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Punch the Sub Button in it's perfect face!➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ /> Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60: Cell-Out (Part 2: Apoptosis) Team Four Star is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. #DBZ #DBZA60 #CellGames Cast: MasakoX – Goku, Gohan Antfish - Mister Satan KaiserNeko - Trunks Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo Takahata101 – Cell Ganxingba - Tenshinhan Faulerro - Yamcha GrantBTW - Guy In Crowd Featuring: Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker KaiShiden as Larry the Camerman Connor McKinley as Riot Guy Additional Art By: Christopher Niosi />Malik Torihane /> ------ MUSIC Day of Fate ~Spirit VS Spirit~ (feat. Paolo Cuevas & Ani Djirdjirian) -- />-- />-- />-- !!! Available for purchase soon !!! ------ Follow us on Twitter ➤ />Like us on Facebook ➤ /> And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at:

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Best series on youtube hands down
It's finally back!
Cody Hendrickson
Good lord, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan is terrifyingly calm.
Joint Smoker
You see Toei... You're not dealing with the average YouTube Channel anymore.
Jonnyboy F
Finally, it’s back. Screw YouTube’s policy, they wouldn’t know what fair use is if it spat in their face, like they keep doing to TFS 😡
Epic GamerZ
The lines that were used when Goku was about to sacrifice himself was actually better than Z and Kai
Ebony And Ivory
I'll see you soon... My friend... Hey King Kai, what should I do with Cell?
Nate Fontana
“I’m gonna call you whooping cough because you just devastated my children”
Kirby Le
8:55 "Shut up and put on your poncho, you're in the splash zone." -Gohan 2018 The best line ever.
Maxwell Synard
"I'm bored... You're boring me." Perfection
Nobody's lactose intolerant in heaven, Krillin, that's why it's heaven.
Dequan Milete
12:55 To be fair, they made it look like you to had to go out of your way to screw everything up. Not the best examples to learn from.
Keoki Wood
I wonder if these copyright guys realize that many of these abridged series are people's first exposure to the show.
Cancer Police
15:10 Krillin sums up in 5 seconds why emotional scenes in DBZ have no meaning EDIT: With the exception of Vegeta blowing himself up
Jacob Meditz
"I CAN RIP YOU IN HALF!" "I know you can" "... When did you get the balls?!"
I was speechless at gohan and goku's speech before he died. I feel like this is just as good if not better than the original and kai version. I never really got that feeling conveyed of gohan hating to fight. But here, I did. The way he fights and talks, is not only funny but also breathtaking in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Goku finally realizing his mistakes and saying what needed to be said to his son, and saying a great farewell to him. All in all, it's definitely great, I love this and the writing in this episode is top notch and I feel like this is what it is to be a dragonball fan. Maybe I'm wrong or just being cliché', but seriously guys 10/10,and I look forward to the finale. This gave me a lot of entertainment and a really thought provoking statement of why I shouldn't hate gohan character for not being a fighter.
Noah Hastings
“Oh no” “Oh no” “OH YEAAAAAHHHH”
Matthew Brantner
Then I'll become a super-dee-duper sayian!!!
Super APM
*Phew* Thank God its back this was my favorite of the three to be honest.
Abridged Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.
"But what? You gonna start giving me advice now?" "Let me guess. I should, *let him go,* so he can be an even *better* fight later!" "Or maybe I should let him power up to 100%, so I can teach him *humility!"* "No, wait, I know! I should throw him a *God Damn Senzu Bean, and let YOU fight him!"*
13:26-13:57, the final speech of Goku to Gohan, is just priceless. I don't have words to express how much I admire you guys for all your talent and hard work. You are geniuses. The respect and care you show for the source material, combined with your extraordinary creativity for both comedic and dramatic moments makes DBZA truly unforgettable. I will be forever grateful for it.
DAAAMN, Gohan's scream when Goku died was amazing. MasakoX really outdid himself.
Owen Hoover
Surprised gohan didn’t become a maximum over-saiyan
Red Random
9:59 When you stub your toe
Noah Hastings
But who’s going to pound ChiChi’s tuna now?
Mastered Ultra WrongThink
Every line out of Goku's mouth from 13:00 onward is golden and amazing. The incredible writing talent on display here can't be understated. I am genuinely blown away. Incredible work you guys. Incredible.
Vegeta: "If he is Super Duper Saiyin, then I shall find a way to become a Super-De-Duper Saiyin!" Trunks: "Bean dad?" Vegeta: ".......yeeeesssss" Omg That part literally had me crying laughing XD
It occurs to me that trunks is the only Sayian blood that doesn’t ever fuck up to his hubris. He legit wants to end every fight.
AMV Fanatic
Gohan got his sadism from Chi-Chi
Robert Adams
For some odd reason, youtube is allowing me to watch this striked video. idk why, but I love it.
PowahSlap Entertainmint
I already knew the outcome yet I still got emotional.
CD Warrior
Will Toei animation ever learn that TeamFourStar carefully avoids copyright infringement when they make their videos? its only over the 9000th time they tried to take down their videos.
Michael Dellaire
Did anyone else notice the Monty Python Meaning of Life reference? "A wafer thin mint"
Daegan Stoltzfus
I love Vegeta’s reaction to Trunks offering him the sensu bean, that low, slow, “Yessss.” I dunno why it’s so funny, it’s just a small thing, but I think it’s hilarios. Also, my favorite lines are when Gohan defines philicide and then kills the first of Cell’s children, when Gohan nails Cell in the stomach and says, “Careful Cell, your Vegata’s showing, and, “There’s no point in being afraid of the inevitable.”
Master Matthew
ITS BACK, but the icon is broken.
I like how Vegeta just agreed to calling it super duper saiyan
I guess king Kai was right goku was the death of him
Macklon Robinson
When cell fired a Kamehameha and Gohan retaliated I was expecting it to go down like this.... Gohan: Kame... Cell: No... Gohan: Hame Cell: No, no, nooo.... You see where in going with this
Welp, Trunks just became a wish
Silver Fang5876
The voice actor who did Gohans "NOOOOOOOOOO!" did incredible on that part, it was so well done and emotional, well done team four star
For the "Fun" captions, 12:43 should be "a wafer-thin mint", referencing Mr. Creosote from "Monty Python's the Meaning of Life"
ChasV K
15:05 I forgot, Vegeta actually does have a book! “The Official Saiyan Handbook”
"A wafer thin mint." Nice Monty Python reference.
GOD DAMN! This is just as good, If not better than part 1
Eduardo Sablatura
Ayyye it’s back up
It’s me! Nathan
Did anyone hear one of the Cell Jr. say Nope
Brandon Gordon
Goku: Is that also a red flag Piccolo: Crimson
Álvaro Andrés Orozco
You guys managed to re-upload the episode, Nice!
So...this is puberty. Sayian Puberty.
Shoutout yo WeeklyTubeShow for his amazing work as 16
Ben Watts
12:22 *Coolaid man breaks down door
we back boys
Alph Nightshade
It protecc It attacc But most importantly, it came bacc
awsome person
yes! take that copyright!!
Clinically Asian
It’s back
Kyofusho Hoshi
12:22 anyone getting Kool-aid man vibes from cell?
Bravo Kilo
Vageta: Ha! Should've dodged.... *wait... Trunks is my son... technically he's part of me... Cell just killed part of me... Cell killed me!*... YOU BASTARD! NO ONE KILLS ME! ONLY I CAN KILL ME!!! Krillin: And sometimes Freiza...
Vishwanathan R
Is it me or does Gohan hate vegeta
Nice, part 2's back
Eduardo Sablatura
Cell and Frieza both major villains sang a song so I feel like it needs to continue with Buu singing one.....but he is dumber then the mumb rappers we have today....
PowahSlap Entertainmint
I already knew the outcome yet I still got emotional.
Spencer Williams
Cell need to wash his dirty mouth
boop AGM
6:24 whyd his blood suddenly turn purple?
Darrian Weathington
Sooooooo... Gokul just blew up heaven?
Anjel Villasenor
I love everything about this. Gohan was unstoppable in taking down the Cell Jr's, Goku's speech to Gohan before he died at 13:30 was so emotional it made me tear up, and the rest was worth the wait. Can't wait for the part 3. Also loved it when Trunks threw a Senzu Bean at Krillin and when Gohan pulled a Vegeta.
Mason Gipson
We’re back!
TheSecondDiamondMinecart/ /CalebT2DM
7:23 epic silence
Junior Sánchez
IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Harshal Mishra
its back yay
Max Aldebarane
TeamFourStar fixed a critical thing about anime's, they speed up the action so it's more impacting, because I remember it took seven seasons for Gohan to kick the first Cell Jr. I was so pissed.
6:10 (Canadian sub) DEAD MEAT, bruh?!?! Ah bruh.😂😂😂😂
13:58 *MEATY POP*
Christos Symeonidis
Super-d-tuber sayian...I hope in season 4 super sayian 2 is going to be called like that.
William Engelbrecht
3:16 Canadian subtitles should say "Shoryuken" considering it was an uppercut, "Hadouken" is more of a Ki Blast kind of attack.
Realnigga Turner
If Buu Saga is anywhere near this ..... I'll literally pay Teamfourstar to do the whole season!!! Videl will be the best!
Yvng Dre'
The ending when cell started singing and shot trunks and it went to that title screen gave me chills!!!
Gabriel Aponte
Welcome back part 2, we missed you Edit: 6:59 what youtubes copyright law can do when messing with TFS, Rooster Teeth and maybe Something witty to say
Thank God you abridged that part where Goku makes that motherfucking long-ass 20-minute speech before Cell blows up instead of doing something useful such as teleporting himself, King Kai and Bubbles back to the god damn earth. I think I liked the original series better, it made less sense.
Sin Eric
yay!!!!!!!! its better than 2 muffin buttons
Just saw the twitch stream of this, I LOVE What you did with my favorite Anime Character of all time, SS2 Gohan, So RAW and you made him such a BEAST In this! Also what I love about this series is the fact that unlike most other abridged series, its actually giving u the actual story of DragonBall Z & in some aspects honestly improving on it, that whole "You're a Pacifist Coward" speech in the last episode was so well done & Goku's goodbye here gave me a genuine feels for that I got RESPECT. Showing that they have real critical understanding of the series on every conceivable level makes it so good, I'm honestly enjoying this finale way more than the DBS one earlier this year. Keep up the fantastic work yall, and cant wait to see how yall conclude it. Cant wait to hear Android 18 rock Krillin's 4 foot world ;D
GOHAN snaps
woooh finally back
Dylan Mendel
What's the song at 5:38
Oh hey it's back!
Damon Tinsley
Let’s be honest....who else shedded a tear when Goku sacrificed himself?
Daily Smartphone Gaming
Holy crap! I get they took a break because of legal issues or something but I'm kinda glad they did. I'm not sure if it was the wait or they actually worked on it for a bit longer but this... Was Perfect!
TrevJ 7
Abridged did the fight between Gohan and Cell SO much better than the original. It actually sounds like he snapped and has descended into a darker person. Thank you, this was completely worth the wait
Jojo Wolf
Missed opportunity there, 4Stars: “ONCE I POP, I CAN’T STOP!”
glad to see this one is back up
Broly Blaster
Just to point out...if you watch the actual series closely enough...you'll notice that Gohan kills 8 Cell Juniors even though there were just 7...idk if TFS noticed this and fixed it in DBZA on purpose or not, but its nice it was fixed whether it was on accident or on purpose.
The Haves and the Have Nots Review
@12:55 don't be too hard on yourself Gohan, 7 years from now when you obtain your "Mystic Form" giving you the ability to overpower your opponent; you'll pull a "Vegeta" and f*** up then as well
Mateusz Bachor
14:28-14:39 Bojack-the Space Pirate was released :D
Prescott Saunders
14:17 when you find a fortnite noob but you have 0 clue what to do with it but your friend shows up with a hacker then the server crashes
This cliffhanger ending still gives me goosebumps cuz of how sinisterly ominous it is.
"when did you get the balls?" "if i said it had nothing to do with holding a beautiful woman in my arms, i'd be a liar" HELL YEAH MY MAIN MAN KRILLIN!!!!!! also did i hear some faint sounds of respect from Vegeta? NICE!
Nicholas Brodermann
Gohan: WHAT IS THIS SHIT GENETIC?! Yes. Yes it is. Its called being Sayian. Krillan is the Best of Best friends!
Wes Hartley
Krillin: ANDROID EIGHTEEN!! Piccolo: Later! Krillin: ...but my bae-teen... Piccolo: I WILL GET A HOSE! Krillin: *love-struck gibberish*