Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

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After 350 Billion years I found it!
Who's watching this _RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?_
I guess Gaben is the last form of evolution
This one is one of my favourites..the music and the video
In my opinion, one of the best music video clips ever made!
Kai Proton
Longest Simpsons couch gag ever
For those who've missed the point, the video is a critique of humanity. All throughout the video we have new species evolving due to new selective pressures. The fish needs swim faster so it becomes more streamlined, then the amfibian needs feet to walk on the land, then the crocodile thingy needs paws to climb trees etc. Only when we get to humans in the video does the trend change. Technological advances have made our lives so easy that we've become fat and lazy. There is no reason to evolve, there are no selective pressures to drive evolution and the t-shirt drives this point home by stating '#1 already so why try harder'. This one of my favorite music videos for sure. Very artistic and it has a message behind it.
The Racing Monkey
Instant classic
Jarrah White
Loved this video back in the 90s, but I gotta say that the timer is grossly inaccurate. The earliest lifeforms date back to 3.5 billion years ago, not 350 billion years ago. Hell, the entire universe is only about 13 billion years old! And the Earth itself is only 5 billion years old.
Lord Skeptic
A lot of people saying about the Timeline not being accurate and that this it not how evolution happened. This is a music video not an educational video about evolution.
Manuel Matteo
We watched this in Biology class lol
Mr. Black
Right Here, Right Now........ ....at Sherman Williams. No? I'm going to bed. -_________-
Pocket Purrer
Oh, it's one of these "everyone knows this song but don't know it's name" songs, welp, glad i founded it
so awesome, so very awesome. i'm kinda surprised there's so few views, when this came out it gave me a legit existential crisis in a good way
Chilly Willy
This is one of my dads favourite songs
I love how it starts with a round blob and ends with a round blob....
its not 350 billion but million they made a mistake
Better than James bond mission impossible
Uno de los mejores videos musicales de la historia
Who's right here right now in 2018 ? 😊
Anya Bilto
this was the first song on earth
TFear Stashbox
This is why people don't understand evolution.
David Perdomo
When life throws a crisis your way, you better figure out how to evolve, to become something you’re not yet, something better :)
Peter Griffin
listening to this song gives me nostalgia
Alex Shiva Botez
one of the most brilliant vids and concepts ever, along with massive attack's "teardrop"
Dolev wajsbrot
3 billion years of evolution came to a fat american who sits and do nothing ^_^ cheers!
Veni Vidi Vici
I dont quite agree with the timeline but the baseline works
何かが今から始まる時に最適な一曲ですね! どこからともなくヤル気がみなぎります♪
Right here in the Nostalgia, I miss 1999
Joimar Brito Gonçalves Filho
Paulo Kogos é o ápice da evolução humana.
The Anything Goes Channel
This is so wrong evolution did not happen like this very very different. But still cool
Lone Ranger
This reminds of me in america New York at night ??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣👍🏽
Right Here Right Now 🦈+🦎+🦍=🏃🏻‍♂️_____?
Kobe N1
90е....великое время-а сейчас одно говно мтв хуити да бузовы шмары (
One of the best music videos ever ! Period !
Michael Pohoresky
I think they meant to say 350 million years ago.
Apex legends???
Semyon Galtsev
Easily one of the best music videos ever made.
Armand Brown
the most 90s thing on youtube thats not Sandstorm
The Samurai Duke
I'm a Chelsea fan and Manchester City (Etihad Stadium) brought me here
Vi som älskar 90-talet!
Treehouses & Motors
Top 10 Ancient Creatures You'll Be Glad Are Extinct 2:06
So, Gabe Newell is the final form of evolution?
Totally right: the fat guy is the last stage of evolution.
Kamil Iam
Thank you, Norman Cook, for the greate music)
Amazing how far we've come.
Apex soundtrack totally stole this.
I'm not watching it right here, right now but in 2019. And I will watching it for the next 350 billion years.
Андрей Лазарев
Darwin 🚶🏻‍♂️🦍🐒🐿🐀 evolution!
For people who are into guitars that slightly dabble in dance music per se.How quaint.
Shiva's Chimera
Is it a fruitful world yet? Or do we need more time? Tell Orange tree to watch it's branches.
Joy Thekiso
after about 7 years searching for this I found it I found it I found it I found it
This is a perfect video to show in a science class
Clank Zoka
One of the best music videos out there, revolutionary!.
1998.. 90's.. the good ole years
Michael Rose
A great song to play when football teams enter the pitch before the game
ioan chernev
Who listen this 350 billion years ago ?
"This isn't even my final form!" 😂
The music for every Microsoft PowerPoint ever.
Jack Shields
Best video ever. Cameo appearance by Fatboy Slim himself at 03:00
All I'm finding here are a bunch of people complaining about Religious people, but no actual religious people.
grey says
Love the 90s
Heinrich Himmler
What inspired the Fatboy Slim made this mind blowing video clip
That's literally how Darwin imagined the evolution to be.
what has omelet evolved into a scrambled egg
Onur Elderturk
Darwin liked this video
Secret ending to the video: "2019?!" idiots. #Why try harder
Burtoll E n E
heard that in Weston favell park singin by some bird,no jokes
James Bond well
Someone's always watching just beware
zJulii _
0:50 Sounds like a Part of the music of apex
3 Shot Tim Knight
"My name is Chev Chelios. And today's the day I die."
David French
First comment of 2019! Yeah!
Ninja Student
The lunatic redneck from YouTube lol
lemon นะจ๊ะ koikoikoi
นึกถึงตอนสาวๆ...ตอนอัพยา ชีวิตวัยเด็ก บัดซบมาก
Charles Darwin's favorite video
Axel Sonnet
Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool Neanderthals developed tools We built a wall (we built the pyramids) Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries That all started with the big bang! Hey!
wiifinity IFwiifinity
Perfect music for the break danse 👌
Yo ese tema,lo tengo en un VHS;que fue grabado en el 1998 aproximadamente creo?
DerpyRell 06
Leon dodging laser room.....
and now the space era will start
Hannibal Okoye
I believe in Lamarcks theory of evolution by acquired characteristics
Jessy G
2:59 that would have been the point where he would have grabed his smartphone, if this were 2018 not 1998. Aaaaah good old days.
Erick Meléndez
3.7 K Christian or god believers don´t like this video!
Gio Pal
Meaning of the song: Evolution is finished, we are not running anymore
awdadw adwad
This song is soo magical omfg. And the video is perfect too!! Classic
But i need my back in then win xp pentium d (?) Laptop with the media player that has the visuals. Then we good gs!
wayne ludlam
from 1:50 it sounds like its saying being baptised it hurts my head. nothing like the correct lyrics
Ju Lo
This reminded of that old SNES game EVO: The Search for Eden.
those kind of timeless music will hear some lord God i tell U. history of music people kind
I remember watching this when I was very young and being absolutely mesmerised.
Ryan Sizemore
Exactly why we must keep evolving, and adapting. What horizons may we seek when we all strive to be our best.
Lizandra Ramos
That's one way to put it into perspective.
Jorge Alexander
Right here, Right Now presente en los suplementarios, en Russia 2018
Stuck in the 90's
Makes me wanna smack every person talking about that Nissan commercial.. You should be sent to jail for not knowing this..
3:00 *Eats bread* 3:09 *Immediatly becomes absolute unite after eating single piece of bread*
Paul Ashley
Them opening strings are 👌🏻
Алексей Меленберг
18 yers ago i here
Behzad Motallebizadeh
Such a GREAT music in service of a nonsense concept!
Joe Jupiter
The Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. This video begins with "350 billion years ago". It's clearly a video from the Pre-Wikipedia-Era.
Amitava Debnath
Playing this in loop ..so addictive 😋😇