AE86 - What Makes it so Great?

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Today we take a look at the Toyota Corolla AE86 and why it’s so good on and off of Akina. Instagram - />Twitter - />Discord Server - />Stickers: /> Videos Used in Order of Appearance: VHS Tape Glitch and Static Noise - Free Footage [2K HD] /> Keiichi Tsuchiya - Pluspy (part 2) /> Initial D First Stage - Initial D: First Stage - 15 - Takumi's Fury (SUB) /> Keiichi Tsuchiya, AE86 vs. GTR-R34 /> AE86 Thanksgiving Donuts /> ☛Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86 Drift Keiichi Tsuchiya ★ /> AE86 Trueno lights /> Toyota 4AGE - Look inside the trumpets! /> TOYOTA TRUENO AE86 3SGE BEAMS ON THE ROAD ACELERATING AND EXHAUST SOUND . /> Boosted Levin AE86 | Forever 86' /> 20v AE86 ITB - PURE SOUND /> Close lightning! /> My 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 /> Bens clean AE86 /> Man pretends to be an AE86 rally driver /> Custom Compact Intake - AE86 /> Regular Car Reviews: 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Part 1 /> Iroha AE86 Touge /> 箱根 大平台 七曲り 峠 走り屋 ドリフト 1988~① /> AE86 USDM corolla gts /> Toyota Corolla AE86 Panda White - Poor's man Initial D Replica USDM /> Kyle Pollard F20C AE86 Levin Drift InMotion /> University Of Jdm - Matthew McDowell's AE86 Corolla (Drift Video) /> 1994 AE86 cashiew nikko circuit race open /> Vechtdal Rally 2017 l Toyota Corolla AE86 Dries Bosch & Coen Roetgerink /> Insane Touge Skills ( AE 86 - ONBOARD ) /> Real Life Initial D 86 Tribute "Night Drive" 頭文字D /> AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS - Sony a6500 / Zhiyun crane / Sony 10-18 f4 /> Music Used in Order of Appearance: HOME – We’re Finally Landing [Synthwave] /> HOME – Above All /> /> />

The303Garage ThatDudeinBlue Haggard Garage Car Throttle STI Honda Turbo Supercharger Boost 2JZ RB26 Rally Drift 240sx Nissan Skyline GTR Drag Racing Burnout Mitsubishi Cars Car Top Gear Exhaust Street Racing Akina AE86 Trueno Initial D Takumi AESTHETIC VHS Levin Documentary Video Essay What Makes it so Great? Hachiroku Noriyaro Ricer Miata Stage 1 Eurobeat Vaporwave Synthwave 4A-GE 11k rpm NANI GT-APEX Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King

There's one reason why the AE86 became even far more popular? Eurobeat Instensifies.
Why? Because it was lightweight, easy to modify, aftermarket parts did not cost a fortune, well balanced rear drive chassis, and perfect as a daily drive on Japanese roads.
Jake Wicha
Just bought a AE85 by accident the guys at the gas station made fun of me :(
Takauchi Nishika
There no Eurobeat At background, with Eurobeat, Its became 1000HP Tofu Delivery car
Ivoruz Cz
dont forget when you pop up headlight it adds about 250 hp + some eurobeat and you have a 500 hp car
Zenki Trueno
1. The 80's nostalgia 2. Pop Up Headlights 3. Amazing Handling for an Eco Car 4. The Drift King 5. Initial D 6. Amazing Drift Format 7. Non-car people don't think they're worth much when they sell them 8. The respect you get when you don't completely trash one. I love my 86, I could care less about the open diff or the 4AC SOHC. 86 for life!
Kazz The Imperial Guard
Epic Benjo
While visiting Japan a few years ago, I was told by an old Toyota engineer that when building the concept of this car they realized that they had created a very well-balanced car unintentionally. The weight distribution worked out for this car very nicely. A happy accident. And thus became a great car to slide and drift around in!
第一 Also this is my first 4K video so be sure to enjoy all those glorious pixels.
Jakey Edit
highside_ okami
He's so smart that I cried because he knows me like my mother
I approve of this video. Good works!
Oscar M
when you miss a shift with the car stopped 2:30
RX7 next
Johny Oxley
This video is so good. Makes me sad but also happy, back in the 90's street racing in Japan was big still is but it was very dangerous due to all the gangs back then. But it was more underground with not masses of people knowing about it. But now its a cool chill environment where people talk and share ideas and admire cars and driving skill and there are still high intensity battles going on now but alot safer than back in the day.
but Takumis 86 wasnt really a cheap car, considering it had flashy suspension and TRD racing engine pushing around 250HP which is more than double of original engine. so what Initial D showed was how good sleeper cars are, coz everybody judged the car by looks and age
2:30, was that really the 86? It sounds like someone making fake car sounds. Lmfao
Keksauce Paul
My FD is better than his 86. I can keep up with his downhill while he can't (obviously) keep up with my hill climb
Infinity man
The lightness , horsepower , RWD , engine , transimisson , the past 100 chime and KAN-SAI DORIFTO !
Diego García
Totally Not A Spy
I really wish i could get an AE86. I don't even care if it's the Corolla GT-S version, as long as it is LHD it will be perfect.
LSSJ Gaming
Hachi Roku is popular cuz Initial D
Master Chief
My mom came into the room while I was covered in the biggest goddamn goosebumps from that sound of that 2JE engine...she thought I had smallpox...
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷPandemƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷJuneƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Heres what makes the AE86 so great T_T POP UP HEADLIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dj Mastermind
Vents 4
*cough* *cough*, *Eurobeat Intesifies* DEJA VU !!!!!!
Redlive 36
I dont Know why, but the intro music touched my heart :)
Eduardo Seitz
I like the 80's feel of this video
Man from Nantucket
The basis of the entire anime is the underdog story, that some unknown kid in what's effectively a piece of shit car can take some big names. The car itself is nothing special, so please don't get it confused with something it isn't. It's just a Corolla, not your Lord and Savior
the ae86 is actually named from its chassis code not its vin, and in america the chassis code is ae86 on all of them.
2:06 That:s My car! 😀 enjoyed this thanks
It's Helmsbram
Do the RX7 next. Although i love the FD, you could do any of them
Ornstein the DragonSlayer
It's just a 2 door carolla REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Amazing video! Also using clips from Pluspy and Iroha_02. 10/10 <3 Even tho, there were more trim levels, like the Lissé, XL, SE, etc (and a couple more that i don't remember right now). between both Levins and Truenos (but AFAIK only for Japan, USDM cars were either SR5s, the equivalent of the Japanese AE85 or GT-S, the equivalent of the GT-Apex). Also there were 2 more engines installed in 86s, the 1500cc 3A-U (yes, in Japan they are called AE85s buuut they're kinda still 86s, just a Lower trim than the "Sporty" GT-Apex/GT-S) and the equivalent for American/Export market, the 1600cc 4A-C (same block as the 4A-GE but with a carb and a non-sporty 8-valve SOHC head).
FBI Agent
I think it looks ugly as hell but I still love it
Lim Kaiser
FINALLY !!! It seems I'm not the only car enthusiast that appreciates "HOME" his songs are dope and retro. By the way the clip from "Supreme Tsekereke" are from Malaysia drifting in the "Genting Highlands" Touge. Cheers and Two Thumbs up!!
That car is so over hiped and it wouldn't have a tenth of the recognition it does without that anime.
Some 86's however came with 4-AC
The red one had a 3SGE
AE86 is my favorite car <3
Keanu Dobo
You should do one of these videos on the nissan fairlady
NoFuck You
Twilight sparkle
Cuz initial d is life
Jay R
i just like it cause of the hatch and has pop up light.. like 240sx/180sx, rx7, celica, mr2 (kinda) etc.
I brought an 86 coupe a while back looked at the engine it had a 3a. Then after I brought a hatchback 86 and found it it also have a 3a under the hood. Now I suffer from the itsuki complex. How does one's luck be so bad to end up with a 3a twice over in the U.S. when U.S. market did not even come with a 3a?
Initial D, Driftin', Synthwave, what a wonderful wooooooorld..........
"VIN number" is redundant. VIN stands for "vehicle identification number".
I love HOME. I also love the AE86. Therefore I love this video
The LouDog
David S.
Do the Impreza 22b
Thank you for taking the time to list the video specifics, definitely much appreciated! ( The sources/background music),
The intro made me have tears of joy
Tide Pods
Dude am i a betrayle since i like levin with a RB26DETT inline 6 in it
Does it use stick shift or normal
unfunny memes ruined this car
DO YOU LIKE MY CAR.............
Mr. Popohere
I love how you used all this music by home.
Benson Wu
Voice acting: 10/10
Came for the video, stayed for Home
Teo Ch.
STARTED WITH *HOME* MUSIC, BAYBE! edit: this video is filled with HOME songs, I love it!
Mark The One
wooo takumi
Torben Kl
The memes
BMW M3!!!
That HOME intro
really good video man. I'm personally one of those r34 fanboy kids, I'd like to see you cover the r34 gtr on your next vid, and other r34 models if you'd like to.
Gedas alekveravičius
Wow, never recogniced that 86 sounds like subbie
Sam Rountree
Could you do a 'what makes it so great' for American muscle, in particular mustang/shelby, from what I've seen so far your more interested in Japanese tuners and I respect that but I'd really appreciate more variation in your content.
What about the rolling guys? :(
Jenson Wong KS
The copy cat that mentioned in this video (short scene) is actually a video clip from Malaysia Genting Highland highway chased... The driver is some one I knew from SS Works "Ah Boy"
Ronald Freeman
Really good video
CRX next Please
RoGamingBros - SN Animator
Takumi now owns his dad's AE86 because his dad bought an Impreza
UnderBridge Rock
I drive the original MR2. Unless you drift, the MR2 if faster. EVERYBODY I know with 86 bought it because of RWD, high rev, and low inertia. I'm sick of kids saying we all bought 1600cc's because of some homo aneme I've never seen. Honestly there is NO overlap there. I don't know anyone that watches initial D. People that watch initial D don't own 86's and wouldn't have the mechanical skills necessary to keep one running.
dude i loved your video. make one about the mustang too. I'm thinking of getting this car. if you ever come to dubai hmu
Do the Camaro!
And it stills exist in japan
Great videos, keep up the great work!
Derp Herp
and now the price of AE86 is the price of getting new Honda Civic
Gregory Lee
Hi mate how's it going hope all is well with you mate. Excellent vidio mate thanks for sharing but i need someones help please if anyone can help me.I have a 1991Toyota Celica GT4 ST185R AWD TURBO.On the hwy the other day traveling at 100kmh my car started to lock up in the rear wheels anyway when i stopped i couldn't get it into any gear and when i finely got it into first to take of it just started to clunk and then it started to lock up i couldn't get it into any gear after that.anyway can anyone help me out please with getting a new gearbox for my celica because i can't get a gearbox for my celica in Australia any where. Anyway thanks for sharing take care Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia. 🌎👍.
German Quiroga
You did great! Greetings from Argentina!
Lin Chester
dude! i strongly approve this video! If not for Initial D, i would not have know about the AE86 I grew up watching Initial D as a kid, and that got me into cars That anime open my eyes and introduced me the RX-7s, GTRs and many other like the Nightkids EG6 and EK9. there was a video about Keiichi Tsuchiya AE86 which is the GT-V or Apex model the second highest trim version of the AE86 and that was his first car he bought with his own money. Takumi AE86 is the GT-Apex which was the highest trim model of the AE86 and it used the Red top version of the engine which had 130bhp stock but Bunta tuned it to be 150bhp. The later engine which the AE86 used is the 4AGE 20V Silvertop Group A TRD racing engine which we all love to hear. But being a racing engine, mere mortals like us will have no chance of getting the engine but at least we can get the 20V Blacktop or Silvertop from the AE101s and AE111s Keiichi Tsuchiya AE86 is now running a hybrid monster engine which combines the 7A 1.8L block and merge it with the 20V heads and it produce around 200bhp at crank. Much like the Honda B18 engine. Some purist says Takumi did not win by skill but by sheer luck. And many will agree Takumi most bullshit win will be the one being the EK9 race with Tomoyuki Tachi and Godhand S2000. Also many will agree many fans will tear up when the AE86 die again after the last race between the AE86 coupe after Takumi over rev the engine and blow it up at 12,300rpm because of the valve float. The new GT86 did drew inspiration from the AE86 but many complained of the lack of power. But if you look at the HP figures of the AE86, 112BHP or 118BHP isnt a lot as well but what make the AE86 great is the power to weight ratio. The AE86 is lightweight and combine with the power of the 240BHP racing engine, it def punch above it weight class and keep pace with bigger and heavier cars like the Supra and GTRs. I say for the GT86 to be great, it needs weight reduction and a light tune on the engine up to 240bhp and a closer 1.1 ton weight will the GT86 fly. Dont forget to upgrade the brake rotor, brake hose and pads and a full Street/sport suspension. let not forget the Fujiwara Tofu ten( private use) stickers is a must, yellow fog lights and a carbon hood to complete the GT86 look.
Black Mafia
and what abought Ford RS Cosworth video
Dacci Pucci
Nice editing skills! Love your music selection and the vhs footage.
Ulex bleach
Ughh were's my tofu...... oh wait a yellow r7 pushed the tofu delivery car off a mountain.
GT-APEX is why the AE86 is popular worldwide today. GT-S was heavily used as a cheap grocery car for Mom in the 80s,heavily riced out in the 90's and didn't gain popularity until the early 2000's with the release of Fast and Furious as all usdm cars gained second hand street cred in America, meanwhile in Japan.... This is why people say GT-S isn't a real 86
Jeff Reeves
This was a nice video, good job! Also, since you asked about ideas for another video. Please review the AW11 (1st gen MR2). I have one and it uses the same 4A-GE that the AE86 does. Or you could even do a video on the succession of all three generations of the MR2, and the rumors that Toyota is going to be reviving the MR2 sometime in the next few years.
I know you mentioned the live rear axle, but you should probably mention what really makes the AE so good at drifting: the short 96" wheelbase vs. it's ~53" track width, and its low weight split 53/47. I don't know how fast the steering is, but including the ratio would have made a worthwhile footnote, too. I'm sure it was a manual rack, so feedback was probably near-telepathic. Anyway, good video. Excellent reference links. Thanks!
Every Puerto Rican owns one or knows a family member who owns plenty of them.
One thing: if you're looking for a USDM AE86, be aware that the SR5 comes with the crummy 70-horse carbureted engine, and swapping to the better one isn't as easy as you'd think. It may also have less structural rigidity. However if you're going to modify, it might make a better starting point as there are probably fewer stock, good-condition USDM AE86s left than Ferrari Enzos at this point (they were never popular here). Also, I have to admit here that I'm a massive AE86 hater. I don't think it's a very pretty car (especially in the pop-up headlight form), I'm not a fan of its sound (I just think it sounds slow), and the hype around it drives me nuts. There was a reason it was never popular in the US - when it was new, it cost almost as much as a new Camaro Z/28, and even as emissions-choked as it was at the time, the Camaro was still faster.
What makes an enthusiast car like an AE86 so fun? Three words: Cheap disposable fun. Same thing that makes S13's and Camaros and Mustangs and Civics and air cooled Volkswagens and et cetera and et cetera and et cetera ad nauseum so least in the first couple decades since their manufacture....after a certain point there's too few of them left to be disposable....which is usually close to the 25-to-30 year mark, depending on how many were produced/imported. Cars are most fun when you can replace them easily. Then you don't have to worry as much about wrecking them. You can simply swap the mechanicals into a straighter shell over the weekend and thrash the thing all over again.
The red Corolla with PLZ 7858 number plate is a Northern Ireland registered car, that's where you will find most of them AE86's are now apart from Ireland and Japan.
Minato .Namikaze
Because Takumi drives it
It’s engine sounds like an EG6 or an EK9
Jonas Aguila
Sure the AE86 sure is cool... In Initial D that is... But, I still prefer the RX7 FD when it comes to looks and the Nissan GTR for its power.