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Learn english conversation for beginners - english stories for learning english. ☞ Thanks for watching! ☞ Please share and like if you enjoyed the video :) thanks so much ♥ ▶ English Stories 1: />▶ English Stories 2: /> ─────────────────── ▶ Please subscribe to update new videos. Subscribe To Update New Lesson: /> Based on stories about Rocky the Raccoon, the magical Freddy and their friends, the books contain various fun, interactive activities to do before, during and after watching the short films on the attached DVD. The DVD, which is compatible with Interactive Whiteboards, contains animated stories, cartoons and songs. These simple and clear books are suitable for individual use at home or as exercise books for the holidays, as well as in class. ─────────────────── ☞ Topics included: -Part 1 -Chapter 1: My room -Chapter 2: My family -Chapter 3: Food -Story Time 1: I'm hungry! -Chapter 4: My body -Song: The Animal song -Chapter 5 Pets -Chapter 6 My holidays -Story Time 2: The Gingerbread Man -Part 2 -Chapter 1: Fun -Chapter 2: Clothes -Chapter 3: The house -Story Time 1: What a mess! -Chapter 4: Good food -Song: The Animal song -Chapter 5 Animals -Chapter 6 The weather -Story Time 2: A funny joke -Part 3 -Chapter 1: Off to school -Chapter 2: Off to the park -Chapter 3: Rocky's family -Story Time 1: Who's Tom? -Chapter 4: Dressing up -Chapter 5: A yummy sandwich -Song: The yummy food song -Chapter 6 At the safari park -Story Time 2: The magic stone -Chapter 7: A beautiful day! -Chapter 8: A surprise -Strory time 3: Two friends

Arif Ws
please give subtitle,... i need for learning the dialog
sky high
thank you I benefited from it easy to video
sky high
thank you I benefited from it easy to video
Great video for practicing listening and speaking skills. However, it's a pity that there aren't English subtitles, it could make the video be better than now, 'cause we could also practice reading,too.Finally, I used the CC option on the Youtube Screen.But those subtitles are 90 % correct.With your own subtitles, it'd be 100 %.Despite all, Thumbs up!
قوقلthank you very much عالمي
Thank you very much good is vedio
hafid bel
Thanks for the effort, can you help me finding the full package? I mean all the DVDs, thanks in advance.
sanjay bisht
it is good but where is subtitle. if subtitle there,it is easy to learn.
vipin Kumar jha
very nice video........thank u
Abbadi Slimane
I liked
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Not Mendy it's the mother Yvonne I say thank you about the test I pass last month lm gratefull Bye
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please can anyone help me to learn english
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Miss Anjiara Begum
Thank you so much Learn English Conversation. It's beautiful, excellent, pretty, unique. If u add subtitle, it will be much better than current. If anyone want to teach his/her kids learning English then it will better for his/her kids. I recommand everyone to see this cartoon.
Kenan Shahı
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Heena verma
Its very nice and easy to understand....
serz laky
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Learn English TV
Great video for practicing listening and speaking skills.
Oumou Gnaissa
Thank you so much,for your help.
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it's so nice
Aldilla Hong
There's no subtitles
zareen zahid
this video just for kids. how did you made this type of video? is this any cartoon or did you made it? where from get it?