Blizzard Pays Employees to Quit; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Leak; new aRPG Teaser Trailer, and more...

Today’s gaming news topics: The Steam Winter Sale is currently ongoing; Overwatch Christmas claymation video; Blizzard encouraging 100 employees to leave; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC leak and MTX news; PoE Betrayal League patch brings balance; Wolcen Q&A video releases; Lost Ark possibly coming to Russia through new deal; new Pagan Online aRPG teaser trailer; Diablo 3 Season 16 start date and balance patch notes. Timestamps: Steam winter sale: 00:31 Overwatch: 00:46 Activision Blizzard: 01:01 Red Dead Redemption 2: 02:47 Path of Exile: 04:45 Wolcen: 06:13 Lost Ark: 07:36 Pagan Online: 08:31 Diablo 3: 09:59 Links: Overwatch Christmas animation: />Blizzard downsizing: />Bonus Kotaku article on the matter: />Red Dead Redemption 2 PC leak: />Red Dead Redemption 2 MTX: />New Path of Exile Betrayal patch: />Wolcen Q&A: />Lost Ark coming to Russia: />Pagan Online teaser trailer: /> More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard: /> ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► /> ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► /> ▬ Patreon rewards: /> ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► /> Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal Special thanks: Brandon Gilbert, matthew Feiteira, russiandood, maianashira, Marvin Atkins, Brian Grygla, recramorcen, Remiehneppo, Edwin Zhu, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, TheFuuZ, Lamer of Sweden, SmokinWookie, Telionis, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Zeldraga, Valentine Judnich, Tony Duran

Nate C W
The customer service staff was asked to leave because they don't have phones.
In 5 years Blizzard will just be a name and that's it. The Golden Age of PC gaming is over for this company! I'm glad I had that chance to play in the old days with great people.
K22 N34_Dingowarrior
Don't need customer service if you no longer care about the Customer's.
Fruit Dealer
We are in the END GAME - Activision
Rip blizzard man, it was a wild ride from start to finish but it just seems like that Activision is really being less subtle with their claiming of Blizzard
Niclas Thomsen
Blizzard was once my religion, now im an atheist
Dead Man
Dude some times I hope Activision, EA to just burn down they are ruining video games industry
Krister Pettersson
GGG is making the bad companies look even worse. They are a testament that a gaming studio can be profitable without shady practices. And they are not alone in this. I feel 2019 is going to be a very intresting gaming year.
Crazy Buttboarding Guy
How do you kill Juggernaut companies...let Activision buy you out.
Jormungand the Midgard Serpent
Oh no, not mailshit ru, please. They are the worst, making games p2win fiesta. I am russian and i was disgusted by how shit was jade dynasty adaptation. It is 100% bad news. They are terrible and greedy af Situation is so bad, it became a meme. Basically give them good stuff(soft, game, idea) they'll make cash grab shitshow with bugs, terrible support and so on.
Godzilla8939, bringing any Corean game to EU isn't a good news, since they add shit tonn of micro transactions and unnecessary donate options like xp potions and so on
Kotik will turn Lost Arc into a pay to win fest the chances are 128%
zaz elamel
Hey Rhykker, this is folks.
Game developers listening to their players ??? stop lying Rhykker :D
"Winter is coming..." (looks at Activision-Blizzard stock price)
Rick Martin
1:05 "not quite downsizing" Wrong: this is exactly downsizing. Voluntary redundancies and compulsory redundancies are both about downsizing, but voluntary redundancies have the advantage that there's no legal comeback, and no need to check for redeployment opportunities. Unfortunately, it has the downside that, almost inevitably, it'll be the better staff - those with greatest experience and greatest chances of getting a new job somewhere else - who'll leave first.
That Horror Show
Hm! Something dark is stirring in Activision Blizzard. This is sad.
Kirk Just
The situation at Blizzard is a common practice. Typically it is used to offer early retirement in order to cut costs but can also be used as "soft" severance to avoid HR and PR issues.
MaSsYmOoO Volchek
Alex Derksen
A years salary for doing nothing. God damn thats a nice offer.
opsie doopsie
Don't need customer service if you have no customers. *points to head* :)
I don't think Blizzard would be acting like this if they didn't have Activision over them. I remember how much fun starcraft 1 was when it came out. Thanks for the memories from a PC gamer. RIP BLIZZARD!
If they offer RDR2 in a single player format for PC I'd be interested, an online one like GTA I want nothing to do with. I feel really weird about Lost Ark, the MMO aspects are really turning me off tho I want to like the rest of it.
Pixel Mage
mailru? Oh god, this is really really really bad.
BugBunny Easy gaming
I call myself Blizzard Boy. Come on my Blizzard please finish Diablo serie before I get too old to play it. I know everything has its end but we cant end like this. It's always you, only you Blizzard. <3
Carlos Reyes
i am most concerned about companies waiting for the reviews and initial sales and then activating the micro transactions, while its not illegal its a D move, so they can avoid the whole EA star Wars debacle. FO76 and RDRD2 are the 2 examples.
Vaseler Von
Gotta love EU employment practices. My job went away this Christmas and only got the privilege of training my replacement.
Dear Army, if you would like to pay me 1 year of salary to quit, hit me up!
That PoE news was top notch haha! I was surprised at first. I've almost never heard negative news about GGG.
5:20 As a WoW / D3 Player i cant say more than just: TRUEEEEE
Posted 9 hours ago. 67,000 views. Well done sir!
Kyle Reganit
Damn. First Smosh Games, then HH, now maybe Blizzard. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.
So I won't get one-taped by Hillock from screen over? Sweet!
Damn 2019-2020 will be interesting for ARPGs !!!
With Red Dead Online, I haven't played it and won't. I don't like what GTA Online became. I'm finally old and grumpy and refuse to play games that annoy me now lol
Employees Squish confirmed @ Activision Blizzard
Thanks Rhykker. You're right. the POE patch was magic!
Chris Vu
It's the decision to make Diablo a mobile game ....GG BLIZZARD GG
Kareem Aly
*sees sword parts customization* MY BODY IS READY
Rage Axis
Hey man, really enjoy the amount of effort and passion you put into your work. Subbed.
18th of January? I thought that date was familiar... Upcoming version: Σ (18.01.2019) <- median XL Icu blizzard.
I hope Wolcen will turn out to be good. It looks really polished and to have character customization of our own is a very big plus. As for - long time ago I used to play game hosted there Allods Online and that was my first worst experience in terms of pay to win mechanics. At the time, Allods Online was a best WOW clone on the market but pay to win mechanics and insane grind have put the shadow over everything that Allods online as a game has to offer. I have also tried Skyforge, then made a break then wanted to try it again and my antivisus alarmed that installer contains malware.
how blizzard customer service worried about more work when they do practically nothing??
If it's in France, you can't throw people out without cause. If a company wants to cut some people loose "cleanly", they do a "rupture conventionnelle", that is paying them a year or two worth of salary to quit. Employees that accept that are also garanteed a part of their previous salary each month from the state. So if this move from Activision - Blizzard is in France, it's not an unconventionnal move. It's the smartest move. What it means ? I don't know. Just short of declaring bankruptcy, it's the only clean way to reduce staff. So I don't think you should think it as a "long run" move.
xxx Ramzzez
Diablo 3 = aRPG , if it wasn't diablo nobody ever play aRPG
john doe
If Grim Dawn had a proper multiplayer would be imo the best aRPG on the market - still a great game i recommend. For the Wolcen - Auction House.... Really ??
Jonathan Taylor
Blizzard had a customer service branch??....who knew.
Air get low for you Rhykker not more long the Blizzard Puppet will get cut!
Bé F
Activision-Blizzard died. [Release spirit]
Rhyk I suggest you add a little logo at a corner of the display for when we're talking about a certain company or game,for that added quality of life haha keep it up hombre~
Mitchel Raziel
Activision is DISPICALBE! Poor Blizzard.
I'm playing RDR2 like I've played GTA5, Offline/Singleplayer only. Especially after I saw the PSN Store update, nope.
wolcen gonna be diablo 4? legendary unique affixes are awesome and is why i liked diablo 3 so having broader (but still unique) affixes seems amazing
Mikey yy
Red dead 2 is a pretty boring game tbh. Graphics look amazing tho
Captain Anopheles
Further proof Blizzard hates Europe. Oh, and over in the civilized world, the state provides things like insurance for employees.
I don't trust WARGAMING, 7 years into WOT and they have trashed it more every year.
Wait? EU had 100+ employees?!?! :O That didn't show at all in the official forums.
Thx for years of great entertainment. Because of blizz I met some awesome people. Not going to buy any blizzard product anymore...
Bagboy Brown
That bow fires 2 additional projectiles? Please lol I'm playing Median XL, my bow barb fires 15+ arrows. For FREE :D That said, Wolcen does look really good and I'm looking forward to it's release.
Thank you for everything Blizzard. Been with you since diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, however as dedicated blizzard fan I do not think you would agree with what's been going on recently therefore I should do the same. Gg activision.
"Activision Pays Employees to Quit; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Leak; new aRPG Teaser Trailer, and more..."
Uriel Nino
Blizzard is dying faster than everyone's thought...
Cody 1989
And fanboys will still vehemently defend blizzard and praise them like they are the best company out there. Blizzard died years ago.
Bad Broccoli
i really love your content. Its so relaxing to get news from here :) Thanks for your work!
STOP giving money to Blizzard.
Activision = death by a thousand budget cuts.
If Activision / Blizzard want to cut costs, they should start at the top.
Lets make all our games always online. Even if they are playing single player! Lets cater to a larger audience instead of OUR audience by assigning our best staff on mobile games! Now lets get rid of as many support staff as possible! Can someone tell me how this formula makes any sense at all?
Daniel Gabriel Secară
RDR2 for PC?! You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!
Hi, why you not say anything about WARHAMMER CHAOSBANE?
I has a lot of expirence with MMO localizations by P2W, shady customer practices, little to no support etc. Numerous killed IPs. One should avoid any interactions with games, published by or any of their partners.
GGG FTW! take my money! you deserve it! xD
is your video for the Tier list for season 16 still viable looking forward to the Inna Gen monk build wondering if it is still going to be A Tier or if is dropping
Yastaav Padia
It's great to watch a Rhykker video without mention of Fallout 76.
Randall Donadio
Holy cow, this Activision invasion is moving quickly. No Blizzard.. PLEASE fight back. I watch the Wrath Gate cinematic and I almost cry. PLEASE fight BACK
GGG? Doing good job? Hell yeah.
Dario Chung
Blizzard wanna hire the same people Bestheda are "employing".
Very disturbing behavior from GGG. How dare they listen to their players!
Thank you Rhykker for the Timestamps, other youtubers should learn from you
Erik Bandurič
i think its time to buy new camera, backround looks more focused than you
G Kon
It was Command and Conquere and nice RTS era... It was BaldursGate and Fallout era... And it was Blizzard era R.I.P. BLizzard
Blizzard's done. Be very-very wary of anything has their hands on (P2W tanks, ammo, the fiasco striking down a content creator calling out their P2W tanks, etc). Wolcen might turn out cool. At least we're getting a good choice of aRPGs though.
Nothing new. Blizzard as done this before. Once the automate customer service activities, they layoff employees. Nothing new.
Lol it’s ok come on over to POE boys GGG got ya...
Steven Cox
Rhykker, just an FYI, Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode is 100% worth the $60. The online is really bad, but if you just want a kick ass story mode with a ton of content, it's incredible.
FongZi Barclay
Probably outsourcing the development to China, like Diablo immortal. Cost effective indeed
Александр Друзик
Personal experience with games of mail dot ru usually goes bad the way they put microtransactions is horrible But lets see
MyPhilippine Life
Rhykker do a video on the new Diablo 2 Median Xl update trailer
Maybe they are forced to make cuts because of the great decline in the value of the company and not because of the influence of Activicion. (Sorry, my english is not good)
watch the overwatch vid !! on your phone too ! ... (if u hae one)
Brahim Daki
Man, your content is good ^^
We will refer to this moment as The Great Escape
chris c
Why would they get rid of all their talent? That's not a smart long-term plan at all.
Just remember, blizzard has ALWAYS been a subdivision of Activision
Really nice bait&switch w PoE news here :)
No wait, that claymation video was released years ago.
I mean, the RDR2 is pretty against the "Micahtransactions" Rockstar is putting in. And we can always complain about POE devs. They use a broken trade system and for the longest time allowed a third party to deal with it.
efe killed Aromerd Warfare, forcing the devs on make a WOT copy with modern tanks. Other game with huge potential that they killed was Skyforge.
Ben miller
What are some of the details regarding the official buffs to builds? I was really looking forward to using the Inna set and Tal Rasha but that last line about D3 kinda worries me. Love the videos and I’ve been following for a while. Thanks for all the help. :)
ur work is just so consistent rhykker, so good