TrollStation Sheikh Al Yaseen Trolling Knightsbridge and Harrods

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Our Troll @GomesAHTV from AlwaysHypeTV goes to knightsbridge dressed as a Sheikh from Kuwait and attempts to find a wife in London. Click Here To Subscribe: />Watch all Our Videos: />Follow Us On Twitter: />Like Us On Facebook: />Sheikh Troll: @GomesAHTV

Mohamed Bouali
I'm arab and I find this really funny LOL. how about this for an idea, go to luxury hotel's offer them money to buy the whole hotel, with the workers, and tell the person in the reception that you'll make him your slave.
Chris Smith
Damn, Real Arab chick was beautiful!
Emily Brunhilde
not gonns lie I think Trollstation are the best pranksters in my opinion.
Official James Parker
The Arab guy in the suit on the left at 2:03 knew he was fake.
Aqib Zaman
The girl at the till was cute
ahmed Ibrahim
When he was paying with oil, the assistant goes; 'We got flora oil also' LMAOOO!
c. lince
payment by oil was hilarious
محمد حياني
هدا الشخص الكلب يشوه سمعت العرب في اوروبا
The lady at the counter is the nicest and so beautiful.
james Jd
4.57 is so beautiful and have a cute voice
Shihab Al Din
no Arab guy has 30 wives....
Saud Alotaibi
Althought i sensed a bit of racisim , as you have showed arabs or in particular the gulf countries people ( Kuwait , Saudi , UAE , Bahrain , Qatar and Oman ) as rich nomads that only care about women and money and also lazy and Bossies , i'll pass that and say the video actually made me laugh. Kuwaiti  or Arabian ( not Persian ) gulf people BTW don't use that scarf  at all .. it;s for Iraqi and palestinian people. we Kuwaitis wear the pure white or red scarf. Am saying that just to ( try ) to make you look original next time you atempt a similar video. I can also lend you some real oil bottles with my Signature on the them if you want to look really original. anyway, great video . sincerely, a Kuwaiti citizen. *the sentense with oil bottles is only for reading. you're not actually getting any.
Chris Smith
Ooo and the chick at 1:00, she's a darling
Ayoub Merabet
Can't finish this video , it's too funny 😂😂😂😂
Olly Chamberlain
that women... arrggh stop
that girl at 0:31, if you out there... Marry me 
That girl working at the jewellery section is so cute
Faisal Hussain
0:39 she is fit
Alima Ali
I'm Syrian and find these pretty funny, I think Arabs getting offended need to chill out.
Faizan ullah
the girl he was offering a watch to was too cute
Amir Shezad
That girl is the cutest girl, I have seen, what a beauty. 
Akbar Permana
this is hilarious    nice movement hahaa
jamie willis
ahhh the girl working at Harrods is gorgeous
Rafiullah Khattak
Arabs are much richer and advanced than you. Infact Harrods is owned by an Arab. You think they are not comfortable with elevators, you have been stinking in your rat hole for too long, come to Dubai and have some life.
Gulab Khan
Oh no brother please don't joke your not Arabic ok
Slippin' Jimmy
You should have went to the checkout with 50 grand or more worth of stuff, waited for the store clerk to scan it all through and when she asks for the money say ''oh my god, this is really embarrassing, I seem to have left my credit card in my other robes''
this is funny but racist .
TehSho rtNoob
2:33 she fine
Joy B Shahriar
Oh Gomes , Yo acted Perfectly lol
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang
I love that salesgirl/cashier.
Hahahaha I wasn't expecting to see Labrinth in this video
You guys are the most professional prankers in the world... You guys should go to Hollywood to find a job!
Khalid Al
Harrods staff is gorgeous!!
cashier was so sweet
you insult my family and country stop insulting kuwait. people seeing you laughing at you thinking kuwait royal family are crazy stop insulting us I belong from kuwait's king family its not funny stop using my country name
Don Spartan
oh my watch girl from harrods is so cuuuuuuute!
Damn you , I have tarnished our reputation! What you know about us? We do not care about us your opinion ! 🤗
Those 2 arab girls in the beginning are hot
Uchiha123 Madara
lol I love the currency
I'm kuwaiti and u totally don't act like one of us, u act 100% different than us
BEst Video!!!!!!!! Sheikh Al Yaseen HAHAHA! lol
how is he not arab? He looks arab to me.
Prince Al. Ya seen?
Samuel Unwin
You'r giving the wrong Idea about arabs We don't have 30 or 25 wifes We are people like u are so dont say something you don't know about
HIF Production HIF Production
Jokes are jokes. But this guy makes a total fool of himself. First of all, this is not how arabs are, secondly you look and sound like a squeaking parrot.
ٍSaud kuw
i'm from Kuwait I find this Ridiculous ! he become a goofy only to attract attention
Abdel Emambux
He always buy everything he pass along...very rich this guy...I know him
Attention guys: apparently you can't troll while impersonating a Saudi prince or half the commentators will be butthurt, but you can make fun of any other nation.
Bo Fahad
it was funny until he start saying ' in the religion ' what religion that allow man marry 30 wife
his wives count keeps increasing every time
Loc Dog
"I want these dog carriers to carry my wives" Hahahahahahahahhaha omd
Themed Injection
I find this pretty offensive and it's not that I don't get humor but he gone too far with it ...
Misha 786
Lol kwl
Dan Holt
I wonder what security said
Noel Lobo
the girl at 3:50 is super cute and has a really sweet voice..
I need something to carry my wife in. EPIC! <3
Lawayne R. Sharpe
lol, when they are making the payment ...
mustapha R.I.P
David M
that arab girl need hijab
Hadi sheikh
Muhammad Saeed
you are very joker haaaaaaaaaaaa
liibaan salah
I love you boss y funny man
The Most Interesting Man
can´t get enough of this prince pranks.
Stefan Irawan
Wtf i cant stop loughing
Dheevesh Mungroo
you're not, not your not ffs
Vishal Deb
PAR, at the end.
saeed alnuaimi
This is very embarrassing Arabs have a bad reputation already he's just making it worse
hassan Waleed
3:55 wow, what a cutie
Lojain esmaeel
لابس زنوبه 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sundar Nakarmi
hahahaaha keep going guys
ThUrT EilNo
if uk public can be fooled by these clowns so easily, then think what the media can do? and is doing.
Jassim M
i am from Kuwait
Ali Muhammad
we like u prince
first and last girls were fine
Mr Right
Rule = Power Power = Oil Rule + Power + Oil = ??
4.17 she is so cute !
Denzki Gangster
That girl is hot!
Zahra Malik xo
Being Arab and watching non-Arabs tryna act Arab is so cringe 😭
doug HMF
Best vid on youtube
queen _me
You are making fun of Arab people so stop doing this You will let American people think that we are crazy okay so stop
Hamad Go
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
can somebody tell me whats the name of this song 2:08 ? thanks
Brandon Baker
dat arab girl at the start
Bismilah bismilah
lol even the police officer
Ik Alizai
That is really offensive guys, I don't think making fun of one nation is funny at all. Absolutly Disgraceful
how can anybody be offended by this prank? it's not about making fun of Arabs, it's making fun of snobbery and royalty-like behaviour...
Jado Chahla
wow that is so good I find this very funny I'm an Arab but not super rich. Although some of it is true but it is still a bit of an exaggeration, well it IS a prank. it's all about the laugh anyways. I always find this funny although I'm an Arab, they are pretty rich I can tell you. And the kid in this profile pic isn't me (just sayin).
Parvathy Kapoor
find him n kill him lol
sonu mistaker
love this man videos
humanity first
You not real arab shaikh 😋😋 I think you big bigger MILK SHAIKH
Georgie Bungle
What a load crap !!!
damm man ... you not even arab ... your act is not even relevant to Arab .. we dont have Al agija bla bla ...
bb cc
If Arabs had no oil then they would ride their camels and eat lizard in desert.
an Arab انا عربي
Hes is not an ARAB but he's is very Jealous from rich ARAB and want Distorts the image of Arabs ....
Ammar Bin Talat
The imamah he's wearing is not the one they wear lol and I'm sure that a Palestinian one
Challiou Zaid
Price al yaseen very nooob
Would you belive Strnger
اول بنت اللي قالت له افرح بيومك العربي قسم بالله اخت رجال
TakeThe RedPill
Sorry but the vast majority of these pranks just don't get funny results like the American ones. People's reactions are crap here in the UK because we aren't particularly open and friendly like our cousins across the pond are. We treat unknown people trying to approach us with suspicion. For this reason 9 times out of 10 the people seem well aware it's some kind of joke. The shop staff always know you're full of shit they just can't say anything because they have to be polite to potential customers.
Merii Hasch
change the satires make them not moving ...... was fucking deadly awesomeeeeee. Dame i can not stop laughing. please more of this