Crimewatch UK January 1993

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Sue Cook and Nick Ross present. Cases include an armed robbery of the Natwest bank in Bolton, the case of missing man Michael Straughan in Newcastle and a rape in Cardiff. No update on this one - sorry!!

Andrew Corcoran
That’s one thick copper 3 stripes on a pair of trainers & he needs help.. I bet he’s the chief of police now🤪
Tall-Paul 1990
55p for a cone of chips, about £1.80 now where I am 😕
Stewart Spaull
Can't believe how many new uploads there are this weekend. Many thanks, as ever, redcard74!
Kate McDevitt
Thank you again RedCard74 just what I needed as I’m bored and need something to entertain me. Hey CrimeWatchers Xxxxxxxx
Does anyone actually wonder how many of these wanted people are actually dead? Especially the ones who were in their 50s-60s?
John Cook
Thanks Redcard! Into 1993. Now, I’ve got a funny little story on one of the incident desk cases from late 1993, for which I was (indirectly) a victim. Now that should whet your appetites!
AAron Thom
First Crimewatch mention of an Audi. It’s crazy considering how widespread Audi’s are today
Kaitlyn UK
Mmmm chips lol 55p....bargain
Look at these reconstructions not a smartphone in sight! Lol
Robert Nunn
Bizarre Inc blaring in that Morecambe garage. True classic
Saeed Hussain
Feet up time cheers mr redcard
Lovely night for it evening all .
“He wasn’t dressed for buying cars” 😂 - didn’t know you had to wear a suit!
Michael Straughan - still missing to this day. So sad for the family, especially his Father losing his wife then son, Michael. Poor bloke, passed away not knowing where his son is.
29:24 First time they showed previous months' photocall?
Dennis Kissane
Sue cooks pulled out
Tez Dryden
loving these, thank you so much
Robert Nunn
Evening all. Cheers Redcard
Eddie Edwards
Thanks Buddy, keep up the great work.....
Eddie Mcgarvey
Perfect timing! Cheers mate
Glasgow crime 88
Thank m8 perfect timing
James Hogarth
You’re basically the best guy ever! Thank you for these uploads!
Anthony Mcken
Man this becoming my favourite channel on YT. Your timing is perfect Redcard74.
Jennifer Kelly
Yes! My year at last. That poor dog in the first reconstruction was tugging at my heart strings, little mite had no idea what was happening.
Willy 107
What make are the trainers? is he serious lol
Jermaine Walker
They don't make chips like that any more
Ian Bousfield
8:04 I've heard a few suspects on crimewatch over the years described as looking like grant or phil Mitchell
Merry Christmas mate!
Ian Bousfield
4:05 I think peter kay used to live in that area of Bolton
More have a go heroes in robberies (classic crimewatch stuff) And the fakest machete I have ever seen. Hilarious how the Robbers left a "Good Neighbours" tee towel behind
You down with OPP? Hip Hop Hooray.
Ian Bousfield
Michael straughan is still missing
Alison Blackwell
Why would you say emergency service please if you dial 999 they ask who you want
Alison Blackwell
Wow 5.15 PM late for me watching this . Lol.
Brad Kells
Shout out to Jackie Haynes
gareth roblyn
Philamonic and Lloyd’s that brings back some memories. Tony’s the chip shop still going today.
Kithinji Kwiriga
What a garbage police force? Cars stolen and a civilian reports a bank robbery going on yet police no wonder there us lots of crime in britain.
Peter Bolgar Announcing
James Patrick
I remember this one as was around the time I passed my driving test, the guys who walk passed the Sierra XR4i and say 'we jumped in our vehicle' thinking ok what you got? Shit tip Metro lol
Danny Lawther
Is the Crimewatch music meant to sound like a police chopper :-D Hurry up Alan Drrr Dime Bar is maybe a bluff ?? Oh & BTW merry christmas FFS !! I think I actually know who it is anyway ?? He's called Ross Kemp :-P
Kenyan Bunnie
Did you see something weird in the club? Like people with no rhythm dancing to hip hop classics? I know petty, but it had to be said. 😂
James M
Eric Knowles is fantastic, but needs to find some synonyms for 'emblematic'.
Michael Pout
more crimewatch to watch thanks redcard74
Jermaine Walker
Did he just say we would like to know the brand of the trainers with 3stripes haha get the public involved. 1st phone scam Scandal ....ever
0121 DO 1
3 stripes on a trainer? Ffs Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️ must be puma..
Was the filthy rapist cunt caught?
Djms&capo DeMorais
Morons and subhumans said shot guns are for shooting wild animals and sport,when humans use those guns to rob and kill humans and subhumans is considered a crime.
I thought the local dogwalker in the rape reconstruction was Alan Partridge
Ryan O'Hara
Cheers RedCard74! The next one February 1993 is horrific poor James Bulger! Hang the Murdering scum Nonce Venables and Thompson!