The Winner Takes It All- Glee (sub.Español)

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Todos los derechos pertenecen a la cadena Fox

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When she calls your name.... *whispers* buttchin 😂😂😂😂
Smelly Cat
does it feel the same when she calls your name........butt-chin
does it feel the same when she calls your name.......... *butt chin*
Geoffrey Gibson BSc
these two were like a very disfunctional brother and sister and that is why i think i found it so hard to watch
Sanraf S.
the perfect goodbye song for these two frenemies
Krister Pedersen
My favorite performance of this will forever be Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia because she sings with true feelings! <3 But this performance was really good as well!
Charlotte Faulkes
"Butt chin" I die every time.
Antoinette Perez
So awesome. Love Wills face when she says "like I used to kiss you" lmao.
Kawaii_ Potato
2:33 omg poor Brad. Nothing good has ever happened to him except when Sugar auditioned and said “hit it hottie”
Braulio Esparza Gutiérrez
Finally sue accepts her lost in the game
Ana Stasia
I just love the chemistry between them, I enjoyed this vid very much
Jordan Moon
This was great way to end their feud
Sally Green
sue is an amazing singer
Bella Potter
Wills confused face thoo
Jeanne Matousek
This song always make me cry
Ambrus Raul
Sue is a winner
I think Jane Lynch is sexy!
Vicki P
This song makes me sad
Grace Edgar
Why did this make me cry
Canción perfecta para ese momento. Gracias por subirla. =)
Guj Temki
My cheeks are hurting from laughter 🤣😆😂
Cleeff Jean-Pierre
I love her voice
Aesthetic Wolf
I laughed at 1:57 so hard idk why
Ahahahaha!!!! I love this song, and ABBA, but this is a hilarious rendition!!
Alice Skilton
Will's face at 1:00/1:01
Mariana Rema
Sue is hilarious xD
M. Eche
this is so face i can’t 😂
Alejandra Mojica
Buttchin XD
Crystal Macintosh
omg I ship them so much! what's there ship name😍
Jessica Schery Hernandez
jajaj siempre me rio cuando veo la cara del señor shue cuando sue le dice but tell me that she kiss like i used to kiss you en el min 1:00
what is this hahahahah does sue secretly love him or something?
Michelle Brodeur
2 Words BUTT CHIN!!
Charlene lee
Like the song
Victoria Hamilton
Poor brad
Alba Del Vals Official
I hope you like my new original cover about this song, you will love it. If you like you can subscribe to the Alba del Vals channel (Youtube and Spotify) Thanks.
Al Jones
i ship it sorry
Milton Mac
Great ABBA song
my favorite part
Martín Eduardo Pérez Gómez
Yo vine aquí por que creí encontrar alguna referencia al Doctor Who.
drama Nerd
mundo da Maria
leandro el pro
La Banja
Jajajaja not so good versión as Maril Streep
Stivaro Joan
jajajajaja amo Sue
LesVidéos d'Adrii
Sue qui chante une chanson d'amour a Will elle l'aime ou quoi? xDDD
Mihail Sydorenko
КАК РАДОСТНА ЗЕМЛЯ!!! (кавер-версия, исполняется следующим образом) 1.Первые лучи солнца золотого в белых облачках, в весенних птиц ключах. Как радостна Земля! Щебечут птиц хора, и славит их мой тон - громкий баритон! 2.Люди топят взор в зелени салатной, наслаждая глаз ею в этот час. Грядущие плоды творят людей труды, всему любовь даря! Как радостна Земля! 3.Где-то во траве пикает кузнечик, бабочка летит и крылья золотит. Как радостна Земля! Как радостна Земля! Как радостна Земля! Как радостна Земля! Как радостна Земля! Зелёные поля-а-а... Как радостна Земля!
Andrea Castro
Azul Marañon
en qué capítulo pasa?
what garbage - I hope the original four gods from the north smite them down for their insolence
Diego Loaiza
I love Abba, i love Glee, i love Better Call Saul
Riley Spraker
Riley spraker
Riley Spraker
Riley spraker
Mr Smith
Celene VT
me encanta :3