Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix)

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More Toolroom Music: /> To celebrate 20 years since the release of Fatboy Slim’s seminal album ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’ Toolroom are proud to present this truly mammoth release! Beatport’s #1 selling artists of 2017, CamelPhat, remix what is arguably Fatboy Slim’s biggest record ever, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Released as a single back in 1999 where it peaked at #2 in the UK charts, this was a real turning point in Norman’s career as Fatboy Slim - and one that propelled him to the next level of super-stardom. In amongst an album packed full of anthems, ‘Right Here, Right Now’ stands apart. The infamous orchestration and vocal sample have soundtracked club nights, international sporting events and beyond – so it’s no wonder the track was voted as the 10th best dance record of all time by Mixmag.  This new remix doesn’t need much introduction. Without doubt THE biggest act of 2017 after a grammy nomination and top 20 UK chart hit ‘Cola’, the in-form and in-demand CamelPhat deliver a high energy, rip-roaring re-rub that will be destroying dance floors for the reminder of 2018 and beyond – A future anthem in the making and one that maintains a lot of the unmistakable elements of the original masterpiece! Subscribe here - /> Find Toolroom: /> /> />

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Enzo Longobardi
Probably one of the best track of the year. We'll hear this everywhere expecially in Ibiza. What a Masterpiece Rework
Alberto Balsalm
Does every classic electronic track need a generic uninspired tech house remake these days? I'm a fan of tech house and a fan of Camelphat, but honestly these edits are such a waste of time and so boring. This one is barely even a remix, they just threw a standard tech house loop over the chorus and called it a day. If I heard this in a tech house set I'd honestly find it a bit cheesy. Just my opinion obviously.
Vankata Kisyov
Top track <3 Rakia right now :P Greetings from Bulgaria!
Minuto 3:25 algo dentro de ti se empieza a acelerar, jaja y empiezas a esperar ese cambio de ritmo que llega y te hace brincar, bailar y disfrutar este muy buen remix!!! Woow jaja en verdad te hace el día! Saludos desde México para todos aquellos que sentimos eso sin poder explicarlo y mejor brincamos!!🕺🕺
Looks like somebody has lost his muse.. be more creative, c'mon! there are so many ways to amaze us
Joun Raza
Heard it on Claptones podcast... Loved it!!!!😍😍😍
Maxi's Chart
Masterpiece! Well done!
ell Spahug
this is all levels of AWESOME
Oldřiška Špirková
..on víííí!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moooooc dobréééé!
mega azurra
MAYBE TECH&TRANCE MIGHT GET YOUR INTEREST A LIL MORE ALBERTO?? THIS TUNE SOUNDS PERFECT FOR MOST OF THE PPL...... think abt, and let me know, music have no limits,u can make perfect combo between rock&hiphop, folk& rap...etc :D try to enjoy the sound, and drop the right bass! BOWS for this mix..
Pablo Mardones
I listened to this remix on the main stage of the ultra and in other smaller stages of small house techno parties and both sounds very good. I met Camelphat thanks to axtone records Which makes me like Axwell and SHM more. It is good for electronic music to see that the genres and especially the two bands that divide today are mixed. Besides, it's about the art of being a dj to mix.
Ashar Fariz
Love this song soooo much..
Better be played in the club
Antonio Sciaraffia
Bellissima.....Sempre Ottima MUSICA....~~~~~d-_- b√√√√✩♡
Stephanie Romero
Omg <3 thanks
Zoltán Harazi
Great remix! #classic
Zimon The Lemon
is a great track
Fredy Flores
Esto es lo que esperaba
Math Hagen
Juanma Ma
Buen Remix .... 👌👌👌👍👍👍🎧🎧🎧✔✔✔....
andrea gwendolyne rincon
Science of Sound
Adele Bryan
Just a fuckin good tuuuuuuune! Yes man! Always as bin always will be, original or a mix
Psicored Official
Amazing !!
Mr. majestick
Dope Ass Remix ....
blondel marceau
no words ...
Chris Luera
Cristian Bercu
Melea Jacobi
well damn
Todor Kacarov
Sound it Lazy
Ludovico feeling epic!
Ferenc Fejes
Cool rework!
Negrüj Regnis
Absolut Great !!!
Tamara Viñas Pérez
MUERO DE PUTO AMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIE FOR LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
melek khlif
lovely souvenirs with this lovely track right here right now!!
great REWORK masterpiece Right Here, Right Now
Guillem Puig López
Is the Don Diablo song Momentum
Jack Marshall
i hate camelphat
Darren Ward
I didn't get this remix at first... but then it hit me. Brilliant
cgevents cg
De Graon
They guy add some loop he downloaded on the web and it' s called a "remix" lol
VVKool Clap
Matt Cavallo
I like this remix even if it's only the original song with different base on it, not too much work here :D
camelphat was not even born when this came out. he has one song and that's all. chill out.
Dylan Barker-Duggan
Well this is genius
Love it!
Why even bother?
Trance sucks
Orbiting Tears NWO
omg this is real horrible.... original is the only right choice here... but still coyu remix even better than this. this is so fucking unoriginal, just milking the tune... its a shame // sorry for hating but everything is true and scene is going more and more downhill. I start to believe that people just dont have properly working ears to bring up some respect and love for the real gems in the electronic music genre :'(
Srđan Đurković
Previsee je doobroooo
Shane Grabner
XTC buildup mate, you old boys still kno how to ROKIT8)@
right now ... slim fat boy
Victor Caballero