Plan B - ill Manors [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose” The new album. Out now: /> Listen to Ben explain the inspiration behind the new ill Manors project with BBC 1Xtra here: /> Facebook: />Twitter: />Site: />Soundcloud: /> VERSE 1 Let's all go on an urban safari we might see some illegal migrants Oi look there's a chav that means council housed and violent He's got a hoodie on give him a hug on second thoughts don't you don't wanna get mugged Oh shit too late that was kinda dumb whose idea was that...stupid... He's got some front, ain't we all be the joker, play the fool What's politics, ain't it all smoke and mirrors, April fools All year round, all in all just another brick in the wall Get away with murder in the schools use four letter swear words coz we're cool We're all drinkers, drug takers every single one of us buns the herb Keep on believing what you read in the papers council estate kids, scum of the earth Think you know how life on a council estate is from everything you've ever read about it or heard Well it's all true, so stay where you're safest there's no need to step foot out the 'burbs Truth is here, we're all disturbed we cheat and lie its so absurd Feed the fear that's what we've learned Fuel the fire Let it burn. CHORUS Oi! I said Oi! What you looking at you little rich boy! We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed for Real (yeah) because my manors ill My manors ill For real Yeah you know my manors ill, my manors ill! VERSE 2 You could get lost in this concrete jungle new builds keep springing up outta nowhere Take the wrong turn down a one way junction find yourself in the hood nobody goes there We got an Eco-friendly government they preserve our natural habitat Built an entire Olympic village around where we live without pulling down any flats Give us free money and we don't pay any tax NHS healthcare, yes please many thanks People get stabbed round here there's many shanks nice knowing someone's got our backs when we get attacked Don't bloody give me that I'll lose my temper Who closed down the community centre? I kill time there used to be a member what will I do now 'til September? Schools out, rules out, get your bloody tools out London's burning, I predict a riot Fall in fall out who knows what it's all about What did that chief say? Something bout the kaisers Kids on the street no they never miss a beat never miss a cheap thrill when it comes their way Let's go looting no not Luton the high street's closer cover your face And if we see any rich kids on the way we'll make 'em wish they stayed inside there's a charge for congestion, everybody's gotta pay do what Boris does... rob them blind CHROUS Oi! I said Oi! What you looking at you little rich boy? We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door! Don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed for real (yeah) because my manors ill My manors ill For real Yeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill! MIDDLE 8 We've had it with you politicians you bloody rich kids never listen There's no such thing as broken Britain we're just bloody broke in Britain What needs fixing is the system not shop windows down in Brixton Riots on the television you can't put us all in prison! CHORUS Oi! I said Oi! What you looking at you little rich boy? We're poor round here, run home and lock your door! Don't come round here no more, you could get robbed for real (yeah) because my manors ill My manors ill For real Yeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill!

callum grimes
the ironic thing is that these days a lot of posh boys love this sort of music
Terius Smith
Plan B needs to come back, such an underrated artist
Britain needs this song now more than ever
Spxnky Sutton
Susan Boyle for a cover anyone
Velvet Guitar
This song is a sincere reflection of the times in the UK. If anything, this song chants for change, revolution or reform
This should've been on the soundtrack for Kingsman!
Jack Poulson
I'm usually not a big rap fan.. But this is an amazing example of lyrical genius! To all the people saying "it's nothing to be proud of"- he's not saying it is.. What this song is saying is that it is the propaganda and the conservative politics that aid to fuel the reputation of council estate youthes! And that these kids aren't dumb, because they're already discriminated against when it comes to education, employment opportunities etc. they have learned to get by through fear and fueling these viewpoints that are forced upon people! You find trouble in most areas these days! But growing up on a council estate I can tell you that there are a lot more good people than "dick heads".
How many people realize this about politics
This song owns the stereotype that we are all posh and drink tea and crumpets
Cypher Phoenix
American girls be like want a British guy, there so nice and are all gentlemen.
I may be stupid but I have something to say:
Makes me proud to be British...for some reason.
Maf Freedom
Real England
steven durrant
Most important and probably astute line for me: "Who closed down the community centre?" Tories are agents of darkness. They drive disabled people to suicide.
Sammi ss
If only more people listened to this before voting for the EU referendum
Johann Schmidt
When can we detach London from the mainland and float it into the Atlantic?
Nick Mann
That moment when your teacher brings you here...
Bruno .B
She Said and Ill Manors both from Plan B? Difference,huge.
Bubba Ray
What is most annoying is how this kind of life is aspirational to those who actually come from decent backgrounds. I live in Surrey in what many would consider a middle class area, yet you still have kids mugging, stabbing and in some cases killing each other just because they feel a need to prove how un-middle class they are. The Tories have made anyone with money look like scum.
Chief Whip
I did an asignment on this for English in a posh Catholic school, nearly got expelled xD
when people England is a nice place, when in fact it's like this 😂
Crownrevival . Productions
Any listeners in 2018?
Adam Cole
This isn't a song that glorifies violence, riots and looting. Rather it is attempt to satirize the views of those with greater means when they judge the less fortunate. Although it appears to promote a self-fulfilling prophecy of anti-social behaviour, it is actually using the media assumptions of the current political and economic situation as a lampoon. All in all, a very well written song.
Ellis Smithson
Americans will be shocked if they actually knew what the majority of England is, as portrayed in this video.
This, world, is what the majority of Englishmen are really like.
Being poor in the U.K. is being a King in Somalia. Having hot showers, food, a beautiful country to explore, and internet is amazing. "Good enough" is absent in the human mind and ego. Let's all run countries while we are at it.
Ronnie Pickering
Plan b needs to make a come back and blow some of this shit away what's about at the minute
Dan Palmer
From a working class town and I know a load of private school kids, the level of ignorance is astonishing, they don't know anything about growing up poor
peter fox - alles neu
Kayleigh H
Just a reply to some of the silly comments. If you don't realise he's being ironic then maybe you are not as ''educated'' as you think you are. Lol
Brad Slade
1k dislikes for every rich boy taxed by a roadman 👌
Love all the people who act smart thinking this was sampled from a singer... It was sampled from Dmitri Shostakovich symphony no.7 in C Major. Great use of the sample though and good song
Stunning ignorance in the comments. This is a wonderful piece of work. 98.99% of us should relate to this 100%.
Ryan Jacob
There's no more middle class, there's the rich and powerful, or the poor and unprivileged
Plan B is such a genius this song just his lyrics are so deep
In Liverpool where I'm from most of the "Chavs" are from rich backgrounds. They all live in £200k+ detached houses in posh areas yet go out smoking weed and causing terror. :/
Not Your Baby
Watched this in geography
Jethro Paris
Alles neu > ill Manors
Hoden Abdirahman
We had to analyse this in English 😂
Holy shit the tune is 400% nabbed from Peter Fox- Alles Neu
Clear representation of Britain lol
Davy Ro
The reason the corrupt thieving lying bastards who run the country like to promote racism with their friends in the media because they know if we are united we win. We have leeches called royals who dont do a single thing for our benefit. They see us as vermin until it comes to a war, then they need us. They have stolen treasures from all over the world locked away in rooms so no one can see them . These treasures could pay off the national debt instantly. The reason we have a massive national debt is because our leaders wanted to give the bankers billions to save their banks, WHY? The bankers should have been jailed like Iceland did for the frauds they committed. As a country we're now billions in debt through this, everything is being closed our libraries, leisure centres, community centres, local parks and the jobs that go with them to pay this debt. These things effect us not them. Meanwhile the thieving bastards who caused this are still paying themselves million pound a year bonuses. The politicians join the boards of these banks after they leave government and get paid a million a year for attending one 20 minute board meeting a year . Now you know why we pay all that tax, then after being taxed we buy food and fuel to live and pay another 20% VAT on our already taxed earnings. I wish there were more like PlanB spreading the truth instead of millions of fucking sheep believing the bullshit on TV and in the newspapers.
jadene chrysler
Sack the daft intellectual words its just an ILL TUNE,;)!!!!!!
Iain Kirkpatrick
This is what the government won't accept: the problem is the rich not the poor
Toby Brooks
yo Wagwan, Pifting What your bbm pin innit ?
Julianus Maximianus
We British need a revolution, now.
Archie Bogle
2:39 Riz Ahmed before The Night Of and Rogue One. Everyone's gotta start somewhere
welcome to england advert
fatima mohamud
how to start a internet fight  1) write a comment 2)wait 
D Bay
Plan B, where u gon? U not reppin us no more?? lONDONS ALLWAYS BURNIN!!
Just realized 2:07 that's that kid from Top Boy haha
Ukraine - Kiev
James Matthews
Everyone seems to act like this is a competition to see who lives in the worst area, but seriously, Britain as a whole is a mess. A lot of rough areas and a lot of people committing crimes just for the thrill of it. You don't understand unless you actually live here and have experienced it. And it's all down to the government, who just fuel the fire. Don't try to shed light on things when you don't actually know what you're talking about.
Soviet PvP
I'm sick of people blaming their backgrounds, and the government, for their behaviour. So many scummy human beings, like those shown in this video, go around yelling abuse at random passers by, live off the government (that they hate, by the way) and generally are a waste of space. There are so many respectable people who came from poor backgrounds who actually work hard and make a contribution to society. I must agree that the education system is terrible. Kids these days never listen or make any effort in the classroom because they're too worried about not looking cool. The government needs to stop being so politically correct and find a solution to this systemic peer pressure that ruins kid's futures.
James Lewis
his rapping is far superior to his singing. pure fire
bacon strips
this is like... the official chav anthem
Michael Edwards
This always gets me fired up. The system will crumble and be reborn within our lifetime, you cant keep the masses under your boot forever
Joe Love
Good old blackberry making an appearance
Sophie Fletcher
This is wat britain is really like not posh with cups of tea most of us r well poor
Nick Creevy
I predict another riot..
well this is how west europe looks like...
lincoln b
*quietly whispers "put on your war paint"
Soselo Soso
What you're lookin at? You little rich boy!
Swinging Gibbon
Welcome to 21st century London America!
Kev D
Schools out rules out get your bloody tools out
think the London ghetto is bad? oh boy you have yet to see Detroit 
Charlie Macleod
I love this song
Jonathan Pine
2:38 Is that Riz Ahmed
Tom Mellor
Plan B is the british 2pac speaking for the less fortunate surprised he hasnt been killed off yet speaking truth like this
Blazing Blade
I like the another brick in the wall reference we don't need no education
Adriana Hernandez
this sounds just like Alles neu by Peter Fox
British rap is so different. NICE!
I'm seriously considering starting a political party. Of my own for the working and lower classes.
Francisco Selgas
I'm from Miami, FL I have to say it's interesting. I imagine London like any other major cities on this planet has multiple facets. Most of what we get over on this side I guess maybe construed as watered down. This does seem though as something common in big cities. The disgruntled youth and class disparity are fuel for anger.
Karolina Matyka
... I was in poetry class and we were listening to dis because according to my teacher this is a poem
Captive H
What seen as a so-called chav. C.ouncil H.oused A.nd V.iolent.....Top one Plan B. Labels are for food and clothes.
Laul R
oi.i said oi. what u lookin at ya little rich boy?!? heavy...
Jimbo Jones
All the decriers of this on the threads should understand this is not reflecting anything other than what been true of our society for over a hundred years (and a lot longer) since the publication in 1901 of Rowntree's, 'Poverty: A Study of Town Life'. :S
War Genius345
i swear that is the same intro as The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy?
blasting this out on a sunny day while cruising round is jammin. he should really make more like this
Trey Myles
Best Plan B song since the Strickland Banks stuff, he's better off in his hip-hop roots
Jaw Ji
I never understood this aspect of the UK, people act like there's a big gap between rich and poor but I have never seen it. At least where I live in Hong Kong, poor people are really poor and live on a park bench with one pair of clothes that they've worn for the past 10 years and make their money by selling scrap plastic and metal they pick out of bins in the park, while on the same street people live in flats that cost 10,000 pounds a month to rent.
Alessia Walker
1:53 err hello beauiful
Kayleigh-anne Cameron
Jaek Burn
When Americans think we are all tea and crumpets, this is what it's really about.
this makes me cringe so hard
Jacob Allen
Lol they showed me this in school also hi from Jacob Allen lolololololololol dink me
Starfalcon Tactical
Whenever an american asks what Britain is really like i send them a link to this.
Luke Dobson
To the people calling the tune catchy. I would like you to know that Plan B stole it from the German singer Peter Fox.
He needs to chill out a bit, there isn't a civil war about to erupt or anything.
Does anyone know what the name of the violin thing in the background? I heard it in another song that came out before ill manors and I thought it might be some known play or smth
Britt Rants
yall should listen to alles neu by Peter Fox. the exact same beat
Too underrated 🙌🏼
UkFootball Williams
Anyone who has watched top boy will know who that boy is who is dancing in the red top behind the small kid, if haven't watched, I recommend it highly, it's on Netflix.
Cory H
Plan B started the London riots just so he could make a music video, what a pillock.
Ethan Brown
I grew up in a area like this
Ollie Ritson
I swear the second verse with the Kaiser Chiefs, he goes in. Poetry right there
Steve Kelly
pretty damn clever, that's what I was meaning Ivan , the Shostakovich sample representative of the defence of Leningrad  . That's no coincidence  , Britain is broken in many ways . liked the Jools Holland show as well with masked orchestra !
British Pepe
And others ask why Britain is horrible ._.
Ash Rodrigues
Ok i agree with some of this and its a good song but abusing someone cos he's rich is just as bad as a rich person abusing someone cos there poor people kick up a fuss when that happens but not the other way round.
Plan B ain't from the hood. In fact he is a rich boy.... This whole video is glorifying the riots purely for commercial gain.