Glass Theory: James McAvoy's Split Character Was In Unbreakable All Along

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Were there even more secrets hidden in Unbreakable than we thought?! Subscribe to our channel: /> James McAvoy is one of the most talented blockbuster actors working today. Throw him into a movie with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, tied together with a storyline by M. Night Shyamalan and you have a recipe for success - as long as they bake this film just right. Well, we’re about to pull a Shyamalan and blow your mind. We guess you probably never thought that James McAvoy’s character from Split was in Unbreakable this whole time, but what if… HE WAS?? Join ScreenRant as we try to uncover a hidden theme lurking in the background of the shared universe of M. Night Shyamalan’s films. Shyamalan loves to throw twists into all of his movies. Now we know some are more successful than others - just check out the box office receipts and reviews to prove it. But what if he’s been pulling a long con all this time, slowly deceiving us by purposefully waiting many years between the releases of Unbreakable, Split and Glass. If this was his plan all along, to have a macro twist hidden among a series of films - that we didn’t even know were meant to even be a series until they were released - then M. Night have proven himself to be a master of the long con. As we look forward to the last installment of this unofficially titled “Eastrail 177” trilogy, let’s take a look back at the two films that set up the events of Glass and see if we can connect the dots between David Dunn, Elijah Price and Kevin Wendell Crumb. Read the original article here: /> Check out these other awesome videos! The Star Wars Problem: How Disney Created A Monster /> Glass Pitch Meeting: Shyamalan's Sequel To Split And Unbreakable /> Our Social Media: /> /> /> Our Website

Jordan Denny
This isn't your theory, it's been around for awhile, Shyamalan actually addressed it in an interview.
Toy Insanity
Yeah and Lucas envisioned a trilogy of Star Wars trilogies back in 1959.
Joe V
Glass is a classic anti-villain, like Hunter Zolomon
Noah Dominguez
Yeah this isn't a theory anymore. It was already confirmed before Glass by Shyamalan.
Maroin Joundi
Shyamalan was waiting for Mcavoy to get older so he could play Kevin, he predicted everything
ANdy Reacts
Yawn. M. Night already confirmed that. A bit late to create a "theory" about it.
Who the hell makes these thumbnails lmaooooo
Comix Hub
I loved Glass. Definitely one of my favourite movies
Alan Caddie
This isn't a theory this is a fact 😂
Hm, I always thought it was odd how Kevin lays flowers down near the trains in Split. I remember back in the day, M. Night mentioned Unbreakable was supposed to be a Trilogy and the names of the other two films was “Breakable” and “Broken”
Gnot a Gnoblin
Kevin krendell wumb
WTF!!!!!! That was a super spoiler! If you haven't seen the movie, stop watching this video!
Minecraft Player
Cool theory! Can u do Endgame theory! 😉
Malik Arran
Is or me or did Mr Glass' outfit get more elaborate and poofy in Glass?
I'm beginning to wonder if Kacey has powers. In Glass they mention the comic where the villain was named something akin to The Whisperer. A villain who can manipulate the minds of those he chooses. What if there was a person that exists on the opposite end who can convince people to do things, but for good? It struck me very odd in Glass where Kacey is talking to Dr. Staple about the possibility of being able to talk to Kevin. Dr. Staple is very adamant that she should not and would not talk to Kevin. And what happens in the very next scene? You see Dr. Staple taking Kacey to go talk to Kevin! Kacey also had the ability to calm the Beast, to make him relinquish the light. She was ultimately able to let Kevin take hold of the light. Yes they are most likely two kindred souls who have gone through a lot of tragedy in their childhood(both lost a father and both were abused) so that may be most likely why she was able to get through to Kevin... however I still think it is fun to dream that Kacey has powers she is unaware of. The power of persuasion, manipulation. For good purposes. Just my thoughts!
G Deck
First name Mr last name...GLASS
Who else thought of Trump when they first said the Orange Man? Lol
Jim Butcher
He’d have been about six. Jesus.
jmar kedron
I got a feeling that mr. Glass is going to end up being Nick Fury🤔🤦🏾‍♂️
This video brought to you by M Night; thanks to our sponsor Shyamalamadingdong.
lol what i thought the easter egg was that this”kids” mother is abusive just like Kevin’s mother she was abusive
I don't get it... He touched the mother not the kid... Did she have the same condition as her child?
Prime Prince
Rah his son is gonna inherit the ability callling it
sifat shams
My theory: During his nearly two decades in the institution, Mr. Glass somehow managed to discover the existence of the secret organization and converted some of it's members to his side.
That makes total sense. You cracked the code!!!
Jayden Marvel
Wow you just blew my mind
Hash Bro
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STP Productions
11:28 ...Well, David Dunn did have a son...Who's father was unjustly killed right in front of his eyes 😉
Wanda Cardec
I thought he said there would be no more of these movies? I hope there will be!!!
Ahmad Essam
but those are only 19 years and this seems a very young boy more like at the same age as david's son so he should have been at the same age as david's son
shane cholewa
Dang that was a bigger spoiler than I was expecting had to turn it off lol
Mike Warnke
He was supposed to be.
I'm black So I'm slow
Austin Santiago-Edenfield
Glass trilogy is my favorite movies
Kacey Kace
I'm just glad that the twist ending wasn't "everything after the laser lobotomy is a fantasy in Glass' mind as he undergoes the procedure."
Jordan Martinez
A better orgin story for split would be good
Media Maniac!
Shyamalan always intended to have Kevin in Unbreakable, but didn’t have the time to tell both stories, so that glimpse of him as an abused boy works. Glass as a finale? Not so much.
Justin Melecio
I thought if I sped up the spoiler I wouldn't hear the spoiler clearly. I have never failed so hard.
T Bone
This theory would be more thought-provoking if the movie was actually any good. As with many of his movies, M Night had a great idea but it was executed poorly. Dialogue was terrible, the premise of his beast's past victim having feelings for him was ridiculous, plot was very slow moving and plodding. Reminds me of "The Happening"... Great idea but poorly executed.
Thanks for taking the time to put this presentation together. It’s a good discussion, and I appreciate your hard work.
movie sucked no need for theories.
Facts and I’m going to see glass tomorrow !!!
I so much enjoyed this movie. I didn’t realize the connection, but it makes sense. I have seen a lot of superhero movies, and I think Glass is the best one.
If there are 2 movies in an time gap of 1 decade, these youtubers will force us to belive that an young character of the second film is any small kid going arround in the first movie. The call it an break down. Sounds similar? I am not saying about the guy who dosent feel so good
Brian Williams
Every Shyamalan movie is awful, especially these
Just Lewis
Why do you put a spoiler alert after you say Kevin's dad died in the Unbreakable train, which is revelaled in Glass?
This is great and adds to the lore. Bravo
Terrence Summerour
He said it ain't over this was an origin story
When i saw glass and they show that the theory is real i get so confused becasuse in that case, kevin wendell crumb is really younger than joseph dunn, joseph is aroun 31 years and kevin... 23 years or somethibg like that
Eric Kutepow
It would have been awesome if Shyamalan made a connection between the unbreakable trilogy and the village through the Walker corporation. After all who is funding the black clover society?
The Super Viewer
It was SOOO bitter sweet this movie. I wanted at least something alluding to the organization more then Kevin in Unbreakable. I felt seeing David's dad moments before seeing Bruce at the end of Glass was enough. I'm OK with the Elijah n David connections for the trilogy. If only at the zoo at the end of SPLIT you see one car or one person with a damn CLOVER.
Nerds network
Tony Young
Hidden secrets? More like undeveloped plot points. We know metas exist, so we should have seen more at the end.
Noah Heninger
Loved this trilogy. Haters gonna hate.
James McAvoy is everything, everywhere
The whole universe and movies are brilliant. M. Night created a fantastic story with these movies.
Omar Carranza
Yeah he’s in unbreakable but he’s a kid
7:53 its been a long time.. we hear this from a friend.. especially watch in any movie.. true?
João Pedro Auriemo
7:53 Mark Ruffalo in that one infinity war interview
bailin maxwell
Did someone say endgame?
The boy wasn't a problem when he was young. David wasn't aware of him at he time.
Josh Bermudez
Dont get caught up with the fact shyamalan created his universe before anyone else and he did the entire universe by himself
Nathan Martinez
You dont need a spoil alert you already said most of happed in the movie
Pedro Pizarro
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! It’s not a theory.
Jon Marsh
you do not need to give us movie backstories or background info on the movies leading up to your point or theory. weve seen them all dude. weve seen the movies. learn when and how to edit your content in order to get straight too and deliver your point or subject.
Glass was amazing!
Brittani Jackson
.....positive Endgames
Kevin Thai
This was all mentioned in the movie... Why is it a theory?
Vampire Underwear
Last comment
Victor dARKO
Hahah delete this video! He’s been in unbreakable. They already confirmed that
You told spoilers before the spoiler alert
Kyle Patrick
That kid in the stadium was Kevin it's been confirmed by m night
ana silva
I think no one is paying attention to the girl that in the split movie keving/the beast let's it go... He says you are broken as well... He sees something in her..
Sergio Rodriguez
Ruben Coppoolse
This is not a theory, also Kevin would get this multiple persona later after his abuse. But that said, his father new about Kevin's DIS, this we learn in Glass.
Marcel Moreau
Uh did you watch the movie? This isnt a theory. Its a fact
Charlie Stabile
The more days that go by, the more I find myself ok with the ending to Glass. Hell of a film.
Sooo.. shortly after Crumb's father dies in the train crash, his mom takes him to the stadium, presumably to watch a game. Got it!
Arjay King
It's not Kevin. The boy in Unbreakable is credited as "5-year-old boy" and was five at the time. If 15 years passed between Unbreakable and Split, then Kevin would be 20 and would have had to have started working at the Zoo at 10 years old since Dr. Fletcher says Kevin had been managing at the zoo for ten years. Shyamalan says the scene was mistakenly left in and thus is and echo of the shadow of the original story he planned on telling. In order to work at the Philadelphia Zoo as a full-time employee with full-time pay (i.e. not a volunteer), you have to be at least 18 years old. Kevin would have to be at least 13 years old in Unbreakable which would make him 28 in Split. (Even though McAvoy is 10 years older)
Glass was beautiful....
Byron Kennedy
Ant Man was there too
Giovanni P.
This is an old theory 😂
15 years pass between unbreakable and split, not 17. At the end of split some woman mentions mr glass and says it was 15 years ago.
Lohkie2 3
He didn't touch the boy he touched the mom so he would have seen what he did to the kid
Konrad Badowski
9:53 wtf its not a stadion
Carlos Garza
Haha i knew it!
Glenn Watts
There's going to be a bigger outcome in this film waiting for the next one to come
Italo Ayala
Orange man bad
Old news lol
Deskeezy Pro
We know
Dahvon Colon
Glass was a great movie.
Peter Juhasz
y'all really believe this trilogy was planned that thoroughly back then XD
James Cornwell
But like, who cares if it's just one scene? It will be cooler if there were more scenes
Rorend Faye
Sixth Sense is actually purgatory after Mr. Glass.
Derek Beyer
The critical reviews anymore are so far off base from what the fans want to see and have to say about these movies, that they arnt even worth reading anymore. To hell with the critics
i live in philadelphia
James Moore
Kevin's father was on the train that mr. Glass derailed to find David Dunn
The Twist!!!
Shawn Berry
There are no coincidences. If you look at the comic book mr. glass’s mom gave him in unbreakable, the characters resemble Dunn and Crumb in their personas. Great video!
Girthy McFatkid
If you watched glass, he didn't develop his DID until after his father had died and mother abused him.