AC/DC on the Creation of 'Back in Black'

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David Reynolds
Angus always looked old. Even in the 80s. Still has more energy than most performers today.
Take a shot everytime Angus says "You Know"
Mick Funz
BACK IN BLACK is just an unbelievable record, possibly the greatest Hard Rock album of them all.
Swamp Fox
0:07 whats the name of that song...
Kevin wildenberg
Love you Gentlemen for 38 years. You all very important in my developing teenage years. Thank you.
Silly Goose
Brian Johnson sounds like groundskeeper Willie
Kane Dosser
Can't believe Brian had to quit!
Rocker Volt
Goddammit, Brian did his first show with Ac/Dc in Namur ?? I live only 60km away... I was 8 years old at that time and I didn't know about them.
Metallic Phoenix
Love Brian, what a social light! Angus is insane on stage but is so laid back when being interviewed! ❤️
Angus is still just as adorable as he was 30 years ago!
Eclipse Games
ACDC is my favourite rock band of all time
Jamie Whitefield
Malcolm being as sick as he has been has probally taken a toll on Angus too!
Devin Spruill
Eet Chit
can you imagine if anyone filmed that 1st show?
wow first time ive seen a video without a dislike Xp
Colby Williams
back in black is the 2nd best selling album of any genre.....only thriller sold yea...its the greatest hard rock album ever..
Lita Coppola
Black in Back was a great post-Bon Scott era album.
Wild E
Two of the most incredible artists of all time! Fan for decades! Early work with Bon was awesome! Thank You.
Ibanez Hona
i don't like i love i mean love. ACDC give a like if you love ACDC i do.
KZK Gaming
I’m only a kid BUT AC/DC ROCKS
Ross Lynch #drums
Hutch Dano love years younger brother hutch Dano l remember
These guys seem classy but when they put on a show, ive never seen so many bogans spring out of the wood works and take over the streets of subiaco
Ross Lynch #drums
Hutch Dano I remember back in Black
Ross Lynch #drums
Jason Earles l remember back in Black
Mariu lama
Back in BLACK ist the BEST album ever
Amy Waters
Ted Nugent said it best: Godspeed all things AC/DC!
Brian looks good here but DAMN Angus looks old!!
Great Questions! I love you ACDC!
aaw..wee angus looks like he should be saying something like.....My names Angus....and I am an alcoholic!! haha!! awesome guitarist.....but looks so puny until he picks up his guitar then turns into a legend!
My top 3 Back in black Rock or bust Fly on the wall
Tamás Versitz
Angus Young sounds a bit like Michael Caine
TheSloMoBroAnd More
I'm introducing AC/DC to all of my friends
carl johnson
No entiendo una garcha pero lo miro igual
Terri Simon
Sol Abigail
Los amo jaja que genios ❤
Ali Cok
I memember Hutch Dano
Luke Fisher
2:00 That look when you know all the best songs on the album were written by Bon Scott.
CapeTide 56
Easily the best album in the history of rock and roll
Dorky kid
AC DC is one of the best Damn bands in the world
Ross Lynch #drums
Rock and roll
e james
if I 'm not mistaken, back in black was something bon was workin' on before he died. Bon scott basically invented the gangster rap vocal style...nobody else was doin it at the time. The blacks in compton ,CA started copying it a few years's an attitude.
Chase Miller
Angus, just change your name to Angus old. it would be more fitting.
I love you angus#biggist fan
michael semmi jr
Awesome f**kn band. Underated . Tired of hearing about the Brian Vs. Bon bs. They're both excellent front-end but different styles. Underated band, my favorite. Suxx, we lost Malcolm. RIP to him and Bon.
Clàudia Saldaña
Love their accent😊
Do not try to translate you're an stupid
Connor Vierling
yup...theyre australian
How does He sing so high & raspy show after show, lol. #MusicalGenius!
Jose L
Paul Newsom
And no Bon Scott did not write Lyrics for Back in Black that bullshit story started back after this came out no truth to that at all ,some are very much in doudt ,but if you want the truth as Brian Johnson said he himself is sick of hearing those Lies on the Lyrics issue Brian wrote everything on Lyrics Malcolm and Angus The Music its That Simple
marc groefsema
Haha angus in the beginning of the video
Martin R.
Is it my eyes or throughout the video there are bumps at the bottom left of the screen?
Martin Dobranský
I love these guys! I've been to their show this year but it was with Axl :( however he was singing really good and at least they played more Bon songs. Angus was totally awesome!
8th grade, I won a door prize at a dance for a record store gift certificate.  When I got a ride to the store, AC/DC was my first album I ever owned.  Dumb luck I guess.  Still love it.
Mike Wong
ac dc
The creation of back in black? Yea Bon Scott wrote most of it before he died!
Miguel Salas
Thank you AC/DC 
Bon wrote the lyrics to back in black. everyone knows that. stop lying
Gio Mar
Back in black..era di bon Scott....scritta per lui...Angus non dire cagate...
Alex Lifeson vs Angus Young
Joseph Hickman
many years ago im the late 1980s went to job corps. north white, and a lot of others black hardcore gang bangers hip hop murder rap etc.. some one saw a cassette of back in black and in no short order thebig boom boxes were blasting...a black fella im my dorm asked where have you whities been hiding this response this band had been rocking since you were a sexy thougt in your parents head...check out dirty deeds done dirt cheap..well he did yeah great music...just why did the singers voice cjamge.. so i said previous singer passed away due to an unfortunate battle with alchol(r.i.p. Bon) so to make a long story short good music lasts...ears do not discrimate😂
Miguel Lucas
Mark Arnott
AC/DC's 1st tour in the 70s via countdown australia - to country towns like mine horsham vic oz at 14yr old we stood on the side stage approx 500 people if that at the town hall ii latter went & stayed at mates place afterwards and a few went to the cafe l7tr told me they talked to angus malcolm etc but no bon as he went to uno where :) drinkypoo times etc the next day i walked home passed thru the railway station to see if dad was off work- and passed ac/dc sitting in the waiting room Note the tin can of Fosters at BON's foot :) i never 4got that after all these years im hitting 60 soon ( 1961 born) anyway approx 2015 my sister in law rosie sent me the local paper i opened it and saw all over again ac/dc with that can fosters on the FRONTPAGE of newspaper OMG i thought its like a timewarp I SEE THAT EXACT Pic in my head all the time and she sends me it in front page wimmera times - IT was found in a box of negatives/photos thrown out in the local tip the man printed 500 copies and sold the lot in 1 week $500 a pop :) thats history for you all to see :) " i have the pic in 2 pc's and the paper somewhere hidden still :) shame i cant post in in here ! AC/DC & KISS (fav) & the rest Took my no idea about rock,n roll to history levels as now :) been an amazing trip watching ac/dc grow into the best power band ever i still get up and do an angus dance :
Of course, Bon Scott was awesome. And he had an edge that a lot of rock singers don't have. Brian Johnson saved AC/DC, though. And God Bless this man for it.
Gavin Henare
best band in history
Pietro Leon Capozi
Belli bruciati
M???????? A???????
Just listening to their accent when they talk it’s hard to believe that one of them is actually a an incredible singer Bon Scott had a singing voice that was particularly similar to his accent so he was obviously a great singer by the way he would talk Brian Johnson though you gotta hear him actually sing to believe but once that happens your like wow
Rasheedha Thasni
backil 8
Scarlet Turk
Brian Johnson....a rock legend, with an 'average joe' attitude.
LeeRoy Dundlehay
Never heard Brian's regular speaking voice till now,.....not what I expected, lol.
Still unbelievable that they could replace Bon Scott. Damn. Lightning strikes twice!
Anders Nordlund Kastrup 8B Hovedgård Skole, folkeskoleafdeling
Only musicians that actually looklike they could be your granddads. Except for Keith Richards. He looks like he could be your great granddad
masters of rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danielsan B
I've been listening to AC/DC for #*$& years. I had no idea Brian was a Geordie! Lovin' that accent, man!
an7ony RULES
When Bryan is out of the concerts he sounds like a eighty years men, he is old, very old, and he have his own Discovery Channel Show!!!
CAN-AM Airsoft
Will always be my favorite rock band. And thunderstruck is my favorite rock song hands down. I play their music at work when I'm on shift alone and it makes it a better day, I smile and sing along. Good times.
Pancake Inc.
They look like just regular old people but as soon as they step on that stage!!
2:10 Bedlam in Belgium
Jonny Mcmurray
You dont see Angus off stage as much as Brian on these videos. When he is on stage he goes crazy but off stage he sees kind of shy
Zeiro Tolerance
I wonder if Angus's constant state of movement when on stage has anything to do with the amount of sound or if he's just his own metronome
MuZ LimPz
a lot of people wont recognize Angus if they see him walking on the street. But on stage he transformed to a Rock God~
Awesome to know Brian Johnson did his first concert in Belgium
KoTa Young
RIP Malcom Young
Michal Madusiok
Angus drugs Young
Music Power
Words cannot describe how humble these guys are.
The bois
Atalie Naa
My favorite song of you guys is walk all over you.The guitar was good
Don't have an Aussie accent tho
A lot of great bands come from u.k but made famous in u.s.a
Destiny Caudill
Tbh I was named after AC/DC me and my sister her name is amber caudill mine is destiny caudill and are middle names both start with an R
phucked ur mom
People seem to forget that angus and brian are actually Scottish
Adriana Meyers
I’m 10 and really want to meet AC/DC
Ñøt  Çrêëp
Always loved Angus❤️
Jason Hurst
AC/DC are the greatest band on earth,! Rock n roll will never die as long as the music of this band is being played!
Baddest little hobbits on the planet
art heron bay
Me and my kids our new to ac/dc and we love it !
Max D
R.I.P Malcolm Young😢
Wayne Baker
back in black is one of the great rock n roll albums of all time