Assassin's Creed Unity - Elise Reveal Trailer

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Arno races across the rooftops of Paris to save Elise from beheading in the latest trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - />Gameplay & Guides - />Trailers - />Mobile Gaming - /> Like - />Follow - />Stream Live - />

Her: Come over Me: Nah Her: My parents aren't home Me: 0:59
Crisium HD
Btw this templar's cross, which Elise is wearing, was Haytham's cross. She recrevied it from Haytham's sister as a gift.
Solid Snake
Anyone still watching this beautiful trailer on 29/10/2017?
Chill Out
The name of the song is Woodkid - The Golden Age
Mieke De Lange
Imagine him just cutting of her fingers by accident
Jonathan D
i remember playing this mission! oh wait...
Гульжахан Рахаткызы
why the trailers of all AC are perfect?!!
Hsen Hmede
Welsh Raccoon
Arno had a lot more room to grow as a character he could have potentially had his own trilogy going on
It's so sad and disappointing watching this trailer now because I honestly think Unity had a lot of potential. The idea of a "Star-Crossed Lovers" plot between Arno and Elise would've made for a fantastic story if they had been better characterized. Like instead of using the easy cliche of being childhood friends, we should've seen their relationship gradually progress over the course of the game from being adversaries, to becoming friends and then eventually falling in love. If the game succeeded in making us emotionally invested in Arno and Elise's relationship, then it would've made Arno's inner conflict of being torn between his love for Elise and his loyalty to the Assassins actually meaningful. Obviously beyond the storyline they needed far better quality-assurance to fix all the numerous graphical glitches, voice acting with authentic French accents instead of immersion-breaking British accents (I mean seriously Ubisoft you're *A FRENCH GAME COMPANY FOR FUCKS SAKE*) and in general they needed to address the fact that AC's combat system is _long_ overdue for an overhaul. But still, Unity had serious potential and it's a damn shame it all went to waste.
Nitch42 私の仲間たち
Shouldve been an actual mission in the game...
manas R
you would be shot like 17 times if you barge in like that during the execution in the game
Willian Mendes
"Over 50 E3 AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS." and a disaster at launch.
Eobard Thawne
Sorry but thats my favorite ac.
Nguyễn Hải Dương
Elise: Come here honey, I'm horny! Arno: No, I'm busy! Elise: But my parents aren't home! Arno: I'm busy! Elise: They're going to kill me! Arno: Say no more!
Ql Wl
That's just a great trailer. They really know how to make trailers.
mills belamide
did arno just shave his eyebrow?? 2:20
His blade is on his right but in the game its on the left Nice fucking logic Ubisoft
Nahuel Armesto
Ubisoft knows how to make a trailer Music the coordination is incredible but this game was a 6/10 or worst
Honestly, Unity could have easily been arguably the best Assassin's Creed game by far. It's still a good game in my opinion, but it's a shame that Unity could have been so much better and that Ubisoft was not thinking straight with their ideas. Not only they wanted an Assassin's Creed game every year at this point, but they were also working on Assassin's Creed Rogue and the Chronicles games (not sure about the Chronicles games though) at the same time. Rogue, however, did at least deliver, even though it recycle Black Flag's mechanics (which I honestly didn't mind). Did it give us a game where you play on the Templar side? Yes. Did it deliver well? Yes. Was Shay an interesting character to follow as the story went on? Yes, he was. Did Rogue have problems on release day? No it didn't. I'm not saying Rogue was a mistake, don't get me wrong, but working on 2 Assassin's Creed games at the same time when the deadline is in one year and one of the games has a lot of hype behind it is a huge mistake, and I really don't know how Ubisoft thought it was a good idea. They should have released only Rogue and the Chronicles games to tie up loose ends with the Colonial arc, Shao Jun (for the China game), and expand the lore (for the other 2 Chronicles games) and keep Unity for next year to perfect the game. The Chronicles games? I personally didn't mind them, they could have however released them with Rogue instead, since Rogue and the Chronicles games just added up to projects Ubisoft had to work on while working on Unity, which was their most ambitious project out of the 3. Otherwise, though, the Chronicles games delivered what they were supposed to deliver, they were solid, and you can play them when you want to play something a bit different. Not to mention they tie up some loose ends with Shao Jun (the chinese female Assassin with the black and red robes) from the Embers movie. Unity is supposed to be set during the time of the French Revolution, one of the biggest revolutions in history. Is the revolution a huge subject of the game? It is mentioned, yes, but do we actually EXPERIENCE the revolution in the game as much as we should? No, we don't. All the revolution is in this game is just a foundation for the main story, which steals the spotlight. Even with the side missions, it's still not as huge of a subject as it should have been. Again, this is the FRENCH REVOLUTION we're talking about. It's big parts shouldn't have been side missions, and Marie Antoinette barely appears in the game. Like, seriously, she was one of the biggest subjects at the time of the revolution and SHE BARELY APPEARS IN THE GAME? They do have Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a pretty cool character, but still. The big aspects of the French Revolution are barely experienced in the game, they're just mentioned, when it should have been the main part of the game. As for Arno and Elise, they could have done better with the 2 as well. The love story was cliche, and Arno was just a discount Ezio. Not to mention they made him too focused on Elise. And i think we're all aware of the launch problems. Sure, they patched them by now, but the point is, Ubisoft should have put more time on Unity instead of doing a reckless stunt and work on the Unity, Chronicles and Rogue at the same time, with the deadline being 1 year.
ben good person midou
All this just für Elise.
Should've revolved around the French Revolution more would've been amazing to see things unfold and being in the middle of it while waging a secret war with the Templars waste of such an interesting period in history imo
Igor Luiz Correa
one of the 50 awards from E3, was the game with the most bugs
Marsya Akmal Hizam
I just love how ubisoft puts in the most suitable songs in all the AC trailers
unity's parkour,comat and stealth was pretty damn good than synicate. unity was overshadowed with hate because of the bugs and glitches
Tube Crawler
This was one of the best Assassin's Creed in my opinion. It had one of the best ending monologues and managed to continue the link between Connor's end Arno's childhood moment when his father died pretty well. I don't know why People didn't like it that much. I think it is because it had a few bugs at the beginning and Ubisoft still did not introduce a new main character after Black Flag to replace Desmond, but for me it was amazing. Maybe it was because it was the first AC I played on the PS4 and I loved the enhanced movement and the gameplay in general, It was so much better than the previous versions. A truly great game and I really liked the characters.
Quân Harrision
why they did not put this in the game :(
Death Hunter 101
It’s sad that Ubisoft can make great trailers but shit games.
thi tran
Elise was probably the hottest girl in the entire franchise
Damn Z
When Ubisoft made the AC Series to be AC Series.. not like now with Origins and Odyssey *Requescat in pace, Mentor*
Huỳnh Anh Tuấn
Who's watching it in the first month of 2017?
Was expecting a Juliet and Romeo for Assassins Creed What we got was Twilight Assassins Creed Edition So disappointed, all that potential just wasted
Ten Skripz
This was the last good asassin creed...
David Lahusen
So much potential...
Notice how they made multiple mistakes in this trailer starting at 1:42 with the three guards approaching Arno, one of which has a mustache and looks like Daniel Day-Lewis. At 1:45 the 'mustache guard' is hit in the face with the pommel of the sword. However, at 1:46 when all three guards are shown, a clean-shaven one, instead of the Daniel Day-Lewis lookalike, is grabbing his face from said attack. This confusion is further seen when the clean-shaven one reaches for his pistol in the same shot and after the face grab but in the next frame, at around 1:47, the 'mustache guard' is instead seen trying to shoot Arno. Yet again, the following shot shows Arno kicking the pistol from the hand of the clean-shaven guard. Another mistake is seen at 1:49 when only one clean-shaven guard is left on the guillotine scaffold behind Elise along with the general. With that in mind, at 1:51, a guard with a mustache is instead seen fleeing the scene leaving the general alone for Arno to finish off. Good trailer but some very glaring mistakes.
brilliant song and great plot
Solid Snake
16 March 2018
When the fighting is shown better then the game and how they show that u save elise is not something u can not do in the game
Keanu's Aqua life
They put more effort in these trailers than the actual game lol
Dalilah Guzman
ROG ARandom
genius combo
I think this was the best assassin creed ubisoft  ever made I remember completing this game on my ps4 but at the end was sad:(
Special TH
White Lotus
1:23 - 1:56 =Me on Black Friday
Alkesh Vaghela
it's 29 December 2016 and still I'm watching this trailer!! Anyone else too?
Martin's Ph
When Arno Killed The Guy Standing Beside Elíse Arno Killed Him With Altair Style.
Farhat gaming
What is backsound?
Would've rather have this scene be the ending to Unity, Arno has to rush to the execution to save Elise before she dies and you get there in time to save her
The Tricky Outdoorsman
it had so much potential. but it fell so short.
Ur future friend 1
Cafer Ulger
They revealed in the movie that Callum Lynch is the ancestor of Arno.
I'm so glad they decided to use Woodkid in this trailer. WAY better than Kanye West.
joe crusher
What's the name of the song?
Dreans Castañeda
como se llama la cancion?
Solid Snake
The trailer really shows what Ubisoft is capable of.
Alan Nuño
Jason Todd
Still better than Syndicate. I know a lot of people badmouthed Unity, but I think it was pretty good.
I mean like, it's a pretty cool trailer, but you're surrounded by guards with muskets and you and your partner stand there, circling with swords. What are you going to do? Deflect the bullets like its Star Wars?
The Blade Is On His Left In The Game But Its On His Right In This Trailer Nice Logic Ubisoft
Miller Minar Tenista
Alguien me dice como se llama el asesino de traje azul.
Iris von Everec
Holyshit i got this recommend while French is beginning a new revolution
Devious Claymore
hes just after a target at first but then that feeling when you understand HE'S FALLEN IN LOVE WITH A TEMPLAR GOOD GOD ! Truly a masterful cinematic
Assassin's Free Roam
Mom: I got a surprise for ya honey! Me : I know your tricks,mom. Mom: I bought Chocolate for ya! Me: 0:59
they shoukd be making AC feature length films that use CGI like the trailer. It would be the BEST way to do it rather than making real life movies. Not only do they look great but you can make everything look more real and natural. where as in films you can tell when they fuse CGI with real takes and use fake backdrops. It does the franchise no justice
Akira Leelarapin
This trailer reminds me of Assassin's Creed 1. Anyone else remember?
Jeremiah Mendez
Give this game a 9 out of 10. Kinda wish the NPC crowds reacted the way they did in E3 gameplay
SchildKroneRUS Kartoshka
1:33 this part always gets me, I just want to complete this game again
No matter what you think of Ubisoft, you cannot deny that they make the best goddamn trailers ever. The animation, the music and the setting is always stunning.
The Last Knight
I feel like AC Rogue,unity& syndicate get way to much hate. I feel like I'm the only one who enjoyed all the A.C. games
Say about Ubisoft what you want, but they know how to make an atmospheric trailer, even for their worse games.
Aaron Curwood
So were the assassins in support of the revolutionaries or against them? It was the revolutionaries that used the guillotine after the old regime had been overthrown. My point being in that the other trailer the assassins are facilitating the revolution in the storming of the Bastille (castle) though in this trailer the assassin is seen resisting the revolutionaries by killing them?
john seed
who watching in 2017?
İlker Yalçıner
Ubisoft knows how to advertise... I wish I could say the same thing for developing.
Fre 992
Keeping the bugs and glitches aside...this was one of the best ac games
Abigail Weller
Unpopular Opinion: Unity is in my Top 3 AC's of all time.
Jacob Ramirez
whats THE backround musical plz anyone tell me
Jon Shafe
These trailers are alaways better than the game or even that movie
Panda Pinecone
Gameplay-wise, I think this game was really good. The stealth, combat and free running were all really good. The customization was well made too. The game's story just sucked. It was really cliché, badly executed, and predictable. We didn't even feel like we were in the French Revolution at all. Couldn't we have had ONE mission where we save someone from getting executed like in this trailer? There are just lots of missed opportunities, it could have been so much better. I wish the soundtrack was better too and I wish we had ambient tracks. The bugs didn't bother me that much but the game had other problems. I hope we have a better story with "Empire" and I hope we have a playable modern day character again, like Galina or maybe Callum Lynch.
The Joker
1:55 Arno just did Altair's jump from Assassins Creed 1!!watch AC 1 trailer and you will understand.
Danilo Caires
Don't get me wrong, I love this trailer and all.. But I really think it would have been WAY better if it had ended at 2:17. It would have left some suspense in the air and even the song seems misplaced.
Sachintha Ushara
arno forgot to turn on the alarm
kaan exe
my fav trailer it was so epic
John Drennan
Her: come over Me: Nah Her: my parents aren't home Me: 0:59
This trailer was by far the best thing to come out of this game.
Hien Nguyen
Northern_ Savage
At first I though he was in his feelings but then saw she was a Templar so he sliced her in half.
Recently getting into Unity, it not a bad game. Love the parkour, the assassination animations
Profik 1
Soundwave Superior
Remember when you had actual Assassins in Assassins Creed? Me too.
Super Red Boi
*wasnt there supposed to be a crack in the clock?* Reason why there should be: *Arno seeing his dad dead*
Salvin Chowdhury
arno assassinated that soldier the same way altair assassinated that templar dude in the other trailer
mőšťăfã Hãšhĕm
name of song: The Golden Age by Woodkid
Jack McConnell
A, I the only one who thought this was a cool trailer?
It looks amazing...but you know....
Allison Bohanon
Don't tell me i have to do this in the game *face palms*
I love assasins creed unity
The last kill is a reference to the og assassins creed trailer
El Gordo
The hype for this game was so high, the story could have been much better, If only Ubisoft didnt worry about deadlines and actually wanted to make a good game, they would take time to perfect it. Hopefully with this extra year wait with "Empire" and with them starting from scratch, we. might see what we always wanted.