Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Nagraj Manjule | Rinku Rajguru | Akash Thosar | Episode 4

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover web series with Marathi celebs... Check out our Fourth episode feat. Team Sairat A Marathi web series Director: Sarang Sathaye Producer: Bharatiya Digital Party Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound: Ashish Shinde Music: Saket Kanetkar AD: Henny Gurnasinghani Production Manager: Nachiket Joshi Special Thanks to Mahashabde Family, Chaitanya Guttikar, and Sairat Team Follow us on : /> />

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LOL'd @10:08 "On screen rangde astaat pan kharya aayushyaat phattu astaat." And then he (Nipun) points at Amey Wagh. Subtle jab!! :D
Oky Google
रिंकू -आकाश आता जिथ जाळ अन धुर तिथ ..........ते पण संगटच ..
hey guys ...few things.... 1. Your show is unique...haven't seen anything like it till now... 2. Your act and timing is awesome. 3. Kudos on getting team Sairat on board...Rinku looks really beautiful😇😇...All others are impressive... 4. Pl increase the time of your videos....I think it is doable...Coz it's really enjoyable. 5. All the best.
Paresh Wagh
Who else is watching it in 2017?
Rajesh Bakade
संपूर्णतः अतिशयोक्ती वाटली , उगाच काहीतरी फालतुगिरी करू नका रे
Dev Verma
what a delight to watch this.....u guys are superb! and so good to see Sairat actors again :)
Sudesh Rahul
मनापासुन सांगायचे म्हणजे पहिल्यादा एका साधारण माणसाने एक अति सुंदर अशी सैराट नावाचा पिक्चर बनविला आणि तो ही बिंदास प्रेमाचा व तो पण समाजातल्या जातीय प्रथा आणि त्या लोकांची प्रेम कथा या वर आधारित खरच नागराज मंजुळे सामना माझी नावाचा मुजरा
palash hase
नाही रे..नाही..नाही.. ती मजा आता नाही येत. तुम्हाला पुण्यात नाटकांमधून खूप बघितलाय म्हणून हि series बघतोय.तुम्ही काय करू शकता हे माहितीये. पुढील एपिसोड साठी शुभेच्छा.
Nikhil Meria
for me ur videos are 10 times better than kapil Sharma like shows. just keep doing it
Deven Tandel
अवघड आहे दादा....काऊच तुम्ही आनणार आनी आम्ही उचलनार....
wow wat is dis
इंटरव्हीव घ्यायला गेले नी देऊन आले :) नैसर्गिक पणा आणा मीत्रांनो! काय शीकलात नागराज कडून मग?
Anuja Gajakos
Damm It Was so Awesome 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 Loved It 👍👍❤
Richa Shukla
I don't even understand marathi much but I enjoy this show a lot.. both of u guys n ur crew are great.. fabulous content.. special mention for amey and those moments when he just stares at the camera..I die laughing... keep it up guys!!!
Ajit Magar
Teaser पाहिल्या पासून कधी हा एपिसोड येतो याची वाट पाहत होतो आणि अपेक्ष्या वाढवत होतो. खर सांगतो वाईट नका वाटुन घेऊ … ठिक झाला हा एपिसोड पण मज्जा नाही आली ( compare to last ३ episode )… I was expecting some much more thrilling...Sorry Bro...But,definitely I will watch your all episodes until it really don't boar me ;-) Best luck for next episode...!!!
Shruti Nirban
this is really the worst one super bogasss😝😝
Prasad Ardalkar
घरातल आल्यावर प्रिन्स ला पाहून ची reaction Epic :P
Manas Joshi
We want unedited footage !!!!!!!! backstage natak kai challay te pan dakhava jara :)
Goal Aesthetic
Aata paryant cha best episode.
Babbar Sher
अमेय आणि निपुण यांची केमिस्ट्री मजेशीर आहे. आर्ची एवढी लाऊड झाली आहे की वैताग आला.
jack meHoff
awesome videos guys, keep doing
kamaaaaaal ahe he!!! Non-stop hasu ala. Keep going guys. good stuff.
Suraj Shirbhate
रिंकूचा डायलॉग लय भारी *अय नरसाळ्या 😂👍
kedar Ponkshe
nagraj manjule is actually talking very rudely
Vishal V. Navekar
मला खरंच वाटना मी तुझ्यासमोर उभा आहे ते 😀👍
plz make fast fasttttttt fast episodesss yaarreee
rajpal negi
Ha ha ha ha guy with knife , entered in right time, 😊😂😂😂😂
Suyog Parab
सैराटला टीम असली की मनोरंजन आपोआपच होते.. 😂😂😂bdw प्रिंस चायनीज 🔪 ने काय कापतोय?
Yogita Sahu
Sairat very movie 💃
Gaursv Khaparde
Awesome man price dada patil tumcha knife khup zabardust
बघतोय, बघणार सुद्धा ! पण बाबांनो लिहा कि काहीतरी मधल्या जागा भरायला. 'Between two ferns' मध्ये तो Zack कुठल्याही टोकाला जात होता, तुम्ही पण थोड्या boundaries पुश करा, अजून मजा येईल.
Putul Tiwari
I am a Hindibhaashi however that also makes me grasp Marathi. Having spent one or two years in Maharashtra and befriending the native speakers have enhanced my understanding further. My biggest compliment to Your Team will be that I am now a big fan of your ideas. And I loved watching all the episodes with ardent fan following-ship. That too...without subtitles :) Everything you said, I happily nodded along...beyond any language barrier. Great artwork, guys!
Prasad Kavale
Priya Ghawate
Khoop chan acting kelit amey aani nipun
Srushti Kanta
Really supper movie ............ love you all...............but last scene broke my heart .. i want to kill the killers ............
Rational Indian
caste nahi cast...Really sarcastic....
Melissa DMello
oh my goodness. you guys are hilarious.
Abhi Ghosh
Guys. I dont understand marathi very well...but the expressions and comic pauses are pretty damn awsome! :D
Pramod kangralkar
chala baghun Zalaa, waat baghat hoto Farr divasa pasun, mast ahe show.. haa hi ek no. hota!
Pinky Zacch
ha chutiya pardon my language guys....but ha hushar chand checks shirtwala swatala samojto kai.... actors nd director shi koni asa bolto....kai karnar charbi channel walainchi jeni paise dile tya chu... la ani matbal swatacha kadtayet
Vivek Mahajan
Mala mahiti nahis hota ki loka Sundar Pichai la pn follow krta...
at 0:07 i can see akash thosar... totally scripted program.. thumb up if you see akash parshya
Awsumm episode...Gawakadchi pora jagaaat bhariiii
Pramanik Kalakar
Such a lame attempt ! It would be really good if you guys ( Amey , Nipun and Sarang ) put some CONTENT in your creation. Is this humor ? What is it exactly ? And frankly, didn't expect Nagraj promoting Sairat on this platform ! :( Nagraj - you have done fantastic and very inspiring work so far, you don't really need all this ! Nagraj - you are known for your 'truthful to yourself' nature - in life, in poetry and even in your films ! Do you really think - these people belong to your nature of creative cult ? And - If at all you are doing it to help these guys raising the number of hits - do you really think this web series really deserves your presence ? Don't you think guys - These attempts are the pseudo-intellectual versions of Taher Shah ?
Pawan Kamble
casting couch wale chutea ya lokana kasala ghart ghusu dila sir...
Sayali Indulkar
Awesome episode bt did any one noticed akash leg he got hurt 😨😨😨 n I think Nagraj sir also got hurt 😨😨😨😨
Ajay Badgujar
nice attempt guys good acting.. unique style if interview.. keep doing that
hey kay hota ra nemka??
abhijit gojara
Casting couch peksha chavat mast aahe ! Because of chavat is open minded show !
5:30 Awkward
Rahul Nalawade
seriously ह्यावेळी एवढी मज्जा नाही आली पण अमेय आणि निपुण ची chemistry मस्त आहे आशा करूया पुढच्या एपिसोडे मध्ये काहीतरी Funny content असेल ...keep it up guys ..
True Indian
I don't understand even one word of marathi, still enjoyed this a lot!! Very good job by the director..
Abhishek Captain Abhi
Amey Bichara ...tyanchya peksha great actor asun pn aikayla laglaa 😂😂...Lol amey 😍
Ali Mulla
mast aahe archi over acting karte dosnt suits her ...thye barober vatat nahi....baki OK...
Bunty Sonawane
Good to see a web series in Marathi. i saw it for the first time & subscribed. All the best to your team. Sairat Team Rocks.
Amey Jaltoy Akashvar 😂😂😂
Arun Sonar
U guys are very talented, keep it up..
Manish Pawar
thoti gangadharam
I'm from AP big fan of nagaraj sir
Are amey and nipun kashala nagraj kade gella kamma dhande nahi ahhe teyla konsla kamma yet nahi Tya archi kay parshya kay Amey tu ani nopun real star ahhe te nahi
Santosh Miriyala
Wow, this is hilarious, man i am so late to the party, just saw this movie the other day and cant stop looking up videos of archi and parshya and nagraj
amol tayade
काय रे हे फालतु पना अमेय
Hi Amey, Nipun, Kiti Ani Kai bolu.... Ved lagle re Ved lagle hya BhaDiPa Che ved lagle... You will not believe don divsat back to back me sagle episode pahile me. You too are aweeeesommme. It's a unique concept jithe tumhi lonkanchi vajavta😉😉.. Bless you with lottttsssssss of success. Kadhi Tari amhala pn bolava Rao. 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘 He comment vachalit tar uttam.. research team la sangu naka tumhi vacha... BhaDiPa Jindabad😁😁 Lots of love...
Sakshi Patil
god 😂😂😂😂😂
Jagdish Donde
need more amey Ani niphin
CASTING COUCH... ARE you serious.?? Majak hain ya kya hain... Chi chi 😂😂
Pro MIggy
Chutya sairat
Anjali Sonawane
Prince dada chi entry bhari.. Anna lay bhari
Sulochana R
Supperb movie
mayur salunke
fullll episodes are scripted sure Like for rinku
Saurabh Awale
Bring Back Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun!
Pruthviraj Pund
Amey Nipun ....lay boring interview..
Santosh Bhagat
भारी रे अमय भाऊ....... फास्टर फेणे साठी शुभेच्छा
Koustubh Ashtekar
Lai bhari!
Ashwin Satyawan
"Between two ferns" marathit ghya pahun ata
satish rane
I am sad that why this casting couch came in your mind
satish rane
you people destroyed fantasy of casting couch
Shubham Kamthe
bore pakav
Troller Ninja
tanaji was the best in the film..his performance was a bit better than everyone else's....
Vivek Abhyankar
कचरा आर्ची अणि तो चुतिया ज्याचे नाव पण आठवत नाही आहे मला
Satvika Deshpande
Sarang dada, tumchya show cha ha format ahe na ki amey dada n nipun dada guest la offend kartat! pn hyat team sairat ch amey dada n nipun dada la uchkavtayt! But it's okk!! Bakiche sagle episodes mast hote! pn hya episode evdhi maja nahi aali! Pan tari love u casting couch team!♥
Shatayu Sawant
Chobyano tumache dialog jast asun dya re.. Tarach majja.. Good Luck.. 👍🏻
Bakhchodi Unlimited
khupach bad 👎
Bakhchodi Unlimited
khupach bad
Kiran Jagnade
sir I want to work in ur film
Aditya Jadhav
Aditya Jadhav
amazing comedy by amey and nipun....proud to be Marathi
Superb yaar amey kharach Mast ahe
Sameer Pagare
my favourite director
samir kulkarni
somthing missing.... boaring watla ha episode...Manjula hawet ahe khup
Manoj Sarkar
Great Movie Sairat Lai Bhari
sambhaji PAWAR
khup chaan pn rao kharach nagraj ne ek histry ch keli
Navnath Jadhav
kay faltugiri
Budgies Birds Information Indian
macho yaar. nipya tu god ahes re
Texan Hawk
I hope somebody notices that there is no good way to use the term "Casting Couch"; it has always been about sexual favors in return for some sort of career advancement.
deepak singh kandari
great .nagraj GOAT
Sam Sonwane
aaj ahe udya nahi...parwa tar nahich ahe
Amol More
next episode kadhi yenar?
Ash Dhuri
Nipun lay bhari but amey actually making them not comfortable to talk or respond...
deshmukh Shaktiman
faltu Casting couch... yedchap bhikarchot kuthle..