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his soul died when she mentioned her boyfirend
Too bad all hair stylists don't cut hair like she does and look as cute as she does while doing it.
Darren Walker
This hairdresser is cute and fit.
4:57 to 5:02......left side of the screen.....LOL
Nick Dominick
She's really beautiful
Silke Fischer
This beautiful lady really knows how to handle the clipper and how to make a young man even more handsome. I like the short sides and back so much. It makes you look somehow disciplined, clean and proper. Great job!
Did you get lucky?
Mohd Nasir
What's the name of that cute girl...and please tell me address of sports clip
Freedom Fighter
Not sure why, but the sounds of razors buzzing makes me laugh really hard. BUZZZZZZZZZ!! Cute stylist btw. Also nice haircut!
Gmaspar mlw
this haircuts are bad like [....]
William M. Heckstall
She is very skilled. She is gorgeous. I love her feminine voice. She killed dude once she mentioned her boyfriend. She most certainly has long term girlfriend appeal.
duckie leebrowwski
Andy James
Is it wrong to want to share a bubble bath with her? :-D
Ahmed Elhoshi
where is this located guys ?
richie rae
cute little number she is...
Liam the Marching Band Guy
I’m younger than you and I have more bass in my voice than you
Paulocega Vega
She's adorable
Morteza Rezaee
Where's it placed?
Johan Marais
they sure have the hots for each other. very cute lol!!!
Colin Old Music
Come to the UK and I'll give u a free haircut!
she is sexy and I love how she puts the cape on you I have just one thing   DID YOU GO HOME AND JERK OFF THINKING ABOUT HER???
Três Dezesseis
Que boca ela tem...
Shannon Williams
The guy in the neighboring chair must have had some serious dandruff issues the way that lady kept going on about his scalp! 😬🤔😂
Cesar Cabrera
u look like the type of person who stalks people
Girls with bf are the best ones they will cheat on their bf if they like the guy us seasoned veteran's know the game.
bajra Kota
so, she move away already from sport clip dude?!
Deano Elmes
she did okay dude.
what a weirdo
Tim Kusky
oh man a porn with her would be great
Muhsin Demirkıran
I want a this girl
wyglądasz jak pizda
Tobias Bodien
Agus Morant Alexander
Ronald Parrish
go to a barber. way better styles
Azhar Mahsood
10:30 is best look
For men who are bolding on top the name of the best haircut for you is: clipper guard #2 all over!
j smooth
If you always want to get a pretty good haircut make sure you bring a photograph of the kind of haircut you want just so the stylus as an idea of what you want
Nicholas Dominick
Dude that girl cutting your hair is cute you shoulda gotten her number
Christian Rode
Correctly super sees out the young Mrs. Super made
Samar shekar
hair dresser ...she might be a college student .. working part-time
Trace Dunn
What was your hairstyles name?
Morteza Rezaee
What's this hairdresser's name???
She’s peng
New sport clips video soon?
Cesar Cabrera
ur face looks like u hate these cuts
Green Wall
God Friend
You have really nice hairr
Is this girl still alive? The way he was staring at her, i would bet he chopped her up and put her in a pie.
Fauzan Azzima
Always with her
David Coruña
What is that device that she passes through his shoulders after finishing cutting the hair at the end of the video????
Morteza Rezaee
Why dont you answer the questions?
great looking haircut--you two really look like brother and sister.
Wesley Trammel
Where is this salon at?
People's choice Conversation
Talented stylist
nice girl :]
Riaz Riaz
benjie galit
what is the name of the hairdresser?
Andrew Mauro
I don't get the intro ?
Altaf Awan
christopher james
The sad thing is most hair dressers where . Trousers 2 day . The days of sitting there with a hard on like the empire estate are over . When they use2 go and get fresh towels . And a bout 4 pairs of eyes would be looking at her BUM and legs . The good old days .
SoccerFanatic 2019
Nice haircut! My friend should get that type of cut. I’m definitely recommending this place for him
Valisa Freeman
😨 & the clip men don't like that
very pretty Girl ;-)
long to short.  cool!  next time get a buzzcut
Stop being annoying to her all the time..If you wanna impress her..stay cool..Dont talk that much..
It was really fun. I will talk about it in my next vlog (whenever that is).
I'm pretty sure she used a 3, but if a 3 is too long for your liking a 2 would also work
hi taylor i love it!!!! thanxx! you look great!! kristal is amazing!! i realy want to meet her
Jeff the Barber *
This dude has the biggest boner for her!!! 😂😂😂
christopher james
The bird who use 2 cut my hair . Was a prick teaser . She had a massive set a tits and use 2 have her shirt undone . Shoving her massive tits in ya face
Zack Robinson
at 21:26 he stared at her ass when she turned around 😂😂
john disette
why would a little fairy princess go here, it's called sport clips, this fag fairy doesn't know a thing about sports, and keep acting like a little fairy fag and there is crazy people out there, u look like Matthew Shepherd.......and look what tragedy happened to that fairy fag.....