I'm The Only One - Melissa Etheridge Lyrics [on screen]

"I'm The Only One" from her album Yes I Am, 1993 i don't own this song enjoy :)

my mother and I had a really rough history she moved me to Arkansas from ohio got hooked on Crystal meth and left me to fend for myself at 16 I hated her for years but one day years later I heard this song and thought about how before that she was the only one who cared about me and told myself that it's time to reconnect with her she did give me life to find out she clean up and found Jesus so it was a whole new mom it was great
Jennifer's World
Anybody listening in 2018?
Scott Bowles
the lyrics could easily be unisex. a man could relate to the theme of broken promises and destroyed feelings just as easily as woman. one of the best singers ever.
Donna Kiestler
That's what us old farts call good music 🎶 🎶 🎶
William Brender
this is a super hard song to sing. she is freaky talented
Lorenzo Herbert
my mother was obsessed with this song and album
Hot Rod Kirk
still a kick ass tune years later
Jennifer Cameron
My mom thought I was a lesbian because I loved Melissa etheridge hahah I just thought she was cool!
Jkoz 88
I'm a guy and I'm not ashamed at all to say I dig Etheridge and her powerful voice and music. this is coming from someone who also likes death metal and other extreme music. it just goes to show there are many different styles that speak to me in a musical sense.
krystal hailey
her voice is amazing in its own right, but these lyrics are crippling!! just amazing.
selena koehler
Never forget my mom always jamming to this song when I was a kid (:
T Hughes
shout out to everyone listening to this in 2017! This electric blues is beyond golden💗😀
Tria Maxwell
"Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong" At your own peril.
Gray Tiamat187
I can only say one thing. Thank you. Today, I decided to listen to all of the sings my mother sang the day before she died, and this song brought tears to eyes, both from happiness and despair... Thank you. As messed up as that sounds, thank you.
Pure adrenaline!! Man can she bring it. Sings with so much passion!!
Processing Information
i think Tina tuner could have sung this song too.
Clay Cooper
one of the best mix of lyrics, voice, and emotion . "I've been here before, I'm locking the door, and ain't going back again"
david bowman
Lol I think all mothers loved this song. I love this song it's awesome and fits.
Ruth Ann Kimble
I wish that person would understand this
gawd she rocks this song
Christina Moreno
One of my favorites 👏
Laura Shaughnessy
i freaking love this song 2019 anyone
Robin !
When all your promises are gone...I'm the only one!!! Woman means business:))) Lol
Bethanny Rivers
Still rocking this in 2019
Kat Stewart
Bammm take me down girl..Rock it out..burn in hell scream...I'm the only one for you...fab tune..
Marie Calk
Awesome Song! ❤
Chance Blevins
what a powerful voice
i heard this song on cleveland show low rider episode and i love this song now !!!!
Kami Bohannon
classic omg makes my heart melt!!
Michael Glickman
For those wondering, the musicians are lead vocalist-acoustic and electric guitarist Melissa Etheridge, electric guitarist Waddy Wachtel, bassist Pino Palladino, drummer-percussionist Mauricio Lewak, and keyboardist Scott Thurston.
kmalwz rockin
As good and strong and well done as the day it came out!!!! ;)
nobody ever
As the holder of some or said demons. I am sorry.
Tracy Pajari
How prophetic is this song?? Makes me tingle in my girl parts. All bad ass music does though.
I dare my man to find another woman who could walk across fire for him, unburnt. It's not going to happen. But he's a man that doesn't understand...... I love him, but I'm really beginning to feel sorry for him, he won't understand what he's losing until it's too late. And yes, I love this song. I wish more people understood what true love is..... I don't reply to comments. Think for yourself.
tasha johnston
i love this song. 
Tina Hicks
I Love You Girl Keep Rockin!! One of ur biggest fans!!
Kimberly S
I'm the Only One 💙❤💛💜💚
Steven Smith
.Drop there wrench gears,Ground rat bugers !!!!!!. , .M.E. Vocals,penned too perfection. Yeaaa !! Thank you for This song.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟♥️🌟🌟🌟♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🍎.
Emily Wagner
This song scares me as much as in circle
When all your promises are gone. 2019 I'm the only one.
pam mckinney
i love her music
Connie Lucas
•:*¨¨*:• I've always loved this song •:*¨¨*:•
Rebecca Heath
please baby im tryin to explain
Hot Rod Kirk
great song always love this tune
Michelle Luna
Haley Leithauser
great song! one of my all-time favs!
Lisa Kelso
Melissa sure rocks ,but this is a bad ass song. One my favorites.
navarrio smith
I love this song!! I remember listening to it when i was younger, and i still love it to this day!<3
Katrina Sandy
I love this song i listen to it everyday.
Rebecca Heath
when all your promises are gone
always loved her voice
Angela L.
Perfectly captures lesbian drama! Damn a classic
Kristine Elizabeth Bate
I made my love enjoy Mellisa’s music! He heard and would say he thought of me! Sweetest love ! RIP 💔
tammy kelsey
awesomely great song
Anthony Kavanagh
I was just 6 when this popped the radio flashbacks from the 90s
Melissa Hanson
I love singing this song at Karaoke. One of the best performances I do is to this here song.
Loree Brown
I'm going to see her when see comes to Troy ny in April 23 2017
Samantha Rose
the good side of youtube :)
Rebecca Heath
when all your promises are gone
Jackie Gleason
Working on this song to Karaoke . lot of work in front of me but it should be worth it.
darrell poitra
I love this song!
Ray Sunshine
Stephen Tyler kinda voice. the female version, with its own way.
Waiting To Die
To my husband that left me 3 months ago..A.E
Kimberly Shongo
love her 😁😍😍
Sherry the gypsy Salzman
dawn marie carroll-leckie-murphy
when all your promises are gone I'm the only one.....I'm the only one ....love Melissa Etheridge
mano a mano
Having a tough time with apostrophes. Other than that, nice job.
Lori Wise
Its only fear that makes u run
The most memorable part of the lyrics of the song to me is "But, I'm they only one who walks across a fire for you".
Melba Cordero
I'm the only one! Melissa Eldrige is unique!
Shannon Brooks
YES ROBIN . She doe's. 
Kyle Radke
You got beautiful voice and I ever heard
beverly wright
GOT THAT BUSYODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mika Lugg
You can listen to your teacher in school and you can't put your feet up on the large table in the classroom! You can listen to your teacher in school and you can take your feet down off the large table in the classroom! You can listen to your teacher in school and you can keep your feet down on the floor!
Hallie Setters
Still Loving this song 😍
Whew!  Smokin' hot!
John Pizzarelli
Ringbackkkkkk -Johnny Pizzarelli III
this is a great playlist gat0rgirl13
Bre Reigns
David Tosh
It should be Shadoe Stevens favorite song since he is doing the American Top 40 Countdown in 1994.
K. Armstrong
2018 anyone?
Noel McNerlin
This is a badass tune!! Its a very, very good song!!
Jthe Lightseeker
every waiting room across America i can't escape.
First You Tube ad I watched in it's entirety (begin) Hottie lovely Erika pitching for Wal_mart
TypeONegative 1377
It’s been stuck in my head and I haven’t heard in a long time 😂😂😂
Kirsti Porter
Queen. Beautiful music always. Her heart is so beautiful!
Connie S
Rebekah Molleda
(^O^)❤I looooove this song❤
No Sir, Not I
"It's only fear that makes you run, the demons that you're hiding from... when all your promises are gone... I'm the only one."
pugs atoms
Shit ACTION brought me here
Vicki MacDonald
This song is for Lou Diamond Phillips wife now ex wife
Kimberly Wilson
Nothing..... Nothing to Fear!!!!
pure passion ,love ya Malissa
Uno Carb
When I owned my art gallery my barkeep used to sing this one in our floor shows..she was 23 and 4'8" but she had a voice that would floor people!
Melba Cordero
Come to my window!
Mellie Rivas
Never too late to start, I only started listening to her a few months ago!
Alvin Gomes
this is song good I just love it rock on melissa
i know thats right melissa