50Cent feat. Eminem - Patiently Waiting [HD] /w Lyrics

50Cent feat. Eminem - Patiently Waiting (2003) Lyrics: [50 Cent talking] Ay Em you know my favorite white boy right... I.. I owe you for this one [Chorus] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong [50 Cent] I'm innocent in my head Like a baby born dead Destination heaven Sitting political passengers from 9-11 (yea) The Lords blessing left me lyrically incline (uh huh) Shit I ain't even got to try to shine God's a seamstress who tailorfitted my pain I got scriptures in my brain I can spit at your thang Straight out the good book Look niggaz is shook 50 fear no man warrior Swing swords like Conan Picture me pen in hand Write lines knowin' THE SOURCE will quote it When I die they'll read this And say a genius wrote it I grew up without my Pops Should that make me bitter I caught cases and got out Does that make me a quitter In this white mans world I'm similar to a squirrel Looking for a slut Wit a nice butt to get a nut If I get shot today my phone Will stop ringing again These industry niggaz ain't friends They know how to pretend [Chorus (2x)] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!) [Eminem] You've been patiently waiting To make it through all the hate Debating whether or not You can even weather the storm As you lay on the table They operating to save you It's like an Angel came to you Sent from the heavens above They think they crazy But they ain't crazy lets face it Shit basically they just playing sick They ain't shit they ain't saying shit Spray umh 50 [gun shots] A to the K get in the way I bring Dre and them wit me And turn this day into fucking mayhem You staying wit me Don't let me lose you I'm not trying to confuse you When I let lose wit this uzi And just shoot through your Izuzu You get the message Am I getting through to you You know it's coming You motherfuckers don't even know do you Take some BIG and some PAC And you mix them up in a pot Sprinkle a lil "BIG L" on top What the fuck do you got? You got the realest and illest killers Tied up in a knot The Juggernauts of this rap shit Like it or not it's like a fight to the top Just to see who die for the spot You put your life in this Nothing like surviving a shot Y'all know what time it is Soon as 50 signs on this dot Shit what you know about death threats Cause I get a lot Shady Records was 80 seconds Away from the towers Some cowards fucked with the wrong building They meant to hit ours Better evacuate all children Nuclear showers theres nothing spookier Your now about to witness the power of fuckin' 50! [Chorus] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!) It's the Gun Squad here And you hear the shots go off (It's 50, They say It's 50) You see a nigga laid out Wit his fucking top blown off (It's 50, Man that wasn't 50) They don't holla my name [50 Cent] You shouldn't throw stones If you live in a glass house And if you got a glass jaw You should watch your mouth Cause I'll break your face Have you ass running Mumbling to the J Your going against me dogg You making a mistake I split yo lip You looking like them Michael Jackson Jackets Wit all them zippers I'm the boss on this boat You can call me Skipper The way I turn the money over You should call me Flipper Your Bitch a regular Bitch Your calling her Wifey I fucked her feed her fast food You keepin' her Icey I'm down to sell records But not my soul Snoop said this in '94 "We don't love them ho's" I got pennies for my thoughts Now I'm rich See the 20's spinnin' Looking mean on the 6 Nigga's wearing flags Cause the colors match they clothes The get caught in the wrong hood And filled up with holes Motherfucka' [Chorus (2x)] I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo ass'll get rolled on (It's 50) It feels like my flows Been hot for so long (yea) If you thinking I'ma fucking Fall off your so wrong (It's 50!!)

50 cent is one of the very few rappers to be able to hold his own when on a track with Em. He brought that fire 🔥
This will never get old..
And mgk thinks he has a chance
Damien Judd
This Shit is better than 90% of all song in the past 4 years
50 Cent
21 January 2019 anyone? Nope just me
hampy champ
Hahahah imagine if eminem said " hey 50 you know you my favorite black boy right?"
Sandile chili
I like it when 50 cent say "im down with selling records but not my soul " favorite part
Hershee Wattley
I’m here after Em murdered MGK.
Abongile Nomandela
After Emenims verse 50 comes back hard... "you shouldnt throw stones if you living in a glass house, if you got a glass jaw I will break your mounth"
How good is 50 cent and Eminem together umm let me see 100,0000,00000,0000% Better then all rapers and singers like if you agree 🖕🏾😎🖕🏾 That’s what they do to prove that there the best!
KissMy Azz
Eminem is the MF Goat
When 50 overall was 97
Let's be real, Eminem killed his verse... And, it sounds like he didn't even try much, it's just natural for him to rhyme and kill syllables. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
15 years from this album. Still bumping at 2018. By the way goosebumps when slim shady split 🔥. Shady records was 80 seconds away from the towers . What a song , what an album. Break Yo FACE
Chance Icard
Who is still listening June 2018
Nathan Knipp
1. Eminem 2. Tupac 3. Ice Cube
im on throwback lane after eminem released kamikaze
Who gets goosebumps at Eminem’s part? 🔥
Anyone elese think Em is an underrated producer?
ReFuse Anxiety
Robert Delafuente
Imagine a patiently waiting pt.2 with #50cent and #slimshady
DarkLab Games
1:31 your welcome.
Hidden Secrets
Ayy 50 you know you my favorite black boy right. Wonder how that would go over in 2018 America.
F Illy
2019 still on this maddahacker :-)
Shady records was eighty seconds away from the towers.
Daniel Aureo
Ems flow...☠️
gaza nation
50 an Em true real friends one love 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
dusty debusk
Been rocking Fifty since he hit the map. Eminem's tight. But Fifty squashes it with me. Like to chill with the dude for a day.
Richard Wilson
Still my favorite bar EVER They say u shouldn't throw stones if u live in a glass house and if u got a glass jaw better watch your mouth cuz ill break your face
Dementedangel 261
Eminem-Best wordplay, rhyming,and great lyrics and flow Biggie smalls-Best flow and great rhyming and lyrics Tupac- Most emotional Nas-Best lyricist...great rhymes and flow Dr dre- Best beats...great voice 50 cent- BEST DEATH THREATS(and hooks, but mainly DEATHTHREATS)
Tezoh Online
Rip mgk 2018
Saw them do this live in London in July was so sick man couldn’t believe it when em brought fiddy out
Ty Hairston
50 is legendary with the hard core music yooo 50 is a legend regardless
thomas koppe
The game bars 2pac flow Biggie flow Eminem crazy lyrics 50 cent hooks Ice Cube gansta flow Eazy-e gansta flow Busta rhymes spittin Dmx badass flow snoop dogg G-funk Dre best beats Jay-z good flow Nas good flow
Best Pranks ever
who's into old raps like if yeah
1:43 - 2:06 #EMINƎM !Flow Though. 🔥💯🎶
Ricky Bronson
Ok settle down everybody reason we all here some how we are aging👴👵😬
the hardest track ever
Andrianne Walker
Still, my shit in 2019 love you 50💟💖
Ive just kicked my dad in the HEAD!
2,800 subscribers with no Video
Sorry 50, but i came here for the white boy
Robert Delafuente
Imagine a patently waiting pt.2 #50cent #slimshady
Tiago mancha
Alguém em 2019 aí mano 👊👊👍👍👍👏👏👏
I remember I was in middle school when this album dropped. Everyone at my school was bumping this album. I was sneaking my cd player into school just to bump this and DMX
50 cent THICC 4:3 streched, awesome song
The problem with eminem being featured on a song is that he's gona kill his verse harder than the main artist. 50 is sick but you can't touch eminems lyrics.
Patiently waiting for Jesus Christ, , to return ... you mofos dont even know what coming .... The word, the way , salvation!
Nistor Daniel69
2019, still here
Nick Zone
Be honest Eminem murdered this track
Cindy Valentino
2019 Anyone
that em intro dayyuuummm
Justin Crady
Every song that they are both on is great. I swear I think they bring out the best in each other
Marvin Herring
Still fire February 2019
I wish music were still like this.
michael brito
50 cent and Eminem are lyrical Gods with many others
only one Mr X Only one Mr y
2019 February , 8
Robert Delafuente
Besides 2pac realest shit ever written right here.. #FACTS patiently waiting PT.2 come ON!!
You get the realest and illest killers tied up in a knot...
Dzhora 96
January 2019?
Imre Budai
50 fear no man,warrior get the strap
Tural Jackson
Yeah awlways old Rap !!!
Quentin Diaz
"hey em, you know you're my favorite white boy right?"
berkay aslan
Allyson Filipe
Vai toma no cuuuuu porraaaaa,fodaaa pra caralhoooooo
Fengriz lýkos
2018 y 2019 forever
Swing swords like Conan.
Yes we all know Em killed this, but 50's second verse.... damn
Simon Desue
February 2019?😍😘
Patricia Tyler
Anybody listening in 2019? Hit that like real music!
Tyson Wray
The industry needed 50 cent at that point although the south and Westcoast was doin ther thing but 50 was like the hot sauce the game needed at that point (im from England btw)
Sisa Dumalisile
50cent murdered this track,You shouldn't throw stones if you live in the glass house and if you got the glass jaw you should watch your mouth.
50 cent , Emimem = True friends
charlotte katakuri
poor mgk he should himself go to recovery
Ashara Dayne
Yo I forgot how buff 50 is
firebeats firebeats
Em always murders
Streamline PR
2019 and still classic
I was in class today and someone's cell went off and they had this ringtone lol.
Heather C.
Watch him rap this entire album wit g unit, em n mobb depp 05 in my city sin city born n raised! All must c live!
I Want To Rap!!! Lyrical
Man that 911 refrence🔥🔥
15 years later he still hasn't fell off
Lil G'
Em's part is fire
Luke Schreiter
Eminem absolutely destroyed this.
Boban Kotevski
oh man id give a lung them to start making them back like these
sektor sektor
2019 still rocks !!!
John Brown
when 50 said i will break your face he killed em im sorry
Believe in Jesus Christ , our destination is heaven or heaven on earth.... he died for our sins and salvation amen !!!
Kilpatrick Kirksimmons
"You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you've got a glass jaw you should watch your mouth."
John Doe
"We don't love dem hoes"
Lane Jones
Eminems homie boy
sami zayn
January 2019 ?
i just wanna thx mgk for bring me back slim thx bich rip
i am mclovin
Eminem's verse gives me chills
Speedy Gaming
My favourite eminem verse ever
Salih Elhag
your music will never die mate. amazing!
Caden Grossman
"You shouldnt throw stones if you live in a glass house"
This is how I feel when someone finally pays me rent in Monopoly.
treezzy_tree luie tree Trees baby Trees
This in dis tree friends
Hamza Mir
2019 anyone?