New Disney Movie - SNL

Disney's latest live action film stars Dwayne Johnson as Bambi, Vin Diesel (Taran Killam) as Thumper, Tyrese Gibson (Jay Pharoah) as Flower and Michelle Rodriguez (Cecily Strong) as Faline. Directed by Matt & Oz. #SNL Subscribe to SNL: /> Get more SNL: />Full Episodes: /> Like SNL: />Follow SNL: />SNL Tumblr: />SNL Instagram: />SNL Pinterest:

Furries are gonna have a field day with this one XD
Quinn Gunji
If this was an actual movie... *I'D WACTH IT!*
Misu Girl
"Dear crossing motherf*****!"
Childish Bambino
Miranda Dalgetty
Is this the narrator from honest trailers?
Chris Atherton
I actually want this to be a movie
susana Ponce de Leon
Still waiting it is already December 2018
Sachin Gahrana
Those bad guys never herd about holding on for deer
Kaiceph Deep Oficial
Fast and furious : operation bambi
Mia&Madeleine YT
The little kid who says "Mommyyyyy" is my friend😂😂😂😂
The Darkness Mare-Deactivated
I would pay Disney so much money if they could do this! XD
SinimonPatcake Playz
i cant tell if its a parody or an actual trailer xD
Master Router
After 4 years I'm still waiting for this to be a movie!!!!!
Pixel Soldier
Can't wait for the Song of the South reboot starring Bill Cosby
luce cavill
1:03 *Coz I'm always thumpinnnn*
_still waiting my dudes_
Sad and Depressed
*Damm Bambi has done steroids*
Nyah M. Glass
Can the Rock crack my back? I seriously need him to I inhaled yesterday and my spine creaked
Adhd Billionaire
2018 anyone?
Lucas Scheunemann
one does not simply say your name is bambi and still look alpha
Kbitch Kal
I am vengeance, I am the night....... I AM B̶A̶T̶M̶A̶N̶ I MEAN BAMBIIIIIIII
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Still better than any of the Fast and Furious.
Sammyjames Friend
Can you make this real please 😆😆😂😂😄😄😙😙👍👍❤❤
Teks 11172
И где посмотреть
Like Disney could do a remake this good.
Lio the Skinwalker
😂This is not kid friendly *dies of laughter*
Joshua Schmidt
Do a little fake trailer that would become real by Paramount for Danger Mouse Which I thought Would have Benedict Cumberbatch as Danger Mouse and James Cordon as Penfold and it might become a real movie well for the fake trailer you could use the actual people but for the actual trailer it would be CGI character in a live action movie and also I think is going to be cool!
I'm waiting patiently for this..
Vitor Silva
estragou o desenho Bambi da infância
Haagen Neldeberg
Best Vin Diesel impression ever. 😄
Miguel gamer
E real
oliver 98
Why isn’t this real
No lie I would go see this Moive if it was real lol
Rachel Prewitt
I’m so glad this was in my recommended 😂
Casen Connell
No joke I would pay so much to watch this movie
Bjorn the Fell-Handed
this is very relevant in 2018, when Disney announced the restarting of the "Lion King" in realistic graphics🤣🤣🤣
Autism Robotrix
Basically Fast & Furious as animals... With guns...
jacob skylar
That not ven diesel
Alissa chip
" now its time for them to pay...... Deerly."
Bret Sibley
This should be a real thing like if you agree. Also Whooh!
Mračni Škorpion
Hahahahahaha wtf is this hahahahahahahahah
PuppyPerso n
This COMPLETELY ruined Bambi for meh.
Evelyn Wilson
Can I join them in killing hunters???
Rise Of The Kumquat
Still a better use of source material than The Last Airbender
Desiree Griffin
Walt disney brings furries to the disney family what's next?, emo's?
Mr.E-man Pot8o
Bambi has never been so *family friendly*
Noel Kabiito
Wham Bam Bambiiii 😂
Divina Martinez
Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ...👍
Simon Sofowora
I guess you could call it...Fast&Furry-ous. I'll show myself out.
Alpha C
I NEED this film !!!
Angela Tehaha
This reminds me of Ryan Higa parodies lmao
Hector& Stanley Adventures!
Every movie has to have the Rock
Star Tail
this needs to be a legit thing ohmygod
Freddy Freakenstein
If they'd make this an actual full length movie, who the hell WOULDNT watch it?
EVOsubject 330
XD lost for words
Makrin 777
Bambi but he ate those mushrooms
Jordan Bishop
Looking forward to it lil
Antonio Evangelista
Top 10 most powerful anime crews
Ανδρέας Χούνδρης
"cause i'm always thumpin' "
Coisa Nossa
what hell
I actually wanna see this
Some Random Marvel Fangirl
I'm waiting for an actual movie of this
Who else would pay to see that movie
Anthony Anderson
When is it coming out
Ethan Rumbarger
All the dislikes are hunters
GrimDaReaper x
That’s tyrese ?
The Fast and The Furries
a person
They should actually make this. lol
Meinrad Social
I got no friends, I got a (FAMILY) herd
Zeus the cat
I'm 3 years late 😢
The BoyFreesh Oficial
Demonios y esto es ? 😂😂 Será real 😂? Espero que sí
Fun Tube
Vin diesel??
Guest starring Paul Walker as Bambi's Mom
jordan Bilal
Is it bad that I would watch this if it was a real movie?😂😂
Gray Cigi
Os this a joke😆
Skippy Bean
I'd watch it.
NFGameShannel 14
Its so cool!
Mandarin Lover
Wham, Bam, Bambi! Ludaaaa!
Fuckin Bambi XDD
Twitch tv Gaming
I felt like I was watching a movie
Not even funny
Christina Done
Mmmm Dwayne Johnson
Nishant Gupta
I actually want to listen Ludacris-'Wham, Bam, Bambi'
When Grapes Pop
1:28 2:24
em mense
It not even vin diesel
Your boi Spooky ghost
Furries vs gamers
Explorer & cia
christian reyes
Low key would be a better movie than Batman vs Superman 100/10 would watch
Chiedza Matthews
Am I the only one who saw Dwayne Johnson?
Berry The cool kid
2018 anyone?
Zebra Gamer
Wow what the hell. My recommendation has never been weirder than this
bryce ames
Dylan W.
It's July 2016 I'm disappointed.
noah whitenect
2:13 yoda
Anna Tilly
Wyatt Harrison
the makeup is worse than my crippling depression -sent from school computer
Teah Peterson
I'd watch this