The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)

Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> The 2nd Single from The Lonely Island's upcoming 2nd album! Featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters! The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone As seen on Saturday Night Live (SNL Digital Short) Twitter: @thelonelyisland

three fly fellas one bodacious betty and john waters

Mom's Spaghetti
Actual godly beat
Abigail Eldritch
Daniella Sullivan
This is still my favorite thing that Nicki Minaj has done.
Nikki gets all this hate and I don't know why. She's funny, smart, and does weird shit like this. I'd love to see her do more with Lonely Island.
I'm one hell of a Sebastian Mecalis Knock Off.
I love it when they get all theses super respected celebrities to do some of the weirdest awsomeest songs
Survivor 2 Gr
Why are people so surprised that Nicki did this she's actually a pretty genuine and funny person lmao
Don't Read My Profile Picture
Someone will find this comment one day.
Cylon Phil
So this is the dance Drake was doing.
OPDiamond Gamer
I came here from Reaction Time
My theme song when I lurk on Instagram XD
John Carter
2018 any one listening?
Arch Fiend
The kid at the foot of the bed had me dead!
nicki minaj + creepin = YANDERE SIMULATOR
Whats up YouTube
That's why I love Nicki she can be a total bad bitch, pretty girly Gurl or something like that😂😍Queen!
Did nicki just do a verse without saying her name, showing her ass, or talking about sex?!?! Progress people
Omnic Games
I'd let Nicki creep on me.
RE- yad
2018 😎😎😎?
Guess what I danced on my prom...
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mario Lavirot
Layla P
Nicki tho 😂😂 look at her now!
Pao Wanis
This song ruin my queen :))) She wears uniform, being pervert, and funny... BTW she's still gorgeous
“When the judge is a hottie and you can’t control your body” 😂😂
Brian Courtney
put it at 2x speed and it makes it way better
Andrew Schaed
1:18 straight fire.
Glenn Jaro
Nicki? This is really cool. Hahaha why Nicki?! Why? You're so cute.
Kyle Snoddy
John waters saying don't forget to smile at the end was creepier than the rest of the video
Ty Reeves
I'm upset, the last time I was here the top comment was someone upset because the last time they were here the top comment was I'm a dinosaur and I'm offended by this.
Hadwa's Vlogs
any logangsters??
Pizza Lisp
I have found my theme song
Haylie Cazares
"and i would laugh ha ha ha ha." (weirdest part)
The most modest Nicki Minaj video ever
Peralta and Kevin's theme tune
Jordan Robles
Who else saw this on Logans channel? 🙋🏽
A7X will be foREVer
How can Nicki kill a parody dance?
Max uchiha
damn what ?? >_< this is good
Sink Caster
Nicki Minaj looked like a Barbie
Lareesia Brown
who is him from Logan Paul and videos when he was show the little clips
back when nicki's ass was a regular big
its DiStefano
Dang nicki minaj was SO SMALL!!!oh my god!!!!
Ashley Wectawski
This song was DIVINE, get it, cause John Waters. Okay I’ll leave.
TCG Kyle
When i first watched this video around 2-3 yrs ago, the top comment was "i am a t-rex and i am offended by this", i am disappointed to return and find it is no longer top comment...
Jada Miller
I'm. so .freakin. CONFUSED
Falco Lombardi99
Nicki Minaj is cute with glasses, damn I wish I was straight
Cade Cochran
Is it just me, or does this look like we are number one?
VH-Armenian Channel
Nicki so CRAZY :D
ebony merrick
Nicki soo versatile!
Jackaroo 88
This is so catchy
Ratty RatStuff
For the first time In history, Nikki looks fly af and her voice doesn't give you ear aids
Eat Jin And Open your rice
in this music video:nicki reminds me of yuno from mirai NikkiXD
Medical Arachnid
oh look nicki... i forgot she is on the song...
My opinion of Nicki Minaj has gone up slightly
yellow bat
Congrats on 100M view
Shaniya Queen
classic 2017??
Everyone mentions Nikki Minaj but nobody sees the Bruce Willis (or actual Bruce Willis) look-alike at 1:26
Mario Lavirot
100 KK 😍😍😍 the best Colab.
Candy cat
Gabbie Nicole
I got to the weird side of YouTube again.😐😂
Cat all
Do their songs remind anyone else of weirdalyankavitch(dont know how to spell it lol)
the nostalgia!!
Jordan Blanchard
Never have I heard a bad song about being a creep! All great songs right here: Radiohead - Creep The Police - I'll Be Watching You The Lonely Island & Nicki Minaj - The Creep
creep = creeper ?
Alyssa E
Their socks are matching 🤣 how did I never notice that
Hella Dank
the baby and the kid were so cute!
The Game Plan
Wow Nikki was so cute back then Watch her part here Then watch swish swish and see her part SHE CHANGED SO MUCH I like the old Nikki not this never dressed one
"since the day I was bowwwn"
Seeker O' Truth
Wow seriously?
Auchie Thomas
Nicki comes on 1:35
Blue Raven
I ain't apart of your system
Giuliano 224
Lance the lucky Boi
Omg I wish this song was played at my dance 😂😂😂😂
Saul Briones
I remember watching this when I was 15, now I'm 21 omg!
Masooma Abidy
Believe or not this was my lil sis wedding song... still can't see why we're related....
Nicki Minaj makes me moist. #creep
she cant fit in a locker... her ass would get stuck.
Nikki is so cool for this
Smoerly TV
Who still watches this in 2017?
Lazaros Pro
Anyone do the creep?
JackS Sole
"when a fine pyt walks in front of your tree" lmfao your tree!? wtf xD
Morgan O'Connor
this is incredible
Jayden Christopher
John waters is the BEST
ShaSha Bryant
Came poppin out his mama like some kettle corn! That baby came out clean & creepin.
Tejas S
Ninja doing this was hilarious
trash god
Man, after watching this, I threw my laptop on the ground!
Dennis Kaletka
who listen in 2017 ?
James Burdick
Ah, the Trump method. The Creep.
Brie Jennings
Asia Bush
when you want to scare your crush away dID THE CREEP LOL😂😂😂
Nate Smith
Wow when this was uploaded I was half way through my senior year of high school god time flew by
Keskrrrt L.
who's here because of Logan paul?
Mohammed Jasim
2018 ?
Taylor York
Nicki is showing that anyone can be creepy.
Jackie Williams
You know when I hear exos monster and every time they say creeping into your heart babe I think of this
Santeri Peltokangas
Best song Nicki has ever been in
Catherine Joy
Genuinely think Akiva's an amazing rapper. xD
King Kong
Best. Song. Ever. Hands down.
Re Life
12/13/2017, best song ever
Ashley Thompson
Whose watching this 2017