SPLIT: All Personalities HD

SPLIT: All Personalities HD Help Us Like & Share This Video. Don't forget to Subscribe & comment below. Thanks! McAvoy plays every single one of Kevin’s personalities and the changes in his voice, posture and delivery are astonishing. We won’t spoil the film’s big reveals, and there’s more than one of those, but here’s a list of the people we see him play: - Kevin Wendell Crumb: the original personality. Polite, gentle and horrified by what the others do. - Dennis: its implied Dennis was the first personality to form. Dennis is very serious, fiercely protective of Kevin, suffers from OCD and has a deeply repressed but virulent libido. He’s the one who abducts the girls. - Hedwig: a nine year-old boy who loves Kanye West, dancing in his room and chatting. He desperately wants to be taken seriously by the others. - Patricia: the cross-dressing matriarch. Arch, precise and cold. - Barry: the ‘lead’ personality and the one who spends much of his time in control. Barry is sweet, gentle and in much more trouble than he knows… - Orwell: a tweedy scholar who tries to analyse problems to death rather than solve them. - Jade: a kind, diabetic teenage girl These are the personalities we meet but Kevin has many others, including: Heinrich, Norma, Goddard, Bernice, Polly, Luke, Rakel, Felicia, Ansel, Jelin, Kat, BT, Samuel, Mary Reynolds, Ian, Mr Pritchard. Subscribe to our channel : Subscribe & More Videos: />Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #jamesmcavoy , #scene

Melina Gaitanopoulou
The way his face changes right in front of us is crazy, so talented
James Mccavoy doesn't need the X-Men team anymore. Now he's the entire squad.
shampayne Nichols
"oh, baby girl" aww I wish we saw more of Barry...
Noelia Jones
Did he win an Oscar for this?
Chromatic Luna
When you dont need a squad because you are the squad *Laughs in 23 Personalities*
The acting of James in this scene is spectacular, so expressive, so chilling and disturbing, truly impressive.
Gryffindorkish Shreya
Barry,Jade and Orwell seem like they are the good ones!
Natally Lima
James McAvoy deserved the Oscar for this interpretation, how can it be so wronged?
Kevin Muller
I am happy he was.chosen as Bill in IT part 2. He is a phenomenal actor
aspiringcreative 1
I wanted to see ALL the personalities. Hopefully I'll get to next time.
Rorschach Daws
Hedwig my favorite personality.
Abbie Gayle
Bree A.G.
Seeing Kevin just so tired of all of it already, being so weak that he wanted to give up, knowing what condition he was in, knowing how dangerous he could be and realising what was going on and what he did......was just so utterly heartbreaking for me and bringing on the fact that kevin is a real person and having that burden with him...you can see how much hes gone through and he understands what can happen...it just crushes me...☹🙏🏼 truly respect james
Jacob Is Craving Sushi
This is one of his greatest work
Joshua Ajay Gobindah the YouTuber
Including the beast. You forgot that personality.
James Raven
orwell seemed interesting, so let me get this straight. barry, the dominant personality, banned dennis and miss patricia from the light due to some of their...tendencies such as their worship of 'the beast'. but, hedwig (a personality considered weak and small by the others) allied with them and wrested control of the light from barry and since then the alliance or horde has ruled. it does seem that there is a 'kevin' personality but i do not imagine he is often in control
Simon Tormod
The switch is pretty quick but you can still see a fast dissociation between them what can be pretty accurate! Especially considering they are fighting to front. I like this! I want to watch it too
Poor Professor X. After hearing and reading people's thoughts for so long, it must have driven him mad.
Rohan Winchester
Brilliant Performance.
The Mad Blood Demon
Gamer Iza
All of them mess with kevin head
Patricia's composure is just unprecedented...😂😂😂
2:00 the way Patricia just covers herself always cracks me up. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Matarab
Why does this have 167k that should be 167M he is brilliant. Wow
The girl is also a great actor though like dammmn. they both so good.
Prince 4000
u only see Dennis, Patricia, and Hedwig but Dennis the most
Syd Jones
I honestly wish we saw more of Jade and Barry cause I loved them! hopefully the new one will show them more!
Lina La
He is very talented actor. Just amazing. . .
Ray jones
His acting abilities are amazing how he was able to act out so many personalities back to back to back was amazing the first time I watched this my reaction to this scene was I'm watching Kevin convulse all the personalities reaching for the light at once an how he conveyed it was once again so powerful
This guy’s acting is truly amazing, it’s like I was literally watching many different people.
jim carrey : me, myself, and irene james mccavoy : me, myself, denis, patricia, barry, heidwig, ...... and the beast
The Rascals
When you don’t need the squad because you ARE the squad
Tim Drake
Imagine... You're in the dark, trying to run away and suddenly, you hear something terrifying... *Ecetra...*
0:42 she looks scared but I can tell the the actress was trying not to laugh
Destiny Torres
Why hasn't this man won an Oscar yet?
Bgiles 20
I like Barry the best
Her eyes keep moving apart
The Sober King
This is the most impressive acting in all of cinema. James is my favorite actor ever. And yes he's better than Heath Ledger s Joker
James Mcavoy is Incredible actor. The way he changes his personalities is just so.....amazing!
His performance is out of this world 👌🏻👌🏻
Sarah Khan
Looks like ozil 👌🏻
Emily Drew
I'll always, always love Split. Thank you, James, for your talent. ❤️
ikigai x
This requires a lot of skills he is so talented
Robert Erlandson
You realize how good of an actor you have to be to play this many different personalities?
Jbanz Mate
He’s such an amazing actor
Is it me or is there SCP Containment Breach music in the background? :p
Ravenclaw BNed
Well... sorry Kevin I really am but, welp. *blows his brains out*
Cybille Ramirez
Hedwig is an owl from hogwarts..
Man, i didn't know that professor x and typhoid mary have something in common.
James is such a good actor!
Akh'med the Killer
Well, I've seen everything. O_O
Madenna Studios
Just give me a film of Barry and Hedwig.
Hugo Amezcua
Is the movie glass part 2 of This???????
Kermit the frog ,
Best in class?
joann smith
I heard the eurpeon accent in the first kill me lol
gogo dodo
The music is too loud
presh xd
if i was that girl my heart would give out 😆
Lilla Crendory
Hedwig is a best dancer!
Connor Krohn
This isn’t all the personalities
No name ok
The director is so lucky he is a good actor
Antoine Pouliot
Clown killing part two
Miranda Scott
The acting amazing.
Kallyn Fuller
Where has he been all our lives? He can just be in all movies from now on
John Sanabria
Ladies he is available he is single any request?
Scott Stewart
I remember this scene where he hed the nice guy personally.and the girl knock him out with a something. ( i can't remember what...so stick with me here.) And then later: ( i think) he hed the angry personality took over. So i images this bring like inside out this part is a joke.( No offense to people who have this problem)wean we see the characters in his head and the nice character said: wait....what happen? Why did it go black? Angry character: ho for fu%$ sake! Get out of my way! Shice mr nice guy didn't really do a good job here. Am gonna take over and kill that b%$#. Nice character: but if we think this.... Angry character turns to nice guy and flip him off with is middle finger: UP YOUR ASSH#$%@
leen smk
Krystal Bowen
I love Patricia
Kristen Curry
looks like tyler1 but without the weird head
Matthew Robinson
This film is rated
U mad Bro?
Ice Poseidon?
Dew Right
Notice that I do not communicate with awkward or inappropriate behaviors, and I can explain my actions and with words too! I guess to be or not 2 bee is my only question? Speak now or forever hold your peace!
Zác Andraczke
It's quite unlikely to switch from that many people so quickly, it can take time and this may be a small possibility but it's quite unlikely
Sea 12
Interesting fact, this disorder happens only if the abuses take place before 9 years old because the personality of the kid isn't totally settled yet... Animal identities can actually happens... It's more usual to have more than 10 identities than having 2 or 3... new identities can be created if a situation is too difficult and none of the other identities can cope with it, even if the person is in their thirties. A system with 100 identities is totally possible...
The Thinking SJW
I wonder what it must be like to have multiple personalities.
Veni Vidi Vici
I love how his personalities began to panic when Kevin told her to kill him and how Orwell started talking about how bad the main 3 personalities were (aside from the beast)
akeen d
So was Dennis screwing Patricia
Destructive Daniel
why is there scp: containment breach music?
Tomas the Rebellious Boy
The acting's amazing but like....You juste don't switch as fast as that???
There are far more than that....
Victoria Castrellon
I remember watching this at the age of 8 or 9 ._. I’m on mah moms phone
Muhammed GA
What is taking the light? Is it being in control?
I’m less scared than I am amazed at James acting.
Eli McRae
Alex Legal Research
John Sanabria
Ppl it may be a movie but there is real ppl like this
Devin Boone
Um what happend?
Muhammad Suhail Mirza
Which movie is this?
Sidrotul Muntaha
Help me. I cant see the different
Asha O'Hearn-Harvey
This is a terrible movie that misrepresents an actual mental illness.