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SONG LIST! Silent Hill Downpour - Korn Silent Hill Downpour - Intro Perk Walk 3:10 Silent Hill Downpour - In The Ravine 5:59 Silent Hill Downpour - Bus To Nowhere 9:19 Silent Hill Downpour - Meet Jp 13:00 Silent Hill Downpour - Stalking For Dinner 15:16 Silent Hill Downpour - Dont Go In The Basement 19:44 Silent Hill Downpour - Railcar Ride 22:21 Silent Hill Downpour - Downpour Intro 25:22 Silent Hill Downpour - Jump Monster 29:52 Silent Hill Downpour - Monastic Tendencies 31:32 Silent Hill Downpour - Clowing Around Whit Monsters 35:59 Silent Hill Downpour - Welcome To The Devils Pit 38:17 Silent Hill Downpour - Basement Fight 40:40 Silent Hill Downpour - CableHouse Blues 43:34 Silent Hill Downpour - Town Rain 45:58 Silent Hill Downpour - The Carvens 48:57 Silent Hill Downpour - Monastery OtherWorld 51:52 Silent Hill Downpour - The Downpour 54:42 BONUS SOUNDTRACK Silent Hill Downpour - Anna Terheim - Words Of love 58:45 Silent Hill Downpour - Silver Stailon 1:02:05 i have got to say Daniel Licht did a good job! well stay tuned for more silent hill! All the rights goes to KONAMI DANIEL LICHT. thanks!

This game was pretty good but the monster design and variety left much to be desired in my opinion. I feel like they could have been a lot more creative. Other than that, I think it was a solid addition to the series. I'm still waiting for an announcement of the next game.
This's not bad but Akira Yamaoka is Akira Yamaoka.... ;) He's the synonym of Silent Hill for me. :)
I don't care what people say, this music really fits Downpour and Murphy. It may not be the BEST Silent Hill but I'm sure that it's great, the combat and the gameplay is awesome, It didn't scare me that much, just some times, but still, the game is awesome and everyone should try it at least one time. Great soundtrack.
Jesse Andrew
The Silent Hill series has always had great music and this game is not an exception. The music was great. This game terrified me though. I dont know why but it was probably one of the scariest games I ever played.
I like how there are so many comments defending this game and not being mean about it, this might not be the best SH game and be away from its original style, but still, it`s a good game and it doesn`t deserve to be so hated.
Honestly, I loved downpour. The only thing i didn't like were the unimaginative monsters, they would've had a bit more variety as well. Other than that I enjoyed it, not it's strongest title in the series, but it had it's own style. I was actually afraid to walk the streets the first time I played. They got the atmosphere right, the rainy,fogged environment was nice too, even the blueish tone the game had
La Orden de Valtiel
Please, stop throwing shit to this game. I know, its not Akira Yamaoka, and its not Team Silent, but this is the best Silent Hill until now, in my personal opinion its better than Homecoming. Stop living in the past
Martin Bodger
Daniel Licht, you freekin Genius.
Ruvik Sabah Nur
I dont care what people say. I loved it. The music was really great.
Emma Nolan
  I don't know why this soundtrack is getting so much hate.  When I was playing downpour it harmonized beautifully with the eerie surroundings, always keeping you on the edge of your seat.  Downpour is the first I've played of the series so I might not have much room to talk, but from my experience it added a nice touch to the overall game.
Maaannnn I thought this game was a step in the right direction for SH, and then we saw the PT demo, and everything looked super promising for future SH editions... and now theres no SH game in site ;_;
daniel licht passed away on august 2nd 2017 because of cancer. rest in peace, dan. you did a great job.
Briza Von Luna
Mi amor por Silent Hill es incondicional
No No
I've played all the games, from the time I was a child, to now. From what I've learned about Silent Hill, is that it's an extremely personal experience from person to person, depending upon who it's effecting. This game, was one of my favorite of the series. Nostalgia is all that keeps me from saying favorite, and the music was stunning. It fit the character perfectly, you've a great sense of things repeating, and occasionally these panicked moments of danger, which a lot somewhere either have a pendulum ticking, or a clock chiming. You feel as if you're a person, trapped to repeat a cycle, with a great urgency to break free of it. 
Rael Roque
Intro Perk Walk beautiful i love it
Marcus Homs
it is not bad...but Akira Yamaoka is much better specially with his master piece Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack
Akira yamaoka i miss you, and SH too...!!!!
Old Account
I honestly feel that this game actually got a lot right and can stand up as a competent game on its own. I would probably rank this game right below Silent Hill 4. Possibly the one good thing to come out of the EVIL Tom Hulett era.
James Nelson Jr
If they did something between what SH 2 and SH 3 was, that would be fantastic. The psycholical parts of those games, from the enemies to the items and places the characters would end up at, was so great!
I never noticed how good this soundtrack was while actually playing the game.
Dr. Memer
"I cut my flesh to purge the hatred from so long ago" sounds like dr. fitch to me
Daniela Lillo
I really misses Yamaka on this.
G Studios
amazing game...deserved to be in the series...i love them all..if i haven't played em i watched lets plays and i have to say...unlike some people that totally disrespect downpour due to akira not making the music.  Don't get me wrong ,akira makes good music,but no need to hate on other great music composers,downpour had great music...or well still does and always will
*_theRadBrad_* made this game legit for me! I'm so glad this is one of his favorite Silent Hill games!
Maria José Cerna Tinoco
I played the others silent hills, but this is my favorite SH game.
Crap game and a shameful disgrace to what the franchise used to be. Daniel Licht really tried on the OST, and I think his work isn't half bad, but Tomm Hulett's decisions and oversight crippled this game. Licensed music in a Silent Hill game, stubbornly using Korn despite a substantial petition from the fans in protest, a messy, nonsensical story designed so that everyone is right, despite no real answer existing. Some of the game's endings even retcon events in the story it just told! This game was a mess.
James Nelson Jr
I liked this one in particular because of the way the story played out, the writing, the art direction, the music which was fantastic, and the acting. I would love to see a PC port, but I'm sure that'll never happen. They would need a really good developer to port it properly, not the stupid hacks that they had port the HD versions of SH2 and 3. Although I loved the voice acting for those games respectively.
Gonzalo Rodríguez
Rest in Peace, Daniel. Your music brought a new and distinctive sounds to this beloved franchise. You had quite the shoes to fill, and you did so wonderfully. Today and always we'll keep listening to your music that stays with us as a true memory of how much you mattered.
Sometimes I think we all need to go to our own personalized Silent Hill, if only to test our Willpower.
Euryale Music
That intro perk is just SUBLIME,
Rodrigo Black
No es Akira Yamaoka, pero debo admitir que es un excelente soundtrack!!!
Nina Wum
I've recently finished watching an LP of this game and I really like it. Sure, it's not a masterpiece by any measure - not like the first three were. But how long can one compare everything to perfection? The story is dark as fuck and compelling, the Otherworld parts burst with visual brilliance and all in all, Murphy made me root for him. I'm gonna buy Downpour.
Rest in peace, Daniel Licht.
Celacanto Movies
sooo underrated
HeroShunnen Cat
Sad,this game is good,not the best SH for sure,and i hate how the people hate the game just becouse somethings change.Sometimes changes are good,stop being ignorant.
Daniel Nariño
I liked this one too much, is not like the others but its nice to be in the town with more sense of freedom. The monsters werent good enought but is ok hope next silent hills will be better. The music wasnt bad, but we were used to a genious like Akira Y, but Daniel manage to make a masterpiece too.
Jaw Ji
Intro Perp Walk is amazing, everything else was so forgetful.
Think I'll add a comment. Completed it once 5 years ago. Loved it (needs a 2nd (now nostalgic) playthrough I think) even thought it felt different from Team Silent ones. Homecoming being the first non Tram Silent was ok and a fair effort but Downfall different and much better. Now at first I didn't like the music much because the style is SOOO different to the original games but then something happened and I now love this soundtrack. So much infact I brought the OST and listen to it supping Jim Beam or driving my car (not both together!) I also decided Daniel Licht's music was so good I also brought the Silent Hill Book of Memories OST and love that too...even though I still am yet to play the actual game. Daniel's music is emotional, beautiful, soul touching and deep. It retains a depressing creepy mysteriousness to it and I'd say it fits really well. Isn't as terrifying as earlier SH OSTs but is more drifty. Me likey aloty. Only thing is the last 2 tunes are differebt to my OST...why?
Rodrigo Campos
I actually had a lot of fun with this game. It was scary, but not that much. Maybe because I'm already ''used'' to SH, IDK...In my opinion, this SH was better than Homecoming. Of course, my favorite is still SH2!
Makina Vain
Its better then Akira Yamaoka <3
In the vague chance that Silent Hill ever makes a comeback I honestly wouldn't mind Daniel Licht composing another soundtrack for the series because this stuff is fantastic. Beautifully ambient work.
this SH has nice song tracks but when it comes to the game. Silent Hill: Origins to Silent Hill 4: The Room are great. the rest sucks. as for fav. SH. i would say SH 2. with SH 1 and SH Origins very close behind it.
jesus steven ospina bonilla
Which one is the final boss theme ?
RIP Licht...
Kah Deh
I looove Intro Perk Walk!!! -heart shaped eyes-
sigh. I guess I'm the only one who misses Akira Yamaoka when it comes to SH soundtracks.
Thomas Lewis
Does anyone know why Yamaoka didn't do the music this time?
M. N.
K-Korn? What?..
i tried giving this ost a shot but its just so terribly bland and bad almost as bad as the creature designs
Makina Vain
John Kimble
I've heard enough. This is terrible!
Kali Archon
This soundtrack is meh. doesn't capture Silent Hill much at all.
Leon Scott
Eu gosto muito desse jogo. Um dos melhores que eu já joguei. Silent Hill Downpour
Korn in a Silent Hill soundtrack... absolute heresy.
Trapito Sama
Que genérico.
Matt Irivne
The soundtrack is actually pretty darn good. That being said, this is not Silent Hill music. The music of Silent Hill has always been one of the things that really stood out among video game soundtracks. Odd tempos and unsettling rhythms with unusual arrangements of noise, that's what comes to mind when I think of Silent Hill. This sounds like the music you'd hear in just about any game from almost any genre these days. Talented composer, terrible choice for the material in question. Also, who the hell though to themselves "Gee, I always thought this legendary horror series needed songs from Korn in it!"
Daniel Simpson
Down pour was still a great game in my opinion! i prefer the older games but the only silent hill game i didn't enjoy was shattered memories on the Wii.
the chase track is one of my favorites
Wielki Wezyr Białostocczyzny
Last minute of "In The Ravine" is exquisite.
Gato Alemão
man, of all the characters of the SH games murphy is the best on my opinion
Genesis of Alexandria
Daniel its more deeper and darkness
Wolf Rine
I played up to the library haha got too freaked out but I enjoy SH I hope it'll be revived but doubtful..
Fahad Alnafisa
Seriously best music i've ever heard in a SH is Origins <3
Juan Carlos Abrahamsohn
Prefer topics made by akira yamaoka are best for the type of game, no longer seems silent hill...
Os Martz
anybody knows who play "how do" cover?
Rijvi Abir
listening in 2018?
Progames Drive
 Akira yamaoka >>> All
I loved this game, I played all the other ones and still like them. So what if it wasn't so "critically" claimed as everybody says it is. It is what it is and so it be. Let it go~
16:59 Epic
That moment when the bus was leaving the prison while listening to this 11:00 was really hilarious... I always remember Harry Mason for some reason when i see the bus heading to Silent Hill... Downpour isn't really that bad... just that atmosphere wasn't there.
I prefer Akira Yamoaka.
Great atmosphere in this game but everything else just felt like it could have been so much better, OST included. Love me some Korn though.
ordered this online three years ago. Still waiting.
7 things
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It is good, but Silent hill 2 OST is just a MP
"The Downpour" track sounds like spanish dance music when the keyboards come in.
Demo - crazy
I'm questioning whether or not I should make a music video to this game.
Awsome soundtrack , awsome game :)
Demo - crazy
So far my musical choices is in between In The Ravine, Bus To Nowhere, and Meet Jp.
I like all Akira Yamaoka's Silent Hill OST´s. BUT THIS IS AWESOME!! I LIKE THIS MORE!! It was a good change. As many fanboys from hell I was concerned... but now I think is a great OST. ONE OF THE BEST!!
iyfr ,nb
Yuri Lix
I see like Akira betters, Sorrieh!! No hard feelings to anyone who likes this, I do like this album too after all.
Korn?!! boooo! Skip.
3ESaaAlhouti Al Baloushi
Sir Edison Trent
No silent hill game is original without Akita Yamaoka
I have completed Downpour 3 Times and unlocked 3 endings and I can say that Downpour is still my fav S.H game. INB4 LE TEAM SILENT ARMY POP UP.
Irvin Garcia
Que asco korn, mucho mejor la música del Dios Akira yamaoka
Aubrey Britton
What song is Korn playing?
 38:17 heh. listen to us talk, as if anybody out there gives a damn.
kakarot cabage
the soundtracks are all bad.  i would not play this game because of the terrible soundtracks. 
That is true. They have their style and gave another flavor to match your music. I'm not saying they are bad at what they do EYE. But ... I wish much to Akira continue in this franchise.
Korn Blanket Of Shame is so epic
I like it, I grew up when Korn was popular. Akira is good but eventually you wanna hear something else.
Akira Yamaoka is "Akira Yamaoka"
No. The best is, and will remain, Akira Yamaoka
hasan phenom
Korn is perfect for this game
Yami Neko
¡Genios hay pocos! Eso es algo que se sabe y primeramente no soy una persona cerrada de mente. Yo no eh dicho que la música de Daniel sea mala, ya oí todo el álbum para que no pienses que soy de las personas que hablan por que sí, pero que quede claro JAMÁS será Akira. Cada uno tiene su estilo y a mi personalmente me gusta el de Akira, pero sin embargo también me gusto esté álbum, no voy a decir que no solo por que me gusta la música de Yamaoka, no soy una fangirl ardida.