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Punch the Sub Button in it's perfect face!➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ /> Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60: Cell-Out (Part 2: Apoptosis) Team Four Star is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. #DBZ #DBZA60 #CellGames Cast: MasakoX – Goku, Gohan Antfish - Mister Satan KaiserNeko - Trunks Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo Takahata101 – Cell Ganxingba - Tenshinhan Faulerro - Yamcha GrantBTW - Guy In Crowd Featuring: Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker KaiShiden as Larry the Camerman Connor McKinley as Riot Guy Additional Art By: Christopher Niosi />Malik Torihane /> ------ MUSIC Day of Fate ~Spirit VS Spirit~ (feat. Paolo Cuevas & Ani Djirdjirian) -- />-- />-- />-- !!! Available for purchase soon !!! ------ Follow us on Twitter ➤ />Like us on Facebook ➤ /> And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at:

I like how Vegeta just agreed to calling it super duper saiyan
Original comment by No Ma, please copy paste so they make it happens: When TFS does the Buu saga, in Vegeta's speech while doing the Final Astonishment attack to Majin Buu, with all the love he says to Trunks and Bulma and then he says, "...and yes even you, Kakarrot." I hope he says "...and yes even you, Best Buddy."
ECDgamer77 7
Holy shit the "I'm bored, your boring me" line from when Goku fought frieza!
Krillin screwed up. Vegeta screwed up. Gohan screwed up. Team 3 Star has officially assembled.
This version of Gohan ss2 is way creepier than the original.
Best series on youtube hands down
Cell: So um..... you gonna eat that? Gohan: No Krillin: I WILL!!!!
Smith Smithy
"Cell, you don't get it. I hate this. The vibrations through my fists on contact. The taste of blood in my mouth. The sound of my heart in my ears. I hate it. I always have, but right now, in this moment, the only thing I hate more than It, is You." TFS, Seriously. The quality of your content is amazing. Not only do you produce excellent comedy, but you make key moments in the series much more raw, unfiltered, realistically dark. I love it. Don't ever change, PLEASE. The standard industry could learn from you.
Micro The Magical Wizard Hobo
This Gohan is terrifying. The calm in his voice as he threatens Cell's life, yet you know the storm that's brewing inside his soul. He's not vocalizing his anger and hatred for you. He'll let his attacks do that. He knows you're at his mercy. Even Super Kami Dende knows his place under SSJ2 Gohan's feet.
Marlik Evans
Piccolo: the ends don’t justify the means goku! Goku: you’re mean!
Nobody's lactose intolerant in heaven, Krillin, that's why it's heaven.
Donte Whitehead
*Let him power up to 100% to teach him humility* how did u know about the part u weren’t there for?
I love how Gohan reeeeaaaaaaally hates Vegeta and is deeply mad at Goku, or at least really clearly sees and criticizes their horrible character flaws and weaknesses relentlessly, in a calm way.
Derrick Mehok
Mystic Buu: "WHAT WAS THAT!?" Vegito: "I said I'm bored. You're boring me." *Chocolate Vegito is born*
Benjamin Floyd
"But... I still screwed up?" "And now you're one of us." :-) Goddamnit I love Abridged!Krillin.
PowahSlap Entertainmint
I already knew the outcome yet I still got emotional.
Justin Shaw
Can’t Wait for Bojack Abridged, lol
Michael Zapata
Why is it that the lines Goku said to Gohan were way more emotional and heartfelt than the original. Much more better in my opinion
Michigan Pride
I lobe dragon ball and the writing Toriyama does.. But I'm,sorry team four star's version of gohan from post namek arc to the end of,the cell,arc was SOOO much better than the origional manga and anime.... His resent of,goku from,years of being abandoned. His love of,others, his finally snapping at watching what cell has done to others... Love it.. If the original anime Would've done this well developing Gohan as a character, there wouldn't have been the fan,backlash of making gohan the new hero movong forward and we wouldn't be stuck with the useless directionless version of gohan we had thru the rest of,dragonball z and,now in super
Neptune Planeptune
Masako is realy good at speaking an emotionless SSJ2 Gohan.
Epic GamerZ
The lines that were used when Goku was about to sacrifice himself was actually better than Z and Kai
El Es Juan
3:45 trunks don’t forget you are half Vegeta, and don’t f*ck it up & the sensu bean scene was even funnier 😂
ShadowViper72 Coolest
Can we agree that Gohan has the coolest Super Saiyan 2 hair
14:39 Bojack: "YAHARRR! I BE FREE NOW!" Bet y'all forgot about that, didn't ya?
Realnigga Turner
If Buu Saga is anywhere near this ..... I'll literally pay Teamfourstar to do the whole season!!! Videl will be the best!
Red Flag Gohan is my favorite Gohan.
Jack Lant
Episode 1 is blocked now... *TOEI CAN YOUR HATE BONER GET ANY HARDER???*
I really enjoy TFS’s version of some of these scenes but I can’t help but feel we’ve strayed from a parody to a “this is how we think it should have been”
Gohan is like a pissed off Kyle from South Park
Welp, Trunks just became a wish
Nick Barnes
JuniorGael Gonzalez
The last episode was copyrighted
Michael Gonzalez
Micheal Vanwingerden
They actually made gokus death sad
PowahSlap Entertainmint
I already knew the outcome yet I still got emotional.
Phoenix Fire
Part 1 got taken down. Again.
Dravynn Terry
Why are they playin bleach music😂😂
If any eleven year old gave Gohan’s speech it would terrify anyone except those without fear.
Master of Anime
R.I.P Goku.Only true heroes face death with a smile.
13:26-13:57, the final speech of Goku to Gohan, is just priceless. I don't have words to express how much I admire you guys for all your talent and hard work. You are geniuses. The respect and care you show for the source material, combined with your extraordinary creativity for both comedic and dramatic moments makes DBZA truly unforgettable. I will be forever grateful for it.
venom illusionam
The most badass way to start off 2019 🔥
Keelan Thompson
Cell: Any attack could set me off. A punch, a kick, a leaf of thin mint! Me: ... That sounds familiar.... *A month later* Me: ... Oh my god, I finally got it!
“Bean, Dad?” “Bean, Dad” “Bean Dad” “BeanDad” *”BeanDaddy”*
Dark 275
why did toei block part 1
I love Gohan's Kamehameha in this version. There was more emotion in it. Pure, unbridled, wrath.
Wil the Master of Bows
So Freeza had the creepy sound of music song, Cell has P is for perfect, so I really hope they give Buu like Twinkle Twinkle or some shit
Did anybody realize part 1 was taken down?
so sad I cant watch part 1:(
Mastered Ultra WrongThink
Every line out of Goku's mouth from 13:00 onward is golden and amazing. The incredible writing talent on display here can't be understated. I am genuinely blown away. Incredible work you guys. Incredible.
Lonely Rapper
Team fourstar really got the best quotes of any show
the show is stolen by cell's amazing voice acting
The Part 1 is dead on youtube, where I can watch it?
original comment by No Ma, please copy paste to make it happens: When TFS does the Buu saga, during Vegetas speed when he does the Final Astonishment attack against Buu, and performs his speech expressing his love for trucks and Bulma and saids his goodbyes,when he ends his speech with “Even you Kakarrot” he should say “Yes, even you best buddy” :,(
The panic from vegeta when goku sacrifices himself is really heart breaking. It’s a minor thing and not a lot of people are talking about it so I thought I’d point it out
Super-Dee-Duper Saiyan = SSJ3
Sith Lord Morty
Cell and 18 have the same "gimme that d" face. Change my mind.
part 1 taken down again :(
Nerve Agent
"Wait can we talk about that?" JESUS HORATIO CHRIST IS THAT FUNNY
Nicholas Brodermann
Gohan: WHAT IS THIS SHIT GENETIC?! Yes. Yes it is. Its called being Sayian. Krillan is the Best of Best friends!
Kyle Gunn
3:54 Krillin... krillin! Senzu bean.
part 1 blocked by toei :c
Jacob Hernandez
Makes my childhood a million times better
It's finally back!
Some Body
Part one has been copyrighted. Right when I got to it.
Mike TheAlphaBoy
Nice Kill count reference I’m James A. Jannisse and this is...
Raymond Agostini
Where did pt. 1 go?
Can you reupload 60 Part 1?
Cody H.
Good lord, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan is terrifyingly calm.
Mark Yang
The ends don’t justify the means! You’re mean!
goddamnit toei
Plankton Chum Is fum
God dammit part 1 got copyright striked
David B
How tf am I supposed to binge watch this series for the 100th time with Toei cockblocking me???
Max Aldebarane
TeamFourStar fixed a critical thing about anime's, they speed up the action so it's more impacting, because I remember it took seven seasons for Gohan to kick the first Cell Jr. I was so pissed.
Gaming Newt
12:22 Kool aid man is baaaack.
My penis is unbelievably small ,but
I love that they re-referenced the free sundae gag lmao
Reaper Of Skylands
Ok wtf happened to part 1?!😠
Travi? Thats a Ghost
Gohan: BUT Wat you gonna give me ADVICE now? "LET ME GUESS😈" I should led him go so it can be an even better fight later? Or maybe I should let him power up to 💯 so I can teach him HUMILIDY? I know I'll throw him a GODDAMN SENZU BEAN AND LET YOU FIGH HIM 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆😲😲😲💀⚰️
Just saw the twitch stream of this, I LOVE What you did with my favorite Anime Character of all time, SS2 Gohan, So RAW and you made him such a BEAST In this! Also what I love about this series is the fact that unlike most other abridged series, its actually giving u the actual story of DragonBall Z & in some aspects honestly improving on it, that whole "You're a Pacifist Coward" speech in the last episode was so well done & Goku's goodbye here gave me a genuine feels for that I got RESPECT. Showing that they have real critical understanding of the series on every conceivable level makes it so good, I'm honestly enjoying this finale way more than the DBS one earlier this year. Keep up the fantastic work yall, and cant wait to see how yall conclude it. Cant wait to hear Android 18 rock Krillin's 4 foot world ;D
Kevin V
So king kai what should I do with cell? *Big boom occurs*
Sans 127
Toei wont let me see part 1
Imagine creating a meticulous plan that starts with killing your creator, then killing a teenager, then steals the teen's time machine, goes back in time about 21 or so years, burrows into the ground, breaks out of his shell, sucks a few city's worth of humans like a smoothie, THEN absorbing two fearsome androids to become the perfect genetic fighting being...only to get fucked over by a very pissed off 11-year old. It's beautiful.
Ace of Judea
Where the HFIL did part 1 go?
The Haves and the Have Nots Review
@12:55 don't be too hard on yourself Gohan, 7 years from now when you obtain your "Mystic Form" giving you the ability to overpower your opponent; you'll pull a "Vegeta" and f*** up then as well
Douglas Rogers
Does patreon have an uncensored version by chance?
And I realized the Gohan story arch is completely unrelated to the Cell or Android story arches. Like, seriously. Could have been any villain. Any. Villain. Because it is not a story arch for the season. It is a dangling plot point started at Raditz, worked up at Nappa, touched upon by Guru, and left cold outside until Cell said "you had a week to train" and goku stepped in. Same thing goes for Vegeta's heel turn in the Buu saga. COULD HAVE BEEN "Hello, King Vegeta. I come from a refugee base of Saiyans. We need a new home planet. Earth looks great. Did you conquer it? Of, and we have an experimental steroid filled with blutswave radiation. If you drink it your strength will be ten fold. I give this to you, our rightful king". Same massive character shift. But did not need to take place with robot cicada or the chewing gum genie.
Juan Jaramillo
Wtf! Part 1 is blocked!!
Ryan Lea
Am I the only one that has watched so much god damn dbza that I see this as canon and everything else as an inferior version? Lol
Jacob Valentine
Piccolo: Oh no Goku: Oh no Cell: Oh yeah!! 😂
Ichor1201 dragonball
What happend with first part?
Where did part one gooo
Thanks for having part 2, but we can't watch part 1 due to it being taken down for copyright from Toei Animation. As someone who has watched from episode 1 until now in like 2 weeks, this disappoints me. Can we fix this or have it reuploaded somewhere else so we can watch part 1 before part 2?
Jose GohanYT
Part 1 got blocked
"But my baeteen"
Super-J Gaming & Co.
... Toei copyright striked part one...
Am I the only one who cannot see part 1?
Hedgehog Demon
We lost part one guys. Freakin’ Toei.
Lopez Family
Part 1 was copyrighted noooo
Is it just me or is TFS starting to make more 'serious' scenes
Gael Greenhorn
Cell has a much better watch than freezer, said he'll blow up in a minute and he blew up in almost that time