RAM 1500 UPGRADED Headlight Bulbs

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In this video we review and discuss the upgraded HID and LED lighting on this RAM 1500 pickup truck with the factory projector headlights. This RAM1500 comes with very poor lighting from he factory and it can be tricky to find bulbs that work well and enhance the light output and visibility on the road. With this tested combination of HID and LED bulbs the lighting on this RAM 1500 can be improved significantly over the stock halogen bulbs. HID kit install & LED vs HID comparison /> 6000k vs 5000k HID 55w HID kit /> LED vs HID Fog Light Comparison Test /> 9006 LED Bulb Comparison NAO vs C6s in Halogen Reflector Housings /> How to UPGRADE Your Factory LED Interior Dome Light for BETTER LIGHTING - DODGE RAM 1500 2500 3500

That's awesome!!!... Great job bro! ... Up next you'll be hitting the 20k subs mark!!! 11 more subscribers! 😎👍 That means "My Giveaway" is lurking just around the corner.👀 😇🔥
Im just glad you turn your Highs off when oncoming traffic is visible. Some people out there don't do crap when there's oncoming visible.
Expressly Mopar
How do you reprogram it to leave fogs on with the high beams? Would you care to make a vid on that?
Jason Jukich
Looks good. Looks identical to my GTR hid kit in the lows. Mine are 6k , but I might go with 5k bulbs next. I still have the stock halogen highs and not sure what to do with them yet. Want to do some leds, but I’m worried that the led bulbs won’t put out the same distance as the halogens
B Spottek
I have the same setup on mine and I love it
Nice bro do more vids on the viper too anytime u work on it upload it for us man!
Jay 1500
I have LED in lows but probably need to do HID. The output is not good. I could almost drive with just the C6S in the fogs..bright as hell.
I did the GTR 55watt 5000K lights for the low beam and I'm happy with those.
Ernesto Torres
Do you have the exact links or where I can find them. I have the stock ram headlight but they are horrible from stock.
I did a triple LED conversion on my '16 Sport (highs, lows, and fogs). The LED works really well with reflective housings but not as well with the projector housings. HID would be better but the LED is still a massive improvement over stock.
Need to change my dang lights now
I was hoping you were going to punch it 😂😜😂
Frank Eros
Hi, I have a question regarding the HID setup. When I swapped my factory headlights out and put the same setup you have in, my drvr's side headlight only doesn't always come on immediately, I turn the switch several times to make it wake up, any ideas as to why? I enjoy your videos very much keep it up!
Peter Garlinski
I ended up sticking with halogen because I didn't want to mess with the canbus crap. I went with Sylvania zXe bulbs on all three sets (high/low/fog) and they have worked well for me. I'm not a big fan of blinding other drivers so I decided against anything 'too white'.
Ravaun Ward
What's the best cold weather bulb setup? I live in Alaska and these winter's get a little cold and dark. I need to make on this ASAP. Can you help a brotha out? White 2013 1500 Ram Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 6-speed aka Storm Trooper
Barry Bebenek
I too would like to know how to program the driving lights to stay in with high beams. 👍🏼🇨🇦
June Bug
Why the change back to the c6 led fog lights... what happen with the hikari led (fog lights)???
I have the same set up but I put the Hikari Led's in for the high beams....it lights up the darkness extremely well.
Davis Schenk
Boost Bars LED lights are the shit, got some in my low beams and I barely even need the highbeams anymore