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Tuesday, January 9, 2018 It was called the “End of History”, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. An event long hoped for in the West but that few expected to ever see. The United States, European Union and Canada all poured billions of dollars into Russia’s development. Russia was invited to join the G7 making it the G8 in 1998. Vladimir Putin became Russia’s Prime Minister in 1999 (the same year NATO expanded into the former East bloc) and its President in 2000. In the 17 years he has been in power Putin has become more authoritarian, and in Russia at least, more popular. He described the collapse of the Soviet Union as “the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.” He hosted the lavish 2014 Sochi Olympics and then seized Crimea from Ukraine. Putin worked with the US to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons and then sent his troops to help President Assad maintain grip on power. Now Russia, under Putin, is accused of using its “cyber-power” to undermine the 2016 US Presidential election. Where is Putin leading Russia? Was the West suffering from post-Cold War naiveté or did it betray Russia by expanding NATO and reaching too far into former USSR territory, such as Ukraine? To help answer these questions the CIC National Capital Branch is pleased to welcome Stephen Kotkin, a highly sought after Russian specialist: Professor in History and International Affairs at Princeton University, director of its Institute for International and Regional Studies and co-director of the Program in the History and Practice of Diplomacy. The New York Times said the just published second volume of his Stalin trilogy Stalin: Waiting for Hitler: “will surely stand for years to come as a seminal account of some of the most devastating events of the 20th century.” Our commentator is Piotr Dutkiewicz, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Governance and Public Policy at Carleton University. He is the author or editor of 13 books largely focused on Russia and a member of the Valdai Club, a Russian think-tank founded in 2004. President Putin has met club members every year since then. Robert Hage will chair the event. As a diplomat he served as director general for Europe and for legal affairs and as Canada’s ambassador to Hungary and Slovenia. Trained as a lawyer with an LL.M from University College London he is a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and Executive Fellow with the University of Calgary School of Public Policy.

Der Führer
Gotta love academia-20:00 min introduction. Great lecture though!
Thomas D
Margaret Huber, President National Capitol Branch of C.I.C. 0:03:30 - 0:05:00 - 0:07:05 - Paul Durant 0:08:34 - Robert Hage , Chair this N.C.B. of C.I.C event 0:10:00 - 0:12:55 - Where did the (dis-engaged) West go wrong ? . ____________ Stephen Kotkin, Professor in History and ____________ International Affairs at Princeton University, ____________ Director of its Institute for International and ____________ Regional Studies and ____________ Co-director of the Program in the ____________ History and Practice of Diplomacy . 0:15:35 - Great to be here (in a functioning Canada) 0:16:05 - So here (the just prior to dinner speech) goes ____________ Joke 0:17:37 - Boris Nic-o-li-a-vich, can you describe in one word : Good 0:18:22 - Boris Nic-o-li-a-vich, can you describe in 2 words : Not Good 0:18:35 - So that's the point of my talk 0:20:45 - Russia's sense of self 0:21:23 - You'll notice that your new landlords 0:21:55 - A gap between capabilities & aspirations (better-than-you) 0:22:25 - To close the gap 0:30:00 - 0:35:00 - 0:37:00 - 0:38:42 - Focus Danielson 0:40:53 - U 0:41:18 - Hard to see strategic gain 0:41:28 - 0:41:38 - R 0:41:53 - Voluntarily turn on 0:42:14 - 3rd point 0:47:00 - 0:45:00 - 0:49:14 - A fundamental clash of interests 0:49:29 - Primary value : Freedom from THE STATE 0:49:47 - Primary value : THE STATE 0:50:00 - 0:50:10 - Differences can be managed 0:50:42 - 0:51:00 - Difficult without understanding values & interests . 0:51:30 - commentator : Piotr Dutkiewicz, ____________ Professor of Political Science and ____________ Director of the Center for Governance and ____________ Public Policy at Carleton University 0:52:04 - E-Europe : EXCELLENT but not hopeless 0:52:22 - Wrong Question which assumes an international order 0:52:44 - 1st point (system was permitted to decay) 0:54:35 - The Q is : Why stick to the nonexistent ? 0:55:03 - 0:56:03 - 2nd point Geo-politics with neighbors 0:57:00 - Perceives a threat 0:57:45 - Russia seeks rules change w/o World War : A positive 0:58:00 - Can-Rus relations 0:58:52 - Incentives on each side 0:58:56 - Then and now 0:59:35 - Our fault and their fault : No plan no future shock-absorb-rules 0:59:48 - Our old policies (HAMMER ) ___________ (But the new, Almost-free Russia) ___________ we treated as if the historic, Czar-One-man-rule (NAIL) __________________ [Someone, scholarly, also noticed. I feel better]. 1:00:05 - 1:00:49 - One problem: Hostage of Ukraine minority 1:01:40 - 1:02:18 - In conclusion 1:02:38 - Confront not harmony (Big enemy outside distracts from inept inside) 1:02:45 - Declared (by inept inside) was putting trust in West (outside) 1:02:53 - Yeltsin 1990's . . . Today (public-line) do it to West as they did it to Russia 1:04:49 - Russia will mirror not what West has done to Russia ___________ BUT what Russia dreams the West - did, does, will do - to Russia. 1:04:55 - Same with the West. We dream too. . 1:06:10 - Q & A
38 min. The best joke of the 21st century.
Andre K.
Dutkiewicz. 100% commie agent.
Jeff Stanley
Russia's GDP is behind Italy and Brazil. Overcoming Russia's demographic deficit after the country's best and the brightest perished in the gulags is a project that will take generations.
S Ras
When dealing with Russia, the U.S government hires advisors like this guy. That is why their policy's towards Russia have been huge failures. This guy is clueless (Kotkin).
reality bites
russia will always survive. infinite resources and small population
Nucleus Rhyme
0:15:11 is the starting point. Before there are just bureaucrats kissing the behinds that empower them.
Fer Das Führer
MEIN GOTT! That voice has him exposed! When I think of groups or think tanks, I get a queezy feeling in my stomach. George soros probably funds these talks.
Putin says NATO puts missiles in NATO countries that could be pointed at Russia. Pay is stagnant in the US too.
Peter Knopfler
I can't believe it SAME old Joke, same crap unbelievable how stuck his intro is. Forward now.
PDD 60 Absorbed
A basic part of the adversarial nature of Russia vs West: more cheerleaders against the West among the civilian population in Russia compared to the number of Russian cheerleaders among the civilian population in the West. The fabricated Trump/Russia accusation has exacerbated this paradox. And who benefits? Russian strategists.
Speaking of apologist
Vladislav Zaytsev
who is the boss
Vladislav Zaytsev
and why
Den of Lore
Great opening joke. Someone gets it.
Spadey Say
It is people like Kotkin who cannot help themselves demonising countries like Russia and China that largely lead the rogue US state for misunderstanding these countries.I thought they would have been a lot more productive and helpful in maintaining world peace if they would devote as much time and passion to educate the american public and the rest of the world about the problems of the US itself and how its bad behaviour are largely been responsible for much of the problems it imposes on the world.
Goedelite Kurt
I heard nothing in the introduction to the two speakers that spoke of fairness in assessing the situation of Russia with regard to the expansion of NATO to the Russian border. I heard nothing that hinted at any acceptance of blame for the Ukrainian civil war, the destruction of the legitimate government of Ukraine in 2014 by the EU and the US support for a fascist coup in Kiev. There is no reason for me to believe that what was coming from the guest speakers would be anything better than the same neocon generated propaganda.
Logica Redux
A voice like Joe Pesci and an understanding of Russia and current stresses between us that’s no deeper than the snowflakes Princeton cranks out today. He’s no Russia scholar. He’s a shill for the Globalists.
Axios .king
You are right, we are a struggling nation, at the moment...... The Youth of my nation are like no Youth before, they live to serve Russia they cry out in one voice Hail our motherland Hail our great people!!! in the next 30 years we will transform our little nation into a goliath on the world stage.... Hail the glorious motherland !!! SLAVA Rossiya!!!!
Nicholas Homyak
I like Russia and they are after all humans peopling from Russia..I prefer Soviet Culture rather than our form of corruption no health plan subsidized by the common or reasonable rents, food prices..Capitalism is not free however its exploitation and waste, pollution and fantasy