San Holo - Light (Official Video)

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Alexis Beusquart
Who came from ibiza movie ? 🇫🇷🎶🔥
This song is so FREAKING good men damnnn!
Khizer Nawaz
Ibiza got me here🇪🇸
Im a simple man, i see san holo, i click like.
Joel del Olmo
She looks like Eleven from Stranger Things.
Daisy R
Just discovered this magical song on Netflix's Ibiza starring Gillian Jacobs!! Love her and the movie, makes you wanna dance!!
I hate the fact that this song is so underrated...some People just don't understand how awesome his music is!
Luis Gomez
So far 3 people haven't found the light in their lifes yet. This song 🔥
Johnny Nguyen
Sam holo is the reason I wanted to get into making my EDM music . Your style is the best man . Keep up the dope stuff!
Andy Yeen
IBIZA brought me here . Love this song!!!
Pepe Parmar
Fells so good, you joined VEVO, now just keep launching miracles and you will get all fame you deserve. Love ya 💗🇮🇳
Mia Rosea
I first heard this song from netflix, Ibiza movies.
Spin Cycle Records
Love this song so much that I covered it!
Agra Sanrio
the lyric is quiet simple, but the vocal and drop are doing great job!
This song is so underrated. I play this song when I speed run Dark Souls, all I want to is to see the light. Praise the Sun! \[T}/
Every time I go to a festival there is a song that just hits me in the feels and at smf this past weekend this was the song.
Dale Bell
Heard this in Ibiza. It's so good. I love it.
Rodrigo Rojas
Esperaba con muchísimas ansias este video.😢❤
Ibiza the movie
Amont’e Taylor
I found this from the “Ibiza” movie.
Marie Marie
Ibiza song 😂❤️
Jalyssa C.
“Light” San Holo I just wanna see I just wanna see the light (x3) (Music) Even if it makes me blind, I just wanna see the light. Breath in leave it all behind, I just wanna see the light. (x2) (Music) I just wanna see the light (x4) Light (x8) Lililililililil I just wanna see the light (Music) Even if it makes me blind, I just wanna see the light. Breath in leave it all behind, I just wanna see the light. (x2) (High pitched) Even if it makes me blind, I just wanna see the light. Breath in leave it all behind, I just wanna see the light. (x2) I just wanna see the light (x4) Light (x8) Lililililililililililili I just wanna see the light (Music) I just wanna see the light I just wanna see I just wanna see the light (x3) I just wanna see the light I just wanna see the light Even if it makes me blind (x2)
Jota C
god holo
I swear that's my cat at 00:07
Josie James
You know what guys? I have this nagging feeling that they just want to see the light but I am not sure... Its kinda unclear...
Karma _192
San Holoはガチで自分が一番好きなDJ、本当に感動する曲を作ってくれる。感謝 🙏
Tostiuchiha Gamer
Brasil 2019 ???? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
San Holo ft Alan Walker???
Alexandria Sarah
I miss the old video with the little toy, you should post it back it would make my life great. :(
Jagesar S
someone just show her the light already
The ‘Light’ video was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Emmanuel Elivar Cruz
So hard bro ✌️, I loved the message of the song, video, you have it all 😍🔥😎
Melisa Ventura
like si te encanta la parte 3:24 😍😍😍😍
I remember when I first heard this song I. loved it and still do Great track
nght mre
Ultra music festival 2019 i'm with you san holo
Glenn Urick
My favorite part of the song was. 0:00 to 3:55
CR 7
I am mini mello From hello dj i just wanna see the light 【×_×】
Shè Valentine
Who is the guy with the tattoos???????:)
Esta canción es tan hermosa :,)
OHH! The story behind this video must be that the Earth's ozone layer has been destroyed, so they are no longer protected against the sun, thus they must stay indoors or they will be burned and blinded by the sunlight
Taylor Winstead
"Don't watch the solar eclipse without eye protection" Me: EVEN IF IT MAKES ME BLIND, I JUST WANNA SEE THE LIGHT
Agda Jane
Procurei tanto por conta do filme. Amei essa música 🎶
Who else saw this song used in alot of intros and finally found this now?
Khizer Nawaz
Will like each and every comment here on account of my love for this song
probably my favorite San Holo song <3
Hydro H2O
Lina Pachón
Ibiza 😍
Siham Harchli
Loved this and had to look for it 😘😘
Ahmed Mikaelson
Masterpiece !!
3 bananas é demais
Mais alguém que veio por causa do filme Ibiza ?
Under 300 views club! Like bait aside, this song and music video honestly represent the San Holo vibe perfectly. Much love 💕 (Fly and Victory are my favs tho)
Alvaro jose
from colombia is the best thing I've heard 🎵🎶🎵💛💙❤
hello vicke
Melhooor musicaaa. Merece mais conhecimento ❤
see the light!!
Um filme muito legal chamado IBIZA me trouxe aqui !!!!!!!!!!! APAIXONADO PELA MÚSICA
(8/20/17) Me during the solar eclipse...
why does she look like eleven from stranger things?
Henry Zhao
1,497th subscriber! San Holo has the best EDM omgggg 😍
Faizal Arif Darmawan
"3:12" I feel free when I see the video and listen to the music accurately :) BALAS
bigg pump
why the girls are bald, saitama's sister?
Haha DeBois
HARDEST Music vid I've ever seen. bang on with the track. badass stuff G
Varus Mechanics
Finalmente a vevo reconheceu o Melhor DJ de Future Bass desse mundo San Holo I Love U #GodOfFutureBass
Pulkit Tyagi
Who else came here after watching Ibiza on Netflix? 😍
Hashim M
San,this is Future Bass,and I like your drum pattern....good luck
KucingKi gaming
i love san holo❤ 👇
pat derrick
Such a nice song !!! So much talent keep it up LIKE
Digita Shrestha
I came here from ibiza you wanna know how ? Well i asked google lol 💓
Charlie VI Panibe
Because of the video in facebook the Siruma Cam Sur Philippines brings me here.❤️
JustAndy Kik
First music best music mij favorite sorry i am dutch
Roses are red violets are blue San holo is cool And the beatDROP TOO!🔥🔥🔥😂
Maroš V.
Friend: what's your religion? Me: HOLOism.
Que hermosa musica-video 😢😍 y tan poquitos views😝
Sharp Meister
Who sung on this song they should get more credit! Keep up the great music San Holo bro❤
Dheeman Roy
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩😍 Great Music ♥️
Amanda Ferreira
here from ibiza... who else
Michael Souza
Melhor dj❤❤❤
This should be like..freaking No.1 Trending🔥🔥forever..
Light in Darkness
When I first heard this song, something in my mind just, Clicked. Now I am in love with this type of music. :)
Hai Minh
What if someone mashup this track with let her go - passager
britte xo
Wie is hier dankzij EnzoKnol?😂❤
Test YT
San holo = han solo!!
ItsJohn K
Trap Nation Has More Views of this song😢
Alex Sodoo
Was it filmed in Kiev?
Karim Bayad
SAN HOLO GOT A VEVO KSMDNSJDJSMS i guess you can say he showed them the light (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
Jay Pan
Atlast 0.0 One Of My Favorite Person Made A Youtube Acc.
this video is so perfect! so much work put into it and the story is incredibly good <3
Snowhite Christmas
Beautiful! Pure art! I love the kitties 🐈🐈 too The newspapers on the windows reminded me of Underworld.
Does this remind anyone of stranger things
Iris Vlogs
like als je hier bent door enzo💕
Even if it makes me deaf, I just wanna hear this LOUD Hearing, leave it all behind, justso I can hear this LOUD
Destian Caesar
finally u had own youtube channel rofl keep going m8
This song will trip me to the sun and will make me blind!
W Cuellar
AMAZING! <3 T.T Can l Make a Remix? PLEASE! :C
Shah Ji
1:42 - 1:54 I got goosebumps 💕😭
Khizer Nawaz
Is that Eleven from stranger things? 👀
Mathew Bradley
Come back to Dallas, I missed Something Wonderful!!
Prathiba Shenoy