Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider

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Lucas is a tiny spider to some...giant arachnid to others.

LucastheSpider Animation 3D Animation Cute

Infinite Curiosity
*Just make it into a movie already goddammit*
Martyna Barcz
*Yep. This spider is so cute and these all people with arachnophobia says: "Yaaay now I love spiders!!!". But see one:* In reality they are biting :D
Aghnia Rahma Rizkika
I always feel bad for Lucas. I just feel like he needs some hugs.
0:17 it is SO FUNNY hearing "mortgage" out of a kindergartener's mouth.
Morgan Miracle
Wooden Village! Filled With Tiny, Wooden People! Oooooooooh! Hi! Oh Hi! I Just Was Passing By! Hey there bob how is the mortgage? Howdy, frank, I like your cat! People think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a fly!
I bet Lucas could have beat Thanos
I’m never killing a spider ever again
Elani Aniyvwia
We love you Lucas!!!!!!! No one thinks your scary!!! Your too too adorable!!!!
Drift Frenzy
Why is Lucas so cute
Struggle Drax
Thank God Lucas survived infinity war, I was so afraid about him.
"People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyy" Oh dear, who's gonna be the one to tell him
After i watch this channel , i love spider
RR رر
It's ok Lucas, I bet those wooden people deserved it.
Luiz Bandeira
We will accept yours apologise s2
Justin Y.
Is no one going to mention how fluid the animation is?
the life of QTpie
mom: WHAT HAPPEND TO MY GLASS COLECTION????!!!! me two hours ago:
xXThe Dark UnicornXx And Friends
Oh my god make a cartoon of this
Lol omg cutest thing I've ever seen
Okay, I'll admit that this is adorable. :)
I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter!!
"But I wouldn't hurt a fly." Lucas. You're a spider. That's your *job.*
Lucas:but i wouldnt hurt a fly Me:why do you use wouldnt its supposed to be wont hey does that mean you dont really mean ?!?!?! You will hurt a fly ??
Who else was half expecting him to be squished? XD
honestly this'd make a good kids tv show. y don't ya pitch it
Chloe Kennedy
Aww he is so cute
Ava Leibel
“Wooden village, filled with tiny wooden people. Oooooooh, hi oh hi, I was just passing by. Hey there Bob how is the mortgage? Howdy Frank I like your cat, people think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a flyyyyy! -Lucas the Spider💖🕸
*Lucas is modeled after jumping spiders* *Jumping spiders primarily eat flying insects* Lucas: "I wouldn't hurt a fllyyyyy!" ....
I'd love to have a giant Lucas the spider come to my village
L. Valentina Sigrid.
I love spiders call me crazy but I love them. And I'm in love about Lucas now. I want a plush version to hug and a movie!!!
Lucas is too pure for this world
*_The destruction of rural Wyoming by a giant mutant spider, Circa 1976 Colorized_*
I was scared of spiders... now i'm less.
RagnarøsFireLørd Fridenbergs
I’m not afraid of insects or arachnids sooooo this makes it more cuter for me
Borbàla Mastrson
That spider is sooooo cute!!! 😍😶😶😶
Puddi Panda
Ooooooooops :o
Ender Logan
“I wouldn’t hurt a fly” *Proceeds to destroy an entire village made of wood, the trees, and all of its inhabitants*
Reynaldo gmail 000000855 Zunega Castro
So cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Seven’s adventure
"...but I wouldn't hurt a fly!!!" Kills and destroys everything and everyone!😂🤣👍🏻
im_so_ litty
*depression has left the chat*
0:22 to 0:27 *people think I'm scary but I wouldnt hurt a fly* and his little big butt knocks everything down so CUTE
Sad Vibes
Finally another lucas the spider! See you again in the next few months lol.
leela lo
This one is my favorite OF ALL!!!
Gabriel Mérida
Adoro a las arañas! Pero después de ver a Lucas, las amo aun más!!
chunky monkey doing everthing
Its ok lukis. Your so cute lukis . i cant stay mad at you 😍💓💗💎😍😍😘😘 love you lukis
The Half-Blood Prince
" I wouldn't hurt a fly " -Lucas the spider 2018
Ok so when's the movie coming out?
The Glitch
Awww...makes you feel guilty.
Crazy Gamer
I demand a movie! 2hrs max!! Please give us more! 😢
Zeerak Riaz
I wish it showed how pro he is and would rebuild everything in seconds
"I wouldn't hurt a fly" you *eat* them.
Wouldn't hurt a fly *hurts people and buildings*
pheebs the dancer
Awww this is so cute
Marya Helmi
Awww so cute
Nabil Zain
Oh too cute lucas
Elizabeth Valenzuela
Lockis be careful your sister is meen
Song lyrics: Wooden village, Filled with tiny wooden people. Oooooh ~ Hi, oh hi! I just was passing by. Hey there Bob! How is the mortgage? How I really fricking like your cat! People think I'm scary, But I wouldn't hurt a fly.
MoonLight The Fox!
Sorry *Runs Away*
Ruruty Arthropode
I love this Spider ! ❣️
Annette Cruz
Poor baby he didn't mean it
"Hey bob how is the mortgage
Daddy Spider
Lucas!! My Son!!
Josie Gaming
I love wasting my time watching Spider Videos... Who am I kidding WASTING pfffft NO using my time wisely!😂
XxChemicel Smile
Mundo Vefga
Yo me encuentro es visho en mi casa y le queme y le trituro 😨😨😨
Garrett Brando
The only spider that my arachnophobia can allow me to think is cute
Spring Trap
Daddy Longlegs!
Teresa's Contamination
Hi oh hi I just was passing by people think I'm scary but I won't HURT A FLY *makes village fall* ahhh opps sorry 😂☺️☺️
DFlute07 Challita
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! How is he scary? He's so cute!!!!!
Szymek 2018
Istny niszczyciel 0:26 😐👍
Derpy Duck
The wooden people will seek revenge!!
Alicia Lopez
I.....CANT....STAND HIM!!!!!!!!HES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
A person named RyAnn
Get it? I wouldn't hurt a fly? 😂😂😂😱
Isaac Dutton
I love this! And I even have arachnophobia
Isabella Victoria
NPT Music
Lucas just can't stop singing !! Another fantastic video thanks !!!
sea weed29
so guys we did it we reached a quater of a million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing the fact that we reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal i-im just amazed, thank you all so much for supporting this channel and helping it grow I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome. so as you can probably tell this isnt really a montage parody, this is really more like a kind thank you / update video so in this video im quickly gonna go over two things: firstly advertisements, and more importantly : the future of this channel and what kind of direction its headed. okay so firstly, the advertisements. believe it or not but montage parodies are actually a copy right minefield new content is getting claimed every day. we could use something from.. lets say.. 5 years ago, and tommorow a huge company could come along and claim that video as theres and we have no control over that. and any video we use that product in could either get copy right stiked or lose monetizeation, meaning that all the money made from that video would get sent to the company, and not us. the only real way to counter this is to get advertisements placed on my channel, i mean its a win-win for everyone involved you know i get a safety net generated for myself and the company gets exposure and you guys, my sub subcribers, sit through a two second ad that will be as short and painless as possible, so next im gonna talk about the future of this channel, this doesnt mean in anyway that im actually quitting montage parodies, its basically why you subscribed to my channel and i enjoy making them and theres no reason to quit because im in full time education i have less time to make and upload videos it use to be weekly uploads and now its pretty much once a month but in my opinion uploading once a month isnt enough id like to upload more than that, i mean, as much as possible but montage parodies take a long time to make, collecting the resources, coming up with an original idea ya know, all this stuff takes time and planning and that combined with me being in education means that they take a while to make, a good video that goes into detail about this is rubber rosses video "future of independant animation on youtube" it is a different theme'd video because I dont do independant animation, but you can still kind of relate because uploads become more infrequent; channel traffic slows down this is why i want to make videos that are related to montage parodies, but arent exactly meta montage parodies, like I said before: im not quitting montage parodies, its basically seen as either you wait for me to upload one video a month or i upload one video a month with a bunch of you know, funny gameplay stuff in between. 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Ezri M
“Wooden Village, filled with tiny wooden people, owww Hi, oh hi, I just was passing by, hey there Bob how is the mortgage, howdy Frank, I like your cat, people think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a fly oops oh no oh no sorry sorry oh no ahh! Sorry!”
Netia ty kurwo
Antoni Świstak
Alan Parker
Finally another lucas the spider! See you again in the next few months lol.
Phuong Le
Why is he so cute! Lol 😂
Naya H
Nelson Eduardo Saldaña Munguía
que tierne la araña lucas apenas en mi escuela mis compañeros ven una araña porque hay muchas en mi escuela piensan que es lucas y yo les digo que no es lucas pero no asen caso pero yo se que no es lucas porque lucas es una tarantula
I would die for Lucas tbh
Kpop Room
We need a Movie 😶😶
Mia Rizqia
Ok but real talk his nephew is doing an AMAZING voice over for a little boy. Like, AMAZING. It's already hard enough Lucas doesn't have a mouth making him not see the lips movement, and not to mention the timing with Lucas moving his body.
Lucas: I wouldn't hurt a fly. Me: Lucas, you're right. After all, when you eat the flies, they straight up die without getting hurt. Sorry to break it to ya dude, but, its true.
Sanaa ul Rehman
Is Lucas Canadian?
TheREAL Bandana waddle dee
So adorable all other spiders are scary but not you but harry spiders just creep me out a lot but I don't mind you
He protec He attac But most importantly, *He sang*
TwisterPeEl [stare konto]
The polish corporation called Netia copied your idea. I mean, in their new commercial there using a animated spider looks familiar to Lucas.
Volt Toys Review
Wonderful giant Lucas
After getting my phone back from my 3yo (he had it for the past 10 mins or so watching your videos) I have to say thank you for bringing some joy to him. I am a little upset that i didn't get a chance to get my 2 boys a plushie. (I lost my job while the campaign was going on) i ask do you think you will do another one
Faris Amani
Sooo cute
Struggle Drax
Either Lucas is a trick made by bunch of doctors to cure people's fear of spiders, or he's made by God to spread happiness
Azucena Garcia
I love it ♡♡♡♡
Lucas Dantas
Muito fofo, adorável mas assutador! Por que uma aranha?! Tanto inseto no mundo... e logo Lucas! Irrrrgh!
Maddie Makes
This is the video that got me to love your channel, and Lucas... AND SPIDERS! It makes me want to play with a spider :)
mummu mumz
I used to capture spiders which comes in my closet . Its legs was Soo big .. and I searched in Google. . about spiders. It said that the one which I captured was the biggest spider in the world .. but my was still small .. growing .. I am Soo Happppyy to see Lucas .. 😍😍😍 To all spider lovers ..
Koriand'r Of The Stars
That "Hi!" in the beginning scared me. I thought Lucas hit puberty & lost his cute voice 😢😭