Iguazu Falls - Brazil

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Iguazu Falls straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina. They are a must-see highlight of any trip to South America. Bunnik Tours the small group tour specialists include Iguassu Falls in a number of their South America Small Group Tours. Igguasu Falls are the most powerful falls on earth and on your Bunnik small group tour you get so close you'll feel their power through to your core. All Bunnik Tours small group tours visiting Iguassu stay at the famous das Cataratas Hotel. Das Cataratas is a Belmond hotel property and is located within the National Park on the Brazillian side ofthe falls. This means you can make an early morning visit to Iguassu Falls before it opens to the general public. This video also features the Helisul helicopter experience over the falls and the Parque das Aves - the stunningly beautiful bird park just outside the national park. Bunnik Tours operators small group tours with no more than 20 passengers. For full details on our range of tours to Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central America and South America visit our website www.bunniktours.com.au All Bunnik Tours are designed specifically for the Australian traveller.

Ruth Lathlean
I was here in December 1973, when there was a man in a rowing boat taking a few people to one of the small rocky & bushy outcrops where we got out, walked no more than 10 metres and could look right down the falls from the top. It was amazing and of course very dangerous. Luckily I survived! I doubt safety reasons would allow such a thing these days! Definitely the best falls in the world!
Jenny Mills
Sounds like you do lots of extra things, and I agree about the Falls, they are the most magnificent thing I've seen - including Victoria Falls. We just came back from Iguazu in March - shame I didn't know about your tour.
Gustavo Delos661
What a shame that you weren't "Garganta del Diablo"! It's amazing on the Argentine side. Iguazu Falls: 80 % Argentina, 20 % Brasil.