Psychedelic Trance 2014 / 2015 Mix part 1

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Psytrance Presets by Timelock for Spire: for producers: />Psytrance Massive: />Psytrance Full-On: />Psytrance Power Samples: /> />++++ CHECK Description here for tracklist ++++ first part of a years end mix my favorite progresive psychedelic trance tunes of 2014 mixed with sphere impresions video's of some trance parties around the dance globe!! Tracklist 01. 00:00 Metronome - Basic Evolution Buy:[ />02. 04:10 Critical Choice - Roots Buy:[ />03. 09:45 Hatikwa - Skip and Search Buy:[ />04. 12:44 Lifeforms - This Way Up Buy:[ />05. 17:36 Ace Ventura & Lish - The Light (Astrix rmx) Buy:[ />06. 23:51 Ital - Om Buy:[ />07. 28:34 Liftshift & Patchbay - One Puff Buy:[ />08. 33:15 Yahel & Activa - Samsana Buy:[ />09. 37:26 Ace Ventura & Symbolic - Prime Time (Sad Paradise rmx) Buy:[ />10. 42:42 Vertical Mode - Acid Farm Buy:[ />11. 48:12 Man With No Name - Vice Versa (Vertical Mode rmx) Buy:[ />12. 53:20 Neelix - Coloured Light (Pants Off! - mix) Buy:[ /> playtime 59:17 Enjoy Video's special thanks to mr Blieb for the dutch psytrance party video's youtube channel - psypartyholland /> 01. Hula Cam at Burning Man [ /> 02. Burning Man 2014 _ Why the Nose [ /> 03. D.A.F PARTY (Celebrating the Return of the Light) 20-12-14 [ /> 04. trance orient express ruigoord 29-3-14 [ /> 05. camera op stok experiment psy fi mainstage [ /> 06. psi fi into the vortex 28 aug, 1 sept 2014 [ /> 07. Psy Fi Festival 2014 - Netherlands [ /> 08. Ozora Festival 2014 - Zentura (Dj set) [

Electric Samurai
over 1.000.000 views here on youtube to all my friends, and foe's and the 1 or 2 occasionally fans ;) i want to thank you alll for the masive support here  on youtube !! i will keep uploading mixes with visuals of out of the ordinary !! so stay tuned  greets and respect  The samurai
Тревел - Мания
Goa! Goa! Once Goa, always Goa!
pretek vizuale
пабольшо такие музыки ништяк спасибо болшое
Jim Lord
I am 66 and somehow trance has Transcendence and Spiritual pathways to a higher consciousness.within all who feel the vibration.
the life of a hippy
Electric Samurai
thank you all for the masive support!! soon will upload new mix, so stay tuned
Heaven on Earth is Love
Happy Winter Solstice! :) 12/21/2016 @ 6:10am.......
i love reading comments while listening
Harry Smart
where the hell on earth is this placeeee???
Ines Heu
im so stoned i watched the entire thing
Lazarus Magellan
"everything you could ever want or be you already have and are" trying to find a trance song I heard a while back, had these lyrics in the beginning.
Foxxy Mind
The girl on thumbnail is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
Steven Nicholls
How come people are walking around with clothes on?
Alicja P
I recommend great music PSYCHODESTAN
Electric Samurai
hi guys n dolls, this video mix is Timestamped now !! greets and respect to you all
carmen köchl
***BURNING MAN*** <3 **BRETT**
Renato Fernandez
Life would be an mistake without PSYTRANCE!!
Rafal Piechocki
To muzyka dla poprawy nastroju
oh man I need to watch that hula-hoop thing when I'm tripping :)
Milians Mask
Nice girl nice trip!!! :D
Sophie Davant
Please dude... Too much ads ! It's a shame !
This is absolutely amzing and original.
Raphaelle Sthephani
gente, o vídeo começam com meninas em um bambolê e uma GoPro filmando tudo, e termina em um festival. Na verdade é um festival grande, bem alternativo que acontece em uma área livre com uma floresta e rio. Tem feirinha, camping, várias pistas e parece rolar dia e noite por vários dias. Fiquei com vontade de ir
Black Chic TM
whos high or on lsd listening to this
Дима Савин
Якши💝! !!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
андрей абрамец
Psiho Pat
dmt or acid?
Schef Nikolaevich
Супер!!! Возьмите меня с собой , Я умоляю! Respekt!!!
Igor Demid
вообще улет полнейший!!!!! Спасибо пацанам!!!!!
Владимир Иванов
420 Airhat
This is humanity at its best , much love!!!!
Regenbogen Drache
the most underrated music ever
Vlad Vlad
4.053 people thought that is a ''dis i like'' button
george de'athe
luv this shit I feel like back in the nut house
Nexus Games
DJ Eletric Samurai is the best.
Lilith Huth
could someone please explain me what psychedelic trance is ?
Nagraj Poojary
The future is a concept, it doesn't exist. There is no such thing as tomorrow. There never will be, because time is always now. That's one of the things we discover when we stop talking to ourselves and stop thinking. We find there is only present, only an eternal now. - Alan Watts
Peace and Love Forever ^_^
I see older people there besides young people. That is so cool I'm an older gentleman who loves listening to trace music.
Pawel Omen
Why don't the ever have hallucinating mutants in these videos? Like people talking to trees, acting like chickens, or trying to communicate with toilet plungers?
Konrad Tjaden
A+++ I need to express my thanks to your awesome video`s - this video alone to be honest I have enjoyed as the start of many good weekends & just at random chill times. Even at random friends house gatherings I sometimes change the evening mood with some light enjoyable trance & video to go with that.... THIS! :D - Awesome videography! thank you.
I miss the good old days of psytrance, when expansion of the mind took precedence over hot chicks with hoolahoops.
X_xx CrazyX_x
Great song even better spot !!! :DDD
Why is there always some culturally appropriating white girl with a headdress on. Just disrespectful not to mention wrong because everyone knows that women aren’t supposed to wear them that is an honor reserved for men.
Sebastian Ludwig
cool goa ist einfach nur fett. .
Dom C
The girl winking and pressing on her nose at 8:12 is absolutely gorgeous!
Евгений Юфтяев
This is the best of the best psychedelic music!!!!!
nik daskalos
Wouter d.B.
Whoever came up with the idea of mounting a GoPro onto a hoop and film beautiful  woman should hereby be declared GOD.
the right click after a "weird trip" awesome finding :)
theodore j.c. van emstede
She will be in the LIGHT,during her trip to PERU-INDIA - CHINA and than she will come back to me in melting in eachother bodies in love
Iwona Iwona
wspaniałe !!! <3
Greg Manning
Awesome Song, Awesome Video, Great Work !!! And, yes, as someone in comments said... great to work too, gets the mind moving !!!!!
PlayIt Loud
Where can I get the pic of this video ? I need it as a wallpaper *-*
Romantico amor
muito bom bora bora
Vadim A
12 points from Kiev! COOL!
Since we are not to say anything if it is not going to be nice, I will say nothing at all
YEAHA MAGACÍN fiesta all JUST grehaa
rocks baba and don,t stop that type of madnesss
Agapi Fotsi
Nico Joseph
Trippy AF, listened to 2 hours of trance and felt euphoric never listened to trance before but damn it's sick AF
I accept beauty in everyone because they themselves do never deny it, and that is . . . beautiful. I accept, as beautiful, about you, all that you say there is.
cool video and a great mix...i love it <3
Steven Parkhouse
Well your stuff puts me where I want tobe
bunch of e- tards lmfao.
JENNY Shineider
gostosas ^--^
André Oliveira
DANÇAR ATÉ MORRER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Edu Puntos
19:25 wow!!!!
boulder 007
very nice sound thx man
Sir. Roger
Aldondrius Aldondrius
Great !!!
Great mix and beautiful video!
Bart van Veen
This is a great mix, thank you!! :-)
Denis Alilović
omg this is soooooo gooooooooood
Rickey Sanchez
who is this mix by and we're can I perches this mix. and great video
Kayllon França
Brazil amando esse set! 👏👏
nastasia steele
This can naturally happen with out the use of Lcd, are brains produce it natural through our 3rd eye this is the pineal gland. We are not 3rd dimensional beings this is just our reality/state of mind. Change your perceptions and you will see all the states of matter and realize you are apart of every dimension. A state of matter is just another reality. Reality can transform this is called lucid dream because we are really in one. Crazy hey. 🌌🌀 infinite!!!!
Rodrigo Junior
será que sou unico brasileiro que adora esse video, se tiver mais ae curte e me manda msg, abraçoss
Parikshit Chitnis
Still one of the best psychedelic compilation!!! Awesome...
Holy Fukken Awesome Idea!!!
Miljenko Horvat Matok
Helloooouuuuu!!!!!!! 7 SiStErS PLEYADEAN ...... !!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))) ... M.H.M. alias R.HooD.... 1111 ...... 2222. !? ;-)))))))) !!!?.
Samuel Aguirre
WHAT! Why all the ads now during mix?
Chris White
this shit reeks of awesomeness
Cristóbal malaguista castañeda
fantástico ;)
49 and love it! :)
Fethi OZAR
kıza sorsan hulahop dönüyor hulahopa sorsan kız. görelilik böyle bir şey
Guessas ridha
Francis Kim Chinchontic
Whoa!!! That's SUPER-AWESOME!
ольг обдулхаляль
нет слияния между органом слуха как проводником с гармонией воздух в пространстве звука разной частоты вначале деления времени прошлой памяти (сэт)на эмоции (имел бы ИОГАН БАХ синтезатор) из глубины души слова ритма понимания творчества
Isabella isa bella
this is a good mix
phillip jaskiw
Chris Teuchi
which Festival is it?
Константин Дикарев
Ebaneezer Good
Man you have converted me most djs and genres have sold out bigtime its just pure like it used to be in the  early 90's before being commercialized. I've been into most genres over 25yrs as the music progressed this is great!! keep it up my freind
Carsten Schulze
Voll goil !!!
Xhafer Orlishta
Peste tanc muzik veri gut