitchen, he hold me in his arms , we started to dance around the xmas tree and in the living room at the compas of this beautiful song.... was such a beautiful moment .... I love him so much !!!...
Ryan Anderton
U just don't know how Much I love u so true
Elon 123
Luisa Vazquez
Happy birthday Eric!!! March 30th 🎂🎁😘❤💕
Daremz Khawlhring
I love this amazing music... 😍😍😍
day dreamer
this song is makes me think how much I love my wife, I'm so lucky to be with her 23 years and she is as beautiful as the day I married her.
rodney jacolo
Nathan East brandishes his bass guitar like a magic wand. What a presence! Hats off!
AnnaBritta Andersson
This song touch me,always. I think of a dear friend.
Shuefong Vang
I wish that girl actually sung with lyrics too. She sounds astonishing
My friend sings this @ karaoke
ross ingram
My wonderful tonight lasted from 1988 to 2016 Cancer took her away
Critique Truth
Wonderful! ending to 2018😘😻 YouTube audio Quality got improved 👍
Minh Lương Lê
Thanks for the song, I miss you again :((
Ângela Feltrin
Ficaria a noite toda ouvindo Eric Clapton. Voz 👌🏻 é o que dizer do som que sai da guitarra? The best !!! 🎸🎵👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
BonBon's Christ Kutsuna
thanks dad for introduce this song to me
There was a time in my life when I was a young man in his early 20s when I fell hard for a woman I knew. I tried for years to tell her I cared. When I finally did I was turned away and for the longest part I would listen to this song and others similar to try and cope with the pain and even imagine that one day she would change her mind. She never did and I became more or less obsessed with the idea that when the time was right it was all going to fall into place. It never did and now, 15 years later, I see all the energy and dreams I put into that one person back then was once in a lifetime as I will never feel and never felt about another woman that way again. If I could give any advice to some of you young men reaching that time in your life like I did, try to hold back and NEVER go full heart in hands until you are fully with the person you want to be with. Love is limited and you can easily overspend it on the wrong person and have no one to blame but yourselves if you give it away. This song will always remind me of her and that time and those feeling that are gone now.
Lori Young
1978, my first love and I would dance to this song. When we went out at night, I got to be the girl on HIS arm. Rip Nate, I still love you xo. Wait for Me, and we can be Sharing the Night Together, again. Xo
linda brown
This song makes me cry, Wish I still had my guy to slow dance with, but he was taken from me.
"I knew I loved you before I met you" Carlitos <3
snow is cool
Happy birthday Eric Clapton ❤️❤️🎸
Bert Gaol
menghibur ke pergian cinta
Maria Aparecida da Silva mariano
Magnifica melodia ! ✌🎤🎸🎵🎶🎼❤🎧❤saudades de voce , do outro lado do mundo nesta hora .😢💔
Luisa Vazquez
I love this version too!!! Clapton is always best!!! <3
Kinara Air
The best song i ever're the legend mr.Erick
Alberto Aaron Perez
He isn't Eric Clapton, He is Epic Clapton
Iqbal Mahmud
Eric clapton guitar god
George Wu
Wished I've said it more to my ex. Still think of you every moment June.
Anishka Bose
That you just don’t realise how much I love you 💘
Gus Stone
OMG she looks wonderful...
Peter K
This song always reminds me of my late wife. Wonderful version. RIP, Darlin'.
paul clifford
Absolute masterpiece. I have to say tho Katie kissoon sounds amazing as well.
Masta Fami
The only love song for me from teenager and now 41 years old and shall stayed that way till the end.
Christopher Howell
Happy birthday my dad's second love you forever from the Howell Family.
President Moore
Handsdown the BEST song to sing on karaoke. Especially when you're drunk.
Any body still listen in 2017?
Ingrid Fristed
So Beautiful - THANKS ;:!
Tinadel Tina
Deeply memory song .. 25th years ago ..when I decided to married .. This song a best gift for me..💛💛
Robert Rowe
my wife died last year i sang it to her for 30 years she was 54 also sang something stupid like i love you
Dr. House has a beautiful voice
David S. Reynolds
God, that Strat of Eric's sounds so good! (when he plays it). And, of course, a wonderful song!
Vicky muzzick harmony
just beautiful ..... the whole performance blows me away .......
Nasiko Kava
Thanking God for giving us such talented people...Eric Clapton and the band....too beautiful 👏👏👏
fax manila
Excellence, Performance Knowledgeable Learning's, Highly Recommended,,,
Johnson Terry
I dedicated this song to my wife of 30 years, she's all I got, literally.
Molay Roy
YouTube should definitely introduce a love button
any need to destroy a classic song with that wailing
sahrul connected
Wishing u a wonderful night to everyone from india
Ed Phillips
My favorite Eric. Let it rain😄
anura nishantha
Beautiful Legendary Masterpiece
Bjorn Honeymead
Eric Clapton looks like a physicist but I can't remember his name
Vinnie Rockmore
the best guitar solo without a guitar! (about the female vocal solo)!!!!!!!!!
Jessmer Abing
The reason why I studied guitar :D
Alexey Skipin
2019 is here!
Lucia Lorenzo
Noite maravilhosa...ouvindo esta música maravilhosa 👏
Sullivan💖minha delícia te quero juntinho de mim💑💋😍😘🤗💏
Barata Jakarta
That's STEVE GADD at the drum throne..!!! Gadd bless you Clapton & the band.!!!
Rick Kepple
This is one of the reasons I began studying electric guitar after the wife died. Another rock star recommended it to get over the wife's death. Yep, she took forever to get ready too. I remember once, she got this new job. I was really looking forward to paying off a couple of bills with her first check. So I got home with my check and there she was all decked out in a brand new outfit. I was pissed, but damn she looked so good that we went out to eat instead of me worrying about those bills! She got drunk, got sick and threw up on her new outfit. Ruined it. It's a nice $300 memory.
Tote Tesla
Já ouvi isso em algum lugar kkjkk
Meghna Sundas
4.2.2019....wonderful fav
Nathan Jr
Magic in his hand and in his voice love this man soo much thank you for your music sir Clapton ❤💯
Becky Supernor
Never found a man I could trust and rely on. Wonder what it's like to have someone love you this much
Marc Duperron
If I've had 1/8th of his talent at playing the guitar, I would be a pro guitarist.
Pieter van Erven
Together with Brian May, he is my main reason I wanted to learn guitar
Brooke Horton
TheGuitarinthis sounds so freaking good..
Slow hand with a with a beautiful voice.................Eric must be one of the best singer's around!!!!
Muhammad Daffa
I want listen this song with my wife letter i hope i can be do that FS💛
Prajwal Adhikari
How could it get any dislikes?? I don't understand!! :/
Riazul Hoque
masterpiece ☺ 28 October, 2018✌
i was watching friends . In the episode where the proposal I listened to this song first time since then i am addicted to it .
priya singh
wonderful lyrics! love this song 😘😘
Val Santiago
Keep the beautiful music going Eric. we love you!
Mahathi Bhargavapuri
Somebody please explain to me how people who dislike this music even exist.
Fan Séries
2019 Alguém ouvindo esse hino?
Patrick Steinhauer
I See you in Juni 2019 ❤️