AND1 Mixtape Volume 3 - FULL VIDEO

The introduction of the men, the myths, the legends: Philip "Hot Sauce" Champion and Aaron Owens AKA A.O.

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I remember getting these VHS tapes for free at Footlocker back in the day... Shotout to AND 1 for giving them away like that. RIP Flash.
Finney E
This was the best mixtape Vol 3
Jocky Rohnson
I remember downloading the And1 mixtapes off Morpheus. Being at the park trying to imitate Hotsauce. Lol Good times
This was when And1 was BIGGER than NBA at least thats what it felt like down under in NZ!
Poppa Lou K.O.D tv
So many memories watching this
Jake Hunter
Back when streetball was more life than the nba lol
a robertson
who the fuk would dislike this
Kahliem Amir Bey
Who still watching this in 2018
Classic! I remember doing hot sauce moves in tryouts, bouncing the ball off people heads and what kicked out the gym lol coaches hated and 1 but we loved it!
The opening theme song, alone, makes you wanna go hoop at the nearest court! My all time favorite song to listen to before hooping.
That was the high point: vol 3 and 4 made streetball global.
Robbie Murdock
bruh i still got all these VHS' hahaha
Whats the song on 6:29
Salahuddin Ahmed
that "boomerang" at the end though, classic
Grew up on Volumes 1-4. Vol 3 had such so many classic songs
IBigTime porter
I remember when you bought the shoes they gave you the tape for free..
Big Ant
golden days of and1
Toma D. Large
i'm from Italy and born in 1990. When i was a kid, me and the only two others guys playing basketball where i lived , we used to venerate And 1 players and this was the shit !!! Peace !
The soundtrack was dope too!! That CNN shit!!
AND 1 on the heart
Tim Jackson
The best And 1 Mixtape ever!!! Shit is such as classic, endless classic tracks, and endless legends was born on this tape. 
Fox 12 Electric Football
6:57 original jelly
Samvel Petrosyan
i miss those days
david ciesielski
Mega Prawdziwy AND1
Nerdbama Rich
Actually got a chance to meet them when they came to my city and hung out at their hotel.50 invited us out after the mall and we chilled with the ones who didn't make it out to the mall.Alimoe was mad cool and so was flash.Both of them passed away some years back.Good times back then man.
Diego Emanuel
million dollar
what are the song?
this was just before it got commercialised and wack
This is the hotness still.  Sick hooping and sick soundtrack, how can anyone dislike this smdh!
Francisco valencia muñoz
4:49 "invincible" capone n noreaga
David Colmenero
Back in the day when ball was life...and hip hop was true Hip hop.
Pao Brown
We used to dish these tapes to each other like it was crack. Didn't want nobody to know u had it in your possession
the Snoop Dogg song and Kool G Rap's the streets are my favorites on this mixtape Classic though....type in D.R.U.M.S RUGGED (What More Can I Say) on YouTube
bigcesar b
Dj Jackson
Back when teenagers use to be out on the block hooping as soon as the sun went down a Lil
14 year old 120 pound white boy in oversized clothes crossing fools daily syracuse city courts shook ryan Blackwell out of his shoes next possession got posterized still got it 18 years later just in clothes that fit now
Mr Newkirk
Man this brings back memories
Bushido Anis
plz the name of the song that start @ 4.46
those days... i never forget, miss so mych awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Mark G
shout out to Foot Action..
Great memories of this mixtape. The skip tribute at the end was my best part. The music at the end is Last Emperor- Suzie Wong
This was definitely the best mixtape...when ball was life...even though it's street ball it was the height of basketball as a force and movement, aside from the 90's. The crowds that were drawn to MSG and other arenas for was a force...
Enoch Heavens
At 18:02 why dude look like a Albino ass LL Cool J
Michael Johnson
Brings back sooooo many memories.
David Jallow
That's up what's up!!! 
Anthony Hutchison
Dont forget to rewind the tape when done #VCR #classic
Baseline Leaner
This is the greatest piece of art since art started.
Anthony Hutchison
on the playground where i spent most of my days #ATribeCalledFresh
Best and 1 mixtape hands down .
Brennen Kiste
What are the songs called?!?
William Litzinger
i cut my shirt sleeves like hot sauce n was crossin fools
1:59 2:25 3:52 4:22 5:08 5:58 6:37 7:03 7:30 8:03 9:02 9:12 10:01 10:30 11:25 12:28 12:54 13:20 13:30 15:46
Joel Villarreal
11:32 I still can't do this move and I've been trying to do this for 15 years.
Austin Casey
His name is Hot Sauce... yeah... He got that potion... yeah... He'll shake you fast... yeah... And in slow-motion.
Austin Casey
Carry at 4:00??? Lol jk
My favorite of all And1 Mixtapes!
Remember watchin' this as a Youngin' faithfully damn near everday...I always tried to copy 13:07...Shit was hella smoove...I could never get it together tho
4:03 Before anybody knew who Professor was....It didn't matter cause it was all about Hot Sauce bacc then and if you watched this and say you didn't try every move he did you lyin' like a MF lmaoo
this brings back so many good memories and1 too dope
Michael Eyob
this one has the most views by far
For CNN - Invincible ffw to 4:44 ! E P I C memories!
@8:22 MOP song still gives the feeling of the And-1 glory years, also that dude around 9:19 jumps out the god damn gym. Who was that?
When we learned what traveling was back then hahaha
Alessandro Grossi
NELLIANO torna al campino
Yra Rapko
Ahhh....great memories. Hot Sauce was a breath of fresh air. Cant't beat mixtapes 1-2 though!
Jimmy Hollywood
Chris Paul
the most inspiring basketball or streetbal video i've ever seen
Guam Elite Basketball
this was the start of the movement!!!
The most obese soundtrack
Quincy Lockett
They should do a reboot but they have to have flavor cant just be good they have to have "personality" this was my life my first tat was the and one crossover guy lol
Tas Mania
this iz my fav mixtape, i rememba going ape shyt upon seeing sauce. had me imitating all the movez
name of first song please 1:30 ??
My favorite. Thanks )
Primum Genus
I'm just watching this video again for the good ol' time music.
BC @7:40
best music, best players, best mixtape period
better than nba
Hot Sauce is King
Damn... I loved this tape.. Inspired so much hooping creativity..
Albert's 6.0 Powerstroke
my favorite 1
Jeff Ingram
Use to have these on dvd
Alyshan Khawaja
Brandon Lowery
And 1 single handedly killed my jumper.
Cameron Newton
The good ol days I learned so much from the and1 players especially HOT SAUCE AND THE PROFESSOR!
playlist songs name pls
Sephton J. Spence
Danzo O
Never heard of this my teacher told me about and one mixtapes and not gonna lie I wanna hoop right now, it’s 3AM.....
x Gnomo ॐ
Music 5:30 ?
Tomelia D
You are HOT
Dymek fx
I'm from Poland . And I love this movie <3
Julien Pasquier
Remember when i was 16, good old time playing till midnight outside on the playground without lights :-)
Whose the dude @ 7:11 ???
Calesha Boston
I started getting into And1 in' 02 or' 03. So I definitely remember seeing AO and them but Hot Sauce!! that's my boy
Derrick Carter
Whats the first instrumental
Luis Fdo. Cuevas
Hot sauce aka Einstein #1 streetball player un da world!!!!
Harios slame
wht's the name of the song at 11:40