Dave - Wanna Know

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When u clock Ramz with the barking song is in this vid 😂.
Reginald Schoenmakers
best nike commercial ever
Love that British rappers don't take themselves too seriously, their style and moves are a reflection of that...plus nice to see a music video that's not just full of naked girls
Roman Roman
Dave - Wanna Know (Ft. Nike)
Dave Is More Inspirational Than Gandhi
Tom Fisher
like mist said Finally the UK getting the attention it deserves you guys should check out these artists: Mist, Wretch 32, Akala, Mostacks, 67, Nines, Skrapz, Giggs, Wstrn, Jaykae, Kamakaze, Eyez, Aj Tracey, Avelino, Krept and Konan. Edit (add ins): Kano, Ghetts, Bugzy Malone, Avelino, Chip, Skepta Like this so the U.K. Scene can blow up more
sorry to my brown ting from Loughton and sorry to my white ting from Brighton.. loool 😂
Oh Drago
rate him even more for the fact that you see all the same faces in all vids, he brings the team with him
milo miriam
still on repeat😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dave coming like the british Drake
Team Viviot
You know the songs lit when it's 4:20 seconds long
Nicole Ford
East Coast had their shine, West Coast ruled, the South took it by storm. Wouldn't it be funny if London was next to rule the rap world?!?
The Great Compilations
one year today. BIG
always winnin
my man went from nike to stone island real quick LMAO🔥
Marleyj Sweet
Shoutout to the people that knew Dave before drake
David Ugboh
This Guy Dave was born to rap
just clocked ramz in the inter shirt
Why's Wilfred Zaha wearing a inter shirt
Alan Football
Just realized ramz was in this video jeez🔥😂 still a banger
Tommy Desouza
Im from Toronto, was never really exposed to this uk scene... but fam this track is a fuckin banger! Big upp all the mandem in uk, much love from toronto
Marquis Mazyck
whaaat? I like UK rap more than US rap? too soon to tell but I don't like rap but I like this.
Hayden Copper
drake ruined this
Leonard Holmes
Shout out to the UK some of the dopest hip hop coming out right now little simz wretch 32 chip skepta nines cbiz chip stomzy know you got fans in the USA Atlanta Georgia to be exact
Luke Cutts
Wait up...... is that Ramz in that white Milan top
This is actually waveyy. Unique rapper since day 1
Yukawn zZz
Usually can't take any UK rap serious but the vibe on this is crazy W
Jordan Daley
If I just type in a British accent I think I can blend in with the old fans
Miguel Martinez
Banging this shit everywhere in Florida USA 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥
Kyle James
😂 bare British man scouting the comment section for Drake fans like border force fam! !!!
Zane Eby
respect from Oregon! Easily one of the catchiest hooks i have ever heard, for real
Honey Bun
Still gonna be banging this out in 2K19
Ronny Rick
anyone got a link for that red and grey nike jacket?
Hass Adam
“Prada boy retired I don’t rock designers clothes” 🔥🔥🔥
Inbar Onlesta
This is actually one of the best hip hop choruses I have ever heard in my life
am I the on;y one that clocked that RAMZ is in the music video
Khaled Alkahtany
here from DJ Akademiks
Thomas Lomax
The city is sinking
Hamid the dream 12
Tbh i think coz of the theme in this song the music video would be better on a cloudy winter day. Just my opinion
Sliman Mirzai
hes fukin 17 im so confused lol hows he so good
67/Nines ArdAdz
I just realised that Ramz is this video lol
Carl Ward
Man said "I don't wear designer clothes" three months later sponsored by stone island
Isaiah Nix
Lol 2:29
Abdoulie Sawo
just realized that ramz is here
Nicola Bressan
UK rap gonna take it all. Keep it up fam, cheers from Italy
Why isn't this on Spotify? I don't want the drake remix!!!! 😡
Donna O.
The comment about this being the "best Nike commercial ever" is totally right. England, Italy, France, USA. Dave and the boys carry that look off magnificently. Wanna get a ticket to see you with my daughter to witness a legend. We've missed J HUS at Brixton now but got MABEL tickets for London which'll be gold dust come October.Check out a  bilingual rapper named BEAUTY SPOT, see her influences. There's a collaboration waiting to happen.Best of luck,BOBx
· AquaTM ·
B Young remix is way better, but this is nice too.🔥
Sahib Singh
This dude just turned me onto Grime Rap! I ran across this song by accident and loved it. I appreciate good music when I hear it! Keep up the good work Dave! I did a reaction video of it on my page, I'm new to doing reaction videos but my channel will get better with time! If any of you guys on here make music, submit it to me for a reaction and rating! Much love from the USA to the UK! Take care!
Marius Fitzworme
Dave put me on to this UK wave. Didn't realize they got that much talent.
Ri Child
He performed this yesterday in the O2 with Drake. It was fire 🔥🔥
otl tunji
I don't get why people are complaining US yutes are listening to it like they don't want Dave to grow n get big
y karma
Anyway clocked Ramz is on this video
Natali Newton
I feel bare rude cos he's so buff but it's illegal
Beth Rutherford
Am I the only one who thought the drake remix was shite
Ima link my ring from barking rams in the inter millan shirt
Dave puts too much effort into his music Yu man don't appreciate him enough
The vid is 4:20. People wanna know.. 💥
Tyler PlayZ
Who know Dave before this song because I did
Jabrel Mumin
Still searching the brown chick somewhere in south
Jordan King
love these uk mofos man lol unique ass sounds big ups
I remember when this was my favourite song
VFL Randz
The bars are fire. The beat is mad. Dope af 🤙🏼
Abdulkadir Ali
I'm just gonna say it now, this song is one of the greatest singles/song of the decade in hip hop and all genres! This song was put together perfectly man! It will be timeless for sure. We will all be back in five to ten years and more jamin to this!
shabocLo D.
a new type of dave tune. love it cuz. big up from canada. EP pre-ordered a month ago, can't wait.
Ebony Jaliila
I've been to Venice too !!😍
Bernardo Nascimento
Anyone else noticed the song lasts exactly 4:20??! ahahahah
mari sexybaby
this shit is one of a kind 🔥👄😩💯❤
Mo H
People are thinking that Nike is paying him for this video...actually NO he gets something waayy better he gets FREE CLOTHES
Yo Sho
Views at 525 500 before drake remix ...lets see what they're saying later lol
saeed husen
Lowkey dis shit lit 🔥
People have to give this guy more credit
hes dark and coal and is rapping about light skin chick lol typical
Finley Brown
nahhhhh tuneeeee like if you agreeeee ignore if your a hater
That OVO co-sign bout to make him blow up.
Sindhu Abraham
Dave is sooooooooooooooooo good
Mr magic
The source of drakes fire (Dave) even Dave is way more lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Moha Jordan
_Best PUMA commercial_ *:v*
Андрей Худинов
Tega Johannes Oghoro
man like dave, rashford of this music ting
Rayan Nankam
14 mill I swear I've watched this more times than this
John Seymore
Cody Booth
man this track is fire af. much love from the USA.
Dat1BadMf -
Fredo's 24 hour live stream brought me here 💯
Iqra Axmed
0161 Chicken in the Wrap
When you go on a school trip with school and all the mandem back it
I wanna bum him so bad
Alice Reeves
"Prada boy retired I don't rock designer clothes" lmaoooo fresh tracks init tho😂😭
Dat Guy
it's so peak knowing fully well that that Nike jacket is going cost way more than Im willing to spend
Mighty KingBrian
this is wayyyyyy better than u.s. rap by far
this is actually a banger
The cXtXclyst
Why is my cousin in this video
Luis Suarez
Wow this is a location you dont see much at all in music videos
Mubz Got Beats
i can't name one track i hate of his, too much realness
berke aslan
10mill easy
Lil Bob
Italyyy 🇮🇹 🔥
Jordan Adekunle
Dave man, i swear to God you and your lyrics are blessings. Stay BLESSED, peace
Jaime Sitoe
see the Ramz on vídeo 😂😂😂
who would've thoughttttttttttttt ramzzzzzzzz