KISS - Black Diamond (Live TV Appearance 1974)

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One of their first tv appearances, KISS perform a 3 songs concert in the sets of ABC, they play "Nothin' To Lose", "Firehouse" (performed in their first tv appearance at the Mike Douglas Show), and "Black Diamond". KISS present an amazing show withe fireworks and elevating drum kit; never seen before in a TV show. This version in widescreen offers you a powerfull sound remastered and improved quality, excellent! KissologyVideos

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Veritas Amantes Vocat
The '70s; when rainbows meant rock-n-roll.
Marie York
So great to see THE CATMAN actually sing the whole u Peter!!!!! I've seen this footage so many times but never from this camera angle! Thoroughly enjoyed it !!!!!
Dennis the menace
This is kiss, I saw them a few years ago with tommy and Eric and it bored the hell out of me, this is the band when they had magic and soul. Sure ace and peter were f*cked up all the time, who cares? It worked! Eric and tommy dressed as peter and ace is an insult to the guys who created those characters and fans like me who can easily tell the difference.
Rex Spencer
That was fantastic!!!
ELL Angella
It's the highest music!! Amazing (*゚▽゚*)
Dave van Thol
Good thing they are a Rock Band:)!
aces playing is so tight and his vibrato is great
This is so early... This is when Peter's makeup looked quite different and ace s took up all his face..
Paul Michael
peters voice was the best!! yeah paul became a better singer some years after, but peter had the cooler voice!
john hart
i love the way when he says at the end black dimond
frode vik
on peter i mean lol
frode vik
great voice on cris
peter so rocked it!
JaviDamian Locuras
no is gene simmons
Tyler Gross
He was probably ingnored because he was drunk.
2:09 - EPIC Gene Simmons! That made my childhood amazing. I imitated that for years in front of a mirror!
@CaptainShinyJunk whatever you say kiddo
Peter picked the right persona for himself. he can get that panther squal when he sings.
wow Aces guitar has pickup covers, never seen that before!
Wow,So fresh for '74,Peter Criss was really dealing to the kit at that stage and u could see why some thought they were satanic ?Stanleys voice sounded great on the intro,Pity, Ace got ignored by the cameraman (or editor guy),that solo would'a ben something special to see... in '74 !
meli mouse
Vince Lombardi
Great kiss song! I've alway thought Peter Criss had a great voice.
Zły brat Petroni
Peter Criss - Best voice in KISS!
Jean Pierre Garay
Great quality.