Blizzard Pays Employees to Quit; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Leak; new aRPG Teaser Trailer, and more...

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Today’s gaming news topics: The Steam Winter Sale is currently ongoing; Overwatch Christmas claymation video; Blizzard encouraging 100 employees to leave; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC leak and MTX news; PoE Betrayal League patch brings balance; Wolcen Q&A video releases; Lost Ark possibly coming to Russia through new deal; new Pagan Online aRPG teaser trailer; Diablo 3 Season 16 start date and balance patch notes. Timestamps: Steam winter sale: 00:31 Overwatch: 00:46 Activision Blizzard: 01:01 Red Dead Redemption 2: 02:47 Path of Exile: 04:45 Wolcen: 06:13 Lost Ark: 07:36 Pagan Online: 08:31 Diablo 3: 09:59 Links: Overwatch Christmas animation: />Blizzard downsizing: />Bonus Kotaku article on the matter: />Red Dead Redemption 2 PC leak: />Red Dead Redemption 2 MTX: />New Path of Exile Betrayal patch: />Wolcen Q&A: />Lost Ark coming to Russia: />Pagan Online teaser trailer: /> More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard: /> ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► /> ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► /> ▬ Patreon rewards: /> ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► /> Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal Special thanks: Brandon Gilbert, matthew Feiteira, russiandood, maianashira, Marvin Atkins, Brian Grygla, recramorcen, Remiehneppo, Edwin Zhu, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, TheFuuZ, Lamer of Sweden, SmokinWookie, Telionis, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Zeldraga, Valentine Judnich, Tony Duran

Nate C W
The customer service staff was asked to leave because they don't have phones.
In 5 years Blizzard will just be a name and that's it. The Golden Age of PC gaming is over for this company! I'm glad I had that chance to play in the old days with great people.
K22 N34_Dingowarrior
Don't need customer service if you no longer care about the Customer's.
Rip blizzard man, it was a wild ride from start to finish but it just seems like that Activision is really being less subtle with their claiming of Blizzard
Dead Man
Dude some times I hope Activision, EA to just burn down they are ruining video games industry
Fruit Dealer
We are in the END GAME - Activision
zaz elamel
Hey Rhykker, this is folks.
Krister Pettersson
GGG is making the bad companies look even worse. They are a testament that a gaming studio can be profitable without shady practices. And they are not alone in this. I feel 2019 is going to be a very intresting gaming year.
Crazy Buttboarding Guy
How do you kill Juggernaut companies...let Activision buy you out.
Jormungand the Midgard Serpent
Oh no, not mailshit ru, please. They are the worst, making games p2win fiesta. I am russian and i was disgusted by how shit was jade dynasty adaptation. It is 100% bad news. They are terrible and greedy af Situation is so bad, it became a meme. Basically give them good stuff(soft, game, idea) they'll make cash grab shitshow with bugs, terrible support and so on.
Niclas Thomsen
Blizzard was once my religion, now im an atheist
Godzilla8939, bringing any Corean game to EU isn't a good news, since they add shit tonn of micro transactions and unnecessary donate options like xp potions and so on
Game developers listening to their players ??? stop lying Rhykker :D
Kotik will turn Lost Arc into a pay to win fest the chances are 128%
Anyone who still has any kind of hope for Blizzard and Diablo is a complete fool.
"Winter is coming..." (looks at Activision-Blizzard stock price)
Alex Derksen
A years salary for doing nothing. God damn thats a nice offer.
Rick Martin
1:05 "not quite downsizing" Wrong: this is exactly downsizing. Voluntary redundancies and compulsory redundancies are both about downsizing, but voluntary redundancies have the advantage that there's no legal comeback, and no need to check for redeployment opportunities. Unfortunately, it has the downside that, almost inevitably, it'll be the better staff - those with greatest experience and greatest chances of getting a new job somewhere else - who'll leave first.
That Horror Show
Hm! Something dark is stirring in Activision Blizzard. This is sad.
Dank Rafft
Lost Ark is interesting. If publishes the game in EU/NA I'll pass, though. This company is awful, never again.
MaSsYmOoO Volchek
Kirk Just
The situation at Blizzard is a common practice. Typically it is used to offer early retirement in order to cut costs but can also be used as "soft" severance to avoid HR and PR issues.
Lenny D
I have to make a criticism. With the layoffs...the cost cuts, the Blizz stocks falling 50% do you still hope in D4...mmo or otherwise? I really don't think that Blizz have the will, the power or the the immagination to make a great game. Let's be real...the mobile games are their maximum that they'll be able to develop in the sad....
Vaseler Von
Gotta love EU employment practices. My job went away this Christmas and only got the privilege of training my replacement.
Played RDR2, beat it, sold it back for 30 dollars credit at Gamestop (put the credit towards another game). Was never going to play the online component or pay for any sort of MTX.
Philipp Void
i just bought middle earth shadow of war + all dlc, northgard + all dlc, jurassic world evolution, warhammer space marine and Dead age for 60 bucks. other ppl buy FO76 for 60 bucks lool
I don't think Blizzard would be acting like this if they didn't have Activision over them. I remember how much fun starcraft 1 was when it came out. Thanks for the memories from a PC gamer. RIP BLIZZARD!
Blizzard was basically my religion in the past decade and half. But with all that happened in the last 6 month, I can't keep them on the piedestal. How quickly they can turn from good old Blizzard into new (Activision) Blizzard. It breaks my heart, but at least I have Bethesda and Paradox to love. I won't stop playing Blizzard games (as some proclaim to do), but I won't automatically purchase every new game. If Diablo 4 (or Diablo Immortal) turns out to be good, I'll play it. Otherwise, I'll pass...
Are people actually surprised that ActivisionBlizzard are cutting costs wherever they can? WoW has been their flagship for a decade, the past 4 years have been disasterous for WoW and subs are likely under 4 million at this point. Diablo franchise has ZERO income. Overwatch has very low income. Heroes of the Storm has ZERO income and has recently gone into maintenance mode. Starcraft franchise has ZERO income. Hearthstone is at best doing OK on the income front. ...there's a reason why they're making Diablo Immortal for mobile gaming market, by far the biggest gaming market in the world (by revenue). Yes it's a attempt to grab money but I think they have to do that because of the failures of their current games. I honestly think Blizzard grew too big, too fast, for their own good. They've become so big that they simply can't afford to delay a game for months because of quality control, they got so many employees they need to pay that they need to get things out there sooner rather than later. It's sad more than anything else, I wouldn't even say I blame Activision too much for this. It's something that happens to lots of creative/consumer companies, they need people to support their products but they also need to put out new products to get enough income to sustain their employees. Sadly a lot of the time this comes at the cost of quality, which you can see examples of everywhere- not just in ActivisionBlizzard.
Ron Romano
Don't need customer service if you have no customers. *points to head* :)
Tattle-Tale Strangler
As always great video Rhykker So what Blizzard is doing here is providing a so called "golden handshake" for those employees, where they can choose to take that 1 year of salary. That is most importantly a DECISION BY CONSENSUS, so the employee is not forced to take that offer. This is a long existing business program and is not scammy to the employees in any way, so all you haters out there, stop critisizing every little thing Blizzard is doing right now, keep a calm mind about facts and judge after thinking about it.
Pixel Mage
mailru? Oh god, this is really really really bad.
Filthy Casual
I was considering supporting your work but I refuse to work with patreon based on there ban of classical liberal youtuber sargon of akkad Do u have any alternatives?
They are trying to get rid of the old employees.They have high salaries and this is very normal and happens all the times when companies want to reduce cost.They get rid of the old employees somehow , the methods are very wide and spread , and hire more people with lower salaries.The new employees will work as much , if not more , than the old employees and get more out of them for bonuses. Anyone with common sense and not have that mob mentality can see that is nothing uncommon here.What is uncommon is that they get paid to leave which is as rare as a black pearl.From my point of view , as an ex-employee , and as a decent human being I see that Blizzard wants to do what I said in the paragraph above but without much of a fuss from those leaving.They are saying "look , we want fresh blood but we dont want to fuck up your life either take this load of cash and agree to leave". My fears lie in hoping they wont let in their teams SJW mentality or feminists because they will most likely will harm the enviorament themselves created and this will affect the games aswell.
Carlos Reyes
i am most concerned about companies waiting for the reviews and initial sales and then activating the micro transactions, while its not illegal its a D move, so they can avoid the whole EA star Wars debacle. FO76 and RDRD2 are the 2 examples.
Now if Blizz could get you to LEAVE!!! But then what would all of your little crybabies do without their UGLY little troll Rhykker to tell them what to do, say and how to play!!
Activision = death by a thousand budget cuts.
If they offer RDR2 in a single player format for PC I'd be interested, an online one like GTA I want nothing to do with. I feel really weird about Lost Ark, the MMO aspects are really turning me off tho I want to like the rest of it.
Patrick Weaver
Pagan online. Yeah, not playing anything named "________ online" currently. Screw online how about we concentrate on game play rather than bloating games with chat streams and multiplayer incentives.
ปิยะ ขจัดมลทิน
I call myself Blizzard Boy. Come on my Blizzard please finish Diablo serie before I get too old to play it. I know everything has its end but we cant end like this. It's always you, only you Blizzard. <3
Jonathan Taylor
Blizzard had a customer service branch??....who knew.
With Red Dead Online, I haven't played it and won't. I don't like what GTA Online became. I'm finally old and grumpy and refuse to play games that annoy me now lol
So ah rhykker hows that "d4" looking now eh
To all Diablo fans out there. Get into PoE. It's a brilliant game. Complex, fun and devs are doing a great job at keeping the pace with community. If you don't have the time or energy to go into the new leagues there is always standard to learn the game. Truly this game is best arpg as of right now (that I've played anyway)
Fabian Covarrubias killed Aromerd Warfare, forcing the devs on make a WOT copy with modern tanks. Other game with huge potential that they killed was Skyforge.
D Miller
Maybe, just maybe, GGG will pay off the Activision mafia to release Blizzard, and then they will encapsulate Bliz with warmth and knowledge of business practices past, and Blizzard will realize the ways of woe and return to make a WoW 2, and it will portray everything us old gamers swear we miss about our rose tinted glasses. And world peace will closely ensue, we will hire Anonymous to protect our closely kept government secrets and release convicted felons to do ride alongs with small town police forces to help “ govern” by understanding. We live in a world of possibilities and bullshit at the same time, which loaf will you pinch! 🧐
Dear Army, if you would like to pay me 1 year of salary to quit, hit me up!
Well, with stock prices plumetting it comes as no surprise that Activision is making cuts on Blizzard employees. It was good while it lasted, but nowadays it's a shit show. I sincerely hope these terrible desicions affect Blizzard/Activision severely. They won't go bankrupt, we all know that, but at least they might see a lose on revenew, which would be a slap in the face.
PoE Immortal Syndicate WAS unbearable when you got randomly raided and 1 shotted, you had like 700million Syndacate Members stacked in 1 pixel and got 1 shotted. (Maybe I didn't get the /s But it was Major problem to me >_>)
Yastaav Padia
It's great to watch a Rhykker video without mention of Fallout 76.
Rage Axis
Hey man, really enjoy the amount of effort and passion you put into your work. Subbed.
denden damscus
Meanwhile investing sites are pumping out news that its time to invest in Blizzard, Activision or EA? wow holy cow, so they want to infuse money into a company no one wants to buy from since the stocks are cheap? ahem don't buy their stuff anymore so they'd be less greedy. Let it all burn down.
Stefan Yankov
48 views and already 1 dislike. Damn you haters! Great video as always mate.
Got too big, too bloated. When you start needing the nod from 100 different guys for each decision progress and innovation slow to a crawl.
Blizzard: The tones are feeling a bit dark. Activision goes in to merge and assimilate Blizzard and push a QUIT button closer to them. Snakes Poe: The feeling is... unsettling, isn't it? Wolcen: Arpg w good bow skills?! Go on... *i'm listening* Lost Ark: So long as it's not NEXON partner, I'm a bit positive all else: interesting news. *hits like* yes!
I hope Wolcen will turn out to be good. It looks really polished and to have character customization of our own is a very big plus. As for - long time ago I used to play game hosted there Allods Online and that was my first worst experience in terms of pay to win mechanics. At the time, Allods Online was a best WOW clone on the market but pay to win mechanics and insane grind have put the shadow over everything that Allods online as a game has to offer. I have also tried Skyforge, then made a break then wanted to try it again and my antivisus alarmed that installer contains malware.
Activision GGG 2019
If it's in France, you can't throw people out without cause. If a company wants to cut some people loose "cleanly", they do a "rupture conventionnelle", that is paying them a year or two worth of salary to quit. Employees that accept that are also garanteed a part of their previous salary each month from the state. So if this move from Activision - Blizzard is in France, it's not an unconventionnal move. It's the smartest move. What it means ? I don't know. Just short of declaring bankruptcy, it's the only clean way to reduce staff. So I don't think you should think it as a "long run" move.
Yote Cannon
Red Dead OnlineI don't really mind the addition of microtransactions they just exist in this game and don't affect me at all. I don't have to get them if I don't want to, cuz I can just earn all the stuff buy playing it. People will say that it is making the game pay to win, but is it?The time to kill in that game is incredibly short and a better faster gun can make it a little faster, but I only have a rank 4 character with the starting guns and I one shot a guy that killed me to get revenge. The bigger things they need to add is a passive mode or a bounty system or something to help those who don't want to PvP at that moment. Also to remove the all players shown on the map at all times thing.
#BlizCrapSux #MeTooBlizzard
Can't wait for English Lost Ark
Classic indian HR/CFO story from Blizzard. Seen it so many times now..
Blizzard does not have pay things like 'health insurance' etc, unlike the US in the EU, healthcare is free. The only way this makes sense is that one of two things are happening. Either they have contracts with their employees that guarantee a minimum wage increase year after year and certain employees have reached the point where their costs to keep employed has reached far beyond what Actizzard is willing to pay, or more likely, they will be moving these jobs out of the EU in to one of the cheaper asian countries and the severance deals will be worth more than a years wage.
Steven Cox
Rhykker, just an FYI, Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode is 100% worth the $60. The online is really bad, but if you just want a kick ass story mode with a ton of content, it's incredible.
That PoE news was top notch haha! I was surprised at first. I've almost never heard negative news about GGG.
Wargaming titles always revolve around pvp and exploiting peoples desire to get an edge over the competition. These advantages can be payed for in the form of premium ships, tanks or planes or in the case of the upcoming Pagan Online might be a premium character with slightly better stats than the non premiums. Now this is not all that bad however since at the least the company or the devs rather would often listen to balance concerns (after all balancing a pvp game is crucial). The only downside to this "balance" is their rather dubious business strategy, when they release a premium item it is often stronger than the non premium and their "balance" to this would be to just remove the premium item for some time but rerelease at a later date. This turns that powerful premium into a must have once it leaves the store and leaves a mark on the players playing against it in the pvp matches. So you can safely bet once that removed premium gets put back in the market for a limited time it will be selling like hotcakes and the problem is still there of it being stronger than a non-premium.
My big hope now is that someone rich will come and buy out Blizzard from Activision... Amazon? Elon Musk? Just anyone who would give them back the creative freedom that made Blizzard the best game dev company ever for the majority of past two decades...
I don't trust WARGAMING, 7 years into WOT and they have trashed it more every year.
geddo tech
No Fallout 76 news? I'm disappointed.. So.. did you miss the PSN credits costing more fiasco or just decided to give them a break? ;p
I played PoE for the last 3 weeks and I'm done with it. For starters the combat system, while more intricate than Diablo 3, isn't anywhere near as good as Diablo 3. PoE "end-game" is also pointless since you can purchase any gear you need, with the stats you need, from their trade system before you even finish Act 10. You can drop $5 on a site like Player Auctions for 500 Chaos Orbs and not even have to farm currencies. Sure GGG listens to its players and fixes it's gaming issues but it has to do so to keep everyone happy enough to keep dropping dollars on all of their microtransactions. They've definitely got it figured out when it comes to "how can we keep people just happy enough to keep playing the game and spending money on microtransactions?".
Justin Parker
Turning Wolcen into a multiplayer game with exclusive co-op content is a dangerous game, I think there is space for a great single player oriented ARPG's but the more you force co-op the more into POE's territory you're pushing and you'll probably lose while at the same time losing the single-player only crowd. Am I mistaken that these new features/items aren't co-op only?
It's not actual "cost cutting", it's "fire employees and pocket 95% their salaries", as that's "a cost savings". Big business does that literally all the time. Thought I'd never say this - I hope Blizzard goes bankrupt. Then the industry will hopefully get the god damn message... gamers are pissed off!
Kim Pedrini
GGG its such a great and humble company, they don't spit in their community's face liike Blizzard does with their God Ego thinking no one can say anything. I love GGG and PoE!
The Sykist
Rhykker just makes me happy, I could listen to him all day....this sounds weird.....
Mihai Iordache
In europe (in france at least) we have a law where you can keep your health insurance for up to 1 year after being fired or simply leaving the company, provided you don't get another job in the meantime. When you get a new job you will get on the new company's health insurance and the old one will be canceled. That being said, the price of health insurance is also deducted from our salaries, so we essentially pay for it ourselves, we just get generally better prices due to the company's negotiating power than if we were to get a policy ourselves. Furthermore, people in an indeterminate contract (CDI - Contrat Durée Indéterminée) are typically very hard to fire (the company must either prove fault with the employee, economic troubles or a serious need for restructuring). So while, i think they don't really save any money since it's all included in the salary (they don't pay extra for health insurance), that does not detract from your point about paying them 1 extra year Vs not being able to fire them at all (paying them their whole careers). Cheers and Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. ^^
Coal Dust XIII
>RDR2 possible PC leak. >Brother gets me RDR2 on PS4 (he told me what he was getting, bruh...........) >Internally screaming
Wait.... People are mad that Blizzard let people go with a year of free money? What? Blizzard should have just fired them like, well, any other job out there... How can you kids really take being fired with a year of free money as a negative? My thought on this story, as you presented it? Good for Blizzard for taking care of their employees by making sure they have a year of free money to take care of themselves while they look for new employment.
Thank you Rhykker for the Timestamps, other youtubers should learn from you
I know products from Mail.Ru and it's those localisations are always about money investments
I really hope they don't give the rights to the North American release of Lost Ark. Take SkyForge for example... has been since day one, pay2win. I don't use that term lightly. There have been a lot of games people would argue are pay2win like Black Desert Online that I have defended. Such as BDO - Nothing about BDO's in-game micro transaction store suggests any significant boost to the gameplay. The ONLY thing would perhaps be buying of pets that auto loot for you. Which is not a big deal. But SkyForge... wanna skip time to get more power? Buy it. Wanna gain more followers for your hero to get you more power? Buy it. I mean you don't HAVE to. You can just grind it all out to which I would just say it's pay2progress. But the sheer amount of advancement one character could do having spent $100 vs $0 is huge. On the PS4 Version of the game I had 30,000 unspent in-game premium currency... the power of my character went unsurpassed for hours. I got bored before the game was even remotely challenging. Having said that, thinking about all the companies that do have free to play titles in the mmorpg genre, I honestly can't think of any with this type of game. mmoarpg sure, you have NCSoft, but they only have Blade & Soul. We're talking Diablo like arpg. Who knows, maybe NCSoft would be the best pick. Good servers, quick to fix bugs. When they first released their Lineage 2 classic servers, people were having death penalty xp issues... that was fixed in hours. But I can't help but feel disappointed in the direction NCSoft is taking atm too. All of their 2019 game releases are for mobile.
this claymation is most likely full CGI...
Bit of a late comment, but offering money for people to quit voluntarily is not really uncommon at all if a company wants to downsize but doesn't go so far as to force layoffs. I've seen that happen multiple times in the company where I work as well. One year of pay isn't terribly much either. So yeah, it definitely is to make the company leaner and save costs in the long run. It does suck that they apparently want to downscale their customer support though, that almost never leads to better support for the customer (even if they are for instance outsourcing and the total amount of people providing support does not go down).
xxx Ramzzez
Diablo 3 = aRPG , if it wasn't diablo nobody ever play aRPG
Alan Hersch
Hey Rhykker, Been lurking on your news videos for awhile now. Just wanted to pop at the end of the year and say that you do an amazing job presenting the weekly news in both a concise way, and while making it clear what is speculation/from the communities, and what is official fact. Add that in with your regular practice of always finding news that is in fact actual news (this that did happen this week or have had a major development) rather than rehashing the same issues, shows how much thought you put into what is included in you videos. I really appreciate and have every intention of watching all your weekly news throughout 2019.
Dear Blizzard, I am willing to not come work for you. Please send me one year's salary. Thank you.
I played a LOT of Skyforge which is handled by The game is ridiculously PayToWin in a fashion that keeps people who pay less or none at all behind a weekly currency cap, while the "whales" can pay to bypass this cap depending on how much they're willing to pay. In addition to this, the general consensus of the English-speaking part of the game's community about the developers was that they didn't care about any feedback and only cared about you if you had paid a lot of money. Lastly, the English-speaking forum moderators and community managers were pretty abusive and "trigger happy" (with bans) for anyone who criticized the game or the developers. I had some fun with this game, and it was very visually appealing, but I ended up quitting because of the mentioned reasons.
Hugo de Payns
I remember that my Origin account was stolen by some russian from That's the only experience so far.
Jason Shamblin
The lay-offs (voluntary or not) make sense because the costs can all be captured within the same fiscal year. Activision Blizzard can bite the bullet once during a transition year that still has Morhaime’s name associated with it, blame it on restructuring costs and promise less red in the ledger in future years. I’m sure their investors are already primed to expect a short term loss, so moves like this will allow Activision Blizzard to not lose face with the only group they’re accountable to.
Chris Vu
It's the decision to make Diablo a mobile game ....GG BLIZZARD GG
18th of January? I thought that date was familiar... Upcoming version: Σ (18.01.2019) <- median XL Icu blizzard.
I do have some experience with A browser game ported from the russian version to an english version. Game had way too much microtransactions - spesifcally lootboxes(with astronomically low drop rates). Delays on events. Huge quality gaps between russian version and english version. English version's microtransactions were way pricier and all sorts of in game updates and events that were released on the russian server took a long time to reach the english server. Also - russian server got a mobile app, english server did not. I've played on the russian server a bit, but my russian is really bad and it was pretty hard. Overall feeling I got was that the russian team actually loved what they were doing and cared about the community(although the game was p2w). English version felt like they were trying to milk every last penny out of you. Game is for english for Russian. Hopefully you see this rhykker! Love your vids!
DjDravax tend to release very p2w aspects to games, they added a feature called myloot where you can spend money to get a loot box and progress fast in a game. For example the loot boxes for Skyforge you can get everything out of it RNG that lets you progress and even with RNG every time you open it you'll either hit a jackpot and get 100m credits, 200k victor medals or 500 stimulants or still get the same thing in lower numbers for progression, can also get the best mounts and forms of movement from these it's basically a P2W jackpot chest, they have the same type of thing going for Revelation Online and Armored Warfare and the chances honestly of getting jackpot is pretty high. If they're gonna have Lost Ark on that I expect they will also make it pay2win. I was able to max my might via everything but gear on Skyforge after only buying 50 of these jackpot chests as I hit multiple jackpots when opening them and my might after that was high enough I was able to run what I needed and had my legendary and mythical gear within a week and was over 1.3m might.
Keto Darvit
O.O I am very intrigued by this Pagan Online game! It seems to follow in suit with the genre and niche of games I really enjoy. (Diablo, PoE, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Shadows: Awakening, etc.) Thank you for bringing this one to my attention :) Great video keep the info coming!! ^.^ Thanks Rhykker! ;)
Peanut Pete
Why have Customer Service when you have No Customers....makes sense If only guys had phones...
Agent Texes
I mean, if they do turn RD2 into a micro-transaction machine I don't see any reason why they wouldn't bring it to PC. The people who bought it will buy it again and then there's cosmetics on top of that. It's basically printing money.
It seems you have little to no understanding of the corporate industry. There is no long term plan when the initial cost is too much for it to make sense. The most sensible argument is that Activision is trying to cut down some divisions at almost no cost. Therefore by cutting down the employees half the job is done and there is no need for liquidation, declaring bankruptcy on subsections or any dramatic measures to close down a division of the company in order to maintain the rest without falling short on the budget.
NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse
while apparent, i find it less important THAT a service center is being downsized, as to why that center was chosen, and why any would be chosen. not a dev team or paper pushers, specifically the ears of the company. maybe they're being distracted from what they do best by all the drivel of people who's sole interest is what they themselves want. when does anyone ever know what they want?
Lelouch lo_ol
which game's art is in the thumbnail?