Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider

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Lucas the Spider might be a tiny and cute animal to some… but to others, he’s a giant! Do you love Lucas the Spider? Check out our new online store for some cute animal merchandise! /> © 2018 Fresh Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Infinite Curiosity
*Just make it into a movie already goddammit*
Martyna Barcz
*Yep. This spider is so cute and these all people with arachnophobia says: "Yaaay now I love spiders!!!". But see one:* In reality they are biting :D
im_so_ litty
*depression has left the chat*
"People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyy" Oh dear, who's gonna be the one to tell him
Aghnia Rahma Rizkika
I always feel bad for Lucas. I just feel like he needs some hugs.
Struggle Drax
Thank God Lucas survived infinity war, I was so afraid about him.
Chloe Kennedy
Aww he is so cute
*Lucas is modeled after jumping spiders* *Jumping spiders primarily eat flying insects* Lucas: "I wouldn't hurt a fllyyyyy!" ....
Lucas is too pure for this world Edit: alMOST 100 liKES WHAT
I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter!!
"But I wouldn't hurt a fly." Lucas. You're a spider. That's your *job.*
0:22 to 0:27 *people think I'm scary but I wouldnt hurt a fly* and his little big butt knocks everything down so CUTE
RR رر
It's ok Lucas, I bet those wooden people deserved it.
"Hey bob how is the mortgage
I’m never killing a spider ever again
Justin Y.
Is no one going to mention how fluid the animation is?
Elani Aniyvwia
We love you Lucas!!!!!!! No one thinks your scary!!! Your too too adorable!!!!
Drift Frenzy
Why is Lucas so cute
L. Valentina Sigrid.
I love spiders call me crazy but I love them. And I'm in love about Lucas now. I want a plush version to hug and a movie!!!
Deltarune Protector
*I just came back from the death scene clip of Charlotte and I realized how Lucas looks EXTREMELY close Like Charlotte and my jaw dropped and I thought 'What if Lucas was one of Charlotte's children?'*
I bet Lucas could have beat Thanos
the life of QTpie
mom: WHAT HAPPEND TO MY GLASS COLECTION????!!!! me two hours ago:
xXThe Dark UnicornXx And Friends
Oh my god make a cartoon of this
Lol omg cutest thing I've ever seen
leela lo
This one is my favorite OF ALL!!!
He protec He attac But most importantly, *He sang*
Recap and Decap
"But I wouldn't hurt a flyyyy" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lucas:but i wouldnt hurt a fly Me:why do you use wouldnt its supposed to be wont hey does that mean you dont really mean ?!?!?! You will hurt a fly ??
Puddi Panda
Ooooooooops :o
fuad kanapiah
i wish there's a movie of this
Sad Vibes
Finally another lucas the spider! See you again in the next few months lol.
I'd love to have a giant Lucas the spider come to my village
"I wouldn't hurt a fly" you *eat* them.
Keneki KëN
Borbàla Mastrson
That spider is sooooo cute!!! 😍😶😶😶
Ok so when's the movie coming out?
Seven’s adventure
"...but I wouldn't hurt a fly!!!" Kills and destroys everything and everyone!😂🤣👍🏻
Gabriel Mérida
Adoro a las arañas! Pero después de ver a Lucas, las amo aun más!!
Zeerak Riaz
I wish it showed how pro he is and would rebuild everything in seconds
Elizabeth Valenzuela
Lockis be careful your sister is meen
Derpy Duck
The wooden people will seek revenge!!
Nabil Zain
Oh too cute lucas
*destroys an entire civilization with people* “Sorry.”
LoneWolf CreativeGaming
Whenever he feels like he did something bad I start crying hysterically and scream *NO LUCAS NOOOOO, YOU’RE SO SWEET*
Alligator on a stick
That was a misleading title
Enderlogan YT
“I wouldn’t hurt a fly” *Proceeds to destroy an entire village made of wood, the trees, and all of its inhabitants*
Okay, I'll admit that this is adorable. :)
Crazy Gamer
I demand a movie! 2hrs max!! Please give us more! 😢
Blazing Fire
Poor Lucas... there is nothing to be sorry about...
Siobhan O'Connor
0:24 - big but troubles, I know the struggle Lucas😞
NPT Music
Lucas just can't stop singing !! Another fantastic video thanks !!!
Shining Emerald Channel
After 0:22 it got to me
I was scared of spiders... now i'm less.
Monse Lu Avalis
amo a la arañita es tan linda 😘😘💖
Karolina Romis
Qué hermosooooooo 😍😍
Alan Parker
Finally another lucas the spider! See you again in the next few months lol.
Crazy Kenzie
"Hey there Bob, how is the mortgage?" *Awful.* "......Howdy Frank I like your cat."
Kyla_Mae 567
Soooo cute
Marya Helmi
Awww so cute
Shining Star 25
Aww, He constantly makes my heart melt. Lucas for life. And someone plz get him a friend
Kpop Room
We need a Movie 😶😶
pheebs the dancer
Awww this is so cute
Fighter Bros
*Sorry* iys ok lucas the spider :)
Justin Zheng
“But I won’t hurt a fly” We’ll see about that Lucas
Mostafa Maneshi
Wouldn’t hurt a flyyyyyy... Oops sorry oh oops oh
yo lucas. "sorry" wont bring them people back
Szymek 2018
Istny niszczyciel 0:26 😐👍
Annette Cruz
Poor baby he didn't mean it
Kelly Ramires
Y el español ? 😢
Koriand'r Of The Stars
That "Hi!" in the beginning scared me. I thought Lucas hit puberty & lost his cute voice 😢😭
*Looks Badly at toys* *Sorry* ;)))
It’s so funny I woke up my family it’s 12:00
The Half-Blood Prince
" I wouldn't hurt a fly " -Lucas the spider 2018
Netia ty kurwo
Bree Z.
When you have arachnophobia but you still come here to see cute lil Lucas.
Oscar venom
This spider is in youtube rewind?
Kahuku Tropical
farkoll25 xD
Película :'v
Anas Elnahas
21' century ,you can make anything look cute
*_The destruction of rural Wyoming by a giant mutant spider, Circa 1976 Colorized_*
Isabella Victoria
Potato Girl
At first i though it was about a nother spider but it was giant and creepy but i guess i was wrong XD
I'm kinda scared because of the title giant spider.... Pls don't be what I think it is......... Will edit...... Nevermind Lucas was the giant I'm so happy now😅
This is so cute BUT I still hate spiders HOWEVER Lucas ain’t that bad he’s so innocent BUT ON THE OTHER HAND I still hate spiders
People think I'm scary but I wouldn't hurt a flyyyyyyy
brute boris the wolf 360
So cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
derrick miller
I never thought I would say this but this is one spider I actually don't want to step on. He is just lovable.
After getting my phone back from my 3yo (he had it for the past 10 mins or so watching your videos) I have to say thank you for bringing some joy to him. I am a little upset that i didn't get a chance to get my 2 boys a plushie. (I lost my job while the campaign was going on) i ask do you think you will do another one
Zachery Fulton
Someone made a parody called Lily the spider really is apparently Lucas's sister she's a lot bigger and meaner
Letícia Silva
Lucas The Spider deserves a series on Netflix...
Toni Claridad
Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! He is so tiny and innocent even though he wrecked a whole village of people out of wood
Mia Rizqia
Ok but real talk his nephew is doing an AMAZING voice over for a little boy. Like, AMAZING. It's already hard enough Lucas doesn't have a mouth making him not see the lips movement, and not to mention the timing with Lucas moving his body.
Nicey Inan
always I was afraid of spiders ... now, I'm in love and I'm searching Lucas in every Spider XD
Garrett Brando
The only spider that my arachnophobia can allow me to think is cute
Emilie Brooks
Dawwwweee!!! 💓💓💓 My life hasn't been so accurately described before
Normal Spider's Job: eat flys Lucas the spider's job: make people happy
Luiz Playz
I have arachnophobia but is just so cute 😍
Mayo Poppins
He wouldn't hurt a fly. *A fly.* *FLY.*
Beth Konkus
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂