Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

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Right Here fat boy slim fatboyslim electronic dance big beat electronica house funk soul fatboy norman cook quentin

i guess i should play EVO for snes to this song XD
I love how it starts with a round blob and ends with a round blob....
El Turco
Evolution is so interesting and beautiful.
Yacine Ray
this song is more beautiful than all the actual songs
Marc Garito
2:51 The slow mo is amazing
♥ Amo este vídeo:D
Some Name
300 billion years ago... The universe didn't exist yet!
Uno de los mejores videos musicales de la historia
Fadi Moghrabi
Premier League Football anyone?
The Racing Monkey
Instant classic
After 350 Billion years I found it!
Regenbogen Drache
Mein Bier, mein Bett, mein Bier, mein Bett
3:24 beer, beer, beer beer, beer, beer ...
IMO one of the greatest melodies of all time!
So, Gabe Newell is the final form of evolution?
NISSAN brought me here =o
Riv Ras
2018 anyone ?
Дмитрий Шульц
охуеный клип 5/5
FamilyFriend Jesus
2:02 Harambe
Niccolò Vaiano
Meaning of the song: Evolution is finished, we are not running anymore
Kai Proton
Longest Simpsons couch gag ever
back in the day this was a beast of a track!
1000 dislikes from Chrisitian people
where is your god now?
Manil Kacisaid
best song in this fucking world admit
Manuel Matteo
We watched this in Biology class lol
Played at the end of pretty much every Wales football game when we were 117th in the workd rankings a few years ago. Now it's Zombie Nation - Kraftwerk
Trust me the last guy was not Gods divine idea !! It had to be evolution !!!
Anya Bilto
this was the first song on earth
Christopher Wenzlaff
This is so great....... its breathteaking, thank you for making this! greatings from germany
This music video is amazing, but it always makes me feel a little melancholy too. Humans have effectively "won" the race; we control the planet and can do whatever we want to the environment and other species. After billions of years, it feels like we've reached the end... and we might be the last great species on the planet if it becomes unlivable in the next hundred years or so.
Vasilios Petris
argggggg, these damned advertisements at the start
Manchaster City entrance song
Max Nix
Onur Elderturk
Darwin liked this video
Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video] :D
RIP Darwin ...
I listened to this in Music Class! :D
Dave Meese
This song is sooooooooo familiar! WHERE HAVE I HEARD IT
Paul Tatoi
Evolution is a steaming pile of pure bullshit. Nice song, though.
In my opinion, one of the best music video clips ever made!
Denis Ramara
0:43 Its me XD
Just Skullz
This brings me back memories of when I was in primary school. Good times ;).
They should of ended him sitting in front of a computer.
Kelty Wilton
Probably My favorite music video ever <3 Much Love
Mohamed Abdalla
We watched this in music class lol
Amazing how far we've come.
Ryan Winkley
Right Here, Right Now. Fatboy Slim is a Legend.
Dino PpB
Best song that ever hit me, and still does!
Veni Vidi Vici
I dont quite agree with the timeline but the baseline works
Jatinder Singh
Creation of God.👍
Paul Widdowson
When I used to go arsenal they used to play this before games and it used to be rocking before big games especially
Joy Thekiso
after about 7 years searching for this I found it I found it I found it I found it
Данил Емельянов
in three minutes i was learned more than in a school, ohh this is bad
wiifinity IFwiifinity
Perfect music for the break danse 👌
evolution stopped because we got too fat and can't keep walking...
Andriy Shamryk
one of the greatest video i ever seen
Anyone else notice the guy stood on top of the rock pillar in the middle of the screen right when the gorilla has jumped down at 02:17? Stood there in the far distance dancing until he gets struck by lightning.
No way this is nearly 8 years old
Ryan Daly
Lol our teacher showed us this so we could get the jist of evolution
I like the follow up song better 'Somewhere else, maybe later"
Semyon Galtsev
Easily one of the best music videos ever made.
and now the space era will start
Don Diablo, Hexagonians <3
it never gets old
Gaznuza ;-D
Best fcking music video ever!
This is the first video I watched when I got Internet in my house in 2010 :D Cool, I found it again. Thank you YouTube.
do crabs thing human walk sideways
I totally didn't keep watching this for 350 Billion Years.. No no I think they Believe me
Jake Jake
2018 русские, прием
ERROR: The earth is only 5 billion years old, not 350. Also primate-mammals evolved from furry reptiles, not croc-type reptiles.
Steph Matich
A top song of 1999, still listened to today
Crooked Hillary
I did not have sexual relations with those emails..
TheSaton Game
Круто нечего немогу сказать
We all evolved to be a fat guy on a bench. Remember what we have been through to get to this point!
Who is watching in 2017?
So this must be where Don Diablo took the lyrics from for "momentum"
Hopefully not Going hell
The Fiercetigress
Th concept of evolution is so cool and beautiful however I don’t believe in it but great video
So David Guetta sampled this in "Memories"..
Muaz Qamar
Should've ended on his living room couch in front of the TV
Reika Ratnam
m right here, right NOW
I love when the Leafs play this when it's a close game in the 3rd
Jessica Pichati
does the intro of this song remind anyone of pet shop boys-east end girls? or is it just me.
Great clip.
I think this Video was edit 350 billion years ago.
pocket purrer
Oh, it's one of these "everyone knows this song but don't know it's name" songs, welp, glad i founded it
Majqa Life
super video!
Allen Benian
Big Fat Liar brought me here
Xena Jackie Lawless O ' Connor
Me mola está música y su vídeo jajajajajaja
Unechte _HD
THIS has we in History
Terry F
Well they predicted what humans would look like in 2018!
I have a feeling that the entire joke of this entire video is that the guy is fat
"This isn't even my final form!" 😂
Marquita Woods
OMG this took me forEVER to remember and find this song!!!! The song sums up my whole childhood! #90sBaby4Life
Connor Warburton
Colin O
Easily one of the best platformers ever made. 10/10 would replay.
Kenny Algona
I'm number 1 so why try harder
Diana Janice Gonzales Almejo
18 M OMG
Camille Wians
push the Tempo Bob ....
iconic video.....never gets old