Aman Venice (Italy): the city's ultimate ULTRALUXURIOUS hotel (+ review)

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Elias Saca
I'm not sure if Aman Venice was the best choice for wedding!
Stunning property but the furnishings are very ordinary and corporate looking - strange combination.
Looks like a beautiful hotel and property, but the video is a bit eerie with the total lack of any people.
even if I haven't been to Venice yet, I still wanna thank you taking me there through your video.
Zahra Rufai
This is amazingly beautiful! I found the rooms and some of the furnishings a bit out of place compared to the property itself. Thank you for the experience.
Perfect choice of music, like it should be playing in the background at the hotel!
I like fully carpeted rooms and I don't see any at the hotel through your video. It's a beautiful property, though :)
Donald Brown
Julio Blazquez Jr
A dream! Please, let me know if you need help or hiring for any position where you work. Thank you again, for Le Reve ( The dream) Il songno veneziano jb
Lovely hotel, it is just fantastic !!! Also, it was captured in the camera very nicely and great choice of background music. I saw the clip again just to listen to the piano :). who the musician, I would like to purchase the CD if you could help me with the details.
Robert Jefferies
the music made me want to slit my wrist.
Raditya Oe
Very nice video, thanks for sharing. Hmm if i must say, bedroom looks so standard, compare than the glamour other section of hotel. Its just like contemporary hotel room. But i like the bathroom, its give clean n nice athmosphere.
Silvia Kratzer
Amazing! LV the grand hotels with the mystery of history- so much more fascinating than a new resort.
Are you going to do any flights?
John C
Thanks for the video..... But the hotel itself was singularly unimpressive. (ULTRA LUXURIOUS? Very disappointing if that's the best one can find in Venice.) I would have hoped for something more sumptuous.
Christian Figueroa
The minimalist decor of the furnishings fits perfectly with the elaborate frescoes and the lavishly ornate chandeliers. Aman always knows how to perfectly stage it's properties. Top notch
Ivana Vujanovic
I simply adore Venice. It's my favorite place on Earth. It is such a special and rich city in all aspects - history, art, culture, architecture, etc. I visit this marvelous city every year. Twice a year! I can't get enough of it.
Manzur 007
Simply stunning!!!!
That was just STUNNING! Thanks again for sharing the extraordinary experience! Your videos aren't just entertaining but widening my eyes at the same time.
Joseph Jeong
You know, I think that some sections of video were snubbed by the music. If you could allow us to experience the true acoustic atmosphere of the place, I think that the video would be even better.
Janet Velazquez
beautiful hotel...would have wanted to see what dinner is like there....thanks for sharing
Travis Sowell
Looks like a Nursing Home.
M Fitzburger
Whoever thought that those tilted outdoor lamp thingies were a good idea needs to be slapped.
they can't be serious ultimate luxury..😁
Elisabete Rodrigues da Silva
Ah eu acho que vou conhecer um dia a Itália.......acho que seria um sonho
Peony Rose
Aman's minimalism style just doesn't fit European classic aesthetic. It's such a strange combination (just look at those contemporary furnitures, ugh)... It will looks very good in Asia or tropical places though. But not in Europe.
And a century from now it will all be under water.
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Something to consider for sure!