Buffy the vampire slayer, season 5, Episode 1, [part 1/5]

NO COPY RIGHT INTENTED This is for entertainment puposes only, I do NOT own anything! Buffy the vampire slayer season 5 episode 1 part 1 "Buffy Vs Dracula" Buffy's path crosses the most legendary vampire of all time,count Dracula. While Buffy fights to keep from under his powerful control,Xander falls prey to him,Putting himself and his friends in danger. Comment/Rate/Subscribe. My apologies for any bad filming, This was all recorded on my iphone,And my hands were a bit shakey, Thanks

Naomi Stothard
I wish youtube didnt take down all of BuffyBaseTV's videos. What a heinous thing to do.
Jamie Baum
What kind of grill is that their using on the beach?
Jonae Cuffee
Buffy vampire goods
As Bok
I loved this show .....
malazer bla
now if only i could get the movie.....
awesome! I was sad when the person who had a channel dedicated to buffy had her videos deleted.
@Comrick317 That episode is Season 6 Episode 19: Normal Again. Also if you are canadian or able to get Much More Music, a music channel on your cable or t.v then they air Buffy the Vampire Slayer every weekday at 2pm & 10pm PST. MMM also has a buffy marathon every Saturday from 7am untill Noon PST. It's currently in season 2 right now on Much More Music. :D
"and your sure this isn't a cannot thing cause I've fought more than one plumed out vamp. Who called themselves lestat." Ha! I almost choked on my food when I heard this!
Nick Craig
I can see your reflection on the screen. May I say you are an attractive young lady? *cue smoldering grin*
I squealed when I saw Rudolf Martin (Dracula). xD
Thank you so much for posting this!!! Even with the shaky camera and reflections, it's Buffy and it's brilliant.
Scarrlet Raven
Lol, I see you~ Anyway, thanks for the vid!
Tanya Pillay
Awesome uploads. But um honestly the time I realised the 'figure' in the back of the video was actually YOU doing the filming, and not something reflected in MY screen, dude I freaked the hell out!!
dvd store mabye? £9 @ Amaazon
dvd store mabye?
@Comrick317 The Dvd's are still available to buy, And honestly i think they just have links becuase they don't want the copy right infrigment and have their acconts suspended lol. Also i will upload these soon, Hopefully in a lot better quality but until my laptop is repaired every video i did of Buffy is gone.
i swaer, ur the only person who uploads videos. every one else just uploads tribute after tribute. how ya supposed to watch the sereis is they don't sell 'em any more i have a request if u don't mind: please upload the episoide of when she thinks nuts and in a mental instition from season 5 thanx
Dose any one know were a person can buy season 5!?!
You can try TVShack as well it has all the buffy eps from all seasons and in better quality, but besides from that thx for the upload it's nice that there are people like you who commit copyright infringement for the good of the youtube community!:D
Shira Sheps
I must say, Buffy fights very...sexually..
expats united
Thank you sooooooooo much for the upload I grew up on this show i missed watching it thank you again :D
Katie Beeler
hmmm are they married?
@shields817 Be happy it's on there for you to view? Like i said in the description below the video."My apologies for any bad filming, This was all recorded on my iphone,And my hands were a bit shakey, Thanks"
Invest in a tripod
@SuperHabboPerson Your welcome, Will be uploading the rest of the episodes soon :)
thank for doing this i been waitting to see this episode for months + i love buffy and dracula there cool