Ford F150 3.5L ECOBoost vs RAM 1500 Hemi DRAG RACE

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Alan Zolotoff
Great Video 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
the 2.7 ecoboost is quicker than the 3.5
chris Vinci
Hemi is for Republicans and ecoboost sounds like its geared for Democrats
Nova Man
Much better than TFL a mile above sea level!
Powerstroke Strong 903
He needs to practice brake torque on the ecobooost it makes a difference
Awesome Paul 《☆》Gave eem a head start & walked eem with that Hemi. Aluminum bed V6 shmeesicks ☻
David Mitchell
Can't wait for Hellcat RAM.
David Mitchell
Even if it was slower I'd still pick V8.
Gerald Mcbride
You better hope your ram doesn’t catch fire on the same road. They’ll really think you did it to your hellcat. Lol
Chuck Marcheschi
Wow!!! Way to go Paul. I am a Ram guy, surprised it beat the Ford. love it!!
Frankie Xxx
Heres what I want to know?????? Iknow there will be a video uploaded saying I'm getting another car(what is it?) And it will be a HELLCAT,its gonna happen,no doubt in my mind.I think sometime after the winter there will be the new Dont pet (2) in your garage!!! Will it be a Hellcat 717???will it be a Redeye 797???? Who knows,but it will be one of them were bit by the Hellcat bug.....It will be back Lol.....
Frankie Xxx
Lmao ,he cant be the bearded wonder,my friend Bobby is the Bearded wonder LMFAO!!!
Bart fox
Is the ram stock ?
Destroyer Grey Productions
"WuhZup YouTube" *Tm - Paul
camaro camaro ss
Wow thought the ecoboost would pull on that hemi.
aj lozano
10 apeed was building boost at the starting line..thats what got you..
Daniel Lockwood
You need to race a 5.0 f150
AD Da Goofy Ass OG
I want some
Barbaro Matos
No true
David Johnson
That Hemi has Balls
Arthur Slugworth
Should race it vs my friends tuned 3.5 he's local I live in Montgomery
Ford should have put our Barra Turbo into it & it would have been pulling buses on the Ram!
I got an f150 with the v8 and live right down the road from the test street
john Stafford
Love your truck family cruisin Legendary RAM
john Stafford
What's up Joe!!
Nice video but did he say he'll race anybody ? I'll race ya :) But I don't do straight line man. I only do mountain twisty dangerous roads. bring a white cross with ya in case you F up. How does the Viper do in the Twisties ?
BlownViper 505
Mopar ftw
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Familycrusin Great Video That was absolutely amazing race I knew your Rebel would win because Ram makes the most amazing trucks and love your Drone Footage
Scott S
F O R D First On Race Day
Niko Media
@ 1:07 why is the little girl taking a picture of you guys lol
Matt's Garage
Interesting outcome, don’t think your friend was real pleased lol!
Dan the Mopar Man
FamilyCruisin Paul since Tunnel Chaser is selling the Demon. 86 the Viper and get the Demon. Please. Lol
Jeremy Leis
Too bad the guy in the Ecoboost does not know how to race one.
smeakers 44
That 6 speed EcoBoost would have been closer but he wasnt brake boosting it, that's why the gap was so. Big
Here in Florida those eco boosts get beat by the gm 6.2s all the time at the track. They slow down a lot in high humidity and heat.
Jochen Heiden
Are these truck Hemis Still running 370hp?
Rick Tokle
😎🇺🇸Hey Buddy👍 Beep Beep Gooooooooooooooo ✌🏻🤙🏻
john Stafford
What's up man sorry I'm late
Joshua Brown
You need to do v8 vs v8 not v6 vs v8!
Dallas Jeffs
should of let the turbos spool up before his launch.
Were those two races run pre and post mid-muffler delete? The Ram sounds really good at WOT in the race vs. the 6 speed.
Eragon Shadeslayer
I would race you with my 06 ram 1500 slt but your too far for me to drive
M.A Alhidan
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blake bridges
Ok 5:22
Free Audio Books
And thr 5.0L destroys the obsolete 5.7L
Gregory Mishler
If I lived closer I'd take you on
That 1st guy needs to learn how to brake boost. I was hoping to see you are streetspeed717 race with his dirtymax
Queen City Mopar
That exhaust sounds great
Free Audio Books
2019 3.5 with a ten speed would obliterate any ram. 450hp and 510ft/lb
Eragon Shadeslayer
Any Ford who races a dodge will lose every single time
the Gonz
10sp pulled on you about how you pulled on the 6sp
John DiMartino
So you raced a 3 yr old 365 hp ecoboost with a 6speed to stay with a new 8 speed 395hp Ram ?
Isaiah Bahe
That f150 probably has 331 gears or 355 vs the rebels 373
Red Beard's Corner
"No fake news here guys, this isn't CNN"! 😆😅😁 Does the Viper come out to play in the winter once the roads are cleared?
Reddman vlogs
A v6 vs v8 great race 🙄, idk why y'all are acting like thats so amazing, it's like duhhh🤦🏽‍♂️
joe blow
Was he using premium fuel? As that makes a huge difference on the top end of the ecoboost so the computer doesn’t take out timing because of spark knock.
jiaxing sun
You have new led bulbs Paul ?
TackleBerry Tabbert
My 06 Silverado would spank that slow Rebel.
They are both ugly trucks!!!