Herbalife Montreal Canada Ind. Member C. Arthur-Quick Workout by Samantha Clayton

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I just did this awesome workout. How many calories did I burn with this workout? I am on my diet to lose some extras pounds.
kateřina cínová
Užasne cvičení na kondicí a spalování tuku.Je my 70 let ,změna životního stylu,zhubla 14 kg během 4 měsíců.Můj metabolický věk 55 let.Chcete vědět jak napište.Irena
Rajshri Satputaley
It good exercise for weight loss
Carlos Moreno Ayala
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Carl Parna
to check how many calories you burnt, use an electronic calorie scanner Before and after excercise!!
Nita Yadav
Hi guys I'm very happy. Because I have best product in wold...... Herbl life.
Techno Talk
Hi I joint herbalife
Sohail Faisal
thank u herbal life.its really works
erika torres
hi samantha! i enjoy your workout here on youtube, remember me its erica one of the makeup artist who do your makeup when your here in the philippines for herbalife!!! take care!
deepak Wildest Dream
its so good workout for weight lose and maintain fitness . I also 14 kg weight gain and muscle mass
Puja Kumari
Hello mam i join this
Carl-Catholic Music-Eng-Fr-Esp
Would you like to join with us? If you want more information? It would be a great pleasure to be there for you 😊😊
Hiep Jena
My first day, Oh my legs, It cound't move :(
Adil Ahmad
after workout I am feeling better
Shabista Saifi
superrr yr i ilke it
Maria Munoz
Estoy agradecida por contar con este apoyo.
Hi guys.... plz tell me if I do this exercise during period
Pal Magdolna
Thank you Samanta
Chieu Nguyen
gần giống bài tập của chị hana giang anh
Dianne Pascual
Thank you for this great exercise. If i may ask, how much calorie does this exercise burn? Thank you?
Rowena Bunuan
Does anyone know how much calories burned in this exercise?
raoof ramzan
thank u dear😍😘
yunuen roman
Did this yesterday for 20 min and was drenched in sweat ..awesome workout !!! Loved it
Kavita Vaidya
Thanks a lot mam
Danijela Jovanović
Thenk's HERBALIFE💗💪💪💪🌞😘💋
José Domingos do Carmo
Meus parabéns Samantha pela aula, isso que é profissionalismo, tudo isso a gente pode fazer sem sair de casa. #fitcampsantamonica, whatszap 4891455778, Floripa, toda quarta feira.
ru bagchi
Just wow
Krisia Paula
very good workout
Thuy nguyễn
this exercise is easy to do it's very effective as well Thanks a lot!
Thanh Huyen Nguyen
so tired,but im good ! ^^ :))))))))))
Berenice Curro
awesome workout!
Sk Sk
nebulos fire
does anybody knows the title of this all the work out musics ?
Salvina Riggio
davvero bellissimi
Shamama Raju
Nipsalok Padhi
you r grt
Keyren Lloren
Awesome workout ! keep it up the proper exercise. Anyway, I hope there's an exercise for the hip to make me more fit . Thanks! :)
Nipsalok Padhi
you r grt
relly goood
connie concepcion
Hi! Samantha ,everyday work out together with you it's really good! We're feeling great, thanks a lot! Stay active stay healthy.from :connie Herbalife member.
Manasi Pakira
Awesome workot
Shivani Vithalkar
Very great exercise my son was 78 kg after doing this exercise for 1, year regularly and following the instructions he lost 20 kg thanks Herbalife
Oyukhai T
tthank you
manolo fortich mps
Balaji Mane
ina yah
Hey, of all the weight loss diets that I have used, the only diet that succeeded for me was Adams fat code (just google it). Really the most amazing diet that made me look better and happier.
hạt mít
very good!
Arul Arul
very bad
Ajinkya Ajabe
Muze download karana hai
Lilly Morales
Gracias Samanta es de mucha ayuda me ha encantado esa rutina fácil de hacer
Simar Sandhu
Eh exercise krn nl kine din ch weight loss ho jnda a
crazy 456
its a perfect and efective workout for weight loss as well as for a healthy life great job samantha clayton maam👍👍
Nagendra Gowda
Hiii mam i really like ur work out and ur cuit namaste also
Usha Arora
Thx mam
Raju Chimariya
Hlo mam m frm india I recently join harbal life n m looking ahead about harbal life ...... I love u excersise❤️
Раяна Маманова
Саманта я тебя люблю!:). С тобой я начинаю свой день, каждое утро я смотрю один из твоих видео и делаю вместе с тобой. Это класс!!!
Enkhtur Chuluunbaatar
dania ac
Im beginner. Usually i cant even get thru 10 minutes to workout or doin aerobic, but this instructions by coach samantha is amazing and easy! 💕
veena nishty
How many times it should be do in a day to reduce weight fast.
Deepika Mani
How can i remember all the steps?
Ramdev Dhurev
Wath badhana hai sir Kiya karun
Nilakamol Soibam
I want it
Akshara Agrawal
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sabavath Priyanka99
I joined in Herbalife it really works😊
Farima Ajmer
Thanks you ma'am 😘😍
Bismillah Kitchen
Thanks Mam
Aisha Mehbin
I love uuuuuuu
Arman Mondal
Yeduuu Pushuuu
Download karte nai aaye ga ky
kalluri vijay kumar goud
Zeba Qureshi
Waoo mam thanku
Poojappa Poojappa
Thank you so much Herbalife and marcues
Sheenam Mittal
Drenching in sweat ryt nw... Good exercise.. Realy hard for d beginners..bt i ll try to continue it for d nxt whole month ...
psycho Boy
Padmashree herbalife associate
Tanku madam..
Chandrabhushan Bhardwaj
nice tips
Changamayum Purnima
Herbelife is so good
ina xaaji nuur
Moreshwar Daihwar
Weightloss workout good
Shweta Panday
A&F Mohamed
Really good
Jitendra Yadav
Nice mam thank you mam
Simran Panchal
So good workout but this is not download
Trang Phạm
I love Herbalife, I love samatha 😍😍😍
birjitmeiteic c
Please make the video downloadable so that everyone can save in their smartphones
Tamphamani Thokchom
Woowww i love this😍😍😍
anamika dwivedi
Hi I also join herbalife
Shiney Biswas
I love herbalife 💓💓💓💓
pia soibam
How can I download this video
Adil Ahmad
Pushpa Latha
Hi I am using Herbalife since 4 months and doing workouts. I lost almost 12 kgs and feel very nice.
Antara Pathak
It's too good
Tasken Kazi
Thanks 👌👌👌
Thiet Chi Nguyet
Thanh you bai tap rat hay dien vien dep
Musician Rableen Taluja
ye video offline save kyuu nhii ho rahi h??
Manish Singh
NYC workout
Preeti Khera
ye video save nahi hota sir